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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.21.24

February 21, 2024 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite Swerve Strickland 2-21-24 Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 2.21.24  

Hello all! So the girlfriend is still watching movies with Chris Evans. I fear I have lost her to America’s Ass.

Speaking of America’s Ass, my good friend Michael Ornelas crosses an ocean to try some mediocre Hawaiian fine dining! Check him out as he does an episode with his mom!

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Blackpool Combat Club vs FTR

Cash and Jon to start. Single leg from Cash, but Jon doesn’t go down. Tag to Claudio. Cash with a chop, uppercut, Claudio hits his own, another, another. Damn. Cash fights back, boxing him into the ropes. Shoulder tackle in the middle of the ring from both. Stalemate. Dropkick to the knee from FTR, he trips Claudio down. Tag to Dax. Dax with a huge chop. He sends Claudio to the corner, chop again. Claudio goes all thank you may I have another, but it’s a fake, as he kicks Dax and hits a body slam. Tag to Jon. Jon splits the legs and stomps the chest. Elbow drop. Cover for 1.NO! Big back body drop from Dax. Corner to Jon. Chop again. He locks the head, beautiful suplex. Leg drop! Cover! 1..>NO!!! Tag to Cash. He hits the ropes, Dax with a punch to the gut of Jon and Cash with a running knee. He tries or a suplex, Jon slips out, Sleeper! Cash gets to the ropes and shoots Jon to the outside! Claudio goes to check on Jon as they regroup.

Jon re-enters and they go head to head, butting each other until Jon hits a right, Cash hits his own and wants another right, they go back and forth. Cash hits him HARD! GAWD DAMN! Jon returns, kick from Jon, wihp to the ropes, back elbow drops Cash on his ass. He rolls to the apron. Dax checks on him and Jon drags hnim into the ring! Him and Claudio try to double team but Cash dives off the top rope with a clothesline to both men! FTR with dropkicks! FTR stands tall as BCC rolls outside!

FTR follows and Dax attacks Jon in the corner. Claudio sneaks behind him and gets an uppercut! Jon mounts for some elevated punches but here is Cash to pull him down and chop hard. Jon elbows him off the apron. Jon hits the ropes and suicide dives, but Dax shoves Cash aside! Cash shoves Jon into the steps headfirst! Cash sends Jon inside, follows, and drags him to the corner. Tag to Dax. Dax climbns up and beats down on Jon’s head while Cash hits a few punches to the mid. Abdominal Stretch from Dax. Claudio enters. Cash holds the fingers of Dax. The ref breaks it. Claudio comes in to break the hold. Dax sends Jon face first into Cash’s boots. Tag gets Cash in for a haaard chop. Dropkick to the chest. Tag to Dax. He whips Jon into the corner, and Jon flies out of it with a HUGE right hand! Tag to Claudio. He’s in with a huge lariat. Uppercut into the conrer, whip and a followup. Another, a left and a right over and over then a bunch of rights! Ref holds Claudio back, Claudio runs with another, dodging a kick. He calls for the big swing, shoots the legs, cin comes Cash, but a fireman’s stops him. Kick from Dax, Claiduo lifts to prevent a piledriver, but Cash kicks and they double up, only for Claudio to deadlift BOTH MEN AND DROP THEM WITH BACK SUPLEXES HOLY FUCK!!!

WE ARE BACK and Claudio has Dax hurting. He’s got a submission on him and the ref lifts the hand, but Dax is up and hits a jawbreaker to break the hold. Dax boots out of the corner. Claudio eats it, grabs a second kick, Dax chops, sends Claudio into the corner shoulder first. Tag to Cash! He corners Jon off his tag, chops, whip, hoop over and he rolls Jon up for 1.2…NO!!!! Jon drops steps behind, tries for Paradim Shift, Cash counters. BRAINBUSTAAA!!!!! Cover for 1.2…..NO!!!

WE have five minutes remaining. Tag to Dax. They try to finish with Shatter Machine, but Claudio is in to stop it. They try to suplex Cash, Dax spears Claudio and Cash gets a cradle! Cover! 1..2..NO!!! Jon tries for a back suplex, Dax gets a blind. Elbowss to both from Jon, right hand, boot to Cash. Another. Cash pops up Jon to his shoulders and here comes Dax flying with a clothesline! Dax tries for a super plex, Cash is on the adjacent corner, Claudio shoves him off, grbs Dax, waits for Jon, but Cashe sends Claudio into the post! POWERPLEX FROM FTR BUT KNEES ARE UP!!!! Claudio in! BIG SWING!!!! WE are reminded of the time yet again, so this is likely going the distance. DROPKICK FROM JON INTO THE SWINGING HEAD OF DAX!! Cover! 1.2….NO!!!!! Jon locks Dax up. Elbows to the chest! BULLDOG CHOKE TO DAX! He gets the leg wrap in. Cash is alive! He crawls! But Claudio is there to get a choke on him! Two minutes remaining! Cash stands with Claudio on his back and falls onto Jon and Dax! Claudio and Cash roll outside. Dax and Jon trade rights. Dax locks in a sharpshooter. Cash in. Claudio runs iun, lock up from behind. Claudio kiciks Dax, again, Cash with a GERMAN!!!! Drop toe hold from Claudio, and he locks in a Sharpshooter! He turns to face Dax! They trade right hands while still holding in th submission! The slaps make them drop the hold! Backslide from Dax, roll through,

PILEDRIVER TO CLAUDIO!! CRUCIFIX PIN FROM JON!! 1..2…..NO!!! REAR CHOKE TO DAX!!! Dax is turning purple! Jon flips him off, hits the ropes, Cash is up, Shatter Mac—-NO!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TIME LIMIT HAS EXPIRED!!

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 20:00

FIVE MORE MINUTE chant! All four men stare each other down. There’s a pause. THEY GO AT IT!!! All four wrestle each other down until some goons come down to stop, which include Butcher and Blade? Lol.

Some security corner Dax, and Claudio chokes him out from behind on the outside! Hahaha. Tight.

Jon is pacing around outside. Cash flies from out of nowhere to attac. Claudio tries to choke him out. Ref and security stop it.

We head to the back.

Renee is backstage with Orange Cassidy and homie from the medical staff. Renee goes over Orange’s recent history covering the history of him and all his matches recently. How is he here and how does he feel? Is he clear?

OC says Doc will let him know. He does meet minimal medical clearance. So yeah, he’s cleared. OC says if he is cleared, he’s going to wrestle.

FTR is backstage, pissed. They tell Marvez that they don’t bow down to no one. Revolution is coming up, they don’t have a match, let’s..

But here is Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli with some security holding them back. They want a fight. Cash says name the time and place. Jon shoves some security like a minor nuisance and we head back to the ring.

Before the match, OC leaves the ring and attacks Mike on the ramp.

Orange Cassidy vs Mike Bennett

After rolling Mike into the corner, OC gives some soft stomps then turns them into huge ones. Mike whips him hard into the corner then hits a suplex and a cover for 1.NO!!! Stomp to OC. Mike shoves OC into the corner head first then puts a boot to his head. SUPLEX to OC. Cover. 1…2..NO! Big chop drops OC. He tries for another suplex but OC turns into a Stundog! Big DDT to Mike. Kip up! Roderick Strong is here to distract! Ref wants him gone! He calls for more refs to get him out of here. The ref and others take Roderick out. OC has his hands in his pocket. He turns. Mike with a DICK PUNCH!!! PILEDRIVER!

WE come back to Mike grabbing a headset at the booth to say that Strong is the greatest, and he’s here to put down guys like Orange Cassidy. He removes the headset and her comes OC flying with a suicide dive. HE enters the ring and gets another one. He tries to send Mike into the ring, but Mike stops it and hits a spinebuster onto the apron, THEN A DVD ONTO THE FLOOR!! LAWD! He sends oC into the ring. Follows. Mike to the corner, turns, ORANGE PUNCH TO MIKE!!! They are both up and trade power positions for a piledriver until Mike takes over and hits a piledriver. Cover for 1.2..NO!!!

SUPERKICK FROM OC! Elbow from Mike! Rolling elbow! OC falls. Mike lifts him, hooks up, but OC with Beach Break! Cover for 1..2…3!!!!!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
OC continues his climb to Strong, and they’ve kept it a little interesting…that is until Jake came out. Lol.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 9:45

Here comes Taven to attack!!! He and Mike double team OC until…

Jake Hager, of all people, come out to make the save. Jager is wearing shades and black shorts. He grabs OC and helps him up.

Backstage, Renee is with Angelo Parker who is nervous for his first date with Ruby. Speaking of the Riot, Ruby Soho walks into frame in a dress. Parker asks if she is ready to go. An SUV comes up, Ruby wonders if that’s for them, but Parker says no they got a lift.

Speaking of bad angles, the camera man focuses on the feet that exit the vehicle for some reason.

It’s Ric Flair walking out of the back seat like he’s early for Bingo at the Legion hall.

We are back to the show and Ric Flair is still walking. Renee stops him in the hallway to ask about March 3rd. Ric doesn’t seem too excited. He says he’ll be honest; he’s disappointed. When he signed up for this, he thought there’d be a better result. He’s upset that he’s not more involved. He should be right in the middle of things, but he hasn’t been here the pst few weeks. Tonight, he’s going to explore some options.

Flair continues his walk, knocks on a door, and The Young Bucks answer the door. They wonder what he wants. Ric asks them if they’ve got time, and they say ok, let’s talk.

WE zoom in on the door handle as the door closes.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring, and he introduces the Dancing Daniel, Daniel Garcia.

He comes out, gives a quick shimmy, and enters the ring. Tony brings up the match he had with Adam Copeland. Tony informs us that Copeland is not able to compete, so Garcia will be getting the title shot against Christian Cage next week.

Garcia says a lot of the time, he feels like he doesn’t deserve it, so the chants that he does mean a lot to him. He feels he’s destined for great things, but a few months ago, he was at the lowest, and he started to lose that confidence and feeling. He knew going through al this that three seconds is all that he needed, and at the end of the Continental Classic.

He goes full face, saying we thanked him restore that feeling. As for Adam, no one knows how that match would have ended last week, but he is confident that if it went any longer, he would have tapped. He will see Adam again, but the next time, he will be holding the TNT Title.

As for Cage, when he steps in the ring with Garcia, he will..

Well, we cant find out because here comes Christian Cage

He says Copeland will not have a chance at his title again ever. He tells Tulsa to sit down and shut up. He says what happened to Garcia last week was just a byproduct of being in the ring with Copeland, but now he stands the number one contender. He says as much as he wants to go one-on-one, he doesn’t think it should happen at Revolution. Its not that DG isn’t worthy, it’s that he doesn’t think DG is ready.

Cage says Garcia is easily distracted. He likes his gyrations just fine, but they are distractions. He’s pandering to the fans. Cage wants to leave every night as the most dominant champion of all time. Cage knows something we don’t know. Garcia had a pretty dark childhood, didn’t he? He didn’t have so many happy memories. Does Daniel know a Jackie Garcia that lives in Buffalo, New York? Married to David Garcia? David Garcia, Daniel’s father…and his father is DEAD!

Garcia’s father wasn’t so great was he? He was a piece o f crap loser alcoholic who lost his life to the bottle. Unlike him, Cage doesn’t want to hurt him, Daniel, he wants to help. He wants to make sure Daniel realizes his full potential. At Revolution, he doesn’t wanna be his opponent, he wants to be his father.

Garcia says if Cage ever opens his mouth about his beautiful mother again, but since he knows so much about his dead father, how bout Cage come to the ring and he’ll put him in the ground right next to him.

Cage gives the nod and Nick Wayne runs down just to get placed n a Sharpshooter. Cage demands Killswitch attack, so he comes down the ramp, struggles on the apron, but here comes Matt Menard with a chair! He smacks Lucha a good one, another, then enters the ring with a chair for Garcia. They both stand ready for the attack, but Cage just holds his title in the air.

Hangman Adam Page, RVD, and Hook have an interview in th back. Page is fired up, but RVD just wants to fire some green up.

Toni Storm vs Sydni Winnell

Jobberella McJobberson eats hip attacks and Deonna’s finisher.

Winner: Toni Storm

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:46

Deonna Purrazzo’s music hits before Toni can make her leave, and makes her entrance, effectively stepping on Toni’s toes.

Deonna Purrazzo vs Madison Rayne

LOCKUP! Madison locks up from behind, Doenna reverses and slams Rayne down. Rayne works the wrist, Deonna with a side headlock takedown. Madison with the leg scissors, Deonna escapes, Madison trips her up, cover for 1…NO! Deonna tries to trip, slaps the mid, snapmare. Side headlock, Madison gets her own, they slap shoulders in the center of the ring, Madison trips Deonna, Deonna rolls for a leap over, but Rayne stomps the back. She climbs the back then sends Deonna into the corner. Boot to the chin. Rayne whips, Deonna stops herself, slides under a kick, hits the ropes, pump kick to the gut sends Rayne down hard. Rayne rolls outside.

We are back in time to see a double clothesline! Deonna drops Madison once, again, works the wrist, right hand from Rayne. Deonna hits her own. Rayne gets some boos, but theyre weak. Deonna with right, another, a third hard one, locks up, elbow from Rayne, roll up for 1.2..NO!!! Doenna works the wrist, locks up for a big Flatliner.

Ref checks on Rayne, the doctor checks on her, Deonna grabs the left arm, turns to the legs, and instead of the Venus De Milo, she uses Toni Storm’s Break a Leg Ankle Lock. Madison taps.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo
Good on the ref for the stoppage just in case, but even before that, this match had little energy. Rayne’s star power has minimized to the casual fan, and Deonna beating her – even if it should – meant nothing. Hope Rayne is ok.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:20

Toni Storm runs down with her shoe! Deonna dodges the attack, is distracted by Mariah May, and Toni is able to lock in the Break a Leg!!!

Darby Allin says he and Sting some old photos. He wants to show The Young Bucks.

We get a photo of Sting and his sons. Remember them? When this was taken, they were about the same age as The Bucks’ kids currently are right now. This is the only thing that matters in the end, family.

WE zoom out to see Sting. Nail on the head, he says. Family is all that matters. Strikes a nerve right now, because in all the years he’s been a wrestler, no one has ever messed with his flesh and blood. Lots goin on in his personal life. This attack, the Bucks, and seven days ago another family member, his father, passed away. He was like a hero to him, he taught him right. Makes him think a lot about his own mortality. He used to think he was so invincible. Sometimes he still feels that. But time catches up with everyone. Truly, he is not invincible. But one thing he does know – everything he has left in him, he’s bringing to Revolution. They have a fight on their hands. The fight of their life.

Schiavone is back in the ring, and he introduces Wardlow who comes out in street gear.

Wardlow grabs the mic and tells Tony to leave ring now. He’s pissed. He’s been pissed for a long time. Two years ago, he had thousands and thousands of people chanting his name city after city in a manner that hasn’t been heard or seen in decades. He was the next big thing, but apparently the rocket on his back was put on upside down, because ever since, he has been driven into the ground and screwed over and over again. You would think that the one true homegrown, day one, AEW original megastar woulda been the champion a long time ago, but somehow, he never even got a shot at the title, and people back there need to be fired and thrown in jail.

let’s look at the people who have held it. Kings and gods? What does this make him, because the Best in the World, the “Real” champion, he beat his ass like nobody has in his entire career. His body is still falling apart from him. Which brings him to his former champ, the guy better than all of us, well guess what – he squashed him like an insect and beat him like no one ever has.

Which brings him to the most dangerous man in the room, our King, the current champ, Samoa Joe. He choked his ass out and beat him, too. Again he asks, what does that make him? It sounds like he is the best in the world. Sounds like he is better than us and we know it. It sounds like he is the most dangerous man in the room. He is the uncrowned king of AEW and it’s time he starts eating like one, because he has been starving. He is done being fed scraps. Look at him. He is everything a World Champion is supposed to be. He is the baddest SOB to ever lace up a pair of boots, and there is no one back there bigger, stronger, or faster. No one that could stop him. And if anyone wants to get in his way, this is no longer wrestling, this is WAR.

Hangman Adam Page, RVD, and Hook vs Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, and Samoa Joe

Hook wants to start with Joe. They lockup, and Joe shoves him away with ease. Joe laughs him off. Another lockup and Joe slams him down nose first. Hook is pissed. A third lockup and Hook sends Joe into the corner. He tries for body shots, Joe shoves, Hook hits the ropes, ducks under a right, big clothesline, to the corner and he beats down on the back, Joe tursn him into the corner and hits some strikes over and over, beatin that ass. He clibs Hook down hard. Joe sends Hook into the corner. Tag to Cage. Cage with some shoulders. Chop to the chest. Cage with a big clothesline, another, big lariats. A short arm try but Hook ducks under, back elbow from Cage, elbow from Hook, tag to RVD. He comes in, hits a right, another, another, Cage shoves, kicks, leg scissors into a pin for 1..2NO!!! Monkey Flip attempt but Cage holds on and sends RVD into the corner. Tag to Swerve. Knee to RVD, whip into a side slam from Cage! Swerve hits the ropes and hits a clothesline to the prone RVD. Cover for 1…2….NO!!!! Whip to RVD, reversed, RVD with a spinning leg lariat to Swerve. Whip and Swerve stops, RVD with a monkey flip to Swerv. RVD with a waist lock ,Swerve reverses, tag from Page, he comes in, Swerve turns, and they go face to face. Page with a double leg. They go at it on the mat until Cage comes in to grab Swerve and pull him back. Hook holds back Page, tells him to chill, and we go to break.

We back. Joe has Hook hurting in the corner. Knees to Hook drops him. Swerve toys with him as Joe talks shit to the others. Tag to Caee, grabs Hook by the head, hooks it, and goes for a suplex. He delays it, holding on to Hook for a solid five extra seconds and hits it. Cover for 1.2.NO! DDT TO CAGE! Hook crawls. Tag to RVD, spinning kick. Kick to Swerve, kick to Joe! RVD spins Swerve, big kick sends him outside. RVD flies over and leg drops Swerve who hangs on the apron! RVD to the top rope! Crossbody to Cage! Big kick to Joe, drops him off the apron. RVD with Rolling Thunder to Swerve! Cage kicsk! Step over! Kick to Cage! RVD gets the chant. He hits th top rope. FIVE STAR TO CAGE! COVER! 1.2…N!O!! Joe in to stop the pin! He stomps RVD away as Page yells to get him out the ring! In comes Swerve to kick Page off th apron with a big boot!!! He stomps RVD’s head over and over then pulls RVD to the corner and heads to the apron. Cage lifts RVD up, whips to the corner, tag to Swerve. Swerve in, Cage whips him into RVD with a back elbow. Tag to Joe. Clothesline from Cage, Joe with a HUGE back elbow to the corner, overhead kick to RVD! Cover! 1..2..NO!!!!

Back for the last time, and Joe and Swerve are arguing. Joe has RVD in th corner, hurting. He lifts up and sends him into th opposite post but RVD has the boot up, high kick, springboard kick to the chest.

Page and Cage are the legal men! Page with a rnan to Cage! He rolls outside, Serve hops up, and Page kicks him mid air! That looked sick. Page climbs the corner, flies off with a crossbody, but Cage catches him with ease! He curls him a few times, Page fals off, elbow strike, another, DEATH VALLEY DRIVERRRR!!!! Cover! 1.2….NO!!!! Hook is in! He drops Cage, Swerve in rolls through, hits a Brainbusterrrr!!! RVD flies off with akick to Swerve, Cage grabs him, pumphandle to RVD into a sitout! Page in, ducks under. A right, gets ent to the apron, kick to Cage. BUCKSHO—–no! Page looks back and decides to moosnsault onto Swerve, but this distracted allows Cage to attack him in the corner. Cage tries for a superplex, but Hook runs up behind him and hits Cage with a GERMAN but Cage has Page and hits a superplex! Hook appears to be the legal man. He waits for Cage to turn. REDRUM!!! He hops on th back. Tag to Joe. Swerve in, pulls Hook off, locks the head, brainb—no!!! REDRUM ON SWERVE!!! Snapmare flings Hook off and into a powerbomb! Swerve with a House Call! Buckshot try to Swerve, but he ducks and it hits Cage!!!

Joe is in. Swerve is in. Page is in! They go face to face to face. Page fights both of them off, attacking both with rights, Swerve ducks under a kick, backbreaker to Page! Big kick from Joe! Swerve demands Joe end it. Joe dives out of the ring with a forearm!!! Holy shit. Swerve to the apron. He is all smiles. He sees Page, runs with a kick, but Page ducks and Swerve kicks Joe!!! Page grabs Swerve and POWERBOMB ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!!

Page into the ring, Joe drops him, goes for a pin! Gets 1..2..NO!!! RVD flies over the top rope onto Cage! Joe sets up Muscle Buster with Page! Page flips out of it! RVD tags in, enters the ring, Joe with rights over and over. Hook in the ring, Joe turns, Hook hooks the waist!

NORTHERN FUCKING LIGHTS TO SAMOA JOE!!!!!!! RVD UP TOP!!! FI—NO!! Cage shoves him off! Discus Lariat to Hook! Joe grabs RVD with a rear choke! RVD taps!

Winner: Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland, and Brian Cage
Wild and entertaining. RVD can still go, Hook continues to impress (with much help from the big guys that allow him to look good), and the focus of the three going for the title was not lost.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 21:36

End Show

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Tonight was just fun. We are closer and closer to Revolution, and we can feel it. I can see how some may find the main event odd as far as the team, but everyone more than played their part, and it wound up being a fun six man. The opener was everything I could have ever wanted from them four and more. It really got the show off to an amazing start. I'd say there was a bit of a lull with the womens' matches, but Toni Storm can do no wrong, and her character is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Wardlow had a promo that started off a bit too whiney and exposing of some of the real critiques (which could damage him if they dont actually address said complaints), but he recovered nicely and ended on a high note. All in all, a fun episode. See y'all next week!

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