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411’s LIVE TNA Slammiversary ’07 Coverage: Freedom Match: Eric Young vs. Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks

June 17, 2007 | Posted by Larry Csonka

-Leticia is with Cornette. He says Rick will have to forfeit the match tonight. Rock says he has a partner. He whispers it to Cornette and Cornette is happy and says they have a match still. Leticia asks who it is and Cornette refuses to tell her.

-Back in the arena LAX attacks Hector Guerrero!

-We get a hype video for Eric Young vs. Robert Roode.

Freedom Match: Eric Young vs. Robert Roode w/Miss Brooks
Roode slaps EY around a bit, EY gets pissed and chokes Roode to the corner. Roode takes EY down, lays the boots to him and EY is able to toss him to the floor. EY up top…Brooks tells him not to do it, and he DIVES with a huge cross body anyway! Back into the ring and EY covers for 2. Back to the floor they go, Roode drops him across the railing. Chops by Roode, rights follow. Back into the ring and Roode covers for 2. More boots to EY, and then chokes him over the middle rope. Brooks slaps the piss out of EY and Roode covers for 2. EY fires back with rights, off the ropes and a back elbow by Roode, cover for 2. He chokes him out on the mat, snap mare and the Hennig neck snap. Roode eats a back elbow now, boot and then gets a neck breaker on EY and a cover for 2. Camel Clutch variation by Roode, EY stands up and gets the electric chair drop! They get to their feet, rights by EY, off the ropes and a backdrop by EY and a cover for 2. Flair corner flip by EY and he goes to the floor, dances with Brooks and pulls her pants down! SUICIDE DIVE by EY onto Roode! EY up top…tosses Roode off…ELBOW DROP! 1…2…NO! Jawbreaker by Roode and a short-armed clothesline follows. Roode to the 2nd rope, drops the kneepad and eats a boot by EY~! EY sets Roode up top, Grabs Brooks who enters the ring and GETS A DOUBLE DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THEM~! 1…2…NO! Roode gets a chair, Brooks is down, distracts the ref and Roode KILLS EY with the chair! 1…2…3!

Winner: Robert Roode @ 8:19 via pin

-As per stipulation, EY’s TNA contract is null and void. Roode fires him, but Cornette comes out and says Roode will do something he should have done a long time ago, shut up and listen. He said he would keep an eye on this match and he said it would be fair. But this was not fair, so as far as I am concerned the match is not over! He calls Brooks a floatation floozie and restarts the match!

Roode back on the attack, Gail Kim is out and attacks Brooks! She beats her down and they go up the ramp. Roode grabs EY, pull shim up but EY is limp. Cornette roots on EY, he rolls up Roode and gets the pin!

Winner: Eric Young @ 11:00 via pin


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