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CHIKARA Review: All That Glitters

April 15, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: All That Glitters  

CHIKARA makes a one night return to Reading, PA (an area they had previously said farewell to in November of 2007) with “All That Glitters”. Tonight, The Sea Donsters will get their chance at the Campeonatos de Parejas as they face the current Campeones, Incoherence. Mike Quackenbush also gets a rematch against his rival, Shane Storm. Worker Ant and Vin Gerard meet one more time as Worker Ant looks for retribution for what Vin did to him at the Young Lions Cup tournament. And speaking of retribution, Claudio Castagnoli takes on Mitch Ryder to gain revenge for the fireball Mitch threw into his face at last month’s show in Philadelphia. What happens when all these rivalries come to a head? Let us find out!

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Mitch Ryder, Ultramantis Black, Louden Noxious, Chuck Taylor, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Louden Noxious opens up the show singing a song about the CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go. Crowd dug it, and I do encourage everyone to check out the Podcast on a weekly basis. Go get it on Youtube, iTunes, or any other podcatching system you choose.

Stupefied is no more – enter Player Dos!

Uno and Dos are backstage talking about the Mario energy drink. Uno says today something changed, something that will make them win. Uno says they are no longer just friends or teammates, but legitimate brothers. They say tonight they’ll be playing with power leading them to defeat the Osirian Portal. They FINALLY get a handshake to work and leave for the ring.

The Osirian Portal vs. The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos)

Dos is now a masked luchadore wearing tights involving the inverted color scheme of Uno’s attire. Dos also has an area on his pants where video games can be inserted. Amasis and Uno start off. Uno and Amasis are about to lock up when Amasis says he needs to stretch. Uno helps Amasis out by applying an abdominal stretch. Uno and Amasis are trying to clothesline each other when they grasp hands. “Beat It” by Michael Jackson starts playing out of nowehere, and Uno and Amasis recreate the epic knife fight dance from the “Beat It” music video! This ends when Uno hits Amasis with the Hadouken to the stomach. Amasis tags in Ophidian, and Uno tags in Dos. Both men perform some lucha, until Ophidian catches Dos in a crossbow stretch. Dos rolls out and tags in Uno. Uno then says “you know what? You’re number two now!” and tags him back in. Uno then places an NES cartridge into Dos’ side pocket. He tells everyone it is “Karate Kid: The Game”. Dos then proceeds to perform some karate maneuvers on Ophidian! Ophidian does a mighty impressive job of avoiding some of the moves. Amasis comes in and gets taken down by Dos. The Super Smash Bros. double team Amasis with a nice moonsault/fist drop combo. They catch Ophidian mid-dropkick and drop him face first to the mat. The Osirian Portal regroup on the outside. They run after The Super Smash Bros. at the same time, only to be taken down with double leg lariats. Uno and Ophidian go at it. Uno lefts Ophidian up and tags in Dos. Uno slams Ophidian down and stands on Dos to pose. Ophidian rolls out of the ring and Amasis comes in. Dos gets the advantage, but Ophidian trips him on the outside. Dos is able to regain the advantage, until Amasis catches Dos in the corner and nails a back breaker on Dos. The Osirian Portal works over Dos while the fants chant Dos’ name. Dos is able to escape after hitting a backflip kick onto both Amasis and Ophidian. Uno gets tagged in and takes down both members of the Portal. Ophidian almost regained the lead until Uno nailed a stunner on him. Uno then hit a Urinagi/neck breaker combo on both members of the Osirian Portal! The Super Smash Bros. hit a few double team moves on Amasis, but only get the two when Ophidian interferes. Ophidian throws Dos to the outside. The Portal comes back with the wheelbarrow arm drag shoulder block combination onto Uno. They follow up with an Enzugiri and spinebuster, but Dos breaks up the pin. Dos is once again tossed to the outside allowing the Portal to continue beating on Uno. The Portal hit a splash/leg drop combo, and Dos saves Uno again! Dos catches Ophidian off the ropes and hits an odd Black Hole Slam variation. Uno hits a hard brainbuster on Amasis sending him to the floor. The Super Smash Bros. hit an awesome tandem piledriver to get the win! After a five-loss streak, The Super Smash Bros. pick up their first point! This was a great opener between two great teams. **3/4

Vin Gerard Interview

Louden Noxious is in the ring making an announcement, when Vin Gerard storms in holding the Young Lions Cup over his head. Vin grabs the mic out of Louden’s hand and sends him and Bryce Remsburg outside. Vin says there is a guy in the back right now who he knows isn’t very busy, because no one wants to talk to him or be around him: Shane Storm. Vin says in Philly, Shane blew him off when he tried to talk to him. Vin said he would blow himself off too if he had just been beaten by Mike Quackenbush. Vin says Shane has not had his match tonight yet, and Shane Storm walks out and into the ring.

Vin congratulates on his “big win” over Mike Quackenbush, and wants to know when his last big win was. Vin says it was three and a half years ago when he beat Icarus for the Young Lions Cup, three years since he unmasked Akuma, and one and a half years ago when he won King of Trios. Vin mentions that Shane beat Hydra the night Vin was unmasked. Vin tells his story about how he lied to everyone for two and a half years to be a CHIKARA wrestler. He said he wore a stupid mask just like Shane Storms. Vin said he lost to Chris Hero because Shane sold out the tecnicos and told Chris Hero the reversal to the CHIKARA Special. He mentions that Shane did it because he was so selfish and wanted to beat Hydra. Vin yells at Shane because Shane almost ended his dream to wrestle in CHIKARA. Vin turns the corner and says thank you to Shane for freeing him from the tyranny of Equinox. Vin even gives Shane Storm a hug! He says although Shane may have been selfish, he helped out Vin a great deal.

Vin goes on to ask Shane what it’s like to be in the back when no one likes you or cares about you. He says if anyone cared, they would have came out long ago and stopped Vin from talking. He says Shane doesn’t have to answer, because Vin knows exactly how it feels to be ousted from the locker room. Even with the Young Lions Cup they won’t let Vin in the building. He says they need to stick together, and for Shane to think about what they can accomplish as partners. He tells Shane that sometime you win in losing, and that Shane has already lost everything. Vin says someday Shane is going to ask himself “I’ve lost everything; what else do I have to lose?” Vin adds he will be there to answer that question. Vin rolls out of the ring and signals for Shane to unmask. Shane also leaves, stroking his mask while pondering his options.

Brodie Lee vs. Ultimo Breakfast

Brodie and Ultimo lock up in the corner. Ultimo takes Brodie down with a series of armdrags. Ultimo headbutts Brodie in the gut. He tries to pick up Brodie for Flapjack, but Brodie pushes him away. Ultimo sends Brodie over the top rope to the floor, and follows with a somersault to the floor. Ultimo goes to the rope rope, but Brodie catches him with a big time superplex. Brodie pounds away on Ultimo with chops, throat thrusts, and slaps. Brodie chokes Ultimo on the ropes and uppercuts him in the corner. Brodie sends Ultimo Breakfast to the outside with a shoulder tackle. Brodie looks to chokeslam Breakfast on the apron, but Ultimo snaps his neck on the ropes. Ultimo jumps in with a roll up for the two. Ultimo runs at Brodie only to get knocked down with a big time clothesline. Brodie continues his abuse on Breakfast with stomps and chops. Ultimo ducks a clothesline and hits Brodie with the flapjack. Brodie runs at Ultimo in the corner but gets caught with an elbow. Ultimo nails a spinning inverted DDT for a two count. Ultimo goes up top and hits a diving headbutt, and once again gets a two. Ultimo evades Brodie’s boot and puts on a sleeper. Brodie rams Ultimo in the corner to get him off, but Ultimo gets the sleeper on again. Brodie flips him forward off his back. Ultimo gets up and is caught with the Big Boot! That’s all it took for Brodie to pick up the win. Pretty good match. **

Jimmy Olsen vs. Fire Ant

Fire Ant misses a dropkick, and Olsen immediately pounces on Fire Ant. Of course, Jimmy attempts to rip off his mask. Jimmy beats the snot out of Fire Ant in the beginning tossing him across the ring and chopping him lots. Fire Ant uses some of his lucha and a dropkick to take Jimmy to the outside. Fire Ant follows up with a nice tope con heilo onto Jimmy. Jimmy and Fire Ant brawl on the outside, and Jimmy tosses Fire Ant with great velocity into the turn post! Jimmy kicks away at Fire Ant and chokes him with his boot. Jimmy forearms Fire Ant in the kidneys and snaps him down with a suplex. Jimmy again goes for the mask but can’t get it off. Jimmy chops away at Fire Ant, but this actually fires him up. Fire Ant pushes Jimmy away and pops off the ropes. Jimmy nails Fire Ant with an elbow sending him to the mat. Jimmy continues to work on Fire Ant. Fire Ant flips up in the corner and catches Jimmy with a headscissors. Jimmy turns this over and Overbombs Fire Ant right into the top turnbuckle! Jimmy pounds Fire Ant’s head into the mat as he once again tries to take off the mask. Jimmy goes up top, but Fire Ant catches him with a Fireman’s Carry take over! Fire Ant hits a series of forearms and Jimmy stops the attacks. Jimmy goes for a cross body block in the corner, but Fire Ant moves. Fire Ant dropkicks Jimmy out of the ring, then catches him with the Heat of the Moment off the apron (jumping Enzugiri). Fire Ant hits a senton off the top rope, but only gets a two count. Three kids in the front row are upset. Fire Ant goes for the wheelbarrow Stunner, but Jimmy slams him face first to the match instead. Jimmy takes the time to unlace Fire Ant’s mask. Fire Ant works out of the attack and goes up top. Jimmy catches him with a sweet dropkick as he comes off the top. Jimmy attempts the Overbomb but Fire Ant rolls out of it. Jimmy rips off Fire Ant’s mask and rolls him into a pin. Derek Sabato however catches Jimmy and calls for the bell. Jimmy makes sure to take a good look at his face, and gets pissed off at who he sees. Sabato covers Fire Ant on the mat. Another good match, where the focus was certainly more on the story than the in ring work. **1/2

Shane Storm vs. Mike Quackenbush

Quackenbush says pro wrestling isn’t about freakishly sized body builders smacking together or clenching light tubes in your mouth and jumping off of a ladder. Mike says that pro wrestling is an art; his art. He says it should be an elegant display of hold and counter hold; a human chess match, if you will. Mike says he thinks that is what pro wrestling should be…but not tonight. Mike says tonight, for Shane Storm, pro wrestling is a fight for your life.

Quackenbush runs into the ring right after Storm, and Storm bails to the outside. Sabato makes sure Quack stays in the ring. Storm steps back in the ring and the bell rings. Mike tackles Shane Storm, and both men roll around punching one another. Shane pushes Quack down then chops Quack as he comes to his feet. Shane kicks Quack in the leg that he supposedly hurt back in Philly last month. Quack chops Shane in the corner. Quack busts out the Kangaroo Buster onto Shane! Both men exchange chops on the floor as they walk around the ring. Quack misses a chop allowing Shane to kick Quack’s leg. Shane works over the leg on the floor and rolls Quack back into the ring. Shane continues to work over Quackenbush’s leg locking on a single-leg crab. Quackenbush counters out of it, but Shane doesn’t let up. Shane tries for another crab but Quack nails Shane in the face with some closed fists. Storm drags Quack to the middle of the ring and successfully locks on the crab. Quack makes it to the bottom rope forcing Storm to let go. Quack uses the ropes to get to a vertical base and takes off Shane’s head with a forceful clothesline. Mike hits a series of chops and palm strikes then runs off the ropes. Shane evades the palm strike and tries for a German suplex. Quack evades that and goes the Quackendriver 3. Storm evades that and lifts Quack up for the Air Raid Crash but Quack works out of it. Shane comes off the ropes and is caught with the Palm Strike from Quack! Storm rolls to the floor. Mike grabs Storm by the hair trying to pull him back in the ring. Storm trips Quack and pulls him to the floor. Storm chops Quack multiple times and goes for a piledriver. Quack puts Storm over and nails the Jig N Tonic on the floor! This was a super obvious nod to both opponents former partner, Jigsaw. Sabato has the count on Shane Storm on the floor at 17 when Vin Gerard runs into the ring. Vin hits Quack with a low blow, then the Young Lions Cup! Storm slowly crawls back in the ring, covers Quackenbush, and gets the three count! A very nice follow up to the interview we saw earlier. The match was good, but not as good as their Tragedy & Triumph match. ***

Vin left his Equinox mask in the ring and Shane carries it with him to the back. The fans clap for Mike Quackenbush, as Bryce Remsburg comes in the ring saying “Are you kidding me?” at what just went down. Bryce and Sabato follow Quack to the back.

F.I.S.T. (Icarus, Gran Akuma, & Chuck Taylor) vs. Lince Dorado and Las Chivas (Chiva III & Chiva IV)

F.I.S.T cuts a promo, and frankly, it was all about how no one in F.I.S.T can speak Spanish. The point is, F.I.S.T. says they’re going to beat the luchadores tonight.

Lince and Akuma begin the match. They look to lock up, but Akuma rolls to the outside with Lince following. This tags in Chuck Taylor and a Chiva. Chuck almost screws up a headlock takedown thanks to the Chiva. Chiva and Chuck exchange arm locks until Chuck catches Chiva with a hip toss. The Chiva takes down Chuck with a series of roll ups for a two count each time. Chiva II tags in Chiva III. The Chiva wears down Chuck’s arm, but Chuck tags in Icarus. Icarus takes down the Chiva with a front chancery. Chiva turns it into a wrist lock tagging in Chiva II. Chiva holds up the Las Chivas flag, and Las Chivas do some bullfighting fun with the flag. Icarus tries to be a bull and runs towards the flag, only to get kicked. He gives it another try and fails again. He gives it a final try, but Icarus gets scared and runs to the steps in the Reading building instead. Lince and Akuma step in once again. Akuma suggests a handshake, then gets on his knees and kisses Lince’s foot. He gets up and kicks Lince right in the back of the leg laughing at him. Lince comes back with some lucha offense. Akuma catches him in a rana, but Lince catches him with a dragonscrew. Las Chivas use some tandem offense on Akuma, but Icarus runs in and hits the lung blower on a Chiva. Icarus distracts Bryce while Akuma and Taylor pound on Chiva in the corner. F.I.S.T. takes turns coming in and beating down on the Chiva. The Chiva escaped the beatdown when Akuma missed a second rope frogsplash and tags in Lince. Icarus also gets tagged in. Lince hits rapid fire chops on Icarus and follows up with a sweet springboard back elbow. Icarus tries to suplex Icarus to the outside, but Lince slides out. A Chiva clotheslines him down and Lince follows up with a springboard moonsault. Chuck Taylor breaks up the pin. All six men are fighting round the building. Las Chivas lock on a double submission on Akuma, but Chuck also breaks that up. Las Chivas each lock on a submission to Akuma and Taylor, but they both escape. Akuma and Taylor hit their patented wheelbarrow ace crusher on one of a Chiva. F.I.S.T hit their double Enzugiri/dropkick on the other Chiva. Lince runs in and hits a big tornado DDT on Chuck, bringing in Icarus. Icarus catches Lince with a big time Death Valley Driver, but only gets a two count. Chuck puts on a lucha mask on the outside while Akuma and Icarus work over Lince on the outside. Akuma goes for the Cheetah Swipe but Lince ducks. Lince misses a flip senton and is then nailed with the Cheetah Swipe. Akuma hits the Falcon Arrow, but Lince kicks out! Lince gets Icarus and Akuma on the outside and dives onto both of them. A Chiva looks to dive outside till the mask Taylor runs in. Taylor knocks him down. Taylor hits the Sole Food, then the Awful Waffle on the other Chiva for the victory. This started out pretty sloppy with Las Chivas looking awful. F.I.S.T. did an awesome job working over the Chiva, and Lince worked like a pro making up for his two lame duck partners. But definitely fun for the most part. **3/4

Say goodbye to the nice Claudio!

Claudio says a lot of stuff has happened to him since he came to the U.S. that he did not expect. He says he’s been hit with chairs, put through tables, but never expected someone to throw a fireball at his face like Mitch Ryder did. Claudio adds that some people say he is too nice, but after tonight, people won’t be thinking that anymore. He says Mitch needs to bring his “A” game, and that he will find out why you don’t want to step into the ring with Claudio when he is angry.

The Fabulous Two come out to the ring insulting the fans. Mitch says that Claudio got done smoking a little bit ago, after Mitch lit him up like a Roman candle. Mitch said he promised Claudio a match if he showed up, and that he’d give him a match against one of the Fabulous Two. At this point, Claudio leaps into the ring and immediately attacks Buck. Mitch is on the outside and Claudio looks to fight him. Mitch grabs the mic again and Claudio tries to grab him. Mitch says tonight the match is NOT against him, but rather against Buck Hawke. Buck jumps Claudio from behind and the bell rings.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Buck Hawke

Claudio takes down Buck with the spinebuster and then the Big Swing! Claudio beats down Buck with a series of punches in the corner. Claudio smashes Buck with some European Uppercuts. Buck slides to the floor and Claudio follows. Claudio chases The Fabulous Two around the ring until Buck slides back in. Claudio follows, but Mitch grabs his leg. Claudio turns around to yell at Mitch. Claudio turns to Buck and is blasted with a pair of knucks! The tide turns instantly with Buck beating on Claudio. Buck takes the referee away allowing Mitch to get in a punch of his own. Buck hits Claudio a few more times with the knucks, managing to keep it away from the referee. Claudio continues to fight back until Buck goes to the eyes of Claudio. Claudio comes back with some chops and Buck goes right back to the eyes. Claudio fights back with some Europeans till Buck goes to the eyes for the third time. Buck goes off the ropes only to be caught with the Match Killer by Claudio. Claudio looks for the Ricola Bomb, but Hawke rolls forward. Mitch grabs Hawke’s legs to hold him down allowing Buck to get the three! Claudio chases the Fabulous Two to the back. Not really much of a match here at all. ½*

Vin Gerard vs. Worker Ant

Worker says that in 2007, he said 2008 would be the year of the Colony. He says the he’s sure Vin feels he has done something to thwart this, but this is not the case. He says even though Vin cost them the King of Trios tournament, they made it to the semi-finals, something 72 other men could not say. Vin tried to thwart him in the Young Lions tournament, only to be replaced by Fire Ant who won the whole thing. Now that Vin has the cup, Worker Ant says that he looks to take one step forward in taking the cup away from him tonight.

Vin comes out with a can of bug spray. Vin sprays himself with it before the match begins. He asks Sabato to spray his back, but Worker Ant comes over and takes the van from him. Worker sprays it on Vin’s back for him without him knowing. Vin turns around and is jabbed in the throat by Worker! Vin falls to the outside while Worker talks to the camera. Vin comes in looking for a clothesline, but Worker ducks it and catches Vin with a one legged dropkick. Worker Ant beats on Vin in the corner with punches and chops. Worker hits an atomic drop and knee drop onto Vin. Worker goes for a clothesline only to be caught by a back suplex. Vin hits a back splash for a two count. Vin chokes Worker Ant on the mat. Vin teases ripping off the mask but backs off and goes to choke Worker on the ropes. Vin hits a arm hook suplex and pulls him up by the antenna. Vin continues to beat down Worker Ant as the fans chant “EQUINOX!” Vin goes for his patented knee in the corner, but gets rolled up by Worker for the two. Vin knocks down Worker Ant with a flying clothesline. Vni then bashes his skull against the mat. Vin delivers hard elbows to Worker Ant as Vin mocks him. Worker works up and the men go back and forth. Vin goes for an STO, but Worker turns it into a DDT. Worker hits Vin with an Antzugiri and a powerslam. Worker Ant only gets the two count. Worker tries to toss Vin into the opposite corner, but Vin locks his legs in the ropes to assure he is going nowhere. Vin gets Worker Ant down and hits the running knee. Vin nails the Rude Awakening neck breaker and only gets a two count. Vin pulls the Young Lions Cup in, but the referee says no. Vin obliges and instead brings in a Raid ant trap. He sets up a pile of them in the ring. Vin looks for the Northern Lights Bomb but Worker Ant works out of it. Worker Ant hits an Alabama Slam, and then follows up with a brain buster for the win! This was about as good as their match back at Two Eyebrows Are Better Than One. **1/2

As Vin leaves the building, the fans chant “Drake’s gonna kill you!” Vin asks “Who?” and the fans respond “Drake Younger!” Vin says “Never heard of him” and leaves. This is funny because Drake is Vin’s opponent for the Young Lions Cup at the show the next night, “Vanity & Violence”, which will be reviewed right here, next week! (Cheap plug)

Campeonatos de Parejas
Incoherence (Delirious & Hallowicked; Campeones) vs. The Sea Donsters (Hydra & Tim Donst)

The Sea Donsters come out to “Octopus’s Garden” which makes me smile oh-so wide. Hydra is no longer jacked to the gills! He’s back to being his normal skinny self. Donst also has a brand new green singlet for his team with a sea monster wrapped around the Captain America logo in the middle, and “Sea Donsters” written in block graffiti on the back.

Delirious freaks out at the beginning and Hydra responds by flexing. Delirious asks that Bryce disqualifies him; he of course denies the request. Donst and Delirious start off officially. Delirious goes over to shake Hydra’s hand, and Hydra crushes his hand. Donst and Delirious get down on their knees and lock hands. Delirious gets the strength advantage, but Donst uses his neck strength to turn it in his favor. Delirious flips out and takes down Donst with a single leg. Delirious works over Donst’s leg till Donst reverses the momentum. Both men get back to their feet and lock up once more. Delirious takes Donst down with a headlock. Donst gets him a head scissors, but Delirious pops out back into the headlock. Delirious rolls Donst over to his corner allowing Hallowicked to tag in. Wicked rolls up Donst, but Donst escapes at two. Donst and Wicked shake hands and lock up. Both men go back and forth matching each other on the mat. Donst gets Wicked down to stretch his hamstrings and Wicked fails at escaping. Donst goes for a pin but only gets a two. Donst tags in Hydra to a nice pop. Hydra puts out his hand for a handshake, and both members of Incoherence are intimidated. Wicked agrees, and Hydra wrenches on a headlock. Hallowicked makes it to the ropes and tries to tag in Delirious. Hydra stops him and hits a hard shoulder tackle on Hallowicked. Delirious comments “I thought Brock Lesnar was at UFC tonight!” too much laughter. Hydra shoulder block tackles Hallowicked to the floor, and Incoherence has a meeting of the minds. Hydra attacks Hallowicked on his way in and tags in Donst. They hit a drop toe hold/dropkick combo for the two. Donst hits a chop and clothesline and tags Hydra back in. Hydra takes down Hallowicked, and hits the VADER BOMB on Hallowicked! Hallowicked is able to get his foot on the rope to break the pin. Delirious gets on the apron whenever Donst is on the apron, but jumps off when Hydra is in the ring. Donst comes in and powers over Hallowicked with some slams and a suplex. Donst goes for a clothesline. Hallowicked rolls under and makes the tag to Delirious. Delirious works over Donst till he tags in Hydra. Delirious hits a Panic Attack on Donst and gets attacked from behind by Hydra. Hallowicked hits the Rydeen Bomb on Hydra sending him to the floor. Donst rolls up Hallowicked for the two count. Donst hits the Donstitution and Hallowicked also kicks out of that! Wicked rolls to the floor tagging Delirious. Delirious wastes no time as he knocks down Donst hard, only getting a two count. Hydra comes in and goes for the Batista Bomb! Hallowicked comes in and cracks Hydra in the mouth with the Big Boot as he sets up. Hallowicked pins Hydra, getting the first fall for Incoherence!

Donst tries to get Hydra up but he seems to be out cold. Incoherence comes over concerned for Hydra as well. Donst grabs the gallon of water Hydra brought with him and pours it on his face. Hydra instantly stands up powered up. Hydra does the Hogan point on both members of Incoherence and tries a double chokeslam. Incoherence responds with a double flapjack for a two count. Hydra nails a jawbreaker on Wicked and tags in Donst. The Sea Donsters come at Hallowicked hard with a few double team maneuvers, and Donst pounding away at Wicked. They hit their Whoopee Cushion/Spinebuster on Hallowicked and only got a two their as well. Donst goes up top while Hydra holds Hallowicked’s legs. Wicked pushes Hydra into the ropes causing Donst to crotch himself on the top. Wicked tosses Hydra out of the way and goes for a superplex on Hallowicked. Hydra hits a powerbomb off the top rope, and Delirious comes in to break up the count. Delirious comes off the ropes with a series of clotheslines. Hydra counters with a series of clotheslines of his own. Hydra hits a big splash and Hallowicked breaks up that pin. Donst tags in to take on Delirious. Delirious works out of an STO attempt and puts Donst on his shoulders. Hallowicked comes in, Delirious tosses Donst, and Hallowicked catches Donst with the Go To Sleepy Hollow! Donst evades an attack in the corner and attacks Hallowicked. Wicked reverses and tags in Delirious. Incoherence hits two big elbows and Delirious puts Donst in a stretch on the mat. Incoherence isolates and works over Donst for a bit until Donst catches Hallowicked with an elbow off the middle rope. As this happens, Ultramantis Black and Crossbones come out with weapons distracting Hydra. Hydra walks towards them as Delirious works over Donst. The Temple is wearing the PHATTEST street wear, by the way. Donst blocks the Big Boot from Hallowicked with an STO, and looks to tag Donst. Unfortunately for Donst, Hydra is distracted. Donst yells at Hydra to come back. Delirious comes from behind and nails the Chemical Imbalance #2 on Donst for the win! Incoherence retains their titles. This was a pretty darn good match here, with lots of fun comedy spots. ***1/2

The 411: While the Campeonatos de Parejas match was excellent, Quack vs. Storm was great, and the Vin Gerard interview was really well performed, I don’t think I can recommend this one. CHIKARA was on a hot streak of really great shows, and then this relatively below average show comes out. If you’re a completionist, obviously this one’s for you. But if you don’t buy a great deal of CHIKARA, don’t get this. Every other show from 2008 preceding this is worlds better.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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