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411’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 08.10.03

August 10, 2003 | Posted by Alex Obal

411’s Sunday Night Heat Report 08.10.03
Taped from Vancouver, BC
Exclusive 411 Report by Alex Obal

Opening sequence.

Coach and Al are your hosts, and we’re just 2 weeks away from Summerslam.


Tommy comes to the ring with his Kendo stick.. Lockup. Headlock by Test. Dreamer whips out of it but Test comes back with a shoulderblock, and does some jumping jacks. Test gets some punches. Whip by Test, and he hits a back elbow. More posing by Test. He kisses his elbow а la Scott Steiner, but Dreamer dodges an elbowdrop and hits a Russian leg sweep. Two rights by Dreamer put Test on the ropes, and a third right knocks him out of the ring. Dreamer hits a baseball slide and heads out. He walks into a kneelift, and Test scoops him and tries to drive him into the ringpost, but Dreamer escapes and Test runs into the ringpost. Irony, y’know. Back in the ring, Dreamer goes to a wristlock, but Test powers out and hits a sidewalk slam. More taunting from Test. Test stomps on Dreamer. More taunting. Another stomp. Test knocks Dreamer’s head into the top turnbuckle, backs him into the corner, and drives 3 elbows into him. More jumping jacks. And an elephant ear. He hits a forceful scoop slam, according to Al, and does some more posing. More stomps. And he goes to a chinlock. He’s drawing asshole chants! Test takes a page out of RVD’s book and shakes the fist, and he gets to his feet and gets 3 elbows, but Test hits a Clubbing Blow to the Back to put Dreamer down again. Test goes up top, but Dreamer pops up and press slams him back down. Dreamer takes some time to restore his energy. Dreamer blocks a punch and hits a right And again. Dreamer ducks a right and hits a clothesline. And another clothesline. Dreamer ducks a clothesline form Test and hits a neckbreaker for a 2-count. Whip by Dreamer is shortarmed, and Test hits a kneelift. Pumphandle, but Dreamer escapes the slam, whips Test, and hits a Rydien bomb for a near fall. Man, I would have bought that as the finish. [I play EWR 4.0 way too much.] Dreamer’s got the Kendo stick, but Test puts the ref in the way. Test misses the Whitby Boot and Dreamer goes for the DDT, but Test reverses to the pumphandle slam for the finish… NO WAIT DREAMER KICKS OUT!!! Test goes for the Whitby Boot, but Dreamer dodges again and Test is crotched on the top rope again. Dreamer shakes the rope to increase the pain. Test stumbles back into a front facelock and Dreamer capitalizes by hitting the DDT, but TEST KICKS OUT!! I’m marking out in a Test match! Dreamer goes up top as Al notes that the high-risk district isn’t Tommy’s best place, but Test shoves the ref into the top rope to crotch Dreamer. Test goes up, but Dreamer blocks a superplex by shoving Test off. Dreamer goes for a flying clothesline, but Test blocks it on the way down with the Whitby Boot, and THAT finishes. That was a really good opener.

Winner: TEST via pinfall

Summerslam hype video with “St. Anger”.

Heat is brought to you by Castrol GTX, Burger King and Freddy vs Jason.

Recap video of Flair vs. Goldberg and Austin changing the Summerslam Raw main event to an Elimination Chamber match.

Backstage, Val Venis is confronted by Miss Jackie. He offers her a spot with Venis Video Productions, which is ready to debut. She could be the greatest Venis Video Platinum Chick of all time – but right now Val needs some tryout shots. He sets her up and gives her a banana. Rico cuts in and says that the banana is very – appealing. That leaves Rico with Jackie. “You know, good things always come in threes.” Jackie takes a bite of the banana. Did I miss something?

Wrestlemania Recall presented by Subway – the Iron Man Match


Jindrak and Wayne start. Wayne ducks a clothesline and gets a headlock, but Jindrak sticks him up top. He slaps Kozina. Wayne comes off the top, but Jindrak blocks a cross body with a spinebuster. Wayne begs off and tags Kozina. Kozina heads in, and goes into the ropes, but Jindrak no-sells a clothesline. He also no-sells a running attack from Wayne. Tag Cade. Whip by Cade on Kozina, and Jindrak hits a kick. Running kneelift by Cade takes Kozina down. Cade hits some punches. Big clothesline by Cade. He tags in Jindrak. Whip by Jindrak, Kozina baseball slides under a clothesline, ducks another clothesline, Wayne sneaks in a shot to the back, Cade blocks a cross body and catches Kozina, but Wayne goes up top and hits a cross body from there to knock down Jindrak. Kozina goes to work on the back with some elbows, and tags in Wayne. Elbows and punches from Wayne. Tag Kozina, and the heels hit a double snapmare. While Jindrak is seated, they hit a double shoulderblock. Wayne poses as Kozina goes for a pin, but Jindrak kicks out. Kozina tries the tried-and-true hairpull submission, and tags in Wayne. They take turns choking Jindrak on the ropes, which gets a bit of heel heat. Punch by Wayne and he tags in Kozina. Kozina gets some shots while Wayne holds Jindrak’s legs. Front facelock by Kozina, some punches, and he tags in Jindrak. They back Jindrak in the corner and double-whip him to the other corner, but Jindrak gets up top and hits a springboard double clothesline. Hot tag Cade, and he clotheslines the heels a few times. Backdrop on Kozina. Whip by Cade on Wayne into the corner, and Wayne rebounds right into a running bulldog. Cover gets 2 as Kozina breaks it up, but Jindrak hits Matt Hardy’s Ricochet on Kozina, and Wayne eats the bulldog/dropkick combo. Cade and Jindrak win.

Winners: MARK JINDRAK & GARRISON CADE via pinfall

Recap of the tour in Australia.

WWE Rewind brought to you by Snickers Cruncher: Chris Jericho gets powerbombed by Kevin Nash.

Video recap of Y2J vs. RVD, and Jericho blaming Nash for all his troubles and challenging him to a Hair vs. Hair match at… sometime.

St. Anger is still the theme song of Summerslam.

Video recap of the whole Eric Bischoff, Shane McMahon, Steve Austin and Kane deal.

Lugz and Funkmaster Flex Boot of the Week: Gail Kim saves Trish Stratus, then turns on her


This is mixed tag rules, which I think – I think – means no mixed action. Stevie and Maven start. Gutshot and rake of the eyes by Stevie, and he chops Maven in the corner. He’ll show him. Maven counters a headlock with a kneelift and hits a big hiptoss out of the corner. Stevie backs off. Victoria enters the ring, so Ivory intercepts her with some punches and whips her into Stevie. Ivory and Maven whip Victoria into a corner, and then they double-team whip Stevie into Victoria. Stevie kneels – and then Victoria kneels on top of the kneeling Stevie. Maven and Ivory then ram the heels’ heads into each other. Maven and Stevie are still legal. Stevie reverses a whip and ducks down to avoid something. Victoria trips Maven when he goes back into the ropes, and Stevie hits the Stevie Kick, sending Maven out to the floor. Stevie brings Maven back in. Scoop slam by Stevie, and he distracts the ref while Victoria hits a slingshot legdrop. He backs Maven in the corner and chops him in the face. He puts his lovely pink hat on and goes for a running dropkick or a Bronco Buster, but Maven dodges it. Stevie bails out and tags in Victoria, who goes for a powerbomb or Widow’s Peak or something on Maven, but Maven backdrops out of it and tags Ivory, and she goes up top and hits a double cross body on Stevie and Victoria. Rights on Victoria from Ivory. Whip by Ivory on Victoria, and Ivory hits a back elbow and a dropkick. Ivory hits a neckbreaker, which gets a 2-count as Stevie breaks up the count. Maven gets back in and takes out Stevie, but Victoria whips Ivory. In the background, Stevie and Maven are fighting in the corner. Ivory ducks a clothesline from Victoria and hits the Poison Ivory. The ref doesn’t count because Maven has him distracted. Stevie sneaks in with the Stevie-T on Ivory while the ref’s back is turned, and Victoria rolls over on top of Ivory for the pin.

Winners: STEVIE RICHARDS & VICTORIA via pinfall

That’s two straight good Heats with at least one good singles match. I would suggest watching next week’s Heat if you missed this one, although that would probably guarantee a crappy show.

And hey, whatever became of the urn?


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