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Botched!: Montez Ford’s Dive, Cesaro’s Uppercut, More

April 13, 2020 | Posted by Steve Cook
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Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! You would think that with a lack of live pro wrestling over the past couple of weeks that we would have nothing to talk about here. Nah. There’s always something to talk about here. We got some WWE, some AEW and some fun & shenanigans. Let’s take a look at the wild stuff.

1. Montez Ford is all of us. Austin Theory is 2020.

There are a couple of different theories going around. One is that Seth Rollins was supposed to trip Montez, didn’t, and things got improvised. Another is that Austin wasn’t paying any attention. All I know for sure is that I refuse to believe this was the original idea:

Unless Montez’s goal is to die on television. He seems like a dude with a lot to live for, so I’m guessing it isn’t.

2. Cameraman got a little too close

When you’re in close quarters inside a hallway of the WWE Performance Center, accidents can happen. Like this moment during Edge & Randy Orton’s WrestleMania match.

I’ll be honest. I felt like the cameraman while watching that match.

3. OC doin’ dives & Aubrey don’t care

There’s never anything wrong with Orange Cassidy doing dives onto people. Except for the fact that it’s against every promotion’s wrestling rulebook. So Aubrey Edwards staring right at OC’s dive onto Kenny Omega was pretty darn awkward

We found out what happened on Twitter…Chuck Taylor reported that he was supposed to distract Aubrey during the dive, but he forgot. Happens to the best of us!

4. Multiple possums at the House of Jericho

Chris Jericho & Tony Schiavone are a pretty awesome commentary combo. However, there were some moments of awkwardness. Production choices led to some strange moments, like Tony asking Chris twice if he released the hounds on a possum.

I had no idea what he was talking about the first time. There was also at least one instance of Tony throwing to a commercial and no commercial break taking place.

5. Cesaro not exactly laying it in

I just thought Cesaro was randomly celebrating during the middle of his buddy Shinsuke’s match with Braun Strowman. Not really sure why, but I’m not sure why Cesaro bothers doing much of what he does at this point.

As it turned out, he was apparently trying to his Braun with a European uppercut. He created enough wind for Braun to sell it.

Reader Submission: WWE Network confused by days

I was watching NXT, which aired on the network Thursday night, and this graphic popped up, saying mania was “tomorrow” (Friday) and Sunday night.Manny

To be fair to the WWE graphic producer, aren’t we all losing track of what day it is by this point?

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!