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411’s NWA: TNA PPV Report 08.11.04

August 11, 2004 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to THE BEST DAMN TNA RECAP Ver. 1, of the 8-11-04 show for 411wrestling.com. I am your party host Larry Csonka!

No intros and all, been busy and worked today, so let’s get to action!

Big Vito tells us not to steal cable…because if you don’t cancel the illegal box, he will cancel you. No stereotypes were played out at all…ok I am lying.

Scott D’Amore is on the phone, with the Prime Minister of CANADA! He says tonight is all about Team Canada. He says Petey will win the X-Title, Young and Devine will become #1 contenders and Rude will be the enforcer…OHHHHH CANNNNNNNADA!

Video highlights from last week.

Tenay and West welcome us to the Asylum in Nashville!

Match #1 Team Canada (Johnny Devine and “Showtime” Eric Young) w/Coach D’Amore vs. The 3 Live Krew (BG James and Konnan) for a shot at the Naturals and the NWA Tag titles

Konnan with some vintage mic work…and now James with some, but his is cool.

James and Devine to start. USA chants already…why the Canada hate? Lock up, and James takes down Devine. Devine talks with Young, ad goes back and takes James down with a roll up for 2. James up and gets the juke and jive punches. Tosses Devine and he lands upside down! Clothesline to Devine, but Young got a blind tag, MOCKS THE JUKE AND JIVE but James takes him down. Tag to Konnan, and he and Young reverse each other, and Konnan takes him down. Rolling Thunder by Konnan, and throws Devine to the floor. Tag to James, and he gets an arm drag to Young, off the ropes now Devine nails James and Young gets a fore arm shot and a tag to Devine. They double-team James in the corner now, tag to Young and he boots away at James. Snap mare to James and a reverse chin lock to James now. James up, off the ropes and eats a knee and Young covers for 2. Tag to Devine, in with a snap suplex and he chokes out James as Konnan tries to get in to help. Young covers and gets 2. D’Amore gets a cheap shot in on James, tag to Devine and he gets a leg drop on James. Tag to Young, top rope elbow gets 2. Tag to Devine, slam on James and Devine up top…MISSES the moonsault! James is trying to get the tag…TAG to Konnan! Konnan is tossing Canadians around like cheap beer. Slam to Young. Crossface by Konnan? Devine breaks it up! How dare you Konnan! Konnan with a funky rollup Rude in to interfere, and D’Amore leaves Konnan with the hockey stick and Young rolls him up for the win @ 8:05.

Dusty Rhodes is out. He is pissed, and the ref says the match will restart!

D’Amore is pissed! Devine to the floor Young up top…Cross body, Konnan rolls through and wins the match @ 0:25.

Horseshit! The match was actually not bad, but the Dusty finish by Dusty ruined it.

Russo comes out and he and Dusty bitch at each other.

ATTENTION! There will now be MORE than 20 participants in the Gauntlet for the X-Division title.

Highlights of Goldi’s contract acquiring binge.

Shane Douglas with Goldi. Siaki is giving her a foot massage and Sharky is her footstool. Goldi smells something bad, and it was D RAY in the bathroom! HA! She has no clue who Desire’s mystery man is, and she doesn’t care. Abyss comes in, and she yells at him for being late. She says he disgusts her, and he doesn’t fit in. She makes him stand facing the wall.

Match #2 “The Baby Bear” Alex Shelley w/Goldi vs. ??? w/Desire (Contract vs. Cash)

Desire comes out and the mystery man is…Ekmo (from the 3 Minute Warning.)

Well, it makes sense as he was Siaki’s tag partner. Ekmo just tosses Shelley around. Slam by Ekmo, then a vicious head butt. Another and Shelley is hurting. Suplex by Ekmo now, and Desire slaps Shelley. Ass blaster in the corner to Shelley, and that had to leave a skid mark. Slam to Shelley, and Ekmo goes up…Goldi distracts him…Desire chases her away and he misses a Vader like slam. Drop kicks by Shelley, and he works the knee now. Ekmo kicks him away, but Shelley with another drop kick to the knee. Shelley tries a RANA and messes it up, and Ekmo slams him down. Clothesline to Shelly, and a Super kick by Ekmo. Roll of the dice and Goldi back out and in the ring. Ekmo goes after her but Desire and her start a CAT FIGHT! Ekmo up top…SPLASH to Shelley! The ref is outside breaking up the fight. Abyss is out, and WAFFLES EKMO 2 times with a chair, followed by a black hole slam and Shelley covers for the win @ 5:10.

Abyss gets the money for Goldi, and she grabs it back and is pissed.

Bad match, and it wasn’t all Ekmo’s fault.

Sabu drags out Raven with a DOG COLLAR! Chair shots by Sabu! He lays like 4 chairs on Raven…Sabu up to the 2nd rope, LEG DROP! Sabu hangs Raven over the ropes! Sabu stands on the top for leverage, but Raven pulls him off and Sabu nails the steel railing. Raven gets a table, but Sonjay Dutt is out! Raven tosses him in the ring. Raven is beating down both men. Sonjay and Sabu get control, and security comes out. They fight them off, and Sabu flies through the ropes onto Raven! They try to separate them as Raven is busted open again.

Highlights of Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay in the ring, and he has an announcement. He says the Championship committee has set the date for Hardy vs. JJ; September the 8th @ the Asylum. Here comes Monty Brown. He says Tenay has the balls to come into his ring and announce a match without him. Brown wants Russo out here, and he wants to know when he gets the winner and they get the POOOOOOOUUUUUUNCE! Killings is out now. He says Brown runs his mouth too much, and he has to earn his spot. Killings says he has to go through him. BRAWL TIME! They are quickly separated, but they get away and brawl some more. Good pull apart brawl, the crowd liked it. Dusty is out. Dusty says next week, they will face!

Highlights of David Young and Glen Gilbertti.

Shane Douglas with Gilbertti and Swinger. Gilbertti is done with the stupid outfit finally, but Swinger is still wearing his, cause he likes it. Gilbertti says he is there to fight, and he will go Brooklyn on Young. Big Vito is out, and says Gilbertti is an embarrassment. He says he better get it done tonight, because he has plans.

Match #3 David Young vs. Glen Gilbertti (Gut Check match, loser is off the active roster)

Gilbertti jumps him to start the match. Shoulder block by Young, but Gilbertti quickly back up and clotheslines him down. Punches by Gilbertti now, and knocks Young to the floor. Young to the steel post now, and then Gilbertti sends him to the steel barrier. Back in the ring, and Gilbertti gets a spine buster and covers for 2. Sends Young to the corner, then works the back of Young. Back breaker gets 2 for Gilbertti. Gilbertti kicks away now, and Young is down. Swinging neck breaker by Gilbertti gets 2. Covers again for 2. They brawl to the outside and Gilbertti just beats him down. Back in the ring, and Gilbertti covers for 2. Young tries to battle back but Gilbertti drops him with a clothesline. Enziguri by Young! The crowd starts to get behind Young, Young tries a super kick, but gets the ref! Spine buster by Young! The ref is down, and Swinger is out. He nails Young with Knux and puts Gilbertti on top, the ref is up and Young kicks out! Gilbertti back on the attack, tries a tornado DDT, but Young gets a Nothernlights into the corner! Gilbertti is down, Young up top…MISSES a moonsault! Swinger tosses the knux in and tries to distract the ref, Young has them and LEVELS Gilbertti and YOUNG WINS! YOUNG WINS @ 8:25. Gilbertti is GONE! Young is 1-93!

Vito and Trinity yell at Gilbertti as the crowd chants “LOSER!”

Too long, and just not a good match.

Shane Douglas with Vince Russo. Russo says to stop stirring the pot. He says Dusty has a passion, and there will be a place for him in TNA. JJ comes out. He says Dusty is after Russo’s job. JJ says he knows what is what, and he says Russo may try to do the right thing, but it has gotten him nothing. He says no one will stand by Russo’s side. AJ Styles is out. He disagrees. He says Russo can make bad choices, but he is doing a good job and he supports him 100%. JJ calls them brownnosers. AJ knocks JJ down! They brawl out to the ring through the crowd! AJ throws him over the barrier, then rams him into the barrier. JJ is rolled in the ring now, and JJ gets a low blow to AJ. Monty Brown is out! They yap back and forth and AJ takes them both down! POOOOOOOOUNCE TO AJ! HE KILLED HIM! JJ and Brown fight now, and Killings is out! Killings slams JJ down, and a forearm to Brown. JJ up and power bombs Killings! Fall away slam to Killings by Brown. Hardy is out! He and JJ go at it, DDT to JJ! Hardy stands tall.

Highlights of XXX vs. AMW.

Match #4 XXX (Daniels and Elix Skipper) vs. AMW (Harris and Storm) (#1 of the Best of 3 series for a shot at the Tag Titles)

Daniels and Storm to start. Lock up, and Storm takes Daniels down to the mat. Daniels up, reversals and a drop kick to Storm. Lock up again, and Storm take shim off the ropes, reversals and Storm skims the cat and gets a kick to Daniels. Tag to Harris, Atomic drop then a Russian leg sweep for 2. Harris taken down, tag to Elix and he gets a roll up for 2. Reversals and a headlock by Elix, Harris reverses and gets one of his own. Shoulder block, and neither budge. They each counter an arm drag, and Harris levels Elix with a clothesline. High vertical suplex by Harris, and covers for 2. AMW double team now with a backdrop to Elix and Storm covers for 2. Tag to Daniels and an STO to Storm for 1. Tag to Elix, double slam and a 2 count. Elix chops away at Harris and locks in a headlock. Tag to Daniels, and he is thrown in the air by Elix and nails an elbow. Daniels with fore arm shots to Harris, but Harris back with a lariat. Tag to Elix, and Storm! Storm on fire! Elix gets a kick at him, but Storm blocks another and gets a kick to the head for 2. HEART ATTACK by AMW gets 2! Daniels pulls Storm to the floor, and rams him into the barrier. Back suplex by Elix. BEST MOONSAULT EVER by Daniels gets 2! Double team sledgehammer by XXX gets 2. Harris set on the ropes…Elix tries the new School, but is tossed to the floor! Super kick by Storm! They set up Daniels…but Elix is back in! Daniels rolls up Storm for 2. Spinning sling shot to the floor by Elix! Daniels rolls up Storm for 2. Off the ropes, and a mid ring collision! Daniels looks like he hurt his shoulder…Daniels gets up…SPEAR BY HARRIS finishes it @ 9:35.

The trainers come to check on Daniels.

Great match to kick off the best of 3 series. They didn’t give too much away, and with the “injury” to Daniels, one has to wonder if Lo Ki will return.

Shane Douglas with Raven. He says Sonjay put a challenge to Raven for a hangman’s horror match vs. Sabu. Raven ran Vampiro out of TNA in that match. Raven runs down the Sheik, and says he has always known that he is better than Sabu, and that Sabu is just all hype created by Paul Heyman. He says next week, he ends Sabu’s career. Hang man’s horror, welcome to the Terror Dome…Quote the Raven…

We have the coming soon video, everyone thinks it is D lo, but it is me.

West and Tenay shill the web site and next week. JJ will be on Impact, as well as Jeff Hardy. Next week: 3LK vs. The Naturals for the tag titles, AMW vs. XXX, Monty Brown vs. Killings and Sabu vs. Raven in a hang man’s horror match for the main event.

Shane Douglas with Shane and Kazarian. They say TNA is afraid of them, because they are role models. They say they will walk out friends and have each other’s back.

Hype package for the gauntlet.

Match #5 20+ Man Gauntlet for the X Title

60-second intervals, when we get to the last 2, it is decided in a regular match.

#1 is Kazarian, and #2 is Sonjay Dutt. Kazarian just beats the crap out of him, but Dutt fires back. RANA by Dutt, and he tries to dump Kazarian. Kazarian fights back, and kicks Dutt in the head. #3 is Chad Collyer. Collyer and Kazarian beats down Dutt. They try to toss him, but Dutt holds on. They try again as Dutt holds on for dear life. Drop kick by Dutt and #4 is L A PARK! GOLD AND BLACK! THE CHAIRMAN IS HERE! Power slam by LA PARK. They pair off, as Park works over Dutt. Park and Kazarian down now as Collyer works over Dutt. Park kicks Kazarian in the nizzies, and #5 is Miyamoto. He slowly walks in, and Miyamoto keeps his distance. Now fights with Collyer. Dutt is ELIMINATED by Collyer. Park misses Miyamoto and #6 is Jerry Lynn. He ELIMINATES COLLYER! He and Kazarian go at it, and a sweet head scissors by Lynn. Park and Lynn go at it, and now Miyamoto wants some. #7 is Joey Matthews! He is on fire and takes down Lynn and Kazarian. Neck breaker to Kazarian. Inverted DDT by Lynn to Matthews. Park works over Kazarian. #8 is Nosawa. He goes after Kazarian as Lynn was ELIMINATED! Spin kick by Park to Nosawa. #9 is AJ Styles who is selling his POOOOOOOUNCE from earlier. Knees to Miyamoto, and he is ELIMINATED. AJ and Nosawa go at it, and AJ gets a top rope forearm to Nosawa. #10 is Chris Vaughn who is a security in his spare time. Takes down Kazarian but Park takes him down. PARK DANCES! Crowd really into it now, as Matthews works over AJ.

#11 is Petey Williams. Neck breaker to Vaughn. AJ getting a beat down now by Petey and Matthews. MATTHEWS IS ELIMINATED BY AJ! Kazarian still in, #12 is D RAY 3000! ELIMINATED RIGHT AWAY! He picks his fro and leaves. LA Park poses now, and AJ chops away. Vaughn up top and drop kicks Kazarian. #13 is Mikey Batts. He and Petey go at it, and he and Nosawa work him over together. Vaughn almost eliminated, but fights back in. Kazarian kicks at Vaughn. #14 is Jason Cross. Spring board in on AJ, and a suplex to Petey. He tries to eliminate him, and fails. AJ ENZIGURI’S BATTS TO THE FLOOR! #15 is Jerelle Clarke. RANA to Cross by Clarke. PARK levels AJ with a vicious kick, VAUGHN IS ELIMINATED! ENZIGURI by Park to AJ! REVERSE RANA by Clarke! #16 is Kid Kash. NOSAWA AND LA PARK ARE ELIMINATED! Kash is in and cheap shots all around. MONEY MAKER to Clarke! CLOVER LEAF to Kazarian by AJ! #17 is Nigel McGinnis. CLARKE IS ELIMINATED. Nigel and Kash are in control, AJ takes Kazarian down, Cross tries a tornado DDT and is ELIMINATED! #18 is PSYCHISIS! MASKED! Leg drop to Nigel, and they go at it. Kash and AJ go at it, AJ ELIMINATES KID KASH! #19 is Shark Boy. Sharky with punches for all. Kash pulls down the ropes and AJ IS ELIMINATED! They fight on the ramp way! Dallas is out, and they beat down AJ. Security is out to separate them. Crowd is pissed. #20 is Chris Sabin. He and Petey go at it, and Sabin levels him with a kick. Spin kick now, SHARKY IS ELIMINATED! #21 is The Amazing Red. Nigel is ELIMINATED! Petey works on Sabin, Psychosis levels Kazarian. He tries to eliminate him. #22 is Michael Shane. He takes his time, then charges and he and Kazarian work over Psychosis. Kazarian down by Psychosis, Kazarian almost over but Shane saves him and PSYCHOSIS IS ELIMINATED! Sabin is on fire, tornado DDT to Shane. SABIN IS ELIMINATED! Shane powerbombs Petey, and Kazarian levels Petey then. Shane and Kazarian double team Petey, Red is up, and breaks it up. Leg drop to Red by Kazarian. Shane picks him up, and beats him down in the corner. Double-team again, RED RANA’S SHANE TO THE FLOOR! Kazarian, Red and Petey left. Kazarian levels Red, and he and Petey work together. Shane is pissed, and Kazarian DDT’s Petey. Kazarian tries to eliminate Red, but Kazarian IS ELIMINATED!

It is Red vs. Petey! Petey sets up…Red counters, ENZIGURI by Red! Fireman’s carry slam by Red for 2. Red up top…Petey catches him…Red shoves him off…ELBOW DROP for 2! Petey pulls Red into the corner. SUPER KICK BY RED! Rude is out, the ref is distracted. Flip dive to Rude by Red! Red tries a sun set flip…CODE RED for 2! D’Amore nails Red…CANADIAN DESTROYER finished Red @ 31:08.

Petey Williams is the NEW X DIVISION CHAMPION!

NO! Dusty is out! NO! Russo looks on, and we fade…

Super hot match to end the show. Team Canada finally wins some gold with D’Amore’s help, and AJ and Kash still have issues.

Well, the first 3 matches could be fast forwarded through, but AMW vs. XXX and the 20 + man Gauntlet delivered match wise and story wise. Overall a strong show.

Thanks for reading, until next time I am Larry Csonka, go check me out at TWTF.com as well. Remember, you know you want to be a Zonkamaniac~!


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