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Bret Hart Feels Bad that Hall of Fame Attack Happened – ‘I Don’t Want to See Anyone Get Hurt’

June 11, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Bret Hart WWE Hall of Fame Sean Waltman Image Credit: WWE

– Bret Hart discussed the attack on him by a wrestling fan at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony during the latest Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast. Hart was a guest on the show and was asked by the hosts about the attack, which happened as he was giving his speech for the Hart Foundation’s induction. Highlights are below:

On what he thought when it initially happened: “Well you know, I didn’t see the guy until it was too late. I could tell something was happening but I actually thought it was a fight in the crowd or something like that. You know you just, you never take anything for granted. I consider myself lucky that-that was as insignificant an incident as it was. I know everyone thought I got punched and hurt or manhandled by that guy, but it was more of the way other way around I think, unfortunately. [chuckles]. More of a bad day for that guy.”

On the attack and others like it: “But I feel bad that it happened. I mean, it was a stupid thing to do and I know something happened a few weeks ago with Arnold Schwarzenegger where it happened to him. I hope it doesn’t become something that people think is funny to do all the time because you know, at the same time, you take that incident that happened in New York at WrestleMania, it just could be like, [the murder of] John Lennon happened. He didn’t think anyone would shoot him in the back walking into his house or whatever. So you can’t take anything for granted. Wrestling fans are very passionate and they get very caught up in the storylines and things that go on in wrestling. And all that’s good but I don’t recommend attacking wrestlers at Hall Of Fames.”

On if he knows why the guy attacked him: “No, I never heard. I’ve heard various theories, or things that were put forward. I heard he was a devoted fan of Vince’s, that he loved Vince McMahon. And I’ve heard the other way around, that he wanted to do harm to Vince [and] doing harm to me was the way to do that. I don’t know which one of those is true. I don’t really care to talk too much about it because it gives, you know, that’s what they want. They want — a guy like this wants attention, the headline, they want me and you guys to be talking about it on the radio right now. And I just try to — this is the first time I’ve talked about it. I feel bad that it happened — not that I feel bad for him. I don’t wanna see anyone, especially a fan, get hurt and he got hurt pretty good I think. And some of the wrestlers that jumped on top of him landed on me pretty hard trying to protect me. Which is also, I appreciate all that too but it’s better left unsaid I think.”

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