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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 5.16.17: A New Match Is Made for Backlash, and Jinder Promises to Win the WWE Title, More

May 17, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 05/16/17

-Before getting to our weekly recap, I just want to pass on a personal note. I am watching this show a few hours later from a hospital as my first born child (a son) was born at 5:05 PM. He checks in at a healthy 10 lbs 2 oz, and I am happy to report he and his mother are doing well.

-Renee Young welcomes us to SmackDown live and she is joined by Shane McMahon. They take a few moments to congratulate Daniel and Brie on the birth of their daughter and they show a photo of the happy family.

-They get to the wrestling as they cover Jinder pinning Sami a month ago to become the new #1 Contender to the WWE Title. That brings out Jinder (with the Singh brothers) as the first guest. He says he is the crown jewel of SD and he will be the WWE Champion on Sunday. Shane covers when Jinder said on an episode of Taking Smack that everyone needed to start paying attention to him. Jinder is offended that people are still shocked that he won the #1 Contender’s Match.

-Jinder feels that Orton has lost his edge and that he isn’t the same man that he used to be. They show footage of Jinder stealing the title and leaving with it in a limo. Renee says she wasn’t trying to offend him and gives him kudos for getting on the role that he is. Shane compares Jinder to people like McGregor (who stole it from Floyd Mayweather according to Shane) in that he is constantly trying to get under the skin of his opponents. They show Jinder showing up at Payback to cost Orton the House of Horrors match. They then show footage of Jinder pinning Orton in a 6 man tag as they are really putting the hard sell on for this match. Jinder brags about pinning Sami, Orton, and AJ while marching towards winning the WWE Title. This is his era and he says that he is unstoppable. Shane says he would not count Orton out as it will only take one RKO to end the match. Shane puts over that Jinder has put it all together and has done a great job with mind games.

-Renee wants to know the relationship with The Singth Brothers and Jinder doesn’t want to discuss that as he has a Title Match this weekend. Renee asks if they will be involved on Sunday and Jinder says they will be there to make sure Orton doesn’t try anything.

-As Jinder takes his leave, Renee and Shane pimp the first every sponsor of Talking Smack.

-Renee and Shane discuss the WWE Title match in more depth as they seem to be stretching this show a bit to hype the PPV.

-Rowan is out next and he has a bag with him. He has something that he has made and it is something that makes him smile. It is a sheep’s mask with a clown face painted on it. Okay then! He hands a balloon to Renee and then pops it and laughs as I guess we are getting a demented Doink The Clown. Renee asks about the Wyatt Family. Rowans calls out Harper for leaving the family as when someone leaves the family, they leave him, and he has had too much of that in his life. Rowan is coming off pretty well here with a greater chance to speak. It’s still a little rough, but better than I expected. Rowan wants a match on Sunday with Harper and Shane agrees. Rowan is happy and pulls out another sheep mask and this one calms him. He then freaks out Renee to end by licking the mask. He then takes her seat and she is done with this as she takes off her mic and leaves the desk. Rowan puts on the mask with the tubes through the sheep. Shane does a great job of selling this and Renee looks terrified. Rowan leaves as he waves goodbye and I enjoyed that so much more than I expected.

-Renee gets her mic back and she is a little frazzled. They discuss the tag team scene and put over Breezango. Shane thinks it will be one of the showcase matches at the PPV.

-Renee says she is still a little thrown off as she changes subjects to the US Title. Shane says not to count AJ out as he found out first hand.

-Next they discuss Nakamura/Dolph and Shane says he enjoyed what Dolph had to say tonight. He felt Dolph was very creative and that people sometime forget how accomplished Dolph is.

-Charlotte, Becky, and Naomi join the desk next. They hype the 6 Women Tag Match for Sunday. They cover what has happened between all 6 ladies leading up to this match. Naomi says she has a lot to prove to everyone on the roster and Shane jumps on that as he asks if Charlotte and Naomi can work together. Becky says they have all been champions and gotten to where they are because they can get on the same page and she likes to think they are on the same page. Becky says everything she has done was all part of a plan. There was no way she going to join those snakes. Charlotte says her and Nao are good and that they have bonded. Naomi is ready for Backlash and she is pretty hot that Carmella has stolen two wins over her.

-They discuss and make fun of Ellsworth for a bit and then talk about the biggest threat on the other team. They all seem to think Nattie is the leader, but mention Tamina is a powerhouse. Shane talks about how Charlotte is usually the strongest one in the match and that isn’t the case when she is in there with Tamina. The ladies bond a little more and Renee wraps things up with them. They make a little more small talk with Shane before they take their leave.

-Renee stirs the pot as she asks if Shane really thinks Charlotte isn’t thinking of the Title. Renee than thanks us for watching and we are out for another week.

-This episode was better and got things back on track. Jinder came off well again as his hype train continues. The Rowan stuff was intriguing even if it may not lead to anything great for him. The women hyped their match well enough and planted seeds for Charlotte going after the title when their temporary alliance is finished.

-Thanks for reading.