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Chaotic Wrestling Road to Cold Fury Results 2.01.19:

February 2, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Chaotic Wrestling

– Chaotic Wrestling held its Road to Cold Fury event last night in Lowell, Massachusetts. Below are some results, courtesy of PWInsider.

Chaotic Wrestling Owner Brian Fury came out and announced that the promotion would be running on Mania weekend in conjunction with Connor’s Cure. The date is Saturday April 6 at 2 PM in Rahway, New Jersey.  This brought out “Retrosexual” Anthony Green, his Platinum Hunnies and his lackey CJ Taylor.  Greene said Fury is making the company all about himself when it should be about the wrestlers.  Fury got fed up with Greene and said the New England Gauntlet scheduled for later is starting now, and it’s going to be Greene and Taylor at #1 and #2.

MATCH ONE: New England Gauntlet for the Number One Contendership for the New England Title – “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene v. CJ Taylor v. ???

Fairly quick match to start.  Taylor was going to get one up on Greene a couple of times when the Hunnies got involved.  This allowed Greene to score the win with the swinging Unprettier.

Scotty Slade out next.

Slade and Greene went back and forth with more involvement from the Hunnies, only this time, Taylor got involved to get one back on Greene.  This allowed Slade to get the pin.

Elia Markopolous out next.

This didn’t go long either.  Elia got a couple of moves in, taunted the crowd, and in doing so allowed Slade to roll him up for the win.

Richard Holliday out next.

This was longer than the other ones.  Holliday put a more prolonged heat on Slade.  Slade got in a hope spot or two before Holliday put him away.

Out last is Brian Milonas.

I enjoyed this a lot.  At first, Milonas was dominant, but Holliday was able to clip the knee and put an extended heat on Milonas.  I thought he did a fantastic job with it.  He took his time and didn’t try and reinvent the wheel.  He just kept after the knee, and Milonas did great selling it.  Holliday got the win with a kneebar.  After the match, Holliday laid in some hands before Scotty Slade came in for the save.  Milonas had to be carried out by a few people, which was a good touch as well.

WINNER: Richard Holliday

Brett Domino came out and continued his run of telling people to chill.  He said this is Domino’s Display of Dynamicism, which is just an open challenge.  He called out anyone.

MATCH TWO: Brett Domino v. DL Hurst

Hurst, who was injured in this building with a broken leg while teaming with Domino, returned to a huge reaction after missing the last year or so.  Domino had turned on him previously.The match went about 5-7.  Hurst was in control for most of it when Domino rolled him up with a small package for the win.  Considering Domino has been treated like a total joke for months, not sure this is the best return for Hurst, but we’ll see where it goes.

WINNER: Brett Domino

MATCH THREE: Killanova, Inc. (Tripilicious & Royce Bishop) v. The Logan Brothers (Matt & Bryan Logan)

They cut to a video backstage of the Bryan Logan laid out.  Matt came out in street clothes and said he’s not backing down and went at them alone.

About three quarters into the match, Bryan came out from the back selling his ribs.  He also brought out powder and gave it to Matt, who threw it in Trips eyes while the ref was talking with Bishop.  The finish saw Bishop hit Bryan with brass knux for the win.  Not much to this one as the crowd didn’t seem into it.

Chase came out with a chair to run off Killanova when they were looking to jump Matt.  Chase then called out “that fake Michael Jackson” Christian Casanova.

WINNERS: Killanova, Inc.

MATCH FOUR: Chase Del Monte v. Christian Casanova

This one went long.  Casanova with an extended heat on Del Monte before they went back and forth at the end.  Big nearfall off a cutter by Del Monte after Casanova dove off the top.  Del Monte did an Eddie Guerrero spot when the threw Casanova’s own chain at him when the ref turned around.  After some more back and forth, Del Monte hit the Cradle 2 the Grave piledriver for the win.  I thought it went too long, but it was decent regardless.  I thought Casanova did well in slowing down as the heel getting the heat, something he has been working on for a while.

WINNER: Chase Del Monte


MATCH FIVE: Chaotic Women’s Championship – Tasha Steelz (c) v. Luscious Latasha

This one was a struggle.  Latasha didn’t have much punch behind her offense, so her getting the heat on Tasha didn’t register at all.  Tasha did okay on her comeback, but by that point, the crowd was checked out.  Tasha got the win.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz

MAIN EVENT: Bear Country (Beefcake & Bronson) v. JT Dunn (with Sammi Lane) & Josh Briggs

Briggs and Dunn will be working for the title at Cold Fury in March, but at last month’s show, Bear Country came out and challenged them.

This match was headed in a really good direction.  Briggs was taken out by Bear Country early, and he had to sell on the floor.  When he would get back up, he’d be taken out again.  This happened a few times before he finally got the hot tag and the crowd reacted huge.  From there, there was some decent back and forth.

Then a classical version of the Maine State Posse’s theme played and four “zombies” in Scarecrow masks came shuffling out.  It was a total buzzkill to the match and the crowd didn’t react at all.  The scarecrows came in and were destroyed by Bear Country.  Two were unmasked as not MSP.  Another dud reaction.  Total hokeyness in a match that did not need it and it killed any momentum the match had.  I hated this.

This distraction allowed Briggs to comeback and hit the M5 for the win.  After the match, Briggs took out Dunn with a Feast Your Eyes and held the belt high on the way to their match.

WINNERS: JT Dunn & Josh Briggs

Overall, this show was fine.  I wish the main event was treated more seriously, and clearly, so did the crowd.  It’s stuff like that that is embarrassing to a casual fan.  I’m hoping for better at their last show before Cold Fury, because this company can do a lot better.

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