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Bully Ray Explains Why CM Punk Won’t Call Out AEW During WWE Promos

December 1, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
CM Punk WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

Speaking on a recent episode of Busted Open, Bully Ray shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s mic work at WWE after his return (per Wrestling Inc). Ray explained that the company isn’t likely to have Punk talk about his AEW controversies because WWE doesn’t need to provide Tony Khan’s promotion with free airtime. In Ray’s mind, there’s enough history with Punk at WWE alone to feed all the needed drama for ongoing storylines. You can find a few highlights on the subject and listen to the podcast episode below.

On why WWE doesn’t need to talk about AEW: “This is not a Monday night war where WWF and WCW were taking massive shots at one another at any given moment because it was a true war. The WWE at this time is not going to acknowledge AEW on their television show.”

On the fuel for Punk’s WWE story now that he’s back at the company: “Allowing him to go out there and go scorched earth on AEW would never happen because, in the world of WWE, they don’t view AEW as competition. This is all about CM Punk and his time in WWE from 10 years ago and fast forwarding to last night, so you were never going to get this shoot pipebomb-esque promo where Punk talks about the Bucks, about Kenny and Tony.”

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