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411’s WWE NXT Report 9.28.10

September 28, 2010 | Posted by Michael Bauer

As always and for probably the final time, I am Michael Bauer here with your WWE NXT report.

Yes, it has most likely come to an end with NXT moving off of the SyFy network. I’d been nearly four years since I first recapped ECW for 411mania and I’m somehow still here doing it for the last time. Even if you hated my style, thanks for reading all these years and just remember, I’m not perfect and I’ll never claim to be. That said, yes, I did see that AJ floated over last week after Maxine the brain buster. I simply missed it in between typing and just listening to the commentary.

Anyway, that is last week and this is this week, so let’s see what they have in store for us.

We open with video of the musical chairs competition from last week, showing all the eliminations and the win by AJ despite Naomi’s big butt. We follow with the horrid Talk the Talk Challenge, the DQs, and Aksana not knowing what a llama is. AJ wins that challenge also.

Josh Matthews complains that Michael Cole is at ringside, not CM Punk for this week. Matt Striker brings out the rookie divas and reminds them that the first vote starts at noon tomorrow on WWE.com. Matt walks to the ring and a wheelbarrow challenge. The challenge is to take a wheelbarrow and run it around the ring once. Whoever does it the fastest wins. Striker says that an empty wheelbarrow is not a challenge and says we need something heavy to make it challenging and he is not talking about Michael Cole’s ego. Out comes Hornswoggle with a helmet to hop in. If Hornswoggle falls out of the wheelbarrow, the diva is DQed.

Maxine is first and Hornswoggle looks like he is having fun and scared. Maxine finishes at 14.7 seconds and shoves it so hard that Horny falls out. He bites her ass and Striker yells “Bad!” at the little guy while Michael Cole is back in full hating NXT mode.

Naomi is next and finishes at 15.2 seconds.

Jamie goes third and does pretty good, finishing at 14.4 seconds to take the lead.

Kaitlyn is next and for once Vickie does not interrupt. She tries to get in the wheelbarrow with him then trips over the finish line at 12 seconds flat.

AJ is up now and actually gets some cheers as she does some push ups. She is going way too slow and they comment on her “I love nerds” shirt. She finishes in 17.7 seconds and Horny won’t let go of AJ when she hugs him.

Aksana is last and blows kisses to Horny. She isn’t fast enough and gets 13.9 seconds, meaning Kaitlyn wins. She lifts up Horny and spins him around before Horny lifts her up on his shoulders. Vickie even gives her a hug and we go to commercial.

We are back at Michael Cole says he can’t wait for NXT to be on WWE Classics on Demand. HA!

A video package for AJ Lee follows and she says she represents all the nerds out there as she loved to play video games. AJ says she grew up from a tough family, but they waited on line for WrestleMania at MSG and she said that despite the bad seats, she knew she would be in the ring someday. We then go to another commercial.

We are back from the break and it is the Raw Rebound, with Chris Jericho facing Randy Orton and being punted into 2011. Yes, all the Sheamus stuff also is involved. We then get yet another commercial. Really? I swear, the NFL doesn’t have this many commercial breaks.

Back from the break again and we go to Michael Cole and Josh Matthews for huge news and that is the NXT is moving exclusively to WWE.com starting next week. So, check it out at 10 PM Eastern on WWE.com.

We have a video package for Kaitlyn, who says she was a total tomboy. She says she wants to be the one everyone can laugh with and push the envelope whole just being herself. She always looked up to Beth Phoenix and the opportunity to be the next diva is an honor. Now, yet another commercial.

We now go back to Smackdown with Kane coming down to the ring. Pretty much, this is a complete replay of the ending of Smackdown from last week. Kane calls himself the new beast of the apocalypse as some eerie music plays in the background as he talks. He calls the ring his yard now and Kane knows The Undertaker wants to know how he fell so far. Kane says the fun has just started and it’s time to raise the stakes and he will end The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. He says the devil once answered to the Undertaker, but Kane is now his favorite demon. All the lost souls answer to him now and the Undertaker needs to understand that he ha no choice but to face Kane to end this story. Kane says that the Undertaker will never rest in piece and will forever burn in hell. We now switch from Kane’s red to Undertaker blue as the druids bring out a casket. Kane is unmoving, just staring at it, half concerned and half pissed off. Kane wait for the lights to go back up and then walks to it. He opens the casket and finds Paul Bearer and the urn, sending him back in shock. OOOHH YYEEESSS!!!! The lights go out and they come back with The Undertaker behind Kane. Undertaker unloads on Kane and sends him cowering in the ropes. Undertaker hits his leaping clothesline, but Kane slides out of the ring and hightails it to the back before Undertaker can get the chokeslam. Kane looks like he has seen a ghost as The Undertaker kneels before Paul Bearer and the urn.

After the next commercial break, it’s the Diss the Diva Challenge. The Divas are in the ring and get to tell the Divas why they belong and why they don’t. Aksana goes first and tells us her workout routine and how the other divas have pancakes. AJ is next and she calls the bigger woman by not running them down. She calls the other girls being typical, wearing high heels and make up. She says she is the diva who plays video games and loves action movies, but also loves this business where the others don’t. Kaitlyn does an impression of Naomi and her big ass. Naomi kicks her in the ass and fell on her face. Jamie is next and says Aksana belongs in the circus, AJ looks like a ten year old on Christmas morning, and she will win NXT. Naomi doesn’t want to diss and says that if this is about wrestling and she has all the ladies beat. She then rips on Kaitlyn for dissing her on the confessional. She says that if Kaitlyn would have gone any slower on the obstacle course, Vickie would have beaten her. Maxine is last and is sick of the typical diva that is perky and nice, smiling when they lose. Maxine asks what can you do with a nice girl anyway, besides take her home to mommy. Nice girls also can’t get anything done and we have a game of patty cake in the back between AJ and Kaitlyn. The fans now get to vote and everyone besides Aksana got some cheers, but they all got some boos. AJ definitely got the loudest cheers, followed by Naomi and AJ wins to give her a third challenge win. Vickie interrupts the party and gets in Kaitlyn’s face. She asks the fans to feel her pain of Kaitlyn’s failure. Kaitlyn says she has tried her hardest and Vickie does nothing but bring her down. Kaitlyn says she has only one chance to do this and challenges Vickie to a match. Kaitlyn says that she created a monster and Vickie accepts before slapping the taste out of her mouth. Kaitlyn shoves down Vickie and a cat fight breaks out as Matt Striker tries to break it up. Vickie finally leaves as we end the program for the last time on SyFy.


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