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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: AJ Styles & Owens’ War of Words & More

May 2, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 05/02/17

-Welcome to your weekly recap of Talking Smack and the big news coming out of The Blue Brand is that Kevin Owens destroyed Jericho to regain the US Title.

-Renee welcomes us and thankfully no JBL, but no Daniel either as we get Shane McMahon. It must be pointed out that Renee looks amazing. They jump right into Owens crushing Jericho and Shane says this isn’t ballet and things happen.

-They bring out AJ Styles which draws applause from Shane. AJ comes out with a drink for Shane though they continue to tease a little tension. Nothing serious but at least a little continuity with them is nice to see. AJ says he didn’t care who won the match and he isn’t threatened by anyone that steps in a SmackDown ring. He even calls out Strowman which gets a “wooo” from Renee.

-AJ says times have changed as he is no longer intimidated about being in the WWE. He will get what he wants and right now he wants the US Title. He feels no pressure and loves being the one to carry SmackDown. Nobody wants it more than him and you can bet on him walking out of Backlash as the WWE US Champion. Renee keeps pressing the issue about how great KO is, and while AJ agrees, he is just better than the best. AJ says SmackDown is the place to prove yourself, and that they make Superstars that RAW ends up stealing. “SmackDown makes ’em, RAW takes ’em! We make Superstars over here, that is what we do! You try to clean us out, we’re going to build somebody up and put them on the spot. Guess what? If you want a Superstar, this is where it’s made.” Shots fired!

-Renee loves the attitude from AJ there and Shane talks about the roll he is on heading into the US Title match.

-They jump to Jinder Mahal, and Renee brings up The Singh Brothers and how they are helping Jinder. Shane says that isn’t the way he would do things, but he isn’t going to judge.

-They recap Baron destroying Sami last week on Talking Smack and Shane covers that he was fined and suspended for a week for touching an official.

-Our next guests are Natalya, Tamina, Carmella, and Ellsworth. Carmella compliments Renee on her bangs and asks for water as she is parched after pinning the SD Woman’s Champ. That is James cue to leave and bring back some water. Natalya points out that Charlotte has had everything handed to her, which Shane doesn’t agree with. They attacked Becky because people are tired of her complaining every week. Nattie calls her a snake and doesn’t know why she trusts Charlotte. They feel she enjoys being the victim and enjoys the attention. The three of them argue over who should be the number 1 contender. Tamina points out that Charlotte isn’t the only generational wrestler in the division. Apparently, Carmella is second generation as well as her father was a WWE job guy in the 90s (Paul Van Dale).

-Renee asks where this union came from and it is because they all trust each other. They all wants chances that have been handed to Charlotte. Shane tries to explain why Charlotte got the title shot first and says that they are all fighting for the same prize. Nattie says that Charlotte will not be champ while she is on SD and she has lived of her father’s coattails. The ladies take their leave as James says he doesn’t like Renee’s bangs.

-Renee brings up Tye Dillinger and Shane enjoys Tye’s finisher. They talk about Aiden crying and Renee says there is nothing wrong with a man crying. She then asks Shane when he last had a good cry and he shoots back earlier when he heard he had to do this show with Renee again.

-They cover the tag title situation and Shane doesn’t think Breezango can defeat The Usos. Fair enough!

-Kevin Owens is out and he says he will do what Shane couldn’t, and defeat AJ Styles. Renee wants to address what happened earlier with Jericho. She asks why he had to be that ruthless, and he answers with a question as he asks Renee why she let a blind man cut her hair. Ouch! KO says that Jericho needed to understand what he did on Sunday. He claims that Jericho cheated on Sunday because he let his inner American out (he was born in the US). All KO did was take back what was his. He takes shots at Renee (Toronto) and Jericho (Western Canada) as they have some kind of jealousy of those in Quebec.

-Renee again wants to know why just winning the title wasn’t enough. He did it because he had to carry Jericho on his back for 8 months and it was disrespectful that he would always say they were the Universal Champion. It was also because of him that Chris originally even won the US Title. Shane understands where he is coming from, but wants to get back to AJ.

-Owens says it will end with him holding the title over AJ’s broken body. That will lead to Shane giving him the respect he deserves. He senses some hostility from Shane. KO feels he should be treated as a prized member of SD and he is the best thing that happened to SD after the Shake-up. Shane says he respects Owens and that causes KO to smile and walk off the set.

-Renee wraps things up for this edition.

-Show is starting to get back in the groove again after last weeks strong episode. AJ was great as always, and KO has done a good job of feeling the void left by The Miz. The women were decent and kept their issue with Charlotte, Becky, and Naomi moving forward. The show still misses Bryan though as his chemistry with Renee is crazy good.