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411’s FCW TV Report 02.08.09

February 10, 2009 | Posted by Michael Melchor

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No tales of woe – other than being sick as a dog. No tales of why this week was missed, thank God. No distractions at all – which means no reason not to get right into this…

FCW – 02.08.09

We see the fans in the FCW Arena as Josh Matthews informs us that TONIGHT: DH Smith challenges Eric Escobar for the FCW Title! And we get right to the action…

Drew McIntyre vs. Kris Logan

McIntyre starts out the bout with his usual power display, knocking Logan around before wearing him down. Logan goes for a comeback employing impact, but that doesn’t last long against a dude stronger than he is. However, Logan keeps trying, mixing in a little agility and aerial tactics to try again and again. Alas, it does no good…

Finish comes when McIntyre hits the Scot Drop for the 3-count pinfall victory. And yes, this match was every bit as boring as the recap would suggest.

Post-match, McIntyre takes the mic and says that every person he sends to the hospital is on the hands of Eric Escobar – and the way to end the carnage is to give McIntyre an FCW Title shot. O God, no, please…

Video package airs hyping TJ Wilson before we go to commercial.

Back to FCW Express News and Gossip with Jenny Cash. Cash’s scoop tonight: the Conglomerate will take on DJ Gabriel, Ricky Ortiz, and Kizarny. I—okay, we needed a gossip feature to tell us that?

Back in the arena, Byron Saxton is in the arena with the mic. He wonders what’s wrong with the world when his Conglomerate not only aren’t the FCW Tag Champs, but Black Pain is smitten with a woman and now wants to be known by his street name of Sweet Papi Sanchez. No, I didn’t make that up. Saxton then brings out his (remaining) crew for the next match:

Lawrence Knight, Kaleb O’Neal & Tyson Tarver vs. DJ Gabriel (w/Alicia Fox), Kizarny & Ricky Ortiz

Gabriel and Fox dance, Ortiz bobs his head, and Kizarny swims on the corner turnbuckle. Cute.

Gabriel and O’Neal start and Gabriel frustrates O’Neal with his quickness and propensity to dance. Yeah, that’d upset me, too. Gabriel disorients O’Neal with a giant swing before tagging in Kizarny to re-define “disorienting” with his own unusual style. O’Neal brings in Tarver and Kizarny confuses him by spinning him as well. Kizarny shows a glimmer of strength by clotheslining Tarver outside, but then confounds his opponent by hanging upside-down – and poking him in the eye. Ortiz in now to bowl Tarver over with sheer power that almost gets the win, but Knight is in to rescue the match. The faces then show some teamwork of their own and work over O’Neal. Saxton then steps in, going after Fox on the outside and staging an elaborate confrontation that ultimately leads to his team getting the advantage on Gabriel in the ring. The Conglomerate fail to make that lead, last, though, as it all breaks down in the ring. It’s during the confusion that Kizarny shines…

Finish comes when Kizarny hits the Talulah Bell (guillotine DDT) on Lawrence Knight for the pinfall victory. Even Josh Matthews called this a “bizarre match”. It could have been something more entertaining with a little more time and less antics. The faces celebrate to take us to commercial.

Back to

The Girl From Mexico vs. Angela – Semi-Final Match in the Queen Of FCW Tournament

Rosa Mendes is your ring announcer. That won’t become important later on. What will is the obvious infatuation that Scotty Goldman has for The Girl From Mexico, including talking about the date they went on…

The Girl From Mexico starts the way she did last time – with acrobatics and stalling. Angela, however, gets in some offense, letting her kicks and a headscissor takeover send The Girl outside. The Girl looks to escape, but Black Pain Sweet Papi Sanchez blocks her path, sending her back to the ring. That distraction is all it takes…

Finish comes when, as The Girl is distracted by Sanchez, Angela rolls her up for the pinfall victory. Waayy short, but Angela showed a bit of skill despite the brief time and gimmick overkill. Our bracket now stands at:

Post-match, The Girl From Mexico stalks Angela, but Sanchez is in the ring proper to attack The Girl From Mexico and slam her to the ground! Sanchez then unmasks The Girl From Mexico…

…as Trent Beretta. Yikes.

Sanchez finishes stripping he—him down and Beretta and Goldman both leave in a hurry. Hah! Angela and Sanchez leave the ring together – and Matthews tries comforting Goldman, who leaves anyway – as we go to commercial.

Back to

Ryan Braddock vs. Joe Hennig

Goldman trying to talk his way out of Matthews’s questions regarding “The Girl From Mexico” is straight gold.

Braddock and Hennig start out with classic wrestling to feel each other out. The two are evenly matched there and Braddock shows he knows a little about his opponent by side-stepping a dropkick. Hennig still presses the advantage but makes the mistake of letting the fight go outside where Braddock takes control.

Back inside the ring, Braddock overcomes a salvo from Hennig to take over on Hennig’s now-injured left arm. Braddock’s game is sound and focused here as he damages the arm more and more with each passing minute. Braddock finally makes his cardinal mistake in charging Hennig in the corner, giving Hennig time to escape and mount an attack of his own. Hennig opts for more of a striking attack (as he’s running low on time and chance to out-wrestle Braddock now). Braddock almost regains control, but the savvy Hennig finally uses the biggest advantage he has against Braddock – his brains…

Finish comes when Hennig evades another charge by Braddock, setting up the PerfectPlex for the pinfall victory. Best match of the show so far, by far. Braddock and Hennig could work this into an excellent program based simply on who’s the better man if they’re given the chance. Replay takes us to commercial.

Back to Matthews and Goldman at the announce booth where they announce that next week: Kawal (Kaval?) faces TJ Wilson in next week’s main event. Please don’t let Bright House screw that one up…

DH Smith vs. Eric Escobar (c) – FCW Heavyweight Championship Match

Matthews sets this up about as well as I could: “DH Smith is a technician; Eric Escobar is a brawler. Which style will win out in this FCW Championship match?”

To begin with, Smith spends a little time feeling Escobar out before going after the leg. Escobar quickly escapes and I wonder if Smith just gave his hand away. Smith goes for the leg again but Escobar shows his own ability in not only escaping but grounding Smith as well. Short criss-cross exchange before Escobar regains the lead with a headlock, looking to prove that he can do more than just punch.

Smith then breaks rank and starts brawling, and Escobar responds in kind, luring Smith right into his favored game. I have to say that Escobar is wrestling a damn good match so far. Back inside the ring, Escobar evades another attack but tweaks his knee on the way down. Smith, building a blood-in-water scent, goes after the leg and we go to commercial.

Back to Smith tying up Escobar’s leg, happy that he has his original target. Escobar keeps thinking of ways to escape, but Smith keeps thinking of more ways to keep the pressure on that bad limb. Smith breaks out several holds – many of them submission – to show he can not only outwrestle Escobar, but that the name “Smith” doesn’t necessarily mean just “brute strength”. Smith has Escobar at a point where he can barely stand but Escobar will not give in. Smith’s larger size lends itself well to an STF – as does Smith’s tendencies to get nasty with crossfaces while he has the hold on. Escobar barely saves his reign by getting to the ropes, but Smith still pours it on. After several minutes of punishment to the left leg, Escobar finally launches Smith off with his right, buying some distance and time to recover.

Escobar goes with what he knows best, letting his feet and fists fuel his comeback effort. Adrenaline also sparks him on, but lets him make a mistake in trying to lift the larger Smith on a badly damaged knee. Smith goes for the kill with an ankle lock and Escobar barely escapes. Smith goes for it again and Escobar’s instinct seals the deal in surprising fashion…

Finish comes when Escobar dodges a big boot and schoolboys Smith for the pinfall victory. Now, anyone who’s read this knows I’ve been hard on Escobar from jump. I’ll freely admit here, though, that Escobar has showed why he belongs here. This is easily the best match I’ve seen him wrestle. The amount that Smith carried him is immaterial; Escobar sold Smith’s legwork like he’d be crippled for life, only to pull a “miracle” win that made both men look great. My hat’s off to the FCW Champ, who limps away from the ring (with the ref’s help) to end the show.

The first half of this show was nearly doomed, but it picked up midway. A surprising payoff to “The Girl From Mexico” (time-wise, not in the “big reveal”) question and the excellent work by all involved in the last half of the show saved this one. Now we look forward to seven days from now, when Low-Ki Kaw(v?)al makes, for all intents and purposes, his regular WWE debut.

L8. Thanks again for reading.

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