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Brock Lesnar Explains Why He Keeps His Contracts With WWE So Short, Tells Big Show Food Poisoning Story

April 26, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
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Brock Lesnar gave a rare interview as he was the keynote speaker at the Assiniboia Sports Celebrity Dinner & Auction Saturday night at the Prince of Wales Centre. Here are highlights, via sports blogger Rod Pedersen:

– This was only the third appearance of its kind that Lesnar’s ever done. He said he has no problem with speeches or interviews, but he was told not to do them by his lawyer because he’s too blunt and tends to say things that get him into legal trouble.

– He said he grew up on a dairy farm in Webster, South Dakota and was the youngest of three brothers. He learned to fight and his mother got tired of getting him and his siblings out of jail every weekend, so she told them: “If you guys don’t learn how to make a living out of fighting, you need to stop it right now.” That’s when he first got the idea.

– He said that while doing 300 shows a year for WWE was a “real grind,” he was never afraid of hard work.

– Lesnar told a story about a show in South Africa in which The Big Show had food poisioning. He slammed him down and Show then had explosive diarrhea all over him.

– He keeps his contracts with WWE and UFC short so he can go back and forth between the two as much as he wants.

– Pedersen described Lesnar as “humble, respectful, intelligent, well-spoken and warm.” He added that Lesnar was interested in giving back and raising money to build a new arena in the area. Lesnar realized that he’s been “very lucky in life.”

– Lesnar is 6’3 and currently weighs 270 lbs.

– When asked who would win a street fight between himself and The Rock, Lesnar said that the two of them are good friends. He added that Rock asked him to appear in the movies, but Rock always has to win their fights so Lesnar said no. Lesnar added: “The difference between us is that he gets pedicures and I don’t.

– He said that he hasn’t decided whether or not he wants to fight Daniel Cormier in the UFC yet but confirmed that he’s been asked to do so.

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