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411’s TNA Impact Wrestling Report 1.23.15

January 23, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka

* Match times are not exact.

* We get a video package hyping the feast or fired match, which returns tonight.

The Feast or Fired Match Featuring: Samuel Shaw, Crazzy Steve, The Bromans, Rockstar Spud, Gunner, The Wolves, Bram, Magnus, Austin Aries: A wrestling TV show starting with a match, praise the Gods. They all brawl at the bell. They need to stop the split screen showing the commentary team in studio, I want to see the match. Velvet Sky distracts Crazzy Steve; he then tries to ignore her and gets tossed off the ropes by Robbie E. Velvet grabs a case and hands it to Robbie E. Robbie bails to the back as Steve chases them. Three cases left. Spud climbs for a case, Jessie cuts him off but Spud fights back and looks for a case, but he’s not quite tall enough. Jessie pulls him down again, talks trash and Spud fires away at him. Jessie charges, but posts himself. Spud then sends Ion to the floor, and low bridges the Wolves, sending them to the floor. Bram and Magnus try to attack, confusion as they try to attack Spud and they end up on the floor. Spud climbs again, but Shaw stops that. Shaw climbs, but Gunner is in to stop that. Aries with the dropkick to Gunner, but then gets tossed to the floor. Spud climbs on the back of Shaw and gets a case. Spud celebrates and runs away with the case. Ion climbs, Aries pulls him off the top and climbs, but Jessie sends him to the floor. The Wolves with the double team on him, they clear the ring, and then Angelina Love distracts them. They end up tossing Ion to the floor, and Aries in to send then former champs to the floor. Aries teases a dive, climbs and gets the 3rd case. He then does a dive with the case to wipe out the crowd and leaves the ringside area. Gunner and Bram in, Gunner takes control and looks to grab a case, but Bram tosses him to the mat. They both climb now, and battle on the top to try and grab a case. Magnus is in and we get a tower of doom spot, and Gunner landed badly on his shoulder. Magnus now climbs, and gets the final case.

Velvet Sky/Robbie E, Spud, Aries and Magnus retrieved the four cases.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Magnus got the final case to end the match @ 7:00

* Lashley is on his way to the ring, he wants his damn title back.

* Magnus feels good about getting a case, but Bram interrupts and says that Magnus screwed him and went into business for himself. Magus tells Bram to grow up because he got him his job with TNA.

* We see a video, featuring last week’s pat of destruction by the Beat Down Crew.

* Lashley makes his way to the ring. Lashley says to bring him his title, now. Kenny King makes his way out to the ring, and says that Lashley is ungrateful and unappreciative. King wants to teach him a lesson, and says that Lashley didn’t win the title n his own. His family helped him, but now, Lashley isn’t family anymore and he’s not the champion. King then says he would be a better world champion, and Lashley again says to bring him his title. King says if Lashley wants a fight, get him a referee and they’ll fight. King then calls out the rest of the BDC to watch their match. MVP comes out with the title on his shoulder.

Lashley vs. Kenny King: They brawl right away, King rakes the eyes and works over Lashley in the corner. Lashley fights back, but runs into a boot. King off the ropes, caught into a press slam and then tossed onto the BDC at ringside. Lashley tosses King back into the ring, spear in the corner by Lashley. Stalling vertical suplex by Lashley follows, and then slams King to the corner. King counters a belly to back suplex and attacks the knee of Lashley. King then springboards in, Lashley side steps and then hits the spear. The BDC is in for the DQ…

OFFICIAL RESULT: Lashley @ 3:00 via DQ

* The BDC beats down Lashley, as MVP says that Lashley only had the title because of them. If Lashley wants the title back he has to take it from MVP, he’ll be waiting in the streets for Lashley, because he won’t do it in front of the fans.

* Lashley walks backstage.

* We get a video package on the return of Awesome Kong.

Gail Kim vs. Havok: They start brawling on the floor, because they do not like each other, at all. Kim in control early, gets a cross body off the apron and then tosses Havok into the ring. Kim with a high cross off the top, and the cover gets 2. Havok fights back, sends Kim to the corner and chokes out Kim with the boot. Boot to the gut by Havok, rights follow and then a corner splash by Havok follows. She chokes Kim out in the ropes, and then chokes out Kim with her ring cape. Kim tries to fight back with elbows, but Havok locks in a bear hug and then slams Kim to the mat, the cover gets 2. Forearms by Havok, Kim then fires back but a knee by Havok stops that. Off the ropes and a charging knee by Havok connects. Kim favors her eye, Havok follows up and pummels Kim on the ring apron. The ref steps in and they argue. Havok tries to use the ring bell, but the ref stops that and gets in her face. Havok shoves him down and we get a DQ finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Gail Kim @ 5:00 via DQ

* Post match, Havok slams Kim into the ring bell and then tosses her back into the ring. Havok chases the ref away and looks to inflict more punishment on Kim. LIGHT OUT. KONG IS HERE! They have another stand off and Havok lands a forearm strike. Kong fires back and sends Havok to the floor with a clothesline.

* We see EC3’s challenge to Jeremy Borash from last week.

Koya w/The Revolution vs. Tigre Uno: Uno uses his speed early, lays in kicks and Koya just stands there. Storm then slaps Koya and fires him up. Koya catches Uno and hits a sack of shit slam. Koya sets, misses a corner splash. Uno with a missile dropkick, but then runs into a sky high and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Koya @ 1:00 via pin

* Post match, Storm calls out Matt Hardy. He says that Hardy has conquered his personal demons, but when they face tonight, Storm will be a demon Hardy cannot conquer. He is deadlier than any pill or bottle that hardy ever took. This is the Revolution, and there is always room for one more.

* Roode and Angle meet backstage. Roode says that he doesn’t care about the match tonight, he just wants Young one on one. Angle is here to wrestle and to win the title. MVP’s crew is messing things up. Roode says he got screwed, and his best friend is the one that took it from him. Angle says Roode will get his hands on Young, but he knows that he can do better in the ring than as the director. MVP has the numbers, and Angle says that they need to work together.

* Josh Matthews is in the studio and discusses the upcoming tag team match. He also recaps feast or fired from earlier in the evening.

* We see Spud with his case, and he says this is a big moment for him because he wants to be a champion. After everything he’s been through, he doesn’t care what happens. But if he is fired, he will go and punch EC3 right in the face.

Low Ki and Eric Young vs. Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode: Angle and Ki to begin. Lock up to begin, back elbows by Ki but then runs into a shoulder block. Rights by Angle, tag to Roode and they connect with the double back elbow. Suplex by Roode follows, and the cover gets 2. Elbows and chops by Ki, tag to EY and a hip toss and chops by Roode. Off the ropes and a backdrop by Roode. Roode bomb try, but Ki breaks that up with a kick. EY with a DDT and a cover gets 2. to the corner, tag to Ki and he lays in the kicks to Roode. Tag back to EY, clubbing shots to the back follow and then connects with rights. Slam by EY, he heads up top for the elbow but Roode pops up and cuts him off. Roode follows him up top, superplex follows and both men are down. Tags to Ki and Angle. Angle with clotheslines and then a German to EY. One for Ki that turns him inside out. EY to the floor, Angle slam on Ki and the straps are down. EY stops the ankle lock, Roode backing and levels EY with clotheslines. EY to the floor and Roode then gets the cross face on Ki. EY has a chair, Angle cuts him off and grabs the chair. The ref tries to take it, as MVP and Joe are out. Angle goes after them, EY gets another chair and nails Roode with it. Ki rolls up Roode for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Low Ki and Eric Young @ 5:00 via pin

* MVP is outside calling out Lashley to take the title back. He promises to beat Lashley’s ass.

* We get a video package on the Spud/EC3/Jeremy Borash saga.

* Carter does his own ring announcement, since he’s facing the ring announcer. He of course, mocks Borash when he announces him.

Ethan Carter III w/Tyrus vs. Jeremy Borash w/Spud: Carter is wearing a huge brace on his left arm, due to suffering a torn bicep in November. Borash is wearing a hoodie, and Carter then says he will commentate the match himself as they wrestle. Carter is of course an over the top, condescending, douchebag. Borash says he can’t announce worth a damn and he attacks! He takes Carter to the corner and lays in knees and rights! Carter takes him down and lands several mounted rights. The boots follow as Carter yells at Borash for having the audacity to actually fight him. Carter spits at Spud, he’s in and that’s a no contest…

OFFICIAL RESULT: No Contest @ 2:00

* Post match Tyrus lays out Spud. But wait, British Boot Camp II winner Mark Andrews hits the ring and helps run off Carter. They double dropkick Tyrus and send him to the floor. HUGE dive off the top by Spud! Shooting Star Press to the floor from Andrews onto Tyrus! Borash and the British Boot Camp boys stand tall.

Matt Hardy vs. James Storm: Lock up, to the corner and Storm misses with a right, and Matt fires back with punches. Irish whip, corner slash by Matt and then a clothesline. Another and Storm is rocked. Boot by Matt, but Storm rolls to the floor to avoid the twist of fate. Baseball slide dropkick by Matt. They brawl up the ramp now, hip toss by Matt follows. Matt rolls Storm back in, but Storm retreats to the floor again. Matt slams him to the steps several times, and back to the ring they go and Matt covers for 2. Side headlock applied by Matt, Storm tries to escape and crotches Matt in the corner. A back stabber by Storm follows and he has taken control. Storm works the knee of Matt, follows with rights and then rakes the eyes. Storm charges, but runs into a side effect, and Matt covers for 2. Both men struggle to their feet, they trade rights now and then a lung blower by Storm stops that noise. Storm sets, misses the superkick but then tries the whirly bird, Matt escapes and rolls up Storm for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Matt Hardy @ 5:00 via pin

* Post match Storm tries to offer a handshake to show respect, Matt will have no part of that. Abyss sneaks in and attacks Matt from behind. He holds Matt and Storm nails him with the superkick. Abyss grabs Janice, and looks to attack but Jeff rushes out with a chair to make the save. Twist of fate to Abyss and the Hardys stand tall. Hardy challenges Abyss to a monster’s ball match for next week. Well that escalated quickly.

* Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss in a monster’s ball match is official for next week.

* MVP is waiting outside for Lashley. Joe says they should take out Lashley now, but MVP says he got this.

Who Will Feast And Who Will Be Fired?: Christy Hemme is running the feast or fired meeting. Robbie E has his selfie stick and tells the others that he is getting a title shot, because he has lady luck. They start with Spud, he says he has case #4 and wants then to start with #1. He’s nervous, and Robbie mocks him. Spud gets an X-Division Title shot. Magnus opens his case, and he gets a tag team title shot. Robbie is freaking out about opening his case, and they go to a commercial break… And after the commercial break and Robbie realizes that Sky grabbed the case and not him. He makes her get in the chair and open the case because he’s completely freaking out. Sky opens the case, and she opens the fired case, which means that Aries gets the world title shot. Robbie celebrates and takes a selfie video of the moment. His over the top celebration was spectacular. Aries opens his case to make it official that he has the world title shot.

STREET FIGHT: Lashley arrives outside and it’s time to brawl! Lashley with the early advantage, but MVP fights back and yells that he made Lashley, grabs a trashcan and nails Lashley with it. Knees by Lashley as they brawl back into the Manhattan Center lobby. MVP double legs Lashley, showing that his takedown defense still needs work. But as Lashley starts to take control back, Joe, Ki, King and Young arrive and we have another BDC beat down of Lashley. MVP talks trash as the beat down continues, and then the BDC holds up Lashley and MVP takes cheap shots. Angle and Roode arrive to make the save and the BDC run away to fight another day. Roode sees the TNA Title and picks it up, stares at it, and then at Lashley….

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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