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Botched!: Sasha’s Rana, Sami’s Entrance, More

January 12, 2019 | Posted by Steve Cook
Sasha Banks Raw 52818, Bray Wyatt

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! It’s been a busy week in the world of wrestling, and we went everywhere to get you the best & the brightest. This is one time we’re not talking about All Elite Wrestling, though I almost spent some time on their still using the #AllIn hashtag even though it has a Clemson Tiger paw next to it now.

1. Sami is oVer

Lookit Sami Callihan trying to do poses in AAW.

I always pop when something funny happens during non-wrestling moments. Like posing.

2. Sasha rana fail

I was reviewing Raw for 411 this week and pretty much had the same thoughts as Maffew here.

It was a bad idea on so many levels. Sasha ranaing a standing Nia off the apron would have been ridiculous. Sasha ranaing a kneeling Nia off the apron was physically impossible, as illustrated here. A rana into a facebuster on the apron looks worse for the person giving the move.

I have no idea what the thought process was. My guess is Sasha got a little too excited in the moment & there really wasn’t anything Nia could have done.

3. Johnny’s a little heavier than Cage was expecting

Impact Wrestling’s Homecoming event in Nashville featured a world title match between Johnny Impact & Brian Cage. They’ve met before, but apparently Johnny’s gained some weight since their feud in Lucha Underground. Reader Daniel was watching…

Nice recovery by Johnny on the pin attempt though.

4. Pentagon Rings Teddy’s Bell

We got some MLW Fusion coverage this week from reader John

In this weeks episode of MLW Fusion, it looks like Teddy H took a few too many head shots and led to him missing a move. @ 40:20 he hit the apron hard, then hit Pentas knees hard at 41:09 leading to a sloppy looking botch at 42:14. Really I think it was just good selling for the first two times mentioned, but the 42:14 was a definite botch and he did look a step off for the rest of the match after those hits.

40:20 sees Pentagon doing a mothafreakin Canadian Destroyer on the ring apron. Yeah I can see that ringing somebody’s bell. I’m not really sure what he’s trying to do at 42:14..he does an up & over, lands on Penta’s back & kinda stumbles his way down. He might have been trying to get Penta into a sunset flip.

5. Table selling like Masato Tanaka

Absolute Intense Wrestling spares no expense for their fans. Not only did AIW bring in Masato Tanaka, they sprung for an extra airplane seat for an inantimate friend of his.

Nick Gage should be used to faulty tables by this point, considering where he’s spent his wrestling career.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] Have a good weekend!