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411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 06.01.03

June 1, 2003 | Posted by Alex Obal

411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 06.01.03
Matches Taped in Mobile, AL
EXCLUSIVE 411 Report by Alex Obal

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer is speaking to the mystery man who will be his partner tonight. He tells him that he’s the next champion – all he needs is confidence.

Tonight: Scott Steiner vs. Lance Storm, and Jacqueline vs. Jazz for the Women’s Championship.

3 Minute Warning vs. Tommy Dreamer & Maven

Dreamer and Rosey start. Rosey hits a shoulderblock. After 20 seconds of staring, Maven tags in. Maven wants Jamal, so Jamal tags in. Jamal clotheslines Maven and taunts Dreamer. He hits a shoulderblock, but Maven kips up. Jamal kips up. Dreamer and Maven send Jamal outside, and hit a double drop toe hold onto Rosey. Dreamer hiptosses Maven into a splash on Rosey, but Jamal trips Dreamer from the outside and Rosey hits a revolving legdrop. Jamal tags in and splashes Dreamer in the corner. Rosey tags in, and 3MW controls the match. Rosey goes for the first pinfall of the match and gets 2. Rosey goes to a chinlock. Dreamer gets to his feet, but Rosey drops him. Rosey misses an avalanche, but Jamal clotheslines Dreamer. Rosey goes for a splash, but Dreamer dodges it and both men are out. Hot tag Maven, and he goes for a whip, but Jamal shortarms it. Jamal no-sells a kick, but Maven hits a forearm and a dropkick. DReamer blind tags in and hits a neckbreaker on Jamal. Rosey slams Dreamer, and Jamal takes off his shirt a la Jeff Hardy. Jamal goes up top for the big splash. Maven goes on the apron. ROsey attacks him, so he pulls down the top rope sending Rosey to the outside and crotching Jamal at the same time. Dreamer is alone with Jamal, and he finishes with the DDT.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer & Maven via pinfall

Backstage, Teddy “Theodore” Long pumps up Jazz for her title defense against Jackie.

WWE Slam of the Week presented by Burger King – Jackie scores a fluke pinfall on Jazz. Teddy Long challenges Jazz to a match.

Teddy Long sends a little pre-match message. He promises a lot of thuggin’ an’ buggin’ because the women’s title is on the line.

Jazz vs. Jacqueline
Women’s Championship

Jazz attacks Jackie before the bell in the aisleway and whips her into the ring. Jazz hits a clothesline from behind and a big splash for a 2-count. Jackie gets to her feet, wins a slugfest, and hits a powerslam for 2. Jackie hits a series of kicks and a roll-up for 2. Jackie reverses a whip, but Jazz ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick. Cover gets 2. Jazz keeps dominating with a hotshot and a clothesline. Huge legdrop and cover gets 1. Jackie escapes a scoop slam and rolls up Jazz for 2. A backslide from Jackie also gets 2. An inside cradle… also gets 2. Jazz regroups and whips Jackie into the corner, says something threatening, and charges into a boot. But Jazz runs into the turnbuckle, and Jackie goes up top. Teddy Long shoves Jackie off the top, and Jazz locks in the STF. Jackie taps.

Winner: Jacqueline via submission

The official theme song of Bad Blood is “Headstrong” by Trapt.

Recap of the feud between Goldberg and Chris Jericho, and the Hi-Lite Reel segment on Monday where Jericho speared Goldberg. They’ll face off at Bad Blood.

Tomorrow night on the Highlight Reel, the Rock is the special guest.

Spike Dudley is next.

WWE Rewind brought to you by Castrol GTX – Bubba Ray Dudley loses the White Boy Challenge because of interference from Christopher Nowinski.

Christopher Nowinski vs. Spike Dudley

Chris has a Harvard logo on his faceguard! Spike hits an armdrag and after a reversal sequence gets a rollup for 2 and a front facelock. Spike gets a headscissors, but Chris wrestles his way out of it and reaches the ropes. Chris goes for a hitposs, but Spike counters it with an armdrag. Spike hits what looks sort of like a victory roll into a Rocker Dropper. I’ve never seen that before. Cool move. Spike goes for it again, but Chris blocks it. Chris regains control with a front suplex onto the ropes, and then a kneelift to knock Spike to the outside. Nowinski covers Spike after he re-enters for 2. Chris locks in a bearhug, and Spike is losing it. But Spike escapes into the corner. Chris charges, but Spike lifts his legs and hits a sort of huracanrana driving Chris’s head into the top turnbuckle. Spike takes down Chris and removes the faceguard, and drives hish elbow into Chris’s injured nose. Bulldog by Spike. Big DDT gets 2. Spike DDTs Chris, who flips into a seated position in the corner. Spike runs on Chris’s chest, but Chris clocks Spike with the mask out of nowhere for the pinfall.

Winner: Christopher Nowinski via pinfall

Video package of Ric Flair re-aligning himself with Triple H at Shawn’s expense, and the post-match bickering involving Kevin Nash and a returning Randy Orton. They censored “bastard.” Those [email protected]$#@(%s.

Scott Steiner is on his way to the ring in our Heat main event.

Scott Steiner (w/ Stacy Keibler) vs. Lance Storm

Last Monday, Scott carried Stacy to safety after she absorbed a devastating baseball slide from Booker T. Lockup, and the USA chant starts. Scott gets Storm in the corner and chops away. Hiptoss by Steiner. Press slam by Steiner, and he flexes. What a guy. Steiner kicks Storm, who falls all the way out of the ring. Both men are on their feet. Storm takes control with pubches, but walks into Steiner’s spinning belly-to-belly suplex. Storm runs away. He uses Stacy as a shield, so Steiner moves her out of the way… but Storm hits him and slams his head into the ringsteps. Storm goes up top and hits a clothesline. Leg lariat by Storm gets 2. He works the reverse chinlock. Steiner gets to his feet, but Storm slams him into the corner and goes up top. Steiner blocks a clothesline with an exploder. Storm reverses a whip but gets hit with a powerslam and a big clothesline. Steimer hits the big elbow drop. He does some push-ups. Storm gets to his feet, but Steiner ducks a spinning heel kick and finishes with the reverse DDT.

Winner: Scott Steiner

And that’s your show.


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