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411’s TNA Sacrifice PPV Report 5.24.09

May 24, 2009 | Posted by Larry Csonka

TNA SACRIFICE 2009: 05.24.09

~ ~ ~
Pre-Show Match Result: Amazing Red defeated Kiyoshi @ 7:00 via pin. Red hit the standing shooting star press after Kiyoshi missed a moonsault. Fun and energetic little match there, and it got more time that 90% of Impact matches. (**)
~ ~ ~

-Live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida.

-We see the main event competitors arriving earlier today. Foley arrives in a beat up 50s car, with the world title in the front window.

Eric Young and Lethal Consequences (Creed and Machismo) vs. The Motor City Machineguns (Shelley and Sabin) and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Machismo is going RETRO Savage with the old silver robe and short trunks with the stars on them.

Sabin and Machismo to kick things off. Lock up and Machismo works the arm, Sabin counters out and then some cool counters off of the ropes, arm drags by Machismo and a cover for 2. Tag to Young, knee by Sabin, and a cradle for 2. Side kick follows, tag to Shelley now. Creed tags in now, snap mare, into the chinlock and he grounds Shelley. Shelley escapes, eats a right, knee by Creed and then eats a back elbow and dropkick. Creed back with a dropkick and elbow drop for 2. Shelley counters a suplex, leg sweep and enziguri follows. Tag to Bashir now, rights to Creed, they trade chops, but Creed with jabs and a big right levels Bashir. A clothesline and cover for 2 by Creed. Jawbreaker by Bashir, tags in Sabin and he slams Creed to the corner. Tag to Machismo, drops the elbow on the arm of Sabin. Another elbow and a cover for 2. Creed tags back in, back breaker followed by a Russian leg sweep and a dropkick gets 2 for Creed. Bashir nails Creed, and that allows Sabin to get rights on Creed. Creed gets tripped, eats a dropkick and then a knee off of the apron by Shelley. Rolled back in and Sabin covers for 2. To the corner, Bashir tags in and all three work over Creed. Dropkick to the back of the head by Bashir gets 2. Sabin tags back in, works the top wristlock, Creed to his feet but Shelley stops a tag. Creed fights back on all three men, but the Guns nail Bashir by accident and they argue, enziguri by Creed! Rolling tag to Machismo! Clotheslines to all by Machismo. Head scissors by Machismo, hip toss, cartwheel and the dropkick gets 2! The Guns trip up Machismo, everyone in and DIVES by Creed and Young wipe out the Guns! Machismo in the ring with Bashir, Flapjack suplex and a cover for 2! Machismo up top now, Shelley in to stop that. BRAIN BUATA by Shelley! Up top now…Creed tries to stop him, does, Machismo back up and Machismo up top with Shelley. Shelley bites him, but Creed leaps up, and drives Shelley into the Lethal Combo! Everyone back in and Sabin gets a cutter on Young! They go after Machismo, corner attack follows and Machismo manages to wipe out Bashir. Young KILLS Sabin with a clothesline as shit breaks down with everyone going wild. CREEDDT on Bashir and Machismo covers for 2. Machismo sets Bashir up top, crowd going wild now, Shelley in to stop that and Creed eats a flatliner to the corner. Machismo and Creed in the tree of woe, dropkicks by the Guns! Young in, FROG SPLASH on Young! The Guns grab Machismo, Motor City Drive By and Bashir covers for 2. Machismo fights back, REVERSE PILEDRIVER by Bashir on Machismo! 1…2…NO! Creed back in, catches Shelley…Sabin makes the save, Creed eats kicks and rolls to the floor. Young in, DOUBLE Enziguri to Young! He manages to throw the Guns together, DOUBLE DVD ON THE GUNS~! Bashir in to toss him to the floor, Machismo with the sun set flip, the ref kicks Bashir’s hands as he grabs the ropes and Machismo gets the pin.

Winners: Eric Young and Lethal Consequences @ 14:00 via pin
Rating: ***¾

-Eric Young is NOT happy about the win. The crowd chants “That was awesome.” It was pretty damn good.

-Tenay and West talk up the main event, and some of the young guys talk with Sting, possibly saying goodbye. I thought they didn’t respect him.

-We get a video package for the Knockouts Monsters Ball Match.

Knockouts Monsters Ball Match: Daffney w/Dr. Stevie and Abyss vs. Taylor Wilde

Daffney misses with a cane to begin, dropkick by Wilde and then elbows drops gets a cover for 2.Wilde grabs a trashcan of fun, tosses weapons into the ring and then gets hit by a detour sign! Daffney slams her onto a trashcan lid, and then steps on her face. Chops by Daffney, and then she chokes her out in the ropes. Corner forearm by Daffney, Wilde with boots and then slams her into the trashcan. COOKIE SHEET OF MILD DISCOMFORT by Wilde. She puts the can on her and then lays in the hockey stick shots. Daffney with kicks to stop that, eye rake follows and then rights by Wilde. TKO onto the trashcan by Wilde, and that is all. Daffney landed badly on that, on the edge and the can didn’t crumble.

Winner: Taylor Wilde @ 4:00 via pin
Rating: *

– After the match Stevie distracts Wilde, and Daffney attacks. They lay her out and Daffney looks for weapons, but Stevie disagrees. He hands her the BAG O TACKS. He spills them out, and then Stevie says that Abyss will do the deed! Stevie demands that he plants her in the tacks, but he is hesitant. Stevie slaps Abyss, and again! Stevie removes his belt and Abyss grabs up Wilde. Lauren runs out and Abyss has Wilde up, but Lauren tries to stop it. Abyss lets her down, and Stevie tosses Lauren down! He then hits Abyss, and goes after Lauren. BAD MOVE STEVIE! CHOKESLAM INTO THE TACKS FOR YOU! He is wearing a white shirt, and you get a good visual of the blood, nice.

-We get a video for Jeff Jarrett.

-Borash is in the back and says on Impact, THREE big names will appear on the program, two former world champions and the newest Knockout. You can find out by the text service. They will be Shane Douglas, Raven and Victoria. JJ joins him and they discuss the birth of TNA, and now today, he could lose it all. JJ says he cannot make a mistake or he will lose it all. He has to make sure that Foley loses the title.

-We get a video package for Suicide © vs. Daniels.

TNA X-Division Title Match: Suicide © vs. Daniels

They shake before the match and here we go. Lock up, to the corner and we get a clean break. Lock up again, head butts by Suicide, clotheslines in the corner and then kicks follow, cover for 2 by Suicide. Suplex into a float over and cover for 2 by Suicide. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Daniels and then an arm drag. Side headlock by Daniels, Suicide tries to escape, but Daniels takes him down in a side headlock. Suicide fights to his feet, gets a neck breaker and then a standing dropkick. Daniels to the floor, Suicide with a summersault off of the apron plants Daniels. Back into the ring they go, jabs by Suicide, hip toss and then the front flip leg drop connects for 2. Daniels off of the ropes, but he gets n abdominal stretch to slow the pace down. Palm strikes by Daniels follows, but Suicide escapes and delivers knees to the back of Daniels. Rights by Suicide, off of the ropes and a leg lariat by Daniels levels Suicide. Head butts by Daniels follows. Another and Suicide is down, Daniels covers for 2. Slam by Daniels, split legged moonsualt by Daniels gets 2. Daniels works the chinlock, Suicide escapes, and then Daniels with the clothesline gets a cover for 2. Daniels lays the boots to Suicide, but Suicide battles back with rights and then gets the springboard elbow. Leg sweep and a leg drop gets 2 for Suicide. Daniels counters and slams Suicide to the corner. Clotheslines by Daniels, spin kick follows and then a bridging northern lights suplex gets 2. Chops by Daniels, Suicide fights back, misses the knee attack in the corner, uranage by Daniels. BME misses, Suicde goes for the tombstone, counter, they blow the flip over spot, and Daniels has to settle for knee strikes and a reverse DDT. Daniels goes for the split legged moonsualt to the floor, but eats the knees of Suicide. They brawl up the ramp now, Daniels with the backdrop on Suicide. Daniels charges, but Suicide gets the Finlay roll on the ramp! That sucked for both guys. They fight to get into the ring, the ref counts, back in, Daniels slingshots in with a roll up for 2. Crucifix by Suicide for 2. Off the ropes, they hit heads and Daniels falls to the floor. Chris Sabin comes out, the ref deals with him and Shelley in the ring gets the code breaker on Suicide in the ring. Daniels didn’t see it, back in, gets the roll up and that is all.

Winner and NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION Daniels @ 12:00 via pin

-We get replays of how the finish came, due to the MCMG’s.

-Daniels saw the replay, and says he doesn’t want the title that way. Daniels asks for 5-more minutes, and the ref and Suicide agree.


Here we go, counters to begin, rollup for Daniels gets 2. Slam by Daniels, but eats a kick by Suicide. Roll up by Suicide gets 2. Rights by Suicide, Russian leg sweep follows and a cover again for 2. Daniels misses a charge, Suicide off the top into a side roll for 2, but Daniels gets the KOJI CLUTCH~! Suicide fights, rolls Daniels but he will not let go. Suicide rolls into a cover for 2. DVD by Daniels! 1…2..NO! Suicide set up top, he fights back, misses a dive, rolls through and gets the dropkick and covers for 2. Rights by Daniels, then by Suicide. Daniels with strikes, slaps, but Suicide battles back and drops him with a right, cover for 2. Daniels with the RANA and roll through for 2. Uranage by Daniels, BME connects….to the knees of Suicide, who covers for 2. Suicide gets a lung blower, and the time expires.

Winner: Suicide @ 17:00 via pin
Rating: **½

-Daniels gives Suicide the title belt back and they shake.

-Kurt Angle works out backstage.

-We get a video for Angelina Love © vs. Awesome Kong

-Odd that they built to the match with Kong killing three people in stretcher matches, yet, this is a regular match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Angelina Love © vs. Awesome Kong w/Riesha Saeed

Love gets tossed down to begin, Kong beats on her and gets pulled away. Love avoids Kong, to the floor and Kong follows. Love runs, but Kong is right there. Love into the crowd, Kong grabs her and drags her back ringside. Double chop levels Love. Love holds onto the guard rail, Kong drags her back and then slams her to the railing. Again Kong slams her to the railing, grabs her by the legs and slams her to the riling again! Kong again whips her to the railing and then kicks her right in the ass. Chops by Kong, goes for the back fist, Love ducks and Kong hits the steel post. Love slams her head into the post, and then runs back into the ring and begs the ref to count. KONG ANGRY NOW! Bicycle kick by Love, kicks, rights and lefts to Kong, who is down. Kong gets to her feet, more kicks by Love, KONG ANGRY! GOOZLE by Kong, eye rake by Love and then she bails to the floor. Saeed is there to stop her, and Kong levels Love with a body attack. Kong drags Love back to the ring, tosses her in and a leg drop by Kong and she rolls off. To the 2nd rope goes Kong…AMAZING PRESS MISSES! Love gets the spray bottle, Saeed stops her, and then Kong CRUSHES Saeed off of the apron by accident as Love moved. Love sprays Kong (nothing actually came out), and rolls up Kong for the win!

Winner: Angelina Love @ 7:00 via pin
Rating: *½

-After the match Kong is up and begins the ass beating! IMPLANT BUSTER by Kong! They chant for one more, she grabs Love as refs try to stop her. IMPLANT BUSTER AGAIN!

-We get a video package for Sting to hype the main event.

-JB talks with Sting. He says tonight will not be his last match. He will bring back the honor to the business, he will retire on his terms. His terms tonight are to continue on, and he will take back the title.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

They circle, lock up and to the corner they go. Knees by Nash in the corner, rights follow. More knees by Nash, Big boot choke in the corner by Nash, rights again and he is in control. Nash keeps laying in the big rights, a clothesline follows and goes for the powerbomb, Joe counters and then rolls into a knee bar. Nash makes the ropes. Joe works the knee now, rights follow and then gets a charging back elbow and kick that sends Nash to the floor. Joe follows, slams Nash to the railing and just beats him down. They continue to brawl around the ringside area, but Nash fights back and slams Joe to the railing. Joe slammed to the post now, Nash gets a chair and MISSES Joe!. Joe grabs the chair and LEVELS Nash! He slams Nash to the steps and the ref warns Joe to follow the rules. Yeah, ok. Nash is bleeding and Joe punches away at the cut. Back in the ring, eye rake by Nash, rights follow in the corner and then a whip, Joe with the enziguri and then the CLUTCH! Nash slams him to the corner, breaks it, and more rights by Nash, and a cover for 2. Nash slams Joe to the corner, back elbow by Joe, a kick and he kick off of the 2nd rope connects, and a cover for 2 by Joe. Clutch try again by Joe, Nash on his knees, he works towards the ropes and gets them. Nash with the mule kick low blow to turn the tide. Side slam by Nash gets 2. Rights by Nash, but Joe fights back with Jabs, drops Nash, back splash and a cover for 2. Joe works for the clutch again, Nash fights, but Joe pulls him back in and gets the body scissors and Nash taps!

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 8:00 via submission
Rating: **½

-Joe shoves the ref away and starts laying in the MMA elbows. Security is out Joe takes them out! More strikes by Joe, security back in and Joe walks away. Scott Steiner hits the ring to check on Nash.

-Lauren is with Team 3D. They put over TNA’s tag team division and say they are glad to give back. They thank TNA for the chance to do this. Ray says that Beer Money is one of the greatest tag teams on the planet. As for the British Invasion, well, they have got Team 3D’s attention. As far as tonight, they hope Beer Money kicks their British asses.

-Team 3D comes to the ring to watch the finals.

Finals of the Team 3D Tag Team Invitational: Beer Money (Roode and Storm) vs. The British Invasion (Williams and Magnus) w/Rob Terry

Roode and Williams to begin. Williams outwrestles him early, and the crowd loves Beer Money and HATES the Brits. Back spinning elbow by Williams, but Roode back with a clothesline. Corner clothesline, Henning neck flip follows. Tag to Storm, double teams on Williams and have control until Williams takes Storm to the corner. Magnus in and Strom with clotheslines, neck breaker by Storm and a cover for 2. Rights by Storm and then misses a clothesline, skin the cat and he takes a drink of beer on the way up, SPITS it in Magnus’ face and then Beer Money tosses Magnus into Williams. Double Suplex…BEER!…MONEY~! Roode then tosses Storm over the top and he wipes out the entire Invasion! Magnus rolled in, rights by Storm follow. Boot by Storm, goes for the 8-second ride, but Williams tosses him to the floor. Williams works him over on the floor, rolls him back in and Magnus lays the boots to him. Williams tags in, slam to Storm, knee drop follows and gets a cover for 2. Storm fights back, gets the back stabber and BOTH men are down. Magnus stops a tag for Storm, Williams over and tags in Magnus and he chokes out Storm. Williams in and Storm avoids the attack and slams them together. DIVING tag to Roode! Roode in and cleans house with clotheslines. Backdrop on Magnus! Neck breaker on Williams. Spinebuster follows and a cover gets 2 as Magnus makes the save. Strom kicks Williams in the head, but Rob Terry attacks Strom. Williams gets the toss into the uppercut on Roode and gets a CLOSE 2! Magnus in, grabs Roode, he escapes and Storm back in as well. Magnus tossed to the floor. TOP ROPE RANA BY STORM on Williams! SPLASH by Roode! Rob Terry pulls the ref out of the ring, and he gets tossed! The Invasion attacks Beer Money, knees by Williams to Storm and he grabs a briefcase. Roode back in, grabs it, NAILS Williams and Strom superkicks him in the back of the head! Cover and that is all!

Winner: Beer Money @ 12:00 via pin
Rating: ***½

-Beer Money wins the 3D Invitational, the trophy, $100,000 and a title shot against 3D. 3D is in the ring and shake with Beer Money. The trophy presentation is on Impact this week.

-We get a Kurt Angle video package.

-JB interviews Angle. Angle says that he will not lose the Godfather spot tonight. He loves control, and tonight he will control the match. It is time for the MEM to control TNA, and that starts tonight.

TNA Legends Title I QUIT Match: AJ Styles © vs. Booker T

So, do you think they will pull the Foley deal and play the audio of AJ saying he quits? No Sharmell for Booker tonight. Slow start with lots of takedown tries and failures. Knees and chops by Booker, misses the sidekick and rights by AJ. Snap mare and kicks by AJ follow. Booker refuses to quit and AJ locks in the headlock. Booker to his feet, slams AJ to the corner, and then lays the boots to him. AJ counters a suplex, gets one of his own and then gets the reverse Indian deathlock into the bridge and chinlock. Nice. AJ breaks, and then goes back to working the knee. Back to the feet, AJ takes out the knee and Booker refuses to quit. Chops by AJ and Booker is down in the corner. AJ tries a suplex, fails and then he goes for rights to Booker. Knees by AJ, to the corner and as AJ goes to springboard in Booker stops him and then tosses him to the floor, where AJ lands throat first on the railing, that did NOT look good. Booker drops AJ throat first onto the railing again. AJ refuses to quit, Booker rolls him back in and Booker works the clinch and drops AJ with a huge knee. More knees by Booker, he chokes AJ, who refuses to quit. Booker lays AJ over the top rope and then gets the ax kick, sending AJ to the floor. AJ refuses to quit, gets rolled back into the ring and AJ fights back with rights. Forearm by Booker drops AJ, SPINAROONIE~! Booker works a key lock, AJ refuses to quit as he screams. AJ muscles Booker up, but Booker falls back and keeps the hold! AJ rolls to escape, but he is hurting. Booker with slaps, rights and then AJ back with rights. Crowd is actually cheering Booker on the exchange. They continue to exchange, PELE BY AJ! Both men down, struggling to their feet and AJ mounts Booker and lays in rights to Booker. Booker refuses to quit, more rights by AJ, hell no says Booker. To the feet, more rights by AJ, off the ropes and a spinebuster by Booker. Booker mounts AJ, lays in the rights now and AJ says NEVER will he quit! AJ crotches Booker on the top rope and then sends him to the floor! AJ FLIES with the slingshot plancha and BOT men are down again! Booker refuses to quit, and gets a palm thrust to AJ. Another! Who’s the master? SHO NUFF~! AJ slams Booker into the post, back into the ring they go and Booker will not quit. Sharmell is out to root on Booker, SUPERMAN forearm by AJ! Booker won’t quit. Clash try by AJ, Booker escapes and Booker accidentally knocks Sharmell off of the apron. AJ gets the flying arm bar! AJ has the arm extended…Booker yells, fights, says no and Jenna Morasco ruins out and THROWS IN THE TOWEL and that is all. One of Booker’s best TNA performances.

Winner: AJ Styles @ 16:00
Rating: ***¾

-Jenna and Sharmell argue after the match.

-We get a video package for Mick Foley.

-JB talks with Mick Foley. He discusses the sacrifice that they are all making. He would love to end Stings career, lead the MEM or to take over TNA. But the most important thing is for him to keep his title. He will do whatever it takes to keep his title.

TNA World Title Ultimate Sacrifice Match: Mick Foley © vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett

* If Foley loses the match (if pinned or submitted), he sacrifices the TNA World Title.
* If Angle loses the match (if pinned or submitted), he sacrifices his leadership in the Main Event Mafia.
* If Sting loses (if pinned or submitted), he sacrifices his career.
* If Jeff Jarrett loses (if pinned or submitted), he sacrifices his position in TNA Management.

Sting and Foley pair off as Angle and JJ do battle. Angle and JJ in the ring alone, Sting and Foley on the floor already. JJ in control over Angle, a DDT gets 2. Angle tossed to the floor as Sting and Foley fight into the ring. Foley and Sting blow a boot to the gut spot, they recover, Sting goes for the Deathlock, but Foley rolls to the ropes. They go back to the floor, Angle tosses JJ to the railing from the apron. Foley and Sting into the apron as JJ gets tossed into the announce table. Jesus we get a split screen to try and follow this, which is too damn small. Angle suplexes JJ for 2. Sting slams Foley into a steel part of the wall as JJ gets the figure four on Angle. Sting comes to the ring from the crowd, tosses Foley to the ringside area, and Angle works to escape the figure four. Foley grabs Sting and PILEDRIVER onto the ramp! Angle now has the ankle lock on JJ. Foley into the ring with SOCKO and applies it to JJ! Double submission, Angle breaks and kicks Foley in the face. He tosses Foley to the floor, JJ back up and rights to Angle. Overhead belly to belly by Angle on JJ and a cover for 2. Foley goes to the announce table and sits in for commentary, since he says he needs a rest before he picks up a victory later. Foley says they will wear themselves out while he rests. JJ with a clothesline on Angle, pedigree follows and JJ covers for 2. Back elbow by Angle, up top and JJ meets him with a right. JJ up top with Angle, SUPERPLEX by JJ and Sting makes the save. Angle and Sting work over JJ with rights and chops. In the corner Angle works over JJ, Sting with the Stinger splash follows. Angle whips him into another one! Angle accidentally clotheslines Sting, and Angle works the rolling Germans on JJ. String and Angle argue now, GERMAN on Sting! Another! Angle looks to the floor and then goes after Foley. Angle charges and Summersaults onto Foley! ANGLE SLAM ON THE FLOOR TO FOLEY! JJ tosses Sting to the floor, Angle drags Foley into the ring and grabs a chair. Stroke by JJ on Foley and Angle breaks up the pin. Angle slam on JJ! STRAPS ARE DOWN! Sting is in, deathlock on Angle! JJ over rolls up Sting for a CLOSE 2! JJ and Sting collide and hit heads, Sting fall into the crotch of JJ. Foley has two socks on now, Socko on JJ and Sting, they escape but Foley gets it again! Foley gets a double cover, but Angle is over to get the ankle lock on Foley. Foley kicks him off and REF BUMP! Deathdrop by Sting on Angle, no ref, JJ GUITAR SHOT on Sting! Cover on Sting, no ref again. Foley has the chair, NAILS JJ! Foley covers JJ, ref back and ONLY 2! Angle with a HUGE splash onto Foley gets 2! Sting tosses Foley down, beats on him, but Foley escapes and Angle attacks him. JJ grabs Angle, counter, ankle lock on JJ and Sting! Foley breaks it up, double arm DDT on Angle! Sting breaks it up. Foley and Sting to the floor, JJ has a chair, Sting suplexes Foley on the floor. JJ sets Angle up top, the chair is set in the ring, 2ND ROPE STROKE INTO THE CHAIR! Sting dives into the ring and covers Angle for the win!

Winner and NEW LEADER OF THE MAIN EVENT MAFIA Sting @ 14:00 via pin
Rating: ***½

-No title change due to the stipulation.

-Foley crawls from the ring with his title.

-JJ walks away in disgust while Sting stands over a fallen Kurt Angle.

-End scene.

-The Slammiversay commercial looks to promote 7-men in the King of the Mountain Match.

I don’t use it, but Ashish says he’ll stop paying me if I don’t put this here…



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