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411’s WWE TLC 2019 Report

December 15, 2019 | Posted by Scott Slimmer
Becky Lynch Asuka WWE TLC

Welcome to 411’s WWE TLC 2019 Report. We are LIVE in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tonight’s Kickoff Show panelists are Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, David Otunga, and Booker T. They break down the Kabuki Warriors vs. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair before heading to a video package for Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley. They move on to a discussion of Seth Rollins aligning himself with AOP, but they’re interrupted by the Revival. The Revival get in Booker T’s face, remind him that they are the best tag team in the world, and challenge Harlem Heat to face them if he disagrees.

Kickoff Show Match
Humberto Carrillo vs. Andrade w/ Zelina Vega

Carrillo goes for standing drop kick to start, but Andrade swats him away and follows up with a basement drop kick to the face. Andrade follows up with a big back body drop, but Carrillo fights back with a wheelbarrow arm drag that sends Andrade to the outside. Carrillo leaps to the top rope to set up for a moonsault to the outside, but Andrade hops up onto the apron and knocks Carrillo to the floor. Andrade rolls Carrillo back into the ring and repeatedly stomps on him. Andrade locks in an arm bar over the top rope but breaks before the count of five. Andrade works over Carrillo in the corner and then locks in an arm bar in the middle of the ring. Carrillo fights back to his feet and breaks the hold with a jaw breaker. Carrillo misses an enzuigiri but catches Andrade with a hurricanrana. Andrade goes for a running knee shot in the corner, but Carrillo side steps him, and Andrade tumbles to the outside. Andrade heads back into the ring and goes for another back body drop, but Carrillo lands on his feet. Carrillo goes for a rolling moonsault, but Andrade uses Carrillo’s momentum to dump him into the corner. Carrillo catches Andrade with a running drop kick and follows up with a dive to the outside when Andrade tries to catch a breather. Carrillo rolls Andrade back into the ring and connects with a missile drop kick from the top turnbuckle. Carrillo heads back up to the top, but Andrade sweeps his legs and heads up top with him. Andrade knocks Carrillo backward and connects with a double stomp from the top of the ring post onto the apron. Looks like Andrade got busted open over his left eye at some point. The action returns to the ring, and Andrade levels Carrillo with a clothesline. Carrillo charges at Andrade in the corner, but Andrade gets a boot up. Carrillo takes Andrade up top and connects with a springboard roundhouse kick that knocks Andrade back down to the mat. Andrade fights back with a backdrop into the corner followed by double knees in the corner for a two count. Andrade hits a snap suplex and heads up top, but Carrillo springs up top and hits a super inverted hurricanrana. Carrillo heads back up top and hits a moonsault for the three count.

Match Result: Humberto Carrillo defeats Andrade with a moonsault.
Match Length: 12:49
Slimmer’s Rating: **¾

Next up is a video package for Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz followed by a discussion of Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy. The Kickoff Show finishes up with a video package for Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin.

Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship
The New Day (Champions) vs. The Revival
 photo The_New_Day_vs_The_Revival_Cropped_zpshzqicev6.jpg

All four men brawl in the middle of the ring to start the match. The New Day whip the Revival to the ropes and drop them with a stereo back elbow shots on the rebound. The New Day head to the outside to grab ladders, but the Revival attack them and whip them into the barricade. The Revival grab a pair of ladders, but the New Day attack from behind. Kingston drops Wilder face-first onto a ladder as Big E tosses Dawson over one of the announce tables. Wilder slams Kingston’s face into the ring apron as Dawson whips Big E into the barricade. The Revival set a ladder on the apron and try to whip Kingston into it, but Kingston leaps over the ladder and dives into the ring between the ropes. Kingston tries to basement drop kick the ladder back into Dawson and Wilder, but the Revival lift the ladder and slam it down onto Kingston as he slides under it. Dawson and Wilder pick up the ladder, but Kingston springboards to the outside and knocks the ladder into both of his opponents. Big E sets Wilder on a ladder on the apron and goes for a running splash, but Dawson pulls Wilder off the ladder, and Big E lands chest-first on the ladder. The Revival bring a ladder into the ring and begin to climb, but Big E pulls them both back down to the mat. Big E begins to climb, but Dawson heads up top in the corner and connects with a diving drop kick to the ladder. The ladder topples, and Big E’s knee gets caught in it awkwardly as it hits the mat. The Revival prop up the ladder against the top rope and then dump Big E face-first onto the ladder. They try to do the same to Kingston, but Kingston floats over and then teeter-totters the ladder into Dawson and Wilder’s faces (i.e., the Joey Mercury memorial spot). The New Day set up the ladder and Big E holds it as Kingston begins to climb. Dawson dumps Big E to the outside and then tips the ladder, but Kingston leaps to the top rope and springboards back into a modified tornado DDT to Dawson. Kingston hits Wilder with Trouble in Paradise and again climbs the ladder, but Dawson pulls him off the ladder into a Shatter Machine. The Revival set up the ladder and both begin to climb, but Big E once again pulls them back down to the mat. Big E spears Wilder off the apron, and now Dawson is alone in the ring. Big E grabs a second ladder and brings it into the ring. Big E slams the ladder into Dawson’s ribs and then grabs an even taller ladder from outside. Big E sets up two ladders next to each other in the middle of the ring. Big E whips Dawson into one of the ladders and then grabs a third ladder from outside. Big E uses the third ladder to set up a bridge between the second turnbuckle and one of the ladders in the middle of the ring. Big E sets Dawson on the bridging ladder and heads up top, but Wilder makes the save and crotches Big E on the top turnbuckle. DAWSON SUPERPLEXES BIG E ONTO THE BRIDGING LADDER! WILDER FOLLOWS UP WITH A TOP ROPE SPLASH ONTO BIG E AND THE LADDER! The Revival once again climbs the ladders in the middle of the ring, but Kingston springboards onto the ladder to join them. The Revival tie up Kingston between the rungs of the ladder, but Big E makes the save and hits Wilder with a Big Ending off the ladder. Dawson gets his hands on the titles, but Kingston slams the titles into Dawson’s face to knock him off the ladder as well. Kingston grabs the titles and wins the match.

Match Result: The New Day win the match when Kofi Kingston retrieves the titles.
Match Length: 19:02
Slimmer’s Rating: ***½

Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy
 photo Aleister_Black_vs_Buddy_Murphy_Cropped_zpsdhiyirip.jpg

Black ducks a kick from Murphy and takes him down with an arm bar. Black catches Murphy with a back elbow shot and then connects with a leg trip that sends Murphy to the outside. Black goes for a running knee from the apron, but Murphy catches Black’s leg and pulls him face-first onto the ring steps. Murphy lands a forearm shot to the jaw and then rolls Black back into the ring. Murphy takes down Black with an arm bar, and it looks like Black is bleeding from his nose. Murphy back body drops Black to the outside, and Black catches his face on the apron on the way down. Murphy grabs Black’s jacket and takes it into the ring as Jerry Lawler says that he’s sure Black’s nose is broken. Black charges back into the ring and levels Murphy with a big boot. Black and Murphy trade shot in the middle of the ring. Murphy goes for a suplex, but Black floats over and lands on his feet. Black hits a Shining Wizard followed by a spinning kick, a spinning knee, and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Black hits a back elbow shot that sends Murphy to the apron. Black joins Murphy on the apron, but Murphy hits a kick to the jaw. Black shoves Murphy into the ring post and then connects with a moonsault from the corner to the outside. Black rolls Murphy back into the ring and connects with a leaping knee shot but only gets a two count. Black takes Murphy up top and lands a kick to the face up top. Murphy goes for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Black blocks. Murphy tucks Black’s head between his legs and hits him with two super kicks. Murphy hits a powerbomb out of the corner, but Black kicks out at two. Black lands a back elbow shot, but Murphy fights back with a volley of kicks and a brainbuster for another two count. Black and Murphy trade kicks in the middle of the ring, but Black finally hits the Black Mass to finally get the three count.

Match Result: Aleister Black defeats Buddy Murphy with the Black Mass.
Match Length: 13:27
Slimmer’s Rating: ***½

Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Viking Raiders (Champions) vs. The O.C.
 photo Viking_Raiders_Open_Challenge_Cropped_zpsunpyhhqb.jpg

Erik and Anderson start the match, and Anderson quickly catches Erik in a standing side head lock. Erik breaks free and gut wrenches Anderson before slamming him to the mat. Erik makes the tag to Ivar, and Ivar locks in a modified arm bar. Anderson breaks free, but Ivar scoop slams him, and then Erik gets the tag and scoop slams Ivar onto Anderson. Anderson fights back by dumping Erik to the outside, and Gallows cheap shots Erik with a super kick on the outside while Anderson distracts the referee in the ring. Anderson drags Erik back into the ring and hits a spinebuster for a two count. Gallows gets the tag and works over Erik in the corner. Gallows hits a suplex and an elbow drop before locking in a rear chin lock on the mat. Anderson gets the tag, but Erik dives to the opposite corner to make the hot tag to Ivar. Ivar goes for a splash in the corner, but Anderson momentarily side steps him, but Ivar flattens Anderson with a seated senton. Gallows gets the tag and regains control before making the quick tag back to Anderson. Erik gets the tag, and the Viking Raiders hit Anderson with the Viking Experience. Erik makes the cover, but Gallows makes the save. The action spills to the outside, and all four men get counted out. After the match, Anderson continues the assault on Erik and slams him into the promotional KFC table at ringside. Ivar comes to Erik’s rescue, and the Viking Raiders double powerbomb Anderson through the KFC table.

Match Result: No Contest via double countout
Match Length: 8:42
Slimmer’s Rating: **

TLC Match
Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin
 photo Roman_Reigns_vs_King_Corbin_Cropped_zpsxcdych63.jpg

Reigns takes out Corbin’s security guards on the ramp and then whips Corbin into the LED board on the stage. Reigns launches Corbin off the stage and beats him into the crowd. Corbin briefly regains control, but Reigns whips Corbin over the barricade and back into the ringside area. Reigns slams Corbin’s face into the ring steps and then into the announce table. Reigns rolls Corbin into the ring, but Corbin catches Reigns with a Deep Six for a two count. Corbin goes to work with the ground and pound offense and then dumps Reigns back to the outside. Corbin drives Reigns into the barricade and then rolls him back into the ring. Reigns tries to fight back with a volley of punches, but Corbin levels Reigns with a clothesline for another two count. Corbin pulls Reigns to the outside and tries to whip him into the barricade, but Reigns puts on the brakes and instead whips Corbin into the barricade. Reigns rolls Corbin back into the ring, but Corbin kicks the middle rope to low blow Reigns as he tries to climb back into the ring. Corbin takes Reigns back to the outside and whip him into the ring steps. Corbin grabs a ladder and slams it into Reigns’ ribs and then into his back. Corbin rolls Reigns back into the ring and makes the cover for a two count. Corbin heads back to the outside and grabs a chair. Corbin heads back into the ring and delivers repeated chair shots to Reigns’ back. Corbin wedges the chair between the turnbuckles in the corner and tries to whip Reigns into it, but Reigns put on the breaks. Reigns traps Corbin in the corner and hits him with ten short clotheslines followed by a big boot. Reigns goes for the Superman Punch, but Corbin counters into a chokeslam back breaker. Corbin goes for a spear to mock Reigns, but Reigns counters with a big boot and whips Corbin into the chair in the corner. Reigns hits the Superman Punch but only gets a two count. Reigns heads to the outside and slides a table into the ring. Corbin flees to the outside as Reigns sets up the table in the ring. Reigns tries to retrieve Corbin from the outside, but Corbin punches him with a can of dog food. Corbin chokeslams Reigns through the table and makes the cover for a two count. Corbin clears off two announce tables and dumps Reigns out of the ring. Corbin for a powerbomb through an announce table, but Reigns counters into a Samoan Drop from one announce table through the adjacent announce table. Reigns charges at Corbin and tries to spear him through the barricade, but Dolph Ziggler emerges from under the ring and catches Reigns with a super kick. Corbin and Ziggler assault one of the timekeepers and then grab handcuffs and dog food from under the ring. Corbin and Ziggler look to shower the timekeeper in dog food, but Reigns makes the save with a Drive-By. Reigns grabs a kendo stick and takes out several of Corbin’s security guards. The Revival charge down to ringside, grab the kendo stick, and level Reigns. The Revival rolls Reigns back into the ring, but Reigns levels both Dawson and Wilder with Superman Punches. Reigns dives over the top rope and takes out Corbin and his security guards on the outside. Reigns sets up for a spear to Corbin, but Ziggler launches a chair into Reigns’ face. The Revival follow up with a Shatter Machine to Reigns in the middle of the ring, and Corbin hits Reigns with the End of Days onto a chair for the three count.

Match Result: King Corbin defeats Roman Reigns with the End of Days onto a chair.
Match Length: 22:03
Slimmer’s Rating: *

Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz
 photo Bray_Wyatt_Vs_The_Miz_Cropped_zpsgrrznhon.jpg

Miz attacks Wyatt as soon as the bell rings and works him over in the corner. Wyatt gets back to his feet and ask Miz to take it easy. Miz beats Wyatt back down to the mat and lands repeated kicks to the ribs. Miz grinds Wyatt’s face into the middle rope and then rips Wyatt’s sweater off of him. Miz hits double knees in the corner and follows up with his patented corner clothesline. Wyatt hasn’t fought back at all up to this point, but suddenly his expression changes, and he pulls Miz out of the corner to go for Sister Abigail. Miz blocks and locks in a modified arm bar as Wyatt laughs, seemingly enjoying the pain. Miz wrenches on Wyatt’s shoulder and may have dislocated it, so Wyatt rolls out of the ring and slams himself into the barricade to pop his shoulder back into the socket. Wyatt is essentially in full Mankind mode at this point as he welcomes the pain. Miz heads for Wyatt on the outside, but Wyatt hits Sister Abigail with Miz’ feet on the barricade. Wyatt’s facial expressions are changing throughout the match. He seems to be unable to mount an offense while he’s in Firefly Funhouse mode, but he can attack when he goes to the dark place. Wyatt drags Miz back into the ring and hits another Sister Abigail for the three count. After the match, The Fiend appears on the big screen, and Wyatt says that he’ll do it. He grabs a giant mallet from under the ring, but suddenly the lights start to go out, and Wyatt says that he’s here. Could the Fiend be coming? NO!!! Daniel Bryan charges into the ring and levels Wyatt with a running knee. Bryan has very short hair and almost no beard, looking very much like the American Dragon. Bryan stomps on Wyatt and goes for a mallet shot, but the light go out, and Wyatt is gone when they come back on. Bryan leads the crowd in YES! chants as he makes his way up the ramp.

Match Result: Bray Wyatt defeats the Miz with Sister Abigail.
Match Length: 6:33
Slimmer’s Rating:

Tables Match
Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley w/ Lana
 photo Rusev_vs_Bobby_Lashley_Cropped_zpsgziozjku.jpg

The action spills the outside as soon as the bell rings, and Rusev beats Lashley down to the floor. Rusev slides a table into the ring, but Lana pulls it back out of the ring to prevent him from using it. Lashley levels Rusev with a clothesline and then slams him to the mat. Lashley heads to the outside and sets up a table at ringside. Rusev joins Lashley on the outside and slams his face into the ring steps. Rusev beats Lashley up the ramp and suplexes him on the ramp. Rusev drags Lashley back to ringside and lifts him onto his shoudlers, but Lashley flips the table to prevent Rusev from putting him through it. Lashley shoves Rusev back-first into the ring post and launches a table at him. Rusev ducks the table, and it snaps in half when it hits the ring post. Lashley again sets up a table at ringside and brings a second table into the ring. Lashley props up the table in the corner, but Rusev attacks Lashley from behind. Rusev tries to slam Lashley through the table, but Lashley blocks. Lashley catches Rusev with a spinebuster and follows up with a shoulder to the gut in the corner. Lashley brings another table into the ring and sets it up. Lashley takes Rusev up top and tries to superplex him through the table, but Rusev slides between Lashley’s legs and pulls him back down to the mat. Lashley ends up on the apron and tries to suplex Rusev through the table at ringside, but Rusev blocks. Rusev knocks Lashley off the apron, but Lashley leaps over the table at ringside so that he doesn’t fall through it. Rusev follows Lashley to the outside, picks up the ring steps, and slams them into Lashley’s face. Rusev heads into the crowd and picks up a section of the metal guard rail. Rusev carries the guard rail back to ringside and slams it into Lashley’s ribs. Rusev props up the guard rail against the ring apron, but Lashley rakes the eyes and choke slams Rusev through the guard rail. Lashley grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and lands several shots to Rusev’s back. Rusev begs Lana to make Lashley stop, but she just laughs in his face. Lashley drags Rusev back into the ring and continues the kendo stick assault. Lashley props up a table in the corner and lands another kendo stick shot to the back. Rusev blocks the next kendo stick shot and connects with a kendo stick shot of his own. Rusev levels Lashley with a kendo stick clothesline and then snaps the kendo stick over his knee. Rusev hits the Machka Kick, but Lana rakes his eyes to halt his momentum. Lashley tries to spinebuster Rusev through one of the corner tables, but it doesn’t break. Lashley carries Rusev to the opposite corner and successfully spinebuster’s him through it for the win.

Match Result: Bobby Lashley defeats Rusev with a spinebuster through a table.
Match Length: 13:04
Slimmer’s Rating: *

TLC Match for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
The Kabuki Warriors (Champions) vs. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair
 photo Kabuki_Warriors_vs_Lynch_and_Flair_Cropped_zps41vqfcb4.jpg

Lynch and Flair pull Asuka and Sane out of the ring as soon as the bell rings. Sane goes for a running knee off the apron, but Flair kicks her out of the air with a big boot. Flair and Lynch clear off the announce tables, and Lynch launches Sane from one table to the next. Flair is standing on that table, so she launches Sane back to Lynch’s table. Flair and Lynch try to bring a ladder into the ring, but Asuka throws a chair into Flair’s face. Asuka holds the chair in front of Flair’s face, and Sane drop kicks it into Flair’s face (i.e., basically a Van Daminator). Lynch charges back into the ring and drops Asuka face-first onto the chair. Flair and Lynch try to double team powerbomb Asuka through a table at ringside, but Sane makes the save. Flair and Lynch level Sane and then toss Asuka face-first into the ring post. Flair and Lynch set up a ladder in the ring as Sane tries to toss chairs into the ring. Some of the chairs make it into the ring, but some of them bounce off the ropes and back at Sane. Flair and Lynch go after Sane on the outside, so Sane tries to flee under the ring. Flair and Lynch pull Sane out from under the ring, but she grabs a fire extinguisher and discharges it in Flair and Lynch’s faces. Asuka grabs a rope and whips Flair and Lynch. Asuka uses a kendo stick to lock Flair in an announce table chair while Sane repeatedly kicks her chest. Sane grabs a ladder and ties Asuka’s rope to it. Asuka slams Lynch onto the ladder, and Sane uses the rest of the rope to tie Lynch to the ladder. Asuka and Sane start to head back into the ring, but Flair grabs Sane’s boot, so Asuka hits a running knee shot to Flair from the apron. Asuka and Sane whips Flair over the barricade and into the front row. Asuka and Sane finally head back into the ring and climb the ladder, but Flair charges into the ring with a kendo stick to knock them back down to the mat. Flair grabs the ladder and tosses it between the ropes onto Sane on the outside. Flair follows up with a fallaway slam that sends Sane into the barricade. Flair tries to untie Lynch from the ladder, but Asuka catches Flair with a chair shot to the back. Sane goes for the Insane Elbow from the announce table to Lynch on the ladder, but Lynch gets her boots up. Lynch finally frees herself from the ladder and connects with a chair shot to Sane’s back. Lynch goes to work with kendo stick shots to Sane as Flair whips Asuka into the barricade. Lynch and Flair roll Sane and Asuka back into the ring and set up two chairs in the middle of the ring. Lynch and Flair set Asuka and Sane in the chairs and then level them with a big boot / flying forearm combination. Flair sets Asuka on a table at ringside, and Lynch connects with a diving leg drop from the second rope through the table. Lynch and Flair slam Sane’s back into the ring post before slamming her to the floor. Lynch and Flair go for a double suplex, but Sane counters into a double DDT. Sane sets Flair and Lynch on a table before heading up top. Sane goes for a diving splash from the apron, but Flair rolls off the table, and the table doesn’t break when Sane lands on Lynch. Flair powerbombs Sane through a table, but Asuka immediately catches Flair with a German Suplex. Asuka puts a table on top of Lynch and then piles chairs and a ladder on top of Flair. Asuka drags Sane back to her feet, and they slide a ladder into the ring. Asuka climbs the ladder while Sane stands guard, but Lynch and Flair charge back into the ring with chairs in hand. Flair dumps Asuka to the outside and sets her on a table at ringside. Flair heads up top, but Asuka hops up to the apron and powerbombs Flair through the ringside table. Lynch beats Asuka with the rope and begins to climbs the ladder, but Asuka uses the rope to tip the ladder. Asuka climbs the ladder and grabs the titles to win the match. After the match, the entire SmackDown locker room brawl back into the arena. Roman Reigns beats King Corbin into the crowd and then spears him off an elevated platform, onto the entire locker room.

Match Result: The Kabuki Warriors win the match when Asuka retrieves the titles.
Match Length: 26:07
Slimmer’s Rating: **½

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