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411’s NWA TNA Impact Report 4.29.05

April 29, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

I am not going to lie to you guys. I would rather not recap the show today as part of my heart really isn’t in it. I do apologize if it is below par or lacks some humor, but I will try my best.

Last week on Impact:

  • Highlights of Douglas pimping Hardy and AJ vs. Abyss and Raven and Raven taking out Hardy with a Garbage Can.

    Match #1 The 3LK defeated Buck Quartermain, Lex Lovett and David Young

  • They aired highlights of JJ in Puerto Rico defending the NWA Title. AMW vs. Team Canada and Abyss was there as well.
  • Dustin Rhodes was at the commentary booth to talk about the Prince of Darkness Death match vs. Bobby Rude. Rude decides to answer for him and KILLS him with a steel chair shot. AMW come out to help Dustin, way to wait for him to be knocked out first. West goes to check on Dustin, as security helps him out and to the back.

    Match #2 Non-Title Match: The Naturals w/Chris Candido defeated America’s Most Wanted ©

  • A video about the lethal lockdown 6-man Cage match aired.

    Match #3 AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy defeated Abyss and Raven by DQ

  • Abyss and Raven beat down Hardy and AJ and left them laying.

    Today on Impact:

    Petey Williams vs. Shocker

    Sonjay Dutt vs. Buck Quartermain

    Mikey Batts vs. The Outlaw

    Our Main Event – For the NWA TNA Tag Titles: The Naturals vs. America’s Most Wanted ©

    TNA Impact Starts…NOW!

    In Memory of Chris Candido

    I am glad TNA was able to get that graphic in.

    We get highlights of Lockdown.

    Mike Tenay and Don West welcome us to Universal Studios and TNA IMPACT. They put over Lockdown and today’s main event The Naturals vs. AMW for the NWA TNA Tag Team Titles.

    Match #1 Petey Williams vs. Shocker

    No Coach D’Amore for Petey, I guess he is still recovering from that chair shot.

    Lock up to start and Shocker with a headlock. Take down to Petey and Shocker with a roll up for 2. Right hands by Shocker and Petey now fights back. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Shocker. Power slam on Petey now and Shocker is hyped. Misses and Asai Moonsault with the flip over and a dropkick by Petey. Shocker tries a sun set flip power bomb to the floor, but Petey takes him down. Back in the ring and Petey takes him down and lock in a reverse choke. Shocker fights to his feet and elbows out. Tilt a whirl back breaker to Petey and then a big boot by Shocker. Roll up by Shocker for 2. Off the ropes and Petey with the tilt a whirl Russian leg sweep for 2. Petey looks for the CD, no a roll up and the sharp shooter on Shocker! He makes the ropes and Petey tries a German and gets it. Tries the Sharpshooter again, but Shocker fights out and rolls him up for 3 @ 3:55.

  • Too short for my taste. It was a fun little sprint, but I really think it should have been longer. This wasn’t Mikey Batts in there, it was Petey Williams, the longest reigning X Champ ever. At least it was a fluky reversal of a roll up, but still, I expected more.

    Tenay in the ring with Shocker and they discuss the X Title match. Shocker says he has proved himself in Mexico for 12-years and he will do it here in America. He busts out some Spanish and Tenay puts him over.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with Tenay and West. They discuss Lockdown and say it delivered all expectations. They replay Candido’s leg injury and explain the severity of the injury. They say he will be here later in the show.

    Match #2 Sonjay Dutt vs. Buck Quartermain

    Dutt avoids Quartermain and Quartermain grabs him and tosses him to the corner. Boot by Dutt and a spring board splash for 1. Arm drag and then drop kick and Quartermain to the floor. Sling shot splash to Quartermain and Dunn in control. Dutt suplex’s him in and covers for 1. Rights by Quartermain and a float over by Dutt and a roll up for 2. Off the ropes and a messed up flap jack by Quartermain. He covers for 2. Off the ropes and Dutt with a RANA! Tries another and Quartermain slams him down. Elbows to Dutt and a cover for 2. Knee drop by Quartermain now and Dutt is in trouble. Choke to Dutt and the crowd gets behind Dutt. Backdrop suplex by Quartermain and a cover for 2. Reverse choke by Quartermain and Dutt tries to escape. Quartermain off the ropes and an elbow drop. Another but misses! Drop kick by Dutt! Right hands now. Off the ropes and a backdrop by Dutt. Springboard elbow by Dutt. Dutt the apron, skins the cat back in and connects with a springboard RANA for the pin @ 4:12.

  • Not a smooth match at all. It had a lot of rough spots for 4-minutes. Dutt is back on the winning track though, and it is good to see him back.

    Commercial time.

    We are back!

    Match #3 Mikey Batts vs. The Outlaw

    Batts looks so tiny! Lock up and Batts tossed down. Lock up and Outlaw takes Batts to the corner. Outlaw misses a right hand and then levels Batts. Crowd behind Batts and he is whipped off the ropes and gets a bulldog on the Outlaw. Off the ropes, tilt a whirl slam by the Outlaw and a cover for 2. Right hands to Batts and then a clothesline to Batts. Picks him up and drops him down again. Cobra clutch by the Outlaw….BIG SLAM out of it to Batts and that is all @ 2:13!

    The Outlaw tosses him to the floor and here is BG James! The rest of the Krew is there as well. BG says nothing as Konnan cuts him off. Konnan says they stay sucka free, and if Outlaw wants to be a bea-bea-beaotch, he’ll kick his ass next week. He then slams the mic in BG’s chest as he and the Outlaw stare down.

  • Squash.

    Commercial time.

    We are back with Dusty Rhodes. He’s in a conference room! May 15th is Hard Justice. He says the event will be unbelievable. A gauntlet for the gold, a shot for the title at Slammiversary. Also, JJ will face off with AJ Styles for the NWA Title. He puts over AJ and the special referee will be UFC’s “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz! He says this is the PPV to buy and will be a tremendous night.

    I like the conference room as opposed to the truck/office.

    JJ is out in the arena! He harasses Tenay and West and says it won’t happen. He fears no man! Tito doesn’t scare him, he beat 4-men to win the NWA title and no one man can stop him. He beat Hash, DDP, Hardy and the list goes on and on. He says AJ doesn’t have a chance in hell. He says to tell Tito he isn’t Ken Shamrock and he’ll slap the taste out of his mouth. He’ll walk into hard Justice as the champ and leave the same.

    Commercial time.

    We are back as Tenay and West break down the tag title match.

    Match #4 30-minute time limit: For the NWA TNA Tag Titles: The Naturals (Stevens and Douglas) w/Chris Candido vs. America’s Most Wanted (Harris and Storm) ©

    Candido joins us on the mic. He says he suffered a horrendous injury. He says they torture him by re-showing the reply. He has screws and plates in his leg and he will stay here no matter what. He says he is here for his team and loves them. Man, it is really hard to refer to him in the present tense here.

    Storm and Stevens to start. Lock up and Stevens with a right hand. Another and Storm is down. Back up and fires away and a Thez press on Stevens. Harris chases Douglas to the floor and beats him down and Storm and Stevens follow. Harris is in control of Douglas and fight into the crowd. Storm rams Stevens off of the railing and then rams him into the railing again. Douglas runs from Harris but is caught and they fight atop of the bleachers. Stevens rammed off of the announce table and Harris and Douglas fight on the steps. Stevens and Storm on the ramp WHERE IS THE COUNT OUT! IT’S INSANE! Slam by Storm and then rams Stevens into the railing. Catapult by Harris on Douglas who was under the steel railing. Storm suplex’s Stevens onto the railing. Storm follows Stevens and Douglas is rammed off of the table repeatedly by Harris! We head to a commercial @ 4:25.

    We are back @ 7:02 with Candido swinging the momentum as he nailed Storm. Douglas in control and right hands to Storm. Boot by Storm and a jawbreaker to Douglas. Tag to Harris, up top…double ax handle to Douglas. Back drop to Douglas now and a lariat to Stevens! Up top again…cross body for 2! Storm is back in and Harris takes Stevens to the floor. Candido nails Harris and a high knee by Douglas. Douglas stretches Harris in the corner now. He chokes him out and then drags him center ring. Seated abdominal stretch by Douglas. Elbow now to Harris and a tag to Stevens. Right hands to Stevens, but a clothesline takes Harris down for 2. Elbow by Stevens and a camel clutch now on Harris. Harris fights out but Stevens takes him back down and locks the clutch again. Harris up now and but is tossed to the floor. Douglas has a crutch and Storm s in the ring, but Harris gets nailed by the crutch shot. Douglas tosses Harris back in and Stevens covers for 2. Candido is pissed as we head to commercial @ 12:25.

    We are back at @ 15:00 with Harris nailing Douglas low. Harris crawls for the tag but is cut off by Stevens. The Naturals double-team Harris and Douglas is tagged back in officially. They whip Harris, but Douglas misses and Harris clothesline the both! TAG TO STORM! Power slam to Stevens. Alabama slam to Douglas! Tossed over the top, Storm skins the cat and a tilt a whirl head scissors for 2! Harris back in now as all 4 men are in. AMW tries the Hart Attack but was stopped. Cover by AMW and 2. Douglas has a title belt, but is stopped by the ref. CHAIR SHOT BY STEVENS! SPEAR BY HARRIS! Candido in the ring and rolls Douglas onto and they win the titles @ 17:48!!!

    Candido has the tag titles and hugs and kisses them in celebration! AMW complains to the ref but we have new tag team champions! Candido lays on the floor with the titles and AMW and the Naturals battle it out. Tenay yells at Candido and he says they were over looked and fair and square they won. He has the brains and with 97 screws in his leg, could still lead them to victory. Tenay says they deserve a rematch, but Candido says they will go to celebrate! Stevens says they won, naturally!

    Tenay puts over next week as we fade out to a picture of Candido holding the tag tiles, in memory of.

  • Great match here this week. I love when we are treated to such good an fun main events. I thought they would go into a program with the Naturals but didn’t expect them to take the titles so soon. Probably a good thing as AMW as champs was getting stale. Now the have to start to rebuild the tag teams the way they were months ago.

  • Final Impact Thoughts: Solid show this week. Nothing bad, except for the Dutt vs. Quartermain match. Many will question the decision to run the match and segments with Candido, but according to sources they agreed that Candido would have wanted that as he came up with the angle of Karma biting him in the ass after faking the injuries last week. Candido wanted to get the Naturals over and knew this week was vital to that. A professional to the end. Thanks again Chris.

    Thanks for joining me this week for Impact. Keep the feedback and suggestions coming; I crave it and can’t live without it! Until next time, I am Larry Csonka and you know you want to be a Zonkamaniac~!

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