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Bianca Belair Says She Had To Fix Her Gear When It Split Before WWE Crown Jewel

November 25, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Crown Jewel Bianca Belair Image Credit: WWE on BT Sport Twitter

Bianca Belair makes her own gear, and she had to do a fix to her ring outfit before WWE Crown Jewel. Belair faced Bayley and successfully defended her Raw Women’s Championship at the Saudi Arabia PPV, and during a conversation with The MagaCast she talked about how her gear split before the PPV. You can check out the highlights below (per Fightful):

On her gear splitting before the PPV: “I’m always scared, just because I do make it myself. I’m always paranoid, I’m always double-stitching everything. I didn’t have time to make my gear because I wasn’t home at all, and I had to make it on the plane, the bus, the hotel, the locker room. Ironically, I put it on and it split right down the middle. I had to re-stitch it right before I went out. I always wear clothes underneath because I’m so paranoid.”

On her match with Bayley at Crown Jewel: “It was so much fun. For one, it was an honor to be able to have a Last Woman Standing match in Saudi Arabia. As women, to be able to have that type of match. You watch a lot of other Last Man Standing matches and they typically all fall within a certain kind of guideline. It was really cool to go out there and be creative and bring something to the table that’s different and makes it stand out. We also got to drive golf carts in Saudi Arabia, which we’re always grateful to be part of change when it comes to women and knowing that women can now drive in Saudi Arabia. ‘We want to drive here and showcase that and celebrate that.’ We got to do a lot of cool things. It was amazing.”