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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.1.23

March 1, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite MJF Bryan Danielson Image Credit: AEW
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Acero’s AEW Dynamite Review 3.1.23  

Y’all, it’s snowing in SoCal. WTF.

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

No betta way to start AEW Dynamite than with some ORAAAANNGEEEE CASSSIIDDDDYYYYY!!!

AEW All-Atlantic Championship
Orange Cassidy vs Big Bill

OC backs away from Bill as he walks towards him and leaves the ring. OC calls for Bill to come out of the ring. Big Bill hops over the ropes and OC rolls back in. lol. OC calls for Big Bill to enter and OC leaves the second he does. Lol. OC walks around the ring, calls for Big Bill to come out again. OC Rolls in, Bill stops himself, OC rolls across the ring, Bill chases, and OC rolls back out. Stokely gets in his face outside so OC takes his glasses off and puts them on. Bill from behind, swings, but OC ducks and slides into the ring. Bill follows. Rope work. OC tries for a Sunset Flip, Bill stops it, OC in the corner, Bill follows, off the ropes, OC tries for a DDT, but Bill holds on and hits a side slam. OC clutches his side, stands in the corner. Bill hits a big splash in the corner. He whips OC hard. Another whip sends OC onto the apron, and he hits a Big Boot to send OC flying. Bill heads outside and clubs the back of OC. Bill puts a boot to the neck then climbs in the ring at 6.

Stokely clears off the timekeeper’s table and drags it over to the bottom of the ramp. Bill helps him then grabs OC and looks to chokeslam Bill into it. OC with punches over and over. He stands on the steps and beats Bill down but Bill hits a HUGE slap to the face and OC falls off the steps. OC tries for a flying Orange Punch off the steps, but Bill catches him and we get a chokelsam into the table!!!

We are BACK in the ring and Bill hits a delayed vertical suplex then mocks the pockets. Mockets, if you will. OC tries to fight back, but Bill holds his head back. Danhausen is shown ringside. OC hits the ropes, tries for a Punch, but Bill catches him and locks in a Full Nelson. OC is fading. Fading. Bill releases, hits the ropes, goes for a Big Boot, but OC just drops to his ass. Bill lifts him and tries for the Big Boot again, but again OC drops to the mat! He rolls outside. Danhausen holds Stokely back. He looks to curse, nearly does it, but Big Bill blocks it, so Danhausen tries to curse HIM instead. Bill with the GOOZLE!!!! He is about to chokeslam him, but Hathaway has a better idea. He orders Bill to drop him and backhands Danhausen with the cast!

SUICIDE DIVE FROM OC!!!! One more but GOOZLE FROM BIG BILL! HE lifts! Orange Punch! Another, to the knee of Big Bill! Dropkick sends Bill into the steps! OC Rolls inside. Ref at 4. Bill in at 5. OC removes the elbow pad. OR—NO!!!! Bill catches him! Lifts up! STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE! Tornado DDT to Big Bill! Orange Punch! Bill doesn’t fall.


Winner: Orange Punch
Another five star affair by YOUR All-Atlantic Champion, Orange Cassidy.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 12:21

Last week, after Moxley beat Evil Uno’s ass, Jon cut a blood-soaked promo in a stairwell. He says it tastes like victory, like life. This is what he is all about; loving his life to the fullest. He is a sick man, he does this because he likes it. This is not something tob e proud of or to aspire to. He lives for this shit. You do not wanna go down a dark alley with him. Who does hangman think is going to come out? Just one guy. Just remember, you want this. He tried. To leave it alove. He beat Hangman, sent him to the hospital, and got no credit. He beat Moxley, Moxley comes back and beats him. Hangman got flowers, awards, they told him it was a fluke – it wasn’t real, it didn’t count. He’d say that, too, if he got beat by a wrestling move he learned in seventh grade. This time, he will leave no doubt. Hangman is a great wrestler, even a great man, but he is not the same animal as Jon Moxley. There is only room for one of these animals in AEW.

The Elite are here to make their colorful entrance, but the lights go out!

They come back on and House of Black is standing right behind The Elite!

They flicker off again, and when they come back on, The Elite is laid out and The House of Black hold the Trios Titles in their hands.

The Elite are helped to the back as Samoa Joe comes out to join commentary.

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match
Eddie Kingston vs Sammy Guevara vs AR Fox vs Action Andretti vs Powerhouse Hobbs vs Konosuke Takeshita vs Ortiz vs Komander

Kingston is quick to take Ortiz up the ramp with a fight. There are two ladders in the ring almost immediately. Hobbs grabs Komander and whips him into a ladder hard. In comes AR Fox to be pounced upon by Hobbs. Hobbs tosses AR into the other ladder. In comes Andretti who gets powerslammed into a ladder. Sammy is next, but he stops and rolls back out of the ring. Hobbs turns to see Takeshita. They trade rights under the brass ring. They clash in the middle of the ring with a clothesline. Another. A third one and Takeshita falls against a ladder. Hobbs tries for a splash, but Takeshita moves. GERMAN FROM TAKESHITA! Sammy in to attack! He flies outside onto Andretti! AR Fox on the apron. He flips back onto Sammy and Andretti! Komander is shown on the opposite side of the ring. He walks the entirety of the rope, then flies with a flip onto everyone on the outside.

We are BACK to see Komander get ripped of the aldder by Takeshita, then Hobbs clocking him on the chin. AR with a chair! He hits Hobbs, but Hobbs nosells then sets up for a Death Valley Driver onto the ladder!!!! Takeshita is there and they collide!

In the ring, Sammy is by himself, climbing a ladder, nearly reaching the ring, but andretti walks across the horizontal ladder to attack Sammy at the top. Andretti locks the head. SUplex attempt onto the ladder behind him! He hits it…sorta. Andretti seemed to take most of it.

Komander walks the ropes. SHOOTING STAR PRESS ONTO AR FOX ON THE LADDER!!!! Komander walks up the ladder on the outside, climbs the horizontal ladder towards the ladder in the center. He gets to it, Takeshita is up and climbs the same side. He grabs the hips, waist lock. BLUE THUNDER BOMB OFF THE LADDER!!!! Takeshita shoves the horizontal ladder away, then climbs the ladder! He is nearly all the way up but Andretti is on the apron. Springboard onto the ladder. They fight at the top back and forth. Here is Daniel Garcia to shove the ladder then drop Andretti. Garcia leaves the ring and goes to help Sammy with a super big ladder. Sammy and Garcia grab some chairs. They lay a ladder across two chairs. Garcia drags Andretti outside and lays him across the ladder. Sammy climbs the big ladder, gets to the top, calls himself crazy, then swantons onto Andretti.

Garcia rolls Sammy into the ring. Garcia sets the ladder up, then lifts Sammy up and tries to help him climb the ladder. He carries Sammy up the ladder. Sammy is a bit too far from the ring. Takeshita in to shove the ladder. Knee to Sammy! He sends Garcia outside! Takeshita climbs! POUNCE TO THE LADDER FROM HOBBS!!!!! The ladder is all fucked up.

Hobbs climbs as the refs hold the ladder. Hobbs grabs the ring. He stands tall, unlocks it! Hobbs wins!

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs
Takeshita looked prime to win that but the Hobbs win got a big pop even if the amount of refs holding the ladder up was kind of cheesy.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 13:48

Hobbs points towards Joe. Joe holds his titles up. But here comes Wardlow!

Wardlow makes short work of security while Joe disappears. Hobbs is shown sitting down and watching, saying he’s got time.

Backtage, we learn that both Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta are not medically cleared to be in the Battle Royale tonight.

Danhausen says that he and Orange Cassidy ARE cleared for tonight.

Renee asks Orange if he is sure he’s up to this tonight, and Orange says he doesn’t care.

Chris Jericho vs Pretty Peter Avalon

Avalon attacks Jericho quickly! He mounts and hits some punches! Jericho leaves the ring, so Peter hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive! Chop to Jericho! Another chop to Jericho! Peter sends Jericho into the ring steps then smushes his face into the ring post. Jericho enters the rings and holds onto Aubrey then gets chopped by Peter. Another chop. Whip to Jericho. Axe handle missed, but he hits a big boot. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Shoulder press into the corner, hopm, back elbow, some shoulder to Jericho over and over. He is backed out of the corner. Jericho sends him up and over, right hand and a springboard crossbody to Jericho! Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Peter ducks under, hops to the 2nd rope, DDT!!! Cover! 1..2…NO!!!! CODEBREAKER!! COVER! 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho
Nice lil flurry from Avalon that ultimately lead to. An easy Jericho win.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:24

Jericho grabs his bat then knocks Avalon out with it.

Here comes Ricky Starks!

He runs down the ramp, makes sure no JAS is behind him, then chases Jericho out of the ring.

Jericho grabs a mic, tells Starks that on Sunday, he is going to beat the hell out of him. The JAS aint allowed here Sunday but they are right now.

Here comes Jake Hager and Daniel Garcia. Powerslam from Hager. Garcia with a Rock Bottom. JUDAS EFFECT!

We are with Hangman Adam Page outside somewhere. He says he talked to Dark Order today, and Reynolds told him this was the end of Mox and him, and wasn’t he afraid just a little bit of losing? This match is all Hangman has left to lose. He lost the title, lost another shot at the title, took his friends from him. Cant take his memory, it’s gone. The feelings in the tip of his fingers?? Gone. This Sunday, he takes everything away from Jon. His spot at the top, his pride in blood and violence. He will be the man left standing. He is NOT the same kind of animal. He hates violence. But he will be the most violent and most bloodthirsty SOB because he knows that’s what he’s got to do to beat Jon. This is all he’s got. This is Texas Death, and there are only two ways out – live or die, and he aint done living. After Sunday, Jon will never be the same.

Renee is in the middle of the ring. She welcomes Christian Cage who comes out confidently.

Renee brings up it finally being done between Cage and JB, but it’s still going on…what’s up with that?

Cage disses San Fran then says that for the btter part of the past six months, he has beat down JB at will. He WAS done till he turned on Dynamite and there is Jack Perry to say that in 2023, he’s going to win a single’s championship.


He says he will win a title in 2023, and that’s a fact. He’s been watching JB over the past few months, and he’s been winning with quick pins and rollups. He wonders if JB wants to beat someone for a title, or just win. He knows the answer. JB is a coward. He had Cage dead to rights last week, and Cage showed him how a real man conducts business. He left JB in his own blood and piss. Cage is also bothered…why would JB wanna win this title so bad? He doesn’t have interest in legacy or prestige, he just wants to take the shiny toy home and show his mom and sister and IG and get some likes. Cage’s problem with JB’s generation is that he treats Cage’s business like a video game. JB is a dime a dozen. No one can do what Cage does. He is 1 of 1. He treats his business like an ATM machine, and he is not done milking it dry. This needs to end. He has a challenge for JB. This Sunday…for a fight. No rules, no regulations. Just a fight. The sad reality is if JB chooses to show up, he is just his father’s son. Just like his father, he is a talentless hack. He doesn’t have the guts, he is not a closer. He doesn’t have any GRIT. Not an ounce of what Cage has inside.

Lights go out.

The tron is on. We see Jack Perry in a grave. This is spliced with footage from last week and a bit of his and Cage’s history. A sinle tear falls from Jack Perry’s eye as he continues to dig a grave with a shovel.

Here lies Christian Cage.

Lights go back out.

Renee asks for a reaction .Cage seems shook. He leaves the ring.

Tony is backstage with Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter.

Hayter brings up Sunday, says she doesn’t know what will be sweeter: beating one bitch or two. Britt tells Saraya watch two former AEW Champions duke it out. Saraya will never have this title. Jamie says they’ll be there watching and looking out for Saraya.

Hardy Boys music hits and here comes the elder Hardy.

FTW Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs Hook

Matt works the arm but Hook escapes, shoots the leg and drops Matt to his back. Matt grabs the rope. Lockup! Hook backs Matt against the ropes. Matt attacks the face with some rights. Shoulder tackle to Hook. Matt Deletes but Hook wraps the leg and turns this into an ankle lock! Matt drags himself then Hook to the outside. Hook sends Matt into the barricade then turns to get pushed into the ring post by Ethan Page.

Matt leaves the ring and grabs Hook then sends him inside. Elbow drops to the back of the head from mat. Neckbreaker to Hook! Matt sends Hook into the buckle a few tiomes, but he drops behind and hits a t-bone suplex! Hard right and lefts to Matt in the corner. Headbutt to Matt. Matt pulls himself up and hits a snake eyes to Hook. Matt pulls Hook up, he stands, Hook to the mat, clothesline from Hook. Hook locks up for Northern Lights, Matt sends him into the post, Side Effect! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Matt tries for another, Hook escapes. Hip to the corner, they bump heads. Both men down.

We see Stokely removing his cast. Ethan Page has it and clocks Hook wih it on the side of his head. Hook falls back. Matt covers. 1..2..NO!!!

Matt calls for some Delete. Twist of _–NO!!! REDRUM!!!! Matt taps immediately!

Winner: Hook
Of all the people who could give Hook something of a challenge, I didn’t think it would be Matt Hardy. Still, good win for Hook.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:16

The House of Black cut a promo with the trios title. They will leave them because they belong to The Elite, but just know that on Sunday, they have already lost.

They drop the titles and fade into the darkness.

Toni Storm vs Riho

Storm starts with a huge kick to Riho. Riho tries to get the upperhand with some rights but Toni stuffs her with a kick then a big clothesline and a pin, only for Riho to bridge out. Dropkick to Toni. Riho gets sent to the corner. Toni whips, reverse, Riho with a high knee. Suplex to Toni. Cover for 1…NO! Toni with a knee. Whip to Riho, Riho flips off the ropes, dropkick to Toni. Riho heelbarrow then stomps Toni. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Riho tries for a submission but Toni gets to the ropes. Saraya screams at Riho and Toni kicks her to the apron. Hip Attack to Riho! Ref distracted and Saraya hits a running knee to the chin.

Here come Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker.

Back from a break and Riho tries for a 619. Toni catches her, drops her onto the apron, tries for a hip attack, but Riho side steps and heads to the top rope. She dives with a crossbody off the top rope! Riho sends Toni back into the ring. Riho to the top rope. Diving stomp! Riho with a Northern Lights. 1..2…NO!!! Riho stpes on Toni then climbs the corner. Toni is up. She lcimbs up with her. Grabs Riho for a Storm Zero. Riho escapes. Headbut. Riho with a sunset flip but Toni holds on. She punches the head then tosses Riho by the hair. Shotgun dropkick to Riho.

HIP ATTACK IN THE CORNER! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Cloverleaf! Britt distracts! Riho rolls up! 1….2…..3!!!!!


Total Rating:
Match Time:

Toni leaves the ring and attacks Britt Baker! Baker sends her into the brricade.

In the ring,Jamie and Saraya go at it!

Soho is out! Saraya goes down with. Hit from Ruby. Ruby then hits Jamie! All three go at it!

Backstage, Kieth Lee is with Dustin Runnels who wants to talk about what we can do to others. He will not have it. Dusty says darkness has fallen and this Friday, we will find out they don’t like playing games. They are Naturally Limitless, and we will remember their name.

As The Dark Order make their entrance for the upcoming Casino Battle Royal, they are attacked by Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli.

BCC vs LFI vs The Dark Order vs The Lucha Bros vs Aussie Open vs Top Flight vs The Kingdom vs Matt Menard and Angelo Parker vs Danhausen and Orange Cassidy vs The Butcher and The Blade

We got Rush and Preston cornering Claudio with Yuta trying to help out. Silver is hurting in the corner while Reynolds is getting murdered by Preston. Rush and Claudio take turns chopping each other in the center of the ring until The Lucha Bros run out. Rey with a crossbody! Penta with a crossbody for Claudio! For Silve! Superkicks to Preston and Rush! Rey tries for an elimination but Claudio holds on and lands on the apron. He gets Rey to the apron, Rey chops. Kick from Claudio. Rey drops, but not to the mat. Both back in the ring and Claudio hits an uppercut. High kick from Penta. Again. Rey and Penta try to get rid of Claudio, but here comes Rush to try and send Penta over the top. Rey kicks Claudio. Penta attacks Rush. The next team is here and it’s…

Aussie Open! They go straight for The Dark Order, body slamming Silver then Reynolds, and fially Rey. Claudio lifts Silver, Silver drops down, hits anu ppercut, Johnny lifts Claudio! He looks to send him over the top but Yuta is there to stop him! Enziguri from Silver, stunner from Reynolds, German from Silver, Reynolds shoots Yuta to te apron. Dark Order ight Claudio and Yuta on the apron. Here come Aussie Open to send Dark Order into one another. Claudio and Yuta pull The Dark Order over the top!

We are back and Top Flight make their entrance. Darius comes in to hit a flatlin er ot Yuta, then do some fancy work to nearl eliminate Claudio. Dante hops over the bck of his bro and knocks out Menard, who I suppose made their entrance during the break. Another team comes and it’s….The Kingdom. The go straight after Top Flight. Penta calls for some action, getting into the face of taven, but Aussie Open come up from behind and each man suplexes one of The Kingdom.

Tony Nese, Daivari, and Sterling are here with Woods. They attack the Lucha Bros! Woods with a belly to belly to Rey. Nese and Daivari send Lucha Bros back into the ring and Rush makes short work of eliminating Penta and Rey. Preston sends Dante on the apron. Rush already on there. They fight it out a bit. Preston notices and loses his footing, then falls ot the outside. Rush punches Dante, Rush rushes the corner, Darius dropkicks him off! They are eliminated!

Dante looks for a nosedive, but Aussie Open shoves him off! Darius is quick to follow!!! Danhausen picks his spot, grabs Angelo Parker, sends him into the ring.

Here come The Best Friends!

Dan looks to eliminate, but OC is behind him and sends Parker flying.

The Butcher and The Blade are here. Kingdom is on the apron. Aussie have Maria in their clutches. Kingdom goes for Superkick, Aussie step aside and they kick Maria. Aussie eliminates Kingdom, then Kingdom gets eliminated.

Orange and Claudio go at it, but The Dark Order come by to distract and OC eliminates Wheeler. Ornge Punch to Claudio! OC and Danhausen eliminate Claudio! Butcher and Blade are there to send Danhause—no!!! The stay in! OC is crawling to the corner as Butcher and Blade decimate Danhausen.

Double rana from OC, but Butcher shoots himi not a stunner by Blade, then a lariat! To the apron! They try to get rid of him with slaps, but OC holds on! In comes Danausen. He shoves both Butcher and Blade out!!!

Winners: Danhausen and Orange Cassidy
Seemed largely pointless, BUT last week’s Battle Royal seemed much much worse and hey, it’s an Orange win.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 19:01

Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett attack! The Stroke to Orange Cassidy! Here comes The Acclaimed to make the save.

Bryan vs MJF video package.

When we return from a break, Bryan Danielson is in the ring with Renee. She brings up a post from 2014 from MJF as he was dropping out of college and pursue his dream to be a wrestler.

Bryan says about seven years ago, Bryan was forced to retire. 2 years later, he came back and said if you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you.


He comes out and Bryan yells at him to shut up. He’s been listening for weeks about MJF hating Bryan. He hates Bryan because he has a wonderful wife and kids and he thinks he deserves that. MJF has done nothing to earn any of these things or fight for these things. He has taken every shortcut and cheat he can to beome champion. He hasn’t fought for it. If there’s one thing MJF deserves, it’s his fiancé leaving him. Shoulders to mats and bangin rats, is that what MJF does? He wouldn’t want his daughter to marry someone like that. Unlike MJF, he has been fighting his whole life. He fought injuries, retirement, the authority, for everything. Before here, he had a job willing to pay for the rest of his life, but he came to AEW because he wanted to fight. When he talks about fighting for his dream, and his new dream is to become AEW World Champion, and he’s willing to fight for it. This Sunday, MJF better be ready to fight with everything he has, because if not, he will get his fucking head kicked in.

End Show

The final score: review Good
The 411
In comparison to last week, this show was PPV quality. But in terms of the overall average of quality, this was pretty standard.I felt like the Battle Royal and Ladder Match had much more urgency this week, and that helped, and while nothing significant happened, this was a good built to the PPV this weekend. IN fat, I'd argue that the first hour FLEW by while the second one only dragged for a bit in the beginning. Ending with Bryan was a nice way to go, and the promo was fire. All in all, a good episode.

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