411’s WWE Smackdown Report 09.26.08

September 26, 2008 | Posted by Brad Borchardt

Welcome everybody to the Smackdown report. I’m back after being gone for over four months and this is either my full return or my final goodbye depending on if I get Smackdown next week. Not sure if I’ll have My Network TV yet as I don’t have it now anywhere on any station.

We start the show off with Vicky and Chavo Guerrero talking about Undertaker’s attack on Chavo last week. Chavo seems devastated over it and tells Vicky that Undertaker wanted him to be a messenger to tell Vicky that tonight he’s coming for her. Vicky tells Chavo to go get Big Show so they will be protected. Jeff Hardy interrupts and demands a match with Vladimir Kozlov. Vicky says neither him nor Triple H will get a match with him as they need to focus on No Mercy. Big Show comes in and holds Vicky in his arm.

Match #1: Jeff Hardy and WWE Champion Triple H vs. MVP and The Brian Kendrick w/Ezekiel Jackson

MVP and Hardy kick it off. MVP gets in a wristlock but Hardy gets one of his own and tags HHH. HHH whips MVP’s arm around and tags back Hardy. Hardy hits a double axe handle off the top rope. MVP battles back with some big kicks to the gut and tags in Kendrick. Kendrick and Hardy exchange right hands until Hardy nails the hip toss. Kendrick gets out of the ring for a breather and as Hardy follows, Zeke stops him. Hardy rolls back in the ring and gets jumped by Kendrick. Kendrick gets several shots in and MVP tags himself in. They go for a double team but Hardy moves and tags HHH and they clean house as we go to commercial.

We’re back with MVP stomping HHH in the corner. Tag to Kendrick and he nails the dropkick for two. Modified abdominal stretch by Kendrick until HHH is able to step out of it. Kendrick misses a top rope cross body, which allows HHH to tag Hardy. Hardy takes out MVP and then hits the flying clothesline on Kendrick. Front supple to Kendrick followed by a Twist of Fate. Hardy takes down MVP again and goes to the tope rope but Zeke shoves him off the top. Kendrick gets a two count out of it. Tag to MVP and he works on the mid section with several knees. MVP gets a few kidney shots and then a knee to the face for two. Tag to Kendrick and he does a top ropes stomp to Hardy followed by a running kick to the head for a two count. Kendrick locks in an abdominal stretch but tags in MVP and MVP locks one in of his own. Hardy fights to his feet but MVP kicks him back down and takes out HHH. Tag to Kendrick and he hits Hardy with a low dropkick. Hardy tried for the tag but Kendrick stops him. Hardy comes back though as he reverses an Irish whip to the corner into Whisper in the Wind! Tag to MVP…..tag to HHH! HHH pounds away on MVP and hits the facebuster for two. MVP gets a kick in but HHH delivers spinebusters to both MVP and Kendrick. Pedigree attempt to MVP but Kendrick hits a flying kick to the face. Hardy takes out Kendrick. MVP goes for the Drive By Kick but misses and eats a Pedigree as HHH picks up the win!

Winners: Triple H and Jeff Hardy via pin fall on MVP by Triple H

After the match, Hardy hands HHH the WWE Championship and raises his hand

We get a video package to hype up the Great Khali as he faces Vladimir Kozlov tonight.

We’re back with Shelton Benjamin coming to the ring. He says he stands here the United States Champion and as Smackdown’s Gold Standard as he sets new standards of excellence with his ability and life style. He says there are some superstars that have no standards….like R-Truth. Benjamin says he has no business being in the WWE and that he is a joke for the singing and dancing. Benjamin tells the people they are so blind for doing the “What’s Up” chant with R-Truth. That brings out R-Truth though the crowd rapping. R-Truth gets in the ring and has a stare down with Benjamin until he asks him what’s up. Benjamin drops his mic and leaves the ring. R-Truth starts rapping again and Benjamin is pissed. Next week they announce Santino Marella vs. Shelton Benjamin in a Champion vs. Champion Match.

Match #2: Brie Bella and Maria vs. Natalya and Victoria

Victoria and Maria start off and Victoria over powers her at first. Full nelson by Victoria but Maria slips out and gets a roll up for two. Tag to Bella and she gets a sunset flip for two. Arm drag by Bella but Victoria slams her in the corner and tags in Nattie. Nattie slams her down and they exchange waist locks until Nattie gets her in the corner. Bella gets in a huge slap but Nattie nails the snap suplex for two. Bella fights back with a monkey flip but Nattie picks her up and slams her down. Slap to Bella and a few shots later we get a tag to Victoria. Full nelson to Bella and a few kicks by Victoria. Victoria takes out Maria and gets a two on Bella. Bella goes for a head scissor but Victoria drops her out of the ring. Bella slips under the ring and quickly “Brie” comes out the other side. They go back in the ring, Bella gets the tag to Maria, and Maria hits a cross body on Victoria for the win.

Winners: “Brie Bella” and Maria via pin fall on Victoria by Maria

We get a video package for Vladimir Kozlov minus the epic Mick Foley jokes. Their match is next.

Match #3: Great Khali w/ Mr. Translator Guy vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov gets the go behind but can’t lift Khali. He then goes for a single leg but Khali pounds on his back. Kozlov gets a few kicks and head buts in. Vladimir off the rope and Khali chops him and kicks him out of the ring. Khali gets by the ropes and Kozlov trips him and drags him out of the ring. He hangs Khali’s arm over the turnbuckle. Kozlov rolls in the ring and Triple H’s music hits. They stare down until HHH gets in the ring and Kozlov backs out of the ring. HHH tried to get him to come back in the ring and Kozlov slowly attempts to get up until Khali comes in. HHH battles both men but they give him a beat down. That brings out Jeff Hardy who also gets beat down by both men. HHH rolls out of the ring and grabs the sledgehammer. Kozlov leaves but Khali is still in the ring and HHH gets a few shots in with the sledgehammer. HHH tries to get Kozlov back in the ring and even kicks the sledgehammer away.

Winner: No Contest

In the back, Vicky, Chavo, and Big Show are sitting and talking about Undertaker. Chavo says they should be scared as Undertaker is going to get to them. Big Show takes that as an insult and explains to Chavo how he knocked Undertaker out at Unforgiven and then shows the footage. Vicky then tells Chavo he has a match and its next.

While Chavo comes out, we get a pop up from Hurricane Helms warning Chavo that the Undertaker is coming. He’s just saying.

Match #4: Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Chavo and Yang lock up and Yang nails the dropkick followed by a cross body. Yang goes to the top but Chavo catches him with a dropkick. Chavo slams Yang down and then hammers away on him in the corner. Snap mare to Yang followed by a single arm lock. Yang gets a few hits in and then nails an enziguri but Yang gets sent out of the ring by Chavo. Chavo rolls him back in and works on the back and shoulder of Yang. Yang gets to his feet and nails a spinning kick. Yang goes to the top and nails a top rope sidekick for one. Rolling kick by Yang followed by a top rope cross body for two. Tang goes back on the top but Chavo goes up with him. Yang elbows him down but misses the moonsault. Chavo goes for the three amigo but Yang gets a roll up on the third one for two. Chavo nails a spinning liger kick though and picks up the win.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero via pin fall

After the match, the lights go out for a few seconds and Chavo looks scared.

Match #5: Carlito and Primo Colon vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Primo and Hawkins start off. Primo shows off some speed and nails a hip toss and head scissor. Tag to Carlito and he nails the dropkick. Slam to Hawkins and tag to Primo and Carlito tosses Primo onto Hawkins for two. Hawkins fights back with a few rights but Primo makes the tag and they get off some double-teaming. Carlito mounts Hawkins in the corner but gets distracted by Ryder, which allows Hawkins to drop him. Tag to Ryder and he works on the left arm. Carlito hits a few elbows but Ryder takes him down. Tag to Hawkins and he gets several shots to back and then nails a neck breaker for two. Carlito battle back with jabs but Hawkins drives Carlito to the corner and tags Ryder. He continues to work the shoulder with several shoulder locks but Carlito hits an arm drag. Ryder quickly tags Hawkins and they prevent a tag as we go to commercial.

We’re back with Hawkins controlling Carlito. Tag to Ryder but Carlito shoves Hawkins right into him and they collide heads. Tag to Primo and he cleans house with numerous highflying moves. Ryder goes for a cheap roll up but only gets two. Tag to Carlito but Ryder’s back is turned and he gets nailed with the Back Stabber and Carlito and Primo are your new WWE Tag Team Champions!

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champion: Carlito and Primo via pin fall on Zack Ryder by Carlito

As Carlito and Primo leave, Jesse and Festus come out with the moving van but they get cut of with Chavo arguing with Big Show and Vicky in the ring. All three of them are going to go the ring to call out the Undertaker as we go to commercial.

During the commercial, Jesse and Festus moved some things into their van and revealed Kenny Dykstra and Ryan Braddock in the van wrapped in bubble wrap.

Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, and Vicky Guerrero make their way to the ring for Larry’s all so favorite Main Event Interview. Vicky tells Undertaker he has yet to take her soul and we get video footage of Big Show taking out Undertaker. Chavo warns Vicky and Show this isn’t a good idea but Show puts down Taker. Lights go out and when they come back on Chavo is missing. On the titan tron, Undertaker is choking Chavo in the back. Big Show runs to the back leaving Vicky in the ring. The footage goes out and Vicky looks worried. Tazz goes in the ring but stops as the lights go out. Lights are back on and Taker is standing behind Vicky. Tazz is missing as well. Taker stares her down, rolls his eyes back, and hits her with a Tombstone Piledriver as we head off the air.

Well, if this is indeed my last show, thanks to everyone who has been reading over the past couple years. Hopefully I know by the beginning of the week if I’m going to be able to catch Smackdown. I will be at the show as its being taped Tuesday a couple hours down the road in Green Bay so I’m excited, especially since I have first row seats to the event. Everyone enjoy the weekend!

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