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movies/TVBruce Campbell Says He’s Done Playing Ash, Evil Dead Will Move Forward Without The Character

In an interview with Collider, Bruce Campbell once again said that he is done playing Ash Williams and that the...

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Bruce Campbell has teased a few new details about the upcoming Evil Dead Rise, noting that the Necronomicon will, unsurprisingly,...

movies/TVBruce Campbell Says Evil Dead Rise To Begin Filming This Year

Evil Dead Rise is set to begin filming before the year is up, according to Bruce Campbell...

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Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi's careers are nearly synonymous, and Campbell is teasing another collaboration with a possible Doctor Strange...

movies/TVThe Top 30 Movie Books (#15- 11)

Bruce Campbell's If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor to John Carpenter: The Prince of Darkness, Bryan...

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Bruce Campbell has revealed some new details on the next Evil Dead movie, including who will direct it...

movies/TVBruce Campbell Wants a Role in Sam Raimi's Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness

Bruce Campbell is known for his collaborations with Sam Raimi, and he'd continue that into the MCU with Doctor Strange...

wrestlingEvil Dead Star Bruce Campbell Weighs in on Fans Campaigning for CM Punk to Take Over as Ash in Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell speaks...

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Bruce Campbell has shot down rumors that he was originally set to play Mysterio in Spider-Man 4...

movies/TVBruce Campbell Says More Evil Dead Is On the Way

Don't put your Boomstick away yet folks, because the Evil Dead franchise isn't over...