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411’s TNA Impact Report 2.02.16

February 2, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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Welcome to 411’s TNA Impact Report 2.02.16


– We get footage of EC3 from earlier today. He gives an address to the camera crew, and says if they want their interview to come to the location written down and not to be late.

BIG MONEY MATT TALKS: Big Money Matt, Reby and Tyrus all make their way to the ring to kick off the show. Matt says to get along in the business you have to work with people you hate and make difficult decisions regarding who you love. Matt said that Jeff made a mistake, he sinned when he spoke against Matt, and his punishment was a piledriver through a table. He says that Jeff couldn’t run fast enough from his past and Eric Young. Reby says it did not have to be that way, but people always said that Matt lived in his shadow, and they did not believe that because it wasn’t true. Jeff is jealous that Matt won the title “fair and square” while Jeff was at home watching. Matt says that this was just business, big business for the Matt Hardy Brand. Eric Young and Bram arrive and say that Jeff is not coming back because of him. He took the belt from Bobby Roode and Jeff took his shot at the title, so he took his career. Eric says they have no beef, but the world title goes through him. Matt says he knows Eric is smarter than to threaten him, and now here comes Kurt Angle. Angle says it appears the business deal went up in smoke, and says Matt has degraded the title ever since he won it. Angle spoke with TNA officials, and his next match for his farewell tour will be against Matt Hardy for the TNA Title. Matt says that Angle politicked his way into a title match. He enjoyed the Angle farewell tour, but now will make it end prematurely. Angle will end things on his terms, and he may be out numbered, but will kick all of their asses when he chooses to. Matt calls him on since they have the numbers, and here comes Beer Money to the aid of Angle. He tells Matt to stick the Matt hardy brand up his ass, and tonight, there will be a fight. Storm says they are all about making money and making beer, and they will now start to kick ass. They want to make sure Angle gets his fair shake tonight, and they brawl with Bram and Young. Crazzy Steve and Abyss make their way out, as do the Wolves and we have a big brawl. Roode then says tonight there will be a war, a hardcore war featuring The Wolves and Beer Money vs. Bram, Young, Abyss and Steve.

– We get a recap of last week’s feast or fired gimmick. Eli Drake got a KOTM title show, Galloway a world title shot, Storm a tag title shot and Grado got fired. We see Galloway discussing that he took the risk, and it felt like winning the lottery. Tyrus, who also has a title shot he won at BFG, arrives and tells Galloway to drop the case and leave, Galloway tells Tyrus that he’s a big bitch, and we’re going to get a match tonight.

Lashley vs. Aiden O’Shea: O’Shea attacks Lashley as he takes his shirt off. O’Shea works over Lashley as Raquel makes her way to the ring and takes a seat to watch the match. O’Shea continues to work over Lashley and asks Raquel if she is impressed. Lashley fights off O’Shea, but O’Shea rakes the eyes and works some jabs. Off the ropes, leap frog by Lashley and then clotheslines O’Shea to the floor. Lashley to the floor and goes face to face with Raquel, allowing O’Shea to attack and take back control on the floor. Back in the ring and O’Shea works a sleeper, Lashley escapes and connects with a clothesline and a slam. Corner clothesline by Lashley and then a corner spear connects. Lashley then hits the delayed vertical suplex and spear and that is that.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lashley @ 4:09 via pin

– Post match Raquel tries to get Lashley’s attention, and then enters the ring and gets a mic. She says she told Lashley he’d see her again. The message is the same; she can bring him pain, or bring him pleasure. Lashley looks smitten.

– Maria walks.

– They tease the EC3 interview for later tonight.

MARIA TALKS: Maria makes her way to the ring, and says she is not here to produce the Miracle, instead she will discuss women’s wrestling. She doesn’t think women’s wrestling needs a miracle; it needs a leader, an arrow to point it in the right direction. She is Maria, and she is the first lady of wrestling. She is that arrow, that leader, and many may think that the knockout’s division is fine, but she feels it is broken and she is the only one who can change it; out with the old and in with the new. Knockouts Champion Gail Kim makes her way to the ring. Gail says they have known each other for a long time, and while she respects her, she doesn’t buy what Maria has to say. Maria says Gail is just a wrestler, while she is someone little girls can live up to. She can help and lead Gail and make her mainstream. Gail says she doesn’t need her help, and if Maria wants to make a contribution, put her boots on and prove herself. Maria claims that Gail is a poor leader, and Gail tells her to try and fix the problem. Maria says that people like Gail work for people like her. Gail takes issue with this and tells Maria to take her chance right here and now. Maria decides to bail to end the segment.

– Beer Mooney and the Wolves talk about tonight’s match. They are friends right now, but the Wolves know that Beer Money will come for their titles. Storm says they are here to reinforce their legacy, and the Wolves say any time any place. Roode says tonight is about going to war together and they shake hands.

– They again tease the EC3 interview for later tonight.

Hardcore War: Crazzy Steve, Abyss, Bram and Eric Young vs. Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, James Storm and Bobby Roode: So they are doing a lethal lockdown style entry (new man every two minutes), with the guys bringing weans to the ring with them. Richards and Steve to begin. They start to brawl on the floor and then into the ring. Richards has a chair and Steve has a bat with what appears to be the skeleton of the outbreak monkey on it (it’s a chain but what I said was cooler). They go back and forth, with Steve biting Richards and then gets the chair, but Richards hits the chair with the bat and Steve is down. Bram is in next as the time limit expired, and Bram has the old turn buckle screw with him. Richards runs wild on him for a bit, and then the brawl to the floor. Bram whips Richards to the barricade and then whips Steve into him. The heels maintain control and eventually bring it back into the ring. The next man in is Storm with a keg of beer! Bram charges him, but Storm with rights and knocks Bram down the ramp. They brawl at ringside and then Storm lays the keg on Bram’s balls and uses a chair to crush said balls. The crowd chants for him to do it again, so he does. Richards and Steve in the ring still, and the next man in is Eric Young with a kendo stick. He attacks Richards right away and then goes after Storm. The heels take control as we head to a commercial break…

Back from the break as Edwards has entered the match. The Wolves work together to beat down Steve, and use a chair to do so. Bram saves Steve from more punishment, and then Pillmanizes the throat of Richards with a chair, slamming him to the post. Young over to help Bram beat on Edwards, and now Abyss is in and Rosemary is with him and has the TNA tag titles. Abyss has Janice, misses a shot with it and then Edwards hits him with a plancha. Young and Richards in the ring as the rest brawl; it’s just a mass fight all around the ringside area at this point. Richards starts to fight back, but Abyss cuts him off and hits a chokeslam. Abyss then cleans house on the faces, and Bobby Roode is the final man in. he has a hockey stick, because stereotypes. He kicks some ass with the hockey stick, and then hits a spinebuster on Young Abyss hits a chokeslam on Roode, but Richards hits him with a chair and they use the chair to allow Edwards to hit a double stomp off the top. It just breaks down with guys hitting signature stuff, and then they work a wacky seven-man suplex spot. The Wolves and Beer Money got the better of that and they did the Beer Money chant together. Abyss in to break up the party and hits a black hole slam on Edwards as Roode and Bram brawl on the floor. Storm and Young join them and they brawl to the back, leaving the Decay and Wolves in the ring. Richards avoids a shot by Steve and the title belt and looks to use the belt, but Steve mists him. Abyss hits him with the title and Steve covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Crazzy Steve, Abyss, Bram and Eric Young @ 19:45 via pin

– Kurt Angle prepares for his match, and Drew Galloway arrives and says he respects Angle and loved their match together. He thanks Angle, who then says that Galloway is the future of the business. But Galloway says tonight is Angle’s night, and when Angle makes headlines and wins the title, Galloway wants to tear down the house one more time, with the title on the line. Angle agrees.

Tyrus vs. Drew Galloway: Tyrus hits a cheap shot as the ref was trying to keep the two apart, and we’re underway. Tyrus slams down Galloway and does monster things, Galloway tries to fight back and avoids the corner splash and hits a charging forearm and then head sup top but jumps into a head butt. An elbow drop from Tyrus follows, and the cover gets 2. Tyrus then works the Vulcan neck pinch on Galloway, but due to the fact that he’s not Vulcan it failed to work, so Galloway escaped, but then ran into a clothesline. TBONE suplex by Tyrus follows, and he fires up in the corner and charges Galloway, but Galloway misses and Tyrus crashes and burns on the corner. Galloway with rights and chops now, he takes Tyrus to the corner and lays the boots to him. Galloway up top and hit a clothesline. He backs off and then looks for the future shock, but Tyrus slams him to the corner and hits the heart punch. Tyrus climbs the ropes for the Vader splash, but Galloway is up and powerbombs him off the ropes. LIGHTS OUT and Maria appears to talk about the church of the Miracle. Bennett appears and lays out Galloway with the feat or fired case, that’s a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Drew Galloway @ 5:35 via DQ

– Post attack Bonnet asks if Galloway believes in the Miracle now. Galloway may have thought the case was his miracle, but Bennett is the Miracle that TNA needs.

– Angle puts over his time in TNA, he’s proud of all he is done and is proud to wrestle for the title once again. Lashley accidentally interrupts, and wishes Angle luck and says it would be cool if Angle won and they had their rematch in the UK, where Angle won the title from him last year.

– Shane Helms makes his way out to the ring, but is not dressed for action. Helms said that he never said he was the one who would challenge Uno, just that Uno would be making his last defense this week. He then introduces his protégé, and the man who will win the title, Trevor Lee.

X-Division Title Match: Champion Tigre Uno vs. Trevor Lee w/Shane Helms: Uno sues his speed to try and avoid the attack of Lee, but Lee cuts him off and delivers elbow strikes. Uno fires back with a dropkick and Lee to the floor, lee avoids a dive and Uno is able to fight back, head up top and leaps over Lee, but then Lee destroys him with a forearm. Lee with some mounted strikes, and then turns Uno inside out with a clothesline. Lee works a camel clutch variation, Uno to his feet and tries to elbow out, but gets pulled back to the mat. Lee slams Uno to the corner, whips him across the ring and maintains control. Lee misses a corner charge, but comes back with a gutwrench attempt, Uno avoids the suplex with a roll up and that gets 2. Lee tosses Uno to the floor and tries for a running kick but Uno trips him and sends him to the apron. Uno hits a RANA on the floor, back in and Uno up top and hits the missile dropkick. Roll up by Uno gets 2. Enziguri by Uno, off the ropes and Lee hits a sweet running double stomp. Lee hits God’s Last Gift (small package driver) for the win.


A CHAT WITH ETHAN CARTER III: Carter joins us for his interview. He has been reflecting for two weeks. He has been unpinned and unsubmitted for 2 ½ years, and he thought that would never end. But he realizes that he has been a piece of shit. Winning has been an addiction to him, he wishes he could sell it because it is so addictive. He congratulates Hardy for winning the title, but it took Tyrus, Reby, Maxell, tables, ladders and chairs; but he got up again and again. But the one thing he loved most, the TNA title, kept him down for the count. He won’t run away, he’ll face his problem head on, and he will come back to Impact and he will be Hardy’s shadow. He will bring onto him 10-full what Hardy did to him, because he will come back and bring hell with him.

TNA Title Match: Champion Matt Hardy w/Reby and Tyrus vs. Kurt Angle: Reby distracted Angle at the bell, allowing Matt to attack and take control. He worked over Angle in the corner, using clubbing blows and choking him out. Matt also took the ref and that allowed Tyrus to choke out Angle in the ropes. Matt hits a leg drop and then applies the chinlock. Angle works to his feet, fires up and hits clotheslines and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle then hits a German, a second and a third and then Tyrus gets on the apron, so Angle shoves Mat into him and then hits the Angle slam and that gets 2. We head to the commercial break…

Back from the long (nearing 5-minutes) commercial break as Angle applies the ankle lock on Matt. Matt fights and eventually rolls Angle to the floor, allowing Tyrus to attack with a clothesline. Tyrus talks smack to Pope, daring him to say something. Angle back in, Matt tries the twist of fate, countered and then they keep countering each other’s stuff and Angle gets the ankle lock. Matt escapes into a roll up for 2. Side effect by Matt, and he again gets 2. Matt misses a corner charge, allowing Angle to hit the Angle slam for a near fall. They trade rights center ring, eye rake by Matt but Angle hits a German suplex, a second, a third, Matt fights but takes a fourth, Angle holds on and hits a fifth. Matt distracts the ref, pulls his shirt over his face and rakes Angle’s eyes and kicks Angle in the dick. Twist of fate follows, but Angle kicks out at 2. Angle counters a twist of fate and Angle hits a German, a second, and then a third. Angle heads up top, has to kick off Tyrus but then Reby grabs his foot, allowing Matt to catch him and hit a twist of fate out of the corner, and that’s enough for Matt to retain the title.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Champion Matt Hardy @ 14:01 via pin

– Angle is a sad panda as he walks to the back as team Big Money Matt celebrates.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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