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The Rock Says UFL Has ‘A Real Shot’ Following XFL & USFL Merger

January 24, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
United Football League Image Credit: UFL

The XFL and USFL have merged into the United Football League, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is bullish on the new combined league’s chances. As reported, it was announced on New Year’s Eve that XFL — which Johnson had an ownership stake in — would be merging with the United States Football League for the UFL, which launches its first season on March 30th. Johnson recently spoke with ESPN’s First Take following his appointment to TKO’s Board of Directors and you can see his comments about the UFL below (h/t to Wrestling Inc):

On the merger: “I think it’s going to work out, we’ve got a real shot with this now that we’ve merged XFL [and] USFL together to create UFL. We found great success last season with the XFL, USFL on their side found some really great success too. As a guy who just loves a game of football, put my hands in the dirt, that was my dream. [It] never happened for me. But now as life comes full circle we’re able to create these opportunities.”

On never making it to the NFL himself: “53 men on an NFL roster, I was always number 54. ‘DJ you’re good, if you were a little better, if you had more experience then you would have made it. We provide that experience. Being a number 54 created a chip on my shoulder that never went away. The players that come to us, you’ll find are playing with that chip.”