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The Top 12 Coolest Movie Knives (#4 – 1)

June 11, 2021 | Posted by Bryan Kristopowitz
Crocodile Dundee

The Top 12 Coolest Movie Knives: #4-#1

Well, this is it, the final segment of The Top 12 Coolest Movie Knives list. Just like the mega list I did for the Coolest Movie Guns, it was fun figuring out which movie knives were the coolest. The next big list will involve the coolest movie swords. That will likely be the next set of “Top” articles, unless something else comes up. We’ll see.

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And now, The Top 12 Coolest Movie Knives list concludes with slots #4- through #1:

The Top 12 Coolest Movie Knives: #4-#1


4- -Crocodile Dundee’s knife- Crocodile Dundee: Yes, it’s true, you really can’t do a “Top Coolest Movie Knives” list without the knife used by Paul Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee in the very first Crocodile Dundee movie, Crocodile Dundee. The knife, which I believe is some sort of Bowie knife, brilliantly appears in the scene where Dundee is walking with reporter Sue Charlton, played by Linda Kozlowski, and a team of young men attempt to mug them. Sue, terrified, intends to comply with the muggers, but Dundee doesn’t plan on doing anything other than scaring them off. And Dundee does that by pulling out his Bowie knife and uttering the now classic line “That’s not a knife. This is a knife.” Dundee then slices apart the lead muggers jacket and the entire team runs off. Now, would a real person do this? Probably not, but then if a guy like Crocodile Dundee actually existed I’d suspect that, yes, a Crocodile Dundee type would do exactly what we all see in the movie. He isn’t afraid of anything. And why would you be afraid if you knew how to use a knife like that Bowie knife?


3—The Night Slasher’s Knife Cobra: Used in the classic 1980’s action/horror flick Cobra by the movie’s villain The Night Slasher (Brian Thompson), the knife is ridiculously intimidating. With a curved blade and a spiked handle, it’s exactly the kind of knife you expect to see a killer like The Night Slasher use. Does it make any sense? Not really. To me, it sure seems like there’s way too much going on with the knife. Why does it need both the curved blade and the spikes on the handle, especially if all you’re going to use it for is to stab people? But then, when you see The Night Slasher up close the knife makes total sense. It’s freaky and weird and you don’t want it anywhere near you. According to what I’ve read on the internets, this knife, which was made for the movie at Stallone’s request by noted knife maker Herman Schneider, actually has a name: the MC-2096. What does that name mean? I have no idea. I don’t know if that name fits the knife. The knife is still cool as hell, though. The name can’t take that away from it.


2- Sgt. Aaron Hallam’s Knife- – The Hunted: Really, all of the knives that appear in William Friedkin’s excellent The Hunted are fantastic, especially the ones that L.T. Bonham (Tommy Lee Jones) has the soldiers he’s training create out of rocks and whatnot. The coolest knife in the movie, though, is the one Benicio Del Toro’s disturbed Sgt. Aaron Hallam uses at the beginning of the movie. The knife, known as the Tracker knife, as well as the WSK (Wilderness Survival Knife), is absolutely terrifying because it looks like it was designed to kill people. It wasn’t, but when we only see it used by Hallam’s Special Forces operator, both in the opening war scene in Kosovo and then in the Oregon woods, you get the sense that it’s a knife that only a trained killer would use. The knife’s handle is also scary because it doesn’t look like any other sort of knife handle. When we see Hallam go after Bonham, making those quick, slashing movements up close and personal, all of your assumptions merge: the Tracker knife, in the right hands, is a true blue weapon of war. And when we see the flashback scene, where we see Bonham training Hallam and other Special Forces operators on how to expertly kill someone with a knife (“1,2, 3, power assist 4, 5, 6!”) the Tracker knife becomes absolutely chilling.


1- John Rambo’s Knife- Rambo: First Blood Part II: While Sylvester Stallone’s John Rambo had a killer, badass looking knife in the first Rambo movie, First Blood, the knife he has in First Blood Part II, while similar, looks bigger. That apparent size difference is what makes the Part II knife better/cooler than the first movie’s knife. The teeth on one side of the knife also seem to be more prominent, which makes the knife more intimidating. Then there’s all of the stuff in the handle (matches, fishing line, the compass) that make it awesome as hell. And while I don’t remember Rambo using this feature in the movie, the knife also apparently has two screwdriver tips on it, on the guard. This knife can do just about anything. Rambo’s knives did get bigger in later sequels, but I think the knife seen in Part II is peek movie knife coolness. I mean, I’d bet that when most people think of the John Rambo character they also instinctively think of the survival knife (and the M60 machine gun and the exploding arrows). The knife is Rambo.


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