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411’s WWE Velocity Report: 1.21.06

January 22, 2006 | Posted by Scott Fried

1 1 = Noble 4
2 1 v Kash 3
2 1 v Dean 3
2 1 v Sylvain 3
2 1 v Kendrick 3
2 1 v London 3
2 1 v C Dick 3
2 1 v J Dick 3
2 9 ^ Super Crazy 3
2 9 ^ Psychosis 3
11 9 v Jordan 2
11 9 v Animal 2
11 9 v Heidenreich 2
11 9 v Lashley 2
11 15 ^ Burchill 2
16 15 v Holly 1
16 15 v Mercury 1
16 15 v Nitro 1
16 15 v Hardy 1
16 15 v Regal 1
16 15 v Basham 1
16 NE ^ Gymini 1 1
16 NE ^ Gymini 2 1

Noble has yet to re-appear on Smackdown proper, but he pulls into the lead for Velocity. Thanks again to Paul Muir for his rankings.

MNM versus Brad Taylor and John Moxley

Nitro and Moxley start off, with Nitro getting a wristlock. Moxley reverses, but Nitro gets a knee and grabs a side headlock. He throws Moxley to the mat, but he gets back up and reverses into an armlock. Nitro decks him down, then gets a slam. Moxley kicks him away, then grabs an armlock and tags Taylor. Double back elbow by the jay-brones, and Mercury takes a double dropkick. MNM take control, throwing Taylor out of the ring. Mercury works him over on the outside while Nitro beats on Moxley. Back inside, Nitro covers Taylor for one. Tag to Mercury, and MNM hit several kicks. Clothesline by Mercury, then a bodyslam. Mercury goes to the second turnbuckle and hits a driving elbow. Cocky cover gets two. Snapmare, tag to Nitro, and neckwhip, then Nitro comes in with a slingshot elbow drop. Nitro gets an STO into a backbreaker, then steps on Taylor and hits the breakdance legdrop. Nitro gets some knee shots, then applies a chinlock. Nitro whips Taylor to the corner, but Taylor elbows a charge and tags Moxley. Nitro gets a dropkick and tags Mercury. MNM get the Snapshot, and Nitro kicks Moxley off the apron while Mercury gets the pin.

Winners: MNM
Match Time: 5:10
Rating: **1/2
Commentary: Not a bad match, but for something that went a decent amount of time (in Velocity minutes, anyway), it felt like very little happened.

The Mexicools versus Vito and Nunzio

Psychosis locks up with Vito, and Vito gets a headlock. Psychosis shoots him off, but Vito comes back with a shoulder. Another shoulder, Psychosis leapfrogs and gets a dropkick. Japanese Armdrag by Psychosis, tag to Super Crazy. Crazy comes in with a double axe handle on Vito’s arm. He wrenches the arm, but Vito hits a knee and tags Nunzio. Crazy reverses a hiptoss into a monkey flip, then tags Psychosis and they hit the rolling leg slam for two. Tag back to Crazy, double whip, double hiptoss slam, legdrop/moonsault combo for two. Nunzio floats over a slam and shoves Crazy to Vito, who hits him. Nunzio gets two off the cover and tags Vito, who gets a clothesline on Super Crazy. Vito slams Crazy by the buckle and gets a Vader Bomb for two. Tag to Nunzio, and they get a make-a-wish leg splitter. Nunzio applies an abdominal stretch. Crazy breaks, Nunzio whip him, Crazy lands on the ropes and comes off with a dropkick. Tag to Psychosis, who gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Nunzio. Backdrop, enziguri on Vito, double pancake slam on Nunzio for two. The Mexicools whip Nunzio and Vito into each other. Vito fights back with a back elbow, then knocks Super Crazy off the top turnbuckle, down to the floor. Psychosis gets a spinning heel kick on Vito, then counters a tilt-a-whirl into a pinfall on Nunzio.

Winners: The Mexicools
Match Time: 4:48
Rating: ***
Commentary: Way better than the opener. These two teams have great chemistry together, and hopefully, we’ll see the Mexicools contend for the titles again soon.

Jamie Noble versus Caprice Coleman

Should be good. Noble gets a takedown, but Coleman gets out. Drop toe hold into a front facelock by Noble. Coleman tries to roll out, but Noble keeps the hold. He slams Coleman, and both men get up. Lockup, and Coleman gets a headlock. He gets pushed off, but comes back with a shoulder. Coleman scores a hiptoss, then a dropkick. Noble takes a powder, then re-enters. Lockup, and Noble gets a knee. He punches Coleman in the face, then gets a short arm clothesline out of the corner. Legdrop gets two. Noble gets a scoop slam, then an elbow drop for two. Noble applies a modified chinlock, then a head twist. He hooks Coleman’s face, then gets a few kicks. Coleman gets a roll-up for two (getting a Poker Face mention), but Noble gets a dropkick to the head. He follows up with the double knee gutbuster and the armlock Dragon Sleeper for the win.

Winner: Jamie Noble
Match Time: 3:18
Rating: **1/2
Commentary: Disappointing, but it was only three minutes. I like Coleman, but he didn’t get to show a whole lot here.

The Mark Henry video package airs again, followed by footage of Henry’s success from Smackdown.

Sylvan versus Scotty 2 Hotty

Winner gets into the Rumble. Scotty dodges a grapple attempt, then gets the crowd clapping. He dodges another lockup, then dances. Lockup, and Sylvan gets a waistlock. Scotty gets a standing switch. He releases and grabs an armlock, which he wrenches repeatedly. Sylvan takes him down, but Scotty pops up, still holding the arm. Scotty gets a pair of armdrags, then a hiptoss and a dropkick. Sylvan catches Scotty with a kick to the gut. Sylvan gets some punches, then a kneedrop. He tosses Scotty to the corner and kicks ‘n’ punches himself silly. Sylvan clotheslines Scotty out of the ring, then follows him down. He throws Scotty back in and covers for two. Sylvan goes for some crossface punches, then applies an armlock/chinlock. Scotty’s hand goes down twice, but he keeps it up the third time and gets to his feet. He elbows Sylvan off, then gets some punches. Inverted Atomic Drop by Scotty, followed by a flying forearm and a couple of clotheslines. Scotty gets a backdrop, then clotheslines Sylvan in the corner. Sylvan reverses a whip to the corner, but Scotty avoids a charge and the model hits the post. Scotty gets the Wormdog, does the Worm, but gets yanked against the rope by Scotty. Sylvan gives him Marc Mero’s TKO for the win.

Winner: Sylvan
Match Time: 5:49
Rating: **1/4
Commentary: I guess it’s gonna be Sylvan or HHH, then.


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