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Brodie Lee & Chris Jericho Discuss the Difficulty of Pitching Ideas to Vince McMahon When He Eats, Vince’s Reaction to Seeing Bludgeon Bros. Gear

April 1, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Bludgeon Brothers Fastlane, Brodie Lee

On the latest edition of Talk Is Jericho, Brodie Lee and Chris Jericho spoke on the difficulty of pitching ideas to Vince McMahon in WWE, especially when he was eating and not really paying attention. Below are some highlights.

Brodie Lee on Vince getting a massage when they first tried on the Bludgeon Bros. gear: “And so we have to put these outfits on, and they say ‘Well, Vince wants to see him.’ I said, ‘Alright.’ So, we put them on, and Rowan’s like, ‘I don’t want to put the whole thing on.’ I was like, ‘You got to put the whole thing on.’ I was like, ‘Put it all on, buddy.’ And so, we put it all on, and we go smack on his door. He yells, ‘Come in,’ and and we open the door and he’s getting a massage. And Larry the trainer is massaging his calf, and he’s cackling as we walk in. Larry’s just looking at me like — I’m like, ‘You motherf***er!’ And Vince looks up and he just goes, ‘Yup! Love it!’ And I go, ‘Did you want to see the other–?’ ‘No, no. Love it.’ And he just puts his head back down to keep getting the massage, and we walk out. And that was that.”

Jericho on the timing difficulty in trying to pitch ideas to Vince McMahon: “You learn something about the timing of when to go into Vince’s office. I had one of the greatest ideas I’d ever come up with. It actually involved The Wyatt Family. I won’t get into the whole thing, but for Summerslam, it was Shawn Michaels, and Wyatt Family attacks me, and there was no one I could trust except for the one man I know I could go to the death with, and [I] call Shawn Michaels. I had it all plotted out, and Vince, when I pitched it to him, was eating a steak, and I had asked three different people, ‘Has he eaten already?!’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Has he eaten already?!’ ‘Yes.’ As soon as I got in there, he was extra hungry that day and started eating a second meal. And he was not paying attention to anything. I gave him the whole thing. Silence. He just looks up to me and goes, ‘Bad cow.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ ‘Bad cow. This steak is tough.’ I’m like, ‘What about my great idea?’ He’s like, ‘What else you got?’ I should’ve known!”

Brodie Lee on his trouble trying to pitch ideas to Vince when he eats: “I’ve pitched many a things to him where he’s just chowing down on a salad or something, and like you hand it to him, ‘Yup. I’ll look at these on the plane.’ And you walk out, you’re like, ‘You’re not gonna f***ing look at those.'”

Jericho’s response: “And had you come in 20 minutes later, he might go, ‘This is great!'”

Brodie Lee: “Exactly, and that’s just the thing. I used to have people tell me too, like, ‘Hey man, he literally just got in there. He’s not eating anymore.’ And then you run in there, and it’s like, nope, he’s eating again. [Jericho mentions someone else might be there, like Triple H] There’s always something going on.”

Jericho comparing it to a shower temperature: “It’s like the right temperature of a shower. If it’s too cold or too hot, you’re screwed. If it’s just right, it’s rare.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Talk Is Jericho with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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