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Simon Kinberg Explains Why He Included Character Cameo in Dark Phoenix (SPOILER)

June 10, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Dark Phoenix

Warning: Minor spoilers follow for Dark Phoenix.

A long-standing member of the X-Men made a small cameo in Dark Phoenix, and director Simon Kinberg has explained her inclusion. Dazzler, who made her comics debut during Chris Claremont’s Dark Phoenix Saga in 1980’s X-Men #130, makes an appearance at Xavier’s mansion when the team is celebrating their rescue of the astronauts that kicks off the film. Kinberg told CBR that her appearance, as played by Halston Sage, was done to nod to her first appearance in the story and because he’s a big fan of the character.

“Well, I mean, honestly? I’m a huge fan and I love Dazzler,” Kinberg said. “And also, if you remember the Dark Phoenix storyline, she’s obviously a part of the Dark Phoenix Saga as told in the original comic. So I wanted somewhere in there just to have an Easter egg of her, so I felt like it was the right story to do it with, and there was an appropriate scene for her to be singing in, so I brought her into the movie.”

Dazzler’s debut in the film wasn’t a complete surprise, as she appeared in Emeli Sande’s “Extraordinary Being” from the film.

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