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Two New Clips From Countdown Ramp Up the Horror

October 18, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Countdown is set to invade theaters on October 25th, and two new clips from the horror film are online. You can check out the clips below for STX Films’ technology-based horror flick, which stars Elizabeth Lail, Peter Facinelli, and Jordan Calloway.

In Countdown, an ambitious, young nurse Quinn Harris (Elizabeth Lail) is pressured to download an app that claims to predict exactly when a person will die.

As her friends and colleagues reveal the many decades left on their lives, including Dr. Sullivan (Peter Facinelli), Quinn is shocked to see her clock will run out in only three days. Initially, she dismisses the app as a passing internet hoax, but when she discovers people are violently killed at the exact second their clocks run out, she starts to fear the hype.

To change her fate, Quinn cancels plans on the day the app says she will die, breaking the user agreements and unleashing something truly evil. With her clock ticking away and fearing a sinister figure is following her, she meets Matt Monroe (Jordan Calloway) whose time is also running out. As the two make increasingly desperate attempts to delete or alter the app, Quinn realizes something worse than death is fast approaching. To save her own life, she must find a way to confront the demons haunting her before time runs out.

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