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411’s Ring Ka King Report 02.05.12: Episode #4

February 13, 2012 | Posted by Jack Stevenson


Just a day after Episode 3, Ring Ka King returns to crown it’s first ever World Champion! Will it be ‘the Blueprint’ Matt Morgan, or ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner? And, most importantly, is the championship worthy enough for Jeremy Borash to bust out his special ring announcing?

To the program itself, and we go straight to the ring for our opening match…


Flash takes James down with a hair pull takedown and stomps away. She whips James off the ropes, but the former stalker slips underneath her, snapmares her down, and then catches her with a seated dropkick. Huracanrana! James tries to follow up with a top rope manoeuvre, but Flash spots her in the nick of time and pitches her down to the mat. Alissa taunts her foe with mocking slaps to the face, and although that only serves to fire James up, the former Cheerleader is able to quash her comeback with a well-placed big boot. She locks Mickie in a funky submission hold that I can’t quite call. James makes the ropes anyhow. Flash hoists her opponent onto her shoulders, but James slips out the backdoor and rolls Alissa up for two. Flurry of clotheslines! Flapjack! Kip-up! Seated Senton off the top rope! Only enough for two! Flash roars back with a Samoan Drop for two. James elbows out of a fireman’s carry position, and the Spike DDT gets three! ** I might be overrating this a tad, being as it was on the short side and a little sloppy in places, but this match was far more ambitious and accomplished than any other women’s match I’ve seen on free WWE or TNA TV in a long time. But then, what would expect from Mickie James and Cheerleader Melissa?

It’s time for the weigh in for Matt Morgan vs. Scott Steiner. Morgan weighs more, Steiner’s biceps are larger, and Morgan has the longer reach. Steiner promises to become the World Champion tonight, and to prove to Matt Morgan he is bigger and stronger than him. He’s going to put his footprint on the Blueprint! Before Morgan can make any comments, tensions boil over, as Steiner shoves Morgan back. Wrestlers and referees have to separate the two men.

The Bollywood Boys announce they will be dancing to the ring for the upcoming tag team tournament. Excellent!

Before this next grudge match, we are reminded of Chavo Guerrero’s promise yesterday to find himself a special partner for his upcoming grudge match against the Sheiks. It turns out to be D.H. Smith, or Harry Smith, or, as he’s known here, Bulldog Hart!


Hart uses his power to shove Mustafa Bashir around the ring, before dumping him with a powerslam for an early two count. He slams Mustafa down, and tag in Chavo who follows up with a slingshot senton. In comes Abdul Bashir, but the tide doesn’t change, with Guerrero dumping his new enemy out to the floor. The Sheiks take this opportunity to regroup and rip up the sign of a vertically challenged fan, possibly the same one who got attacked by American Adonis last week. Said fan decides to scramble over the guardrail and into the ring, where nobody can quite get a hold on him. Eventually Mustafa is able to muscle him done, and security carry him away. Anyway, back to the match, which the Sheiks now control. The former Arya Daivari drops Chavo with a neckbreaker for two. Guerrero counters a chin lock with a back suplex, and the tag is made to Bulldog Hart! He is a house of fire, and drops Mustafa with an emphatic sit-out powerbomb. Chavito follows up with a frog splash, and that’s enough for the three count! * ¾ Solid, by the numbers formula tag match between four competent pro wrestlers. Chavo Guerrero seems reinvigorated by this move to Ring Ka King; he’s showing more enthusiasm and his moves have more of a snap to them.

Pathani Patthe, an all Indian tag team, cut a promo in Hindi. Harbhajan Singh, goodwill ambassador and cricket superstar, wishes them all the best.

And now Harbhajan Singh is in the ring! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. He’s here to introduce the championship belt Steiner and Morgan will be fighting for.


For about thirty seconds, they try and do some chain wrestling, but obviously that isn’t going to work. Sonjay Dutt latches onto Matt Morgan’s leg, which infuriates Jazzy Lahoria. He brings down nearly the entire Indian contingent to negate the influence of Dutt and Magnus. In the ring, the action is unremarkable at best, but the crowd seem into it. Morgan batters Steiner with elbows in the corner, then knocks him down with a tornado Clothesline for two. Sir Brutus distracts the referee, and Steiner takes advantage with a low blow. Sonjay Dutt gets involved as well. The native wrestlers really aren’t doing a very good job of protecting Morgan. Double S nails Double M with a clothesline and drops an elbow. He opts to do push ups rather than cover though. Belly to back suplex gets two. After a long period of lifeless Steiner offense, Morgan finally launches a comeback by booting the Big Booty Daddy in the face. Clothesline, clothesline, running body splash in the corner! Hard side slam gets two. The tornado clothesline doesn’t work a second time though, as Steiner ducks and lands an STO for two. We head to a commercial break.

We are back from the commercial break. Steiner has Morgan locked in the Steiner Recliner, but the Blueprint makes the ropes. Scott tries for a belly to belly suplex, but Matt puts on the breaks. Carbon Footprint! One, two, three! Morgan is the first champion. ½ * I wasn’t a huge fan of the match, but they kept the crowd engaged, and it could have been much, much worse, so kudos to them. Matt’s probably the best choice to be the first Ring Ka King champion as well, so smart booking there.

As Steiner, Magnus and Dutt trudge to the back, Matt celebrates with the Indian wrestlers and Jazzy Lahoria. And that’s how we end this episode!

If you’re looking to get into Ring Ka King, this is arguably an even better place to start than the first episode. Admittedly you don’t get introduced to all of the characters, but you don’t have to put up with a 25 minute opening segment either. All the major stars are present, and in ring there’s two decent matches plus the crowning of the first ever Ring Ka King champion. With the tournament out the way Ring Ka King is going to have to start focusing on creating interesting storylines going forward, something they’ve been able to avoid doing so far, outside of the Magnus/Steiner/Dutt faction and Chavo Guerrero vs. The Sheiks. It should be intriguing to see how the promotion fares from here on. As Jim Ross would say, business is picking up in Ring Ka King!


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