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Acero’s AEW All Out Review 9.5.20

September 5, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
Jon Moxley
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Acero’s AEW All Out Review 9.5.20  

Hi guys! It’s Me, It’s Me, it’s T-O-N….shit. That didn’t work out.

Hey everyone, it’s me, Tony, the Official Gum Guy of MJF, and I’m an hour early because the higher ups told me these Pre-Shows matter.

We’re here for the Buy-In, or whatever this is called. Dasha is with Tony and Dasha is hyped. Tony’s earrings distract me as music that sounds like the opening of an early 2000s porno plays on a loop. They run down the card, and we have a message from MJF.

He talks of two undefeated bulls locking horns, two great men, MJF vs Jon Moxley. He tells Jon that he has thought he’s had the upperhand, but everyone is a smooth brained idiot. No one ever gets one up on MJF. He can get just as violent and vicious as Moxley. That’s not what he’s going to o here tonight, though. He will keep Moxley in the ring like a dog on a leash. Like he’s said before, Jon is just a goon. There will be no outside brawling. One killshot, it’s the Paradigm Shift, and Moxley is all out of ammo. Sure, he can pretend that he has ways to defeat him, but he doesn’t. MJF will outwrestle him. It’s kill or be killed, but just like he said, bad things happen to people who get between MJF and his goals, and his goal is to be the champ. Tonight, we get a real Paradigm Shift, because he is better than Jon, and Jon knows it.

Christopher Daniels cuts a little promo claiming he’s next in line for the title shot, regardless if it’s Moxley or MJF.

Santana and Ortiz talk about mindset, which is bringing the World Title back to The Inner Circle. They are the only two that matter in that ring tonight. They’re the best, the best, the best.

Jake Roberts talks about catch, and how Lance will be launching people into laps. Lance says that this is 20 years in the making, and not one son of a bitch will stop him. This is his.

Kaz speaks of advantages of being bigger and taller in Battle Royals. He subscribes to the bigger they are, the harder they fall. He has beaten the biggest and the baddest. He warns the big guy not to overlook him. He will prove that he’s not just a tag team wrestler. He’s one of the bst on the roster and he can be champion. He will be.

A commercial for the new Tony Hawk game shows up.

No, wait, sorry, it’s Darby.

Video package for Orange and Jericho.

Kingston has his dudes behind him, and says you get into this sport to be a champ, and the first step is winning the battle royal. They’ve earned this, deserve it, one of them will take it, then Mox or MJF, whoever, it doesn’t matter, they’re next in line.

Spears and Tully talk about intelligence, and how it will be the sole reason for them winning.

Hager will win because his name is Jake Hager. Anyone else named Hager? Lol. No.

Taz has some words for winning, too.

The Best Friends says no one knows who is going to win. They all try really hard ,and no one knows. But here’s Chuck to say that one of them will definitely win. Lol.

Dasha predicts Trent.

Tony predicts Brian Cage.

Moxley gets some promo time. He woke up this morning tasting his blood; it’s the taste of adrenaline. He loves this feeling. Tonight, his health and well-being is on the line because the young stud is trying to take him out. He likes that feeling. He’s an animal backed into a corner, but he will bite and scratch his way out. He knows MJF gets off on being a dick, but remember that when it comes down to it, MJF isn’t he bad guy…Moxley is.

Tony heads to the booth where Excalibur is ready to cover some wrasslin.

Match 1: Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) vs Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Janela is quick to start, clocking Serpentico without even removing his glasses. He whips Serpentico to the outside and removes his glasses. Joey heads outside and gets kicked then whips Serpentico into the barricade. Back body drop to Serpy. Luther is staring at Joey like hocolate cake. Luther distracts, Serpentico tries to attack but Joey clocks him then sends him to the back. Joey to the top rope. Luther attacks Sonny on the outside. Serpentico shoots Joey to the outside. Serpentico sends Joey into the barricade. Whip to Joey into the ring. Serpentico rushes the corner, and Joey kicks him away. Serpentico no sells and hits a flapjack. Cover for 1..NO! Serpentico kicks and goes for another cover, then sends Joey back outside. Luther kicks Joey then sends him into the barricade. Luther whips Joey back in as we are informed the ref was distracted. Serpentico drops an elbow then floats into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Suplex from Serpentico. He heads to the top rope. Serpentico crosses his arm then jumps down, lands on his feet, and stomps Joey. But Jeoy is up and chops Serpentico. Whip to the corner. Joey misses a right, gets blocked, high strike from Serpentico. He hops over the ropes and hits a stomp. Cover for 1…NO!!!

Serpentico back to the top rope, dives with a senton, but Joey has the knees up!!! Joey with a Death Valley Driver, rolls through, kick to the face, Joey whips, Blue Thunder Bomb! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Surprise DDT from Serpentico! He sits on the chest of Joey for a cover. 1…2..NO!!!! Serpentico back to the top. Joey is up. Right hand to Serpentico. Another right, and Serpntico is seated on the top. Joey attacks the back. Locks the head, Joey with a superplex. Leg is hooked. It’s a Fisherman’s! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Joey hits the ropes, Serpentico distracts, Luther grabs the leg of Joey, Sonny is there to give him a right, diving drop kick to Luther! Joey celebrates. Serpentico with a right, a knee strike, whip, Joey with a clothesline!!!

Janela to the top rope. He dives off with an elbow drop to the chest! Joey hooks the leg and covers for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Joey Janela
I enjoyed Excalibur and Tony trying to build Joey up as a formidable foe by bringing up his most recent outings, especially since he got his ass kicked by Jericho. The match itself was an odd one, as it appeared someone pressed the slo-mo button at times, and took me out of the match. A story was being told, it just wasn’t as strong as it could have been.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:03

Match 2: The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) vs Private Party

Silver and Kassidy to start. Kassidy works the arm, Silver escapes, works the arm himself, and controls the wrist. Kassidy rolls out of the hold, go behind into a side headlock. Chop to Kassidy. Whip to the corner, Kassidy hops over and hits a deep arm drag. Another one. Kick to the face, goes for one to Reynolds, but Reynolds does’nt quite enter and dodges it, he goes in to double team Kassidy, but in comes Quen ho hits a dropkick alongside Kassidy, sending Reynolds to the outside.

Silver with a kick. Side headlock. Tag to Quen. He comes in, goes behind, lifts up with an atomic drop, Kassidy kicks the back of the head. In comes Reynolds who gets an Inverted Atomic Drop, kick by Kassidy to the head again. Quen eats a hard chop. Tag to Reynolds.Head scissors takedown from Quen. Tag to Kassidy. Kassidy to the top and dives off with an axe handle. Whip to the ropes and Kassidy lifts. Flapjack/bulldog combo! Cover for 1…NO! Kassidy with a go bhind, tag to Silver who comes in and locks up with Kassidy then powerbombs him onto the knees of Reynolds. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Silver to the chest. He boots Kassidy against the ropes. Tag to Reynolds. Silver drives his shoulder into the back of Kassidy. Reynolds enters and does the same. Backbreaker and a cover for 1..2..NO!! Reynolds knocks Quen off the apron. Inside crale surprise by Kassidy for 1…2..NO!!!! Kassidy tries for a tag, but Reynolds locks the leg and tags in Silver. Cover for 1.2….NO!!! Tag to Reynolds. He comes in and drops an elbow to the chest. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Reynolds pulls back on the head then covers for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Silver who double teams with some rights then a right hand to Kassidy. A forearm from Silver. Kassidy elbows Reynolds, flips out of a hold from Silver, tag to Quen. Quen hits a clothesline, another, Reynolds in, and gets a back body drop. Manhattan Drop. Dropkick to Silver. Clothesline sends Reynolds to the outside. Kick out of the corner, Quen to the top rope. Moonsault! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Reynolds is there to stop the pin! Kassidy in to hit a few punches, eata. Kick, then get swung into another kick. Quen has Reynolds, they go for Silly String, but Silver stomps them!!! Boot too the head, Silver has Quen on his shoulders. Spinning sit-out powerbomb! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Silver and Reynolds sit Quen and Kassidy on opposite corners. Quen shoves Silver down, Reynolds is next, Swanton but the knees are up! 450 Splash, but Quen lands on his feet. Reynolds sees Quen standing and hits Rolling elbow, Silver with an Enziguri, Reynolds with a German! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! NIIIICE SEQUENCE! Silver and Reynolds lock Quen up with a flipping DDT, but Kassidy steps up and hits an enziguri. Pele kick to Silver.

Tag to Kassidy. Quen gets kicked out of the corner, Kassidy shoves with his boots, Kassidy lands on his feet, GIN AND JUICE! Pin for 1..2….3!!!

Winners: Private Party
A little rough on the offset, with not a whole lot happening the first five minutes or so. The ending had two solid sequences, but the road to get there was a little bumpy and lacked scenery. Perfectly average match for the guys.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 10:18

Pre show is over! Time for some Pastrami Pizza! Vanessa, bring me my slice!!!

Time for AEW ALL OUT!

Match 1: Tooth and Nail Match
Dr. Britt Baker vs Big Swole

Big Swole pulls up in a limo with a ref. The ref wonders if this is the place. Big Swole says you damn skippy. She enters the office, smacks Reba with a clipboard, because she didn’t recognize her, apparently. Swole enters a dentist office and there is blood droplets on the floor. Swole ponders where she could be. Swole says she’s been waiting for her. So she must be…

Swole walks down the hall and turns left. In the shadows, Britt walks slowly with a clear mask on. Horror music plays. Swole opens a cabinet, and it’s full of little motorized teeth ala The Joker. From behind, Britt takes her diploma off th wall and clocks Big Swole. Swole grabs a nearby pan and clocks Britt across the head. Reba comes up and attempts to squirt her…

We head to the outside and Swole is beating down Reba near a trash can. Swole is looking for Britt, but she has a crutch and smacks her across the back with it. Swole and Britt re-enter the dental office, and Swole grabs an office chair. She sends it flying into Britt. Britt with a superkick to Big Swole, sending her into a dental chair. Britt has a powerdrill. Lol. Wild. She tries to drill Big Swole but she escapes. In comes Reba, with a syringe. Swole pulls the top of it off, she tries to stab Swole with it, but Swole is able to overpower Britt, and Britt ends up stabbing herself in the thigh with the shot!

Britt fades! She’s out! The ref calls it.

Winner: Big Swole
I suppose there’s a big part of me that had no idea what to expect. I didn’t hate the match, but it did leave a lot to be desired, as the rules weren’t explicitly explained, and even though I loved the horror tropes, they were too small to mean anything significant. Also not sure what was in the needle for her to pass out the way she did, only to wake right back up. I’m not 100% how I feel about this, but I’m almost positive I didn’t like it.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 6:29

Match 2: The Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy and Nick to start. They start with some rope work, a few arm drags.

Matt removes his bandana and eats a shoulder from Jungle. He flies and goes for a DDT, but Matt holds on and hits a Northern Lights! He goes for another. Another. A fourth! They tumble to the outside! Matt rolls back into the ring as the ref hits four. Stunt checks on Jungle Boy. Jungle back in the ring! Running Knee from Matt! Cover for 1..2…NO!!

Lucha hits Matt with a headbutt. He goes on all fours. Jungle Boy flies to the outside onto Nick! Lucha sends Matt to the outside. Lucha to the apron. Moonsault to The Young Bucks! Jungle Boy wants a rana on the apron, but Nick drops him hard! Destroyer to Lucha in the ring!!! Matt walks over to Stunt and kicks his crutch away then Superkicks Stunt in the face! Deeeeyum. Matt gets Jungle Boy on his apron on the outside. Nick to the apron. Running kick to Jungle Boy! Nick tags in Jungle Boy. They seat Jungle Boy on the 2nd rope and pull him horizontally. Nick flies with a senton onto the abs of Jungle Boy! Pin for 1..2…NO!! BTE Trigger, but Jungle misses, they hook up for a Meltzer Driver, but Lucha there to chokeslam Nick!!! Lucha grabs Matt, swings him into a cutter form Jungle! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Nick is there to break it up. Jungle Boy sends Nik into the crowd. Lucha springboards into the crowd!!!!

In the ring, Jungle Boy flies off the top rope. SUPERKICK!!! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!!! In comes Nick. Jungle Boy is up.

SUPERKICK PARTY!!! Cover for 1…2…NO!!!!! Tag to Matt. They grab Jungle Boy, They each have an arm. BTE TRIGGER! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Young Bucks
Unfortunately, the pre-show feed went in and out over and over, causing me to miss the first half of the match, and for the timer to be completely off. I quickly ran home and put on the full event, missing a bulk of the opening of this match. Expect a full review and recap of it tomorrow in this spot. Sorry guys!
Total Rating: Full Rating in Post
Match Time: ????

Tony and JR talk about Battle Royals.

Roberts explains the rules for the upcoming Battle Royal, which is similar to previous, using a “Special Deck.”

Match 3: Casino Battle Royale

First Group: Trent Baretta, Christopher Daniels, The Blade, Jake Hager, Rey Fenix

Hager and Blade has Daniels in the corner. Rey and Trent are going at it in the corner as well. Rey whips Trent then hits a dropkick as Hager back suplexes Daniels. Blad locks up for a Fisherman’s, spins it. Rey with a cravat from behind to Trent. Blade and Hager continue to work on Daniels. Hager hits a right, Blade with a back suplex, but Daniels lands on his feet and sends Blade into Hager, and they smack heads! Rey walks the ropes, springboards and arm drags and Trent lands awfully close to Hager. Tornado DDT from Trent to Rey! Blade trucks him, and Hager sends Blade into the corner. Daneils flies off the 2nd rope with a DDT to Hager. Hager lifts Daniels and slams him back down. Rey grabs Trent, Blade helps him to send Trent over the top rope but Trent holds on. We are at 8 seconds.

Second Group: Frankie Kazarian, Will Hobbs, Chuck Taylor, Santana, and Ortiz

Kaz runs up to help Daniels and attacks Hager. Hobbs goes straight for Fenix, while Chuck runs to help his buddy. Santana and Ortiz run out with their baton and attack Chuck immediately! They take him to the outside and beat him down before he can enter! Trent suicide dives to the outside! Trent sends Ortiz into the barricade. Rey and Blade continue to double team, sending Hobbs into the ropes. Hobbs spins Fenix into a swinging kick to Blade. Hobbs sends Blade to the outside!! He is eliminated!!! Hager and Kazarian fighting on the right side, and Santana finally enters the ring. Rey has Hobbs in the corner. Santana has Trent in the corner, choking him up. Ortiz is there to help out. Hager gets a right hand from Kazarian. Hager with a right hand. He gutwrenches. Ortiz screams at the cam THE BEST. Ortiz attacks Kaz. We are at 7 seconds.

Third Group: Billy Gunn, Penta El Cero, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Darby Allin

Billy attacks Hager immediately, hitting a Fameasser. Cage is in, and sends Billy out immediately. Allin is announced and he hits Cage with a skateboard! He goes straight for Stark, hits a Destroyer. Rey hits the ropes, but Darby knocks him off the top rope, and Feniz is eliminated. Soul Food from Chuck!


Santana And Ortiz attack!!! They eliminate Chuck Taylor!!! Ortiz chokes up Trent with Hager against the ropes. Hager rushes the corner to attack Kaz and prevent Santana from being eliminated. Hager holds Kaz behind and Santana hits a right hand to the gut while Cage has Hobb on the ropes, and Starks is stomping Darby. Cage gives Penta a right hand. Penta kicks Cage, so Ricky smacks Penta, Darby chops Ricky and sends him into the corner as we hit 5 seconds.

Fourth Group: Shawn Spears, Eddie Kingston, The Butcher, Sonny Kiss, and Lance Archer.

Spears is in no rush to enter the ring. In fact, he walks over to commentary and puts on the headset. He says some stuff, insulting Excalibur, tells Taz he looks fantastic. Eddie and The Butcher head straight for Kaz. Eddie punches from above while Butcher helps him. Sonny runs in and attacks Hager immediately. Lance Archer’s music hits and he spins over the top rope into the ring, crashing into multiple men!!! Hager has Sonny against the ropes. Sonny escapes. He sends Hager to the outside! SONNY ELIMINATES HAGER!!! Cage is here. He sends Sonny to the outside. Sonny is out! Tully hands Spears something.

Hager, on the outside, clocks Sonny hard. Spears onitnues to walk around the ring, not entering. Santana runs and Trent sends him to the outside!! He’s eliminated! Ortiz gets sent over the top rope, and Trent is about to send him out, but archer grabs Trent and sends him over the top! Ortiz thinks he’s outsmarted everyone, so Archer punches him in the face.


Matt comes down and knee strikes Spears!!!! Hobbs is on the ground. Matt to the top rope!!! He botches a Shooting Star!!!!! AWWW SHIT!!! Kaaz grabs him and presumably checks on him. Hobbs lifts Matt and hits a back elbow. Archer and Cage are going at it. Archer steps on the face of Starks. Penta has been eliminated!!! Blade and Kaz are in the middle of the ring. Kick tohe knee from Kaz. Whip is reversed and Kaz is tossed over the top rope to the outside! He is eliminated! Butcher fights Sydal. Sydal hits a roundhouse. A bunch of pyros go off. WTF. Lol.

Cage holds up an X! He hits Spears with an F5! Neckbreaker to Hobbs! Flatliner to….GERMAN TO KINGSTON! He tries one for Archer! No! CLOTHESLINNE!!! He tires another to Drarby, Darby ducks Cage hits Starks!!! Stunner to Cage! Darby eliminates Starks!!! Cage grabs Darby, ripcord right!!! Hard drop to the head.

Starks grbs Darby and sends him into the ringpost!! Starks grabs a body bag!!! A LITERAL BODY BAG!!!

Sydal has Archer in the corner. Butcher has Hobbs.

Cage grabs a bag of thumbtacks out of thebody bag and drops them all in the bag. Cage zips up Darby in the bag!!!! Cage grabs Darby onto his shoulder and just tosses the bag over the top rope!!!! Starks opens the bag to yell at Darby then leaves to the back.

Spears misses a splash. Spears on the apron. Sydal is there to kick him, but Spears grabs his head and gets him on the apron. High kick to the head of Spears. Sydal to the top rope and he dives ith a stomp to Spears! He’s eliminated! Matt to the top rope. Hobbs is there, Sydal hops over, Spinebster to Sydal into the tacks!!!!! Hobbs turns. Archer is there. Hobbs with a right. Archer hits the ropes, Archer hits them too and trucks Hobbs down!

Here comes Cage!!!

They go head to head. Right hand from Archer. Right from cage. Archer. Age. Archer. Cage. Archer, kick from Cage, another kick, right hand from Archer, cage kicks, another, Cage flips out of a GOOZLE! Knee to Archer, Kick to Hobbs. Hurricanrana from Cage!!!! Holy hell. He hits the ropes, Hobbs is there to punch him, lock the head, pulls Cage over the top rope, elbows to the face back and forth. Archer is there to kick both men off!!!!

Archer with a right hand to Sydal. Nutcher here to beat him up. Kingston tries to yell at Archer. Archr clocks him. Butcher with a crossbody in the center of the ring! Butcher grabs Matt. Archer up, He attacks the back. BUTCHER IS ELIMINATED!!! Archer lifts Matt, Matt on the shoulders. Archer shoots him off. DDT TO KINGSTON!! Archer lifts Sydal. He hits the Blackout!!! Archer wants to chokeslam him, but Sydal on the apron. Eddie sends him off. Archer on the apron. Eddie on the apron. Hager holds up the snake in a bag. Butcher is here to grab Archer. Archer kicks him. Archer kicks Blade, who is back.

Eddie on the top rope. He bites the ear. Right hand to Archer. Again, Jake sends the bag into Eddie. Archer grabs him by the neck. Archer sends Eddie flying into Butcher and Blade.

Winner: Lance Archer
That was a whole lot of sloppiness in between and out of four ropes. There were some spots that were fun, like Darby in a thumbtack filled body bag, but there seemed to be a hell of a lot of chaos throughout that just soured the match. From Sydal’s unfortunate botched Shooting Star Press, to some random as fireworks going on, Cage holding up the X, and just an all around mess of an ending, this didn’t do all that well. The right man won, but it was a mess to get there.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 21:46

Match 4: Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

We get Matt Hardy near the football field, yelling for Sammy to come out and face his Deletion like a man. Matt waits, turns around, and Sammy is in a golf-cart. He stares Matt down, the bell rings, and Sammy chases Matt down with a golf cart! Matt side steps and Sammy crashes into some trash cans. Matt attacks him quickly! He tosses him into a trash can then noto a picnic table. Matt grabs Sammy, attacks the back, Sammy works the leg, but Matt hits a DDT ONTO THE TABLE!!! Ouch. Aubrey starts the count. Matt picks him up at 3.They head to a lift. Both men go up. They’re near by a table. Matt looks for Side Effect but Sammy spears Matt and they fly off the lift onto the table! It looks like Matt smacked his head on the cement! The ref is checking on Matt. Sammy asks Aubrey to count. Sammy undresses as the ref starts the count. Aubrey hits 7 and Hardy is up. Sammy grabs him and drags Matt. Matt is unable to stand. Sammy cant hold Matt up. Matt swings with some rights. He is finally on his feet, but he ends up falling in a daze. Aubrey holds the X up. She holds Sammy back. Sammy says the match isn’t over. In comes a Doc to hold Matt back as Sammy walks away. Matt is up. He looks like 6ix N9ne. He wants Sammy to come and get his deletion. We follow Sammy omin towars the ring. He is pissed as trainers walk him back.

Aubrey is still walking Matt through the halls. Here comes Sammy out of a door to DDT Matt onto the concrete!!! I guess we are back on! Matt grabs Sammy and drags him down through the stands. Matt with a right hand. Sammy heads towards the stage. They climb some steps onto the stage. Sammy with a right. Matt returns with one of his own. They go back and forth. Sammy sends matt into some scaffolding. Sammy climbs it. Matt climbs as well. Matt punches Sammy. Sammy falls off the scaffolding onto the stage! Sammy breaks though the stage. Ref is at 5.

Sammy will not stand. The ref hits 10, Match is over.

Winner: Matt Hardy
I get the feeling Matt wanted to tell his story of how he will not die, but it came off as awkward and unclear due to the haphazard way of the “injury” spot. The complete stop of the match then restart is odd, considering the notion that a doctor wouldn’t just allow it to continue after only a few seconds. This seems like another in a row of good idea, bad execution.
Total Rating: 1/2*
Match Time: 6:15 (match stopped then restarted, time is cumulative).

Match 5: AEW Women’s Championship Match
Hikaru Shida vs Thunder Rosa

The girls go head to head. Rosa shoves her face. They go back and forth doing he same until Rosa takes her down by both legs. Shida goes for a Triangle ,but Rosa turns this into an ankle lock. Shida gets to the ropes. Rosa works the arm, kicking the wrist. Shida flips out, reverses, rolls through, Rosa rolls through with hre, shida goes for a knee, Rosa hits the ropes, over the top in the corner. Kick to Shida, right hnd to Shida in the face. Another to the face. Shida brings one back. Chop to the chest. Rosa hits the ropes, Shida ducks a clothesline, Shida lcks the arm. Arm drag from Rosa. Hurricanrana from Shida!!! They dropkick at the same time!! Face to face y both girls. Rosa calls herself the real champion. Shida shoves Rosa. Rosa kicks Shida away then hits an elbow. Right hand to the face. Rosa sends Shida to the corner. Stomps in the corner. Rosa with a snapmare then a kick to the back. Shida corners Rosa with a shoulder. Chop to Shida. Another. Whip to the corner, Shida blocks, but Rosa with some double knees!!! Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Rosa grabs the head and hits an uppercut. Whip to the ropes is reversed, Shida with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Shida leaves the ring. Drags Rosa over the apron. Shida runs with a knee lift! Shida sets up a chair. She runs, but it’s Rosa who runs and flies off the chair with a dropkick to Shida!!! Rosa sends Shida into the apron. Again. She pushes Shida into the ring and pulls her back against the ringpost. Rosa pulls back on the leg and screams as she pulls the back into the post. Elbow to the neck. Another one. Running kick to Shida’s head!

Rosa enters the ring and drags Shida to the center. Cover for 1…2..NO!!!! Shida gets sent into the corner back first. Again. Backbreaker! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Rosa with an uppercut. Again. Shida ducks under a clothesline. SLEEPER!!! Body scissors. Rosa turns it into a pin. 1..2…N!O!!! Rosa rolls over and Rosa pulls back on the arms! She swings Shida like a pendulum. She walks to the corner and sends Shida’s head into the bottom buckle a few times. Rosa drags Shida to the center again, runs the ropes, and hits a leg drop, but Shida grabs the leg!!! She goes for a stretch muffler submission, but Rosa escapes and kicks Shida!! Right hands to the back. Roundhouse from Rosa, but Shida grabs the leg and tries for the submission again! Rosa with a hurricanrana! They meet in the center, right hands from both! Shida with a knee strike!!!

Shida goes for a suplex, struggles for it, ends up hitting it. Cover for 1..2…NO!! Running knee. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Shida lifts up for the Falcon Arrow, but Rosa reveres into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Rosa from behind. She locks up, Shida sends her into the corner. Shida rushes the corner, Rosa dodges and hits a running clothesline in the corner. Swinging knees to Shida. Shida hits the ropes and dives with a dropkick to the face! Ouch. Rosa and Shida are both on the stage. Rosa lifts and gets a Fireman’s. Shida escapes. They get to the top rope. Rosa gets Shida in a Firemans on the apron. She hits a Death Valley Driver on the apron!!! Rosa rolls Shida into the ring and pulls back the arm of Shida. Shida tries to reach the ropes. She does! Rope break. Rosa with kicks from behind. Shida up. Rosa runs the ropes, Shida dodges and Rosa rolls to the outside. Shida to the 2nd rope, she hits on the top rope. She dives. Knees to Rosa! Shida crawls to the ring. Ref is at 7, both girls are in. Shida eats a right. She gets one back. Right from Rosa. Right from Shida. They go back and forth, staning up, Rosa with body shots. Knee to the stomach. Dropkick off the ropes, but Shida bounces off with a knee. German to Shida! Enziguri to Rosa! FALCON ARROW! Pin for 1…..NO!!!!

Oh shit!

Shida shoots for another, but Rosa turns it into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Shida grabs the leg. Shida wants the Stretch Muffler! Rosa crawls for the ropes. Rosa reaches the ropes! Shida grabs the hair, Rosa with some shots, then a Backstabber! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Rosa locks Shida up on her back and spins, but Shida rolls her up, and Rosa rolls right back out, Shida with a hard right. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Shida tries to get Rosa on her shoulders, BACKBREAKER!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!!

Shida with a running knee to the face! Cover for 1…..2…..3!!!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida
After the Battle Royal and the Hardy v Guevara match, this was a nice change of pace. I could see where some people could fall into the complaint of the lulls the match had, but these girls kicked each others’ asses. This also means a lot for the title itself, and could give a bit of a boost to the women’s division.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 16:57

Kip is standing by with some words for us.

He and Ford are with Marvez. Ford announces they’re getting married. This wedding will be live on Dynamite. Kip says that there is no wedding without a bachelor party. Who is the best man? Well Kip found the guy. He will tells us on Wednesday.

He then advertises his twitch, and is sure to point out that it’s AEW approved.


All four faces attack!

Match 6: The Dark Order vs Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, and Matt Cardona

Lee and Dusty start. Lee attacks from behind, and Dustin heads to the outsid.e Chops from Lee. Chop from Dustin. Uppercut and both men re-enter the hing. Lee drops Dustin and tags I evil uno. Clothesline from Dustin. Right hand to the corner. Tag to QT and they double team with a knee lift and a right hand. Stomps in the corner to Evil Uno. Tag to Sky. He whips into the ropes and hits a righ hand. Side Russian Leg Sweep. Cover for 1…NO! Kick to the back. Uppercut. Tag from Matt. Neckbreaker. Cover for 1..2..N!O!!! Matt tags in QT. Right axe off the corner. Whip and Uno rolls to the outside. QT follows out then back in. Uno and Grayson attack in the corner. Tag to Grayson. Stu in with kicks in the corner. Stomps over and over. Tag to Colt. Colt with a huge chop in the corner. Rights in the corner over and over and an elbow drop to the head. Tag to Lee. Lee whips QT into the corner then hits a back body drop. Stu in to beat down QT. Stu locks the head. Tag from Uno who rakes the back. Dustin with a cheap shot and a right! Haha. Nice. Well, the ref is distracted so Lee and Colt attack. Uno uses the wrist tape to choke up QT a bit. Tag to Stu. He sends QT flipping into the ropes, Stu gets him on the shoulders. QT drops. Catches Stu and drops him! QT wants a tag, but Uno gets one first. He bites the fingers of QT then sends Dustin off the apron. Tag to Colt. Whip to the corner. Colt runs and hits misses an elbo. He ducks under Uno and tags in Matt. Right to Uno. Right to Cabana. Whip from Colt. Knees and Matt dives off with a dropkick. Cardona runs with a flying fist to the corner. Broski Boot. Attempt but Stu is in. Back Body Drop! Reboot is what it’s called. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Lee pulls the boot onto the ropes. Lee taunts Brandi on the outside.

In the ring, Colt slaps Cardona. Facebuster by Cardona. He hits the ropes, and Uno is there to hold them. Matt rolls to the outside. Lee rolls Matt into the ring. Lee offers him to Colt. Cabana drags Cardon into the ring and covers for 1..2.NO!!! Cravat from behind. Jawbreaker and Colt drops an elbow. Tag to Stu. Stu with a knee drop to the face. Stu sends Cardona to the apron. Stu with a flip over the ropes and a senton to Cardona. Cover in the ring for 1..2..NO!!! Rollup for 1..2….NO!!! Stu sends Cardon a into the corner. Tag to Lee. Lee sends Matt into the corner. Lee punches Dustin. Then sends Matt back into the corner. Tag to Uno. Tag to Stu. They both enter. Cardona fights back to both, but Uno catches him, sets up for a Brainbuster, Stu kicks the back of the head on the way down. Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Uno who sends QT off the ropes. Uno kicks Cardona around a bit. Locks the head. Goes for a suplex, but Matt turns it into a neckbreaker! Tag to Dustin! Clothesline! Another. Drops. Uppercut. He sends Uno off. Inverted Atomic Drop. Bulldog to Stu! Powerslam to Uno! Stu flies off, another Inverted! Powerslam!!! He goes for another on the entering Colt! Colt avoids it, but doesn’t avoid a destroyer!!! Tag to Scorpio!!!

Sky is ready for it! Anna Jay is in! She goes for a right hand! Brandi is in! She runs with a Pump Kick to Anna! Sky with a hurricanrana to Lee!!! He is sent to the outside! Stu is outside to grab Anna Jay! Sky hits the ropes, Stu is there to interrupt. SKY WITH A TKO!!! Pin for 1…2..NO!!!! Uno is there to stop the pin. Tag to Uno. Tag to Lee. Cardona in, hops over Uno, Radio Silence to Grayson! Another to Uno! He’s the legal man! QT gets a tag! Cardon flies over the top rope onto Grayson and Uno!!! He runs into the ring. He goes for Radio Silence, but POWERBOMB FROM LEE!!!! Tag to Colt! QT is the legal man! He sends Lee outside. Cabana goes for a backsplash in the corner but QT moves and Colt crashes!!! QT hits the ropes. He flies to the outside!!!

Back in the ring, he goes for the Cutter, but Uno is there to mess him up, hit a powerbomb! Lee slams QT down! Colt flies off the corner with a splash! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Lee. Colt gives in, evn though he feels he had the win. Lee talks some shit to Dustin. Lee sends QT into the corner, wanting the tag from Dustin. Dustin gets it. He enters and they go at it! Rights until Lee sets him up for a powerbomb, Dustin float over, hits the ropes, Spinning Discus Clothesline!

Tag to Colt. Colt pulls Dustin to the center. Colt to the top. Moonsault! Dustin moves!! ROLLUP!!! 1…..2…NO!!!!!

Winners: Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, and Matt Cardona
A fun match that perhaps made Dustin Rhodes a bit more of a deal than he actually is. The Dark Order loses again, and I can see how that would upset some, but seeing Lee go wild is always fun.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 15:05

Lee is pissed. He yells at Colt that he set him up! He shoves Colt down. Colt says it’s his fault. He’s sorry. Lee yells that he saved Colt and leaves to the back. Everyone follows except Evil Uno. He offers Colt a hand, pulling him out of the corner, and walks him to the back.

Backstage, Tony is with Dustin, and wants to ask how big the win was for tonight.

Dustin is pumped. He says they left The Dark Order in the dust. They did this for Cody. Because soon he will be back and take what is rightfully his. We are informed that Dustin will get a shot at the title on Wednesday. Dustin is shocked, says this is…it’s been a long time. He thanks Tony and says hard work pays off. He tells Brodie, God Damnit boy, he’s coming for his blood, and hell is coming with him.

Omega, very obviously, gets a hell of an entrance in comparison to his tag team partner.

Match 7: AEW World Tag Team Championship Match
FTR vs Adam Page and Kenny Omega

Page wants to start the match, so Omega tags him in. Page asks if Omega trusts him. Cash acks Page into the corner then offers a handshake. Page attacks!! Dax in to help, but Page is able to take Cash down and send Dax out. Omega comes in to help him and nearly gets clocked for it. They settle down. Boots to Cash and Dax. Tag to Omega and they take turns chopping Cash. They chop Cash down a few times then double team a chop. Omega cuts Cash off and chops the shit out of Cash. A chop from Cash. Omega backs him up and gets a tag to Page. Kicks to Cash. Boot. Omega with a leg lariat to the back of the head! Shooting Star Press from Page!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Cash with a back suplex to Page. Tag to Dax. Dax in, hits the ropes, misses an elbow drop. Page lifts, tag form Cash, Page hits him with a right hand. Whip to Page he comes back with a clotheline but Cash sends Page into the corner. Dropkick into the post! Cash gets a tag. They pull Page back against the corner. Omega is here to kick them away. Ref backs Omega away.

Back in the ring, Dax with a leg drop. Cover for 1..NO!! Dax spins Page onto his back and stomps the abs. Dax drops a headbutt to the chest. Dax pulls the hair. He hits a right hand. Dax with a right kick to the face. Tag and Dax whips Page into the knees. Cash in with a right hand. He drops Page into a gutbuster. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Dax locks up from behind. He gets an abdominable stretch. Tag to Cash and he comes in to continue the abdominal stretch. The ref claims to have not seen the tag. Hangman rolls Dax up for 1..2…NO!!! The ref took some time to see that rollup. Tag to Cash. Cash hits a shoulder to Page against the ropes. Page crumbles to the outside. Dax hits him with a kick. He hops up to the apron. Tag. Dax sends Page into the ring, but he vounces back out and hits a clothesline. Tag to Omega. Axe handle to Cash. Again. Cash blocks a right, hits the ropes, Omega hits a hammer ot the chest. 1..2…NO!!! Omega moves and Dax drops an elbow to Cash. Omega gets Cash to the shoulders, rolls through then hits the ropes and flies off backwards onto Cash! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Omega grabs the hair, locksup with a Full nelson, Cash drops it and sends Omega into the corner. Cash gets setn up and over, Dax is here, sent into the corner, hurricanrana to Dax. Cash hops off the top buckle. Dropkick to Cash!!!!

Omega waits in the ring. He stands up and shoots, hits the ropes, flies over the top onto FTR!!!! Omega to the top rope. Dropkick to the back of the head! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Omega gutwrenches. Tag to Dax and rope work results in Dax stopping him with a powerbomb! GERMAN from Cash! Jackknife cover to Omega from Dax for 1..2….NO!!! Page is back on the apron. Tag to Cash. Whip to the ropes. Kick from Omega to both men. High kick to Dax, then a knee strike to Cash. Tag to Page. He runs in, hits a clothesline to both men in th corner. Omega hits one next, sends Dax into an elbow then an assisted German to ax!!! Assisted Powerbomb!!!! Running knee to the back of the head! Cover for 1…2…NO!!!! Tag to Omega. Omega calls for Last Call. Both men on the apron. Dax holds onto the leg of Omega! Cash sends Page flying off the apron onto the barricade. Cash grabs Omega. Uppercut. He lifts Omega to the apron. Chop to Omega. Omega attacks the right side, drops Cash down face first. Omega to the top. Cash distracts the ref. Dax pulls the ropes. Omega is crotched. Tag to Dax. Chop to Omega. Dax locks the head. Page runs to the apron and holds onto the leg. Cash is here. DDT TO PAGE! Omega sends dax down hard. Omega kicks cash hard. Dax xback up. Tag from Cash. SUPERPLEX!! FROG SPLASH FROM CASH!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Goodnight Express attempt, Page clocks Wheeler, Dax with a brainbuster to Omega! Sliding clothesline from Page! Spinning tornado DDT fro Cash! Omega with a reverse rana! He grabs Cash, locks up with a double underhook Tiger Driver 98! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!!!

Omega up. He hits the ropes. Cash on the ropes. Running knee to the face!!! Omega sits Cash up on the shoulders,Cash drops, splash in thcorner, tag to Dax, Kenny hits the knees into the buckle, Dragon screw from Dax, and another from Cash. Dax in, locks the leg and gets an inverted Figure Four! Dax uses the ropes for leverage. Omega punches the knee, trying to break the hold. He rolls over to his stomach. He reaches the ropes! The ref breaks the hold. Dax pulls on the leg, then drops an elbow onto the inside of the leg. Again. Dax pulls back on the leg, as Omega tries to escape with an arm breaker. Dax puts Omega’s leg on the bottom rope. He drops his ass on it. Tag to Cash. Dax drops his ass on the leg again. Kick from cash. Omega rolls to the outside. He limps over to the barricade. Page runs over to check on him. Ref tells Page to get back to his corner. Omega hops into the ring, but Dax catches him. They pull him into the barricade. Dax lifts up and hits a right hand. Another. Dax locks the leg up on the ropes. Elbows from Omega, and Dax backs away. Wheeler chokes up Omega with the ropes. Omega flips over Dax, but gets pulled back, switch, Snap Dragon Suplex! One for Cash! Dax is close, Omega locks up, Dax drops down, rolls through, Omega pushes Dax into Page on the apron. Roll up for 1..2…NO!!!

Dax sends Omega into the corner. Splash and Dax hits the post. He tags in cash. Tag to Page!!! Page in! Right hand. Another. He whips. Dax holds the ropes but page is fine, he springboards Dax on the apron. Elbow from Cash, he turns and flies, Page catches. Fallaway Slam! Page flies over the top to the outside!! Cash rushes him, but Page pulls the ropes! Cash crashes! Page to the top rope! Cash and Dax walk to the opposite side, but Hangman doesn’t care! Senton off the top!!! Page covers in the ring for 1..2…NO!!!! Whip to Page, Cash stops him with a right hand. He locks the head, spins for a tornado, but Page escapes, elbows Dax off, standing switch, Cash pulls page into the ropes, and there’s Dax waiting with a clothesline and a tag. 1….2..NO!!!! Tag to Cash. Both men to the top rope. They fly. HEADBUTTS!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Omega is there to stop the pin! Dax sends omega to the apron Omega with a right, chop to Dax. Kick to Omega. Chop to Dax. Elbow to the back of the head. Omega locks the head, sends Dax into the ring, Sunset Flip from Cash to the outside. BULLDOG OFF THE APRON TO OMEGA!!!! Cash to the top rope. He flies off with a splash. Page moves! He ducks under, Cash attcks the back. Sits Page on the shoulders. Tag to Dax and he hits a bulldog! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Tag to Cash, but Omega is up to send them crumbling! Page sends Dax over the top rope! Page locks up on top. HOLY SHIT! He flips midair into a cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Page wants Last Call! He gets to the apron. Omega is in. Cash in the center of the page. Omega pulls Cash up, Dax gets kicked away, Buck Shot attempt, Omega ducks, V-Trigger, but Cash moves! IT HITS PAGE!!!! CHOP BLOCK TO OMEGA!!! Cash dropkicks Omega. Tag to Dax. Dax in, grabs Page, lifts up and Spiked Piledriver for a pin! 1…..2….NO!!!!! Tag to Cash.

FTR want another Spiked Piledriver, They go for it, Omega cant fight it. He’s struggling on the apron. He can’t get in. Tag to Cash. Cover for 1……2…….3!!!!!!!

Winners: FTR
A little long for my liking, but I’m sure that was by design. Good for FTR, who will likely go against some good teams coming, and Omega v Page is infinitely better than them two teaming.
Total Rating: ****

Page is struggling to stand. Omega has a tv tray in his hands. Uh oh…Omega shows some struggle. He shakes his head, tosses the mini table down, and Page goes in for a hug, but collapses. Omega heads to the tunnel and turns, staring down Page. He then leaves and heads to the back. We follow him as he goes to The Bucks, and says he’s done and he wants to leave. He says let’s go, and The Bucks follow him. They walk out of the arena, as Omega calls for a Clean Break. They have a car waiting for him. Omega asks them if they are with him or not. He tells them to think about it.

Jericho is backstage to talk about Cassidy v Jericho for the last 14 weeks. It wasn’t a program, a storyline, it was an experiment to see if Jericho could make Cassidy into a main event draw, and after 14 weeks, he can tell you that Orange is a legit main event draw. Tonight, the experiment ends. Tonight, Orange is done.

Match 8: Mimosa Mayhem Match
Orange Cassidy vs Chris Jericho

CODEBREAKER OUT OF NOWHERE! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Jericho goes in with the punches. Jericho tries to catapult Orange into the big ol vat of mimosa that’s ringside. Jericho tries to shove Orange into it, but only his hair grazes the pool. Jericho slams him into the floor. Jericho grabs the table that had a bucket of champagne on it and throws it into Cassidy’s face! Orange is able to send Jericho off the platform then run and hit a splash to Jericho!!! Orange sends Jericho into a barricade, and Jericho went head first. Jericho with a chair shot to Orange. Another to the back. Back to the vat of OJ and Champagne, and both men hit some rights, clocking each other on the head. Orange works the mid, Jericho fires back, they walk around it Jericho kicks Orange. Jericho sends Orange into the post, Jericho hits some rights. Orange hops up for a rana, but Jericho powerbombs him!! He’s trying to powerbomb him into the OJ, but turns and powerbombs Orange into the table!

Jericho takes Orange’s head and sends it into the vat. Orange blows air into the champagne and OJ. Jericho has the bat! He turns and….SUPERKICK TO JERICHO!!!! BUCKET TO THE HEAD!! Both men are in the ring. Orange with a right hand. Another. Another. Whip to Jericho, he holds onto the ropes, back body. Noooooo Orange holds onto the ropes!! Dropkcik off the ropes!!! Orange almost eats it!!! He hops over the running Jericho and stacks him up for 1..2..NO!!!! MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Pin for 1…2…NO!!!! Orange and Jericho on their knees. They fight back and forth, Jericho holds him up but Orange floats back down with a Stunner!!! Orange hits the ropes, spins, swings, Jericho grabs the legs. WALLS OF JERICHO!!!! Orange reaches the ropes, he grabs a pitcher, Jericho tuns, and Orange tosses the pitcher into his face! Jericho is blinded! Rollup for 1..2…NO!!!! Superman Punch!!! Orange grabs Jericho. He sends Jericho ofver the top rope! His foot falls into the mimosa!!! Orange to the top rope. He grabs Jericho. Chop to Orange. Jericho grabs Orange and tries to toss Orange into the orange, but he slingshots Jericho into the ropes. Orange sends Jericho into the buckle. Orange to the top rope. Jericho to the 2nd rope. Orange locksup. Top rope. Jericho punches, shoots Orange off the corner, Kip up from Orange! He runs into the corner, hurricanrana!!!! Orange hits the ropes. Kick to Jericho’s head!!! DDT to Jericho! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Orange to the top rope. He dives. CODEBREAKER FROM JERICHO!!! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Jericho calls for the end. He holds his hand up. He lifts Orange up but Orange holds onto the ropes. Jericho to the top rope. He is looking for a Razor’s Edge into the vat, but Orange slides off. Orange hops up.

Superman Punch to Jericho. Jericho holds on. Orange hits the ropes. Another Superman Punch! Jericho lands in the OJ!!! Orange Cassidy Wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
On one hand, we got a man obsessed with a little bit of the bubbly, and on the other, we have a man whose favorite liquid is in his name! This was a match months in the making, and no one was going to top it. Beuatiful. Just beautiful.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 14:38

Match 9: AEW World Heavyweight Championship Match
MJF vs Jon Moxley

MJF with a go behind, Moxley reverses, MJF pulls the leg out, they both stand. MJF lcoks the head, side headlock takedown. Pushes into a pin for 1…NO! Moxley on his knees. Rights to the mid, Jon misses a right, another headlock takedown from MJF. Pushed into another pin. Jon against the ropes, Jn with a body slam to MJF, he misses an elbow. MJF with another side headlock takedown! He pulls Jon’s arm behind his head. We see Archer in the stands. Jon is backed up against the ropes. Clean break, and Jon with a chop. MJF rolls outside. Jon follows and MJF rolls into the ring. Mox waits for him, and MJF says he’s not goin out. Mox back in, sends MJF outside, Moxley flies over th top, lands on his feet, and MJF rolls back into the ring. He is all smiles. Moxley kicks MJF, double underhooks, but remembers! MJF rolls him up for 1…2..NO!!! Moxley pretends to launch himself, MJF tries to slide in but Jon stomps his face. Haha. Jon hits the ropes. Suicide dive! Moxley sits MJF on the barricade dick first. Clothesline sends him down. Chop to MJF. Another. He sends MJF into the barricade HARD. Jon grabs the fingers of MJF and pulls them apart. MJF screams for the ref. lol.

Jon sends MJF into the ring, rolls up MJF for 1..NO!!! MJF works the arm, driving the elbow to the shoulder. MJF hops over and locks the head goes for a Cross Rhodes, but Moxley turns it into a sleeper. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! CROSS ARM BREAKER! Moxley turns it into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Jon knees into the hold and elbows MJF on the side of the head. Suplex onto the top rope. MJF drops Moxley on the apron arm first! He yanks the arm. Wardlow on the outside. He sends Dean into the ring. MJF stomps the left arm. Cover for 1…NO! MJF works the arm behind Moxley, bringing him down to the mat. Jon with a right hand. MJF covers. 1..2…NO!!!! Boot from MJF to the face. MJF with a side headlock, punch to the face. MJF works the arm behind Moxley again. Jon with a right hand to the face. Chop to MJF. Another. Another. MJF rakes the eyes! Whip to Mox, and he arm dragsJon into the buckle. Nice. 1..2…NO!!!! MJF hits the ropes then blocks Moxley to the outside. MJF heads to the outside, talking shit. Moxley sends MJF int othe apron hard. He then shoots the legs and catapults MJF right into the ringpost! Moxley rolls into the ring. He pushes his shoulder into the post a few times, trying to put it back in place.

MJF stands up, and he bladed. His face is covered with blood. Moxley sees it and loves it. He hits a clothsline, boot from the corner, nkee to MJF. He hooks the arm, turns this into a suplex, spinning MJF in the air. Jon grabs MJF and locks him up under his leg, looking for a piledriver, but the arm isn’t agreeing with him. MJF rolls out of the ring. Moxley follows, he grabs the leg, MJF runs, and Moxley catches him and slams him down hard, kinda like Deep Six. Jon sends MJF back in the ring. He runs toards him, but MJF grabs the arm, and Moxley is there with the Gotch style piledriver! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! MJF screaming NO during the piledriver is great. Moxley grabs the head of MJF and bites him!!! There is blood on Moxley’s face now. He grabs MJF and sits him up on the top rope. He spreads the legs then stands up to the 2nd rope. MJF grabs Moxley’s hand. He bites the finger!!!! MJF STOMPS THE SHIT OUT OF MOXLEY’S ARM!!! MJF works the arm, pulls back on it. Right hand from both, back and forth. Right hand, slap, Moxley with elbows. Moxley misses a clothesline. MJF kicks, another kick to the fac, he hits the ropes, right elbow, MJF spins with an elbow, but Jon with a GERMAN! Clothesline! Pin! 1……2….NO!!!! Moxley stands up! MJF is laid out! Moxley calls for MJF to stand and fight. MJF is on his knees. He looks to Moxley, Jon gets in his face, MJF spits in the face of Jon. Mocley grabs the head, double underhooks, the ref screams at him to think about what this means, Moxley stops. SALT OF THE EARTH!!!! MJF has the hold in! He’s biting the hand of Moxley! Jon reaches for the ropes. MJF pulls on the arm, locks it with his leg! He’s pulling back hard, Moxley gets to the rope! The ref breaks the hold.

Moxley on the apron. MJF drops to break a hold, hurting the arm. HEAT SEEKER FROM MJF! Pin for 1..2……NO!!!! SO CLOSE! MJF is pissed. He goes to the ramp and calls for another Heat Seeker. Moxley is able to stand and looks for an Alabama Slam, but instead hits a variation of a muscle buster! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Moxley to his knees. MJF to his. They go head to head. They get to their knees. Slap to Moxley. Jon fires back. MJF with another. Jon asks for another one. Forearm. Headbutt from both. Slaps back and forth over and over and Moley stands with knees. Headbutts. MJF with knees. Moxley hits the roeps, MJF pulls the ref in the way. THUMB TO THE EYE!! MJF with a backslide, and MJF is busted open all over again. 1….2..NO!!!! SLEEPER!!! LOW BLOW FROM MJF!!! Rollup for 1..2…NO!!!! MJF up first this time. He locks the head of Dean for the Cross Rhodes. He hits it! 1…2……NO!!!!!

Wardlow is on the apron. He is yelling at the ref. He tosses the ring into the ring. Moxley sees it. Wardlow has the ref still. Jon double underhooks. PARADIGM SHIFT!!!! PIN! 1…2…..3!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
Great fucking match. The blade job irked me, but I think I’m just not used to it after being conditioned for years that blood is bad. These guys put that shit all out there, especially the last five minutes or so when they just went IN on each other. Im also a fan of the ending because it gives MJF TONS of shit to talk considering Moxley cheated and is now even more of a stain on the name of AEW than before. MJF, this kid is going places.
Total Rating: ****1/4
Match Time: 23:40

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
Unfortunately for AEW, the dip in quality that happened about an hour in was something that took the entire show to recover from. It started with a Battle Royal that, although had a lot of energy leading into it, kind of fell apart after the debuting Matt Sydal botched a shooting star press. I think it put everyone on edge, causing a few bad spots immediately after. Even the ending was a little rough, considering it took a hell of a long time for Eddie to fear a snake that never came out the bag. Also, did they explain anywhere besides that very moment that he was afraid of snakes? This was followed by Matt Hardy seemingly concussing himself mid-match, causing a shortening of the match and an all-around worry of his well-being. Still, if we are to highlight the positives, FTR and Omega/Page did EXACTLY what we thought they were going to do, and then some. They killed it in the ring, telling a great story, and having a solid effort. Then, the main event opted to not be upstaged and did the damned thing as well. MJF has everything necessary as a character, but I hadn't seen much inside the ring to back it up. Tonight shut me up wholly, as he killed it, bled for us, and gave us a match that was hyper focused and a bit of a throwback to yesteryear. Dude was basically Ric Flair tonight. The opening contest is something I'll have to revisit to give a full opinion on it, as I wanted to like it, and I think I did - I just felt there was something missing. The Young Bucks continue their hellish ways, and I gotta give out props to QT who stood out the most in the eight man. All in all, this PPV was really good, but only slightly above average by AEW standards.

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