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CHIKARA Review: The Bobliographon

July 27, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: The Bobliographon  

Philadelphia, PA –

After a very fun night of action in Easton, CHIKARA makes it return to South Philadelphia for “The Bobliographon”. Tonight, Glacier has re-emerged in CHIKARA to look for revenge on Vin Gerard in their first ever singles match. The rivalry between F.I.S.T vs. The Colony will continue in Atomicos action, and the feud between The Roughnecks and Incoherence looks to come to a close. Lots of happenings are abound, so enough tomfoolery.

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Buck Hawke, Leonard F. Chikarason, Louden Noxious, Mike Quackenbush, and Ultramantis Black.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Shadow Phoenix

Claudio pushes down Phoenix in a lock up. They exchange waist locks and Phoenix breaks out into an arm lock. Claudio reverses into a wrist lock. Phoenix rolls out and puts on a hammer lock. Claudio with a waist lock down into a front chancery. On their feet, Phoenix works back into a wrist lock. Claudio picks up Phoenix places him on the rop rope and shakes hands with Shadow Phoenix. Phoenix trips Claudio. He goes for a lionsault and Claudio ducks. Phoenix gets a wheelbarrow into an armdrag then lands a sweet springboard hurricanrana. Phoenix kicks and chops Claudio. Claudio sends Pheonix off the ropes, and Phoenix tries a few dropkicks. Claudio catches Phoenix with a tilt-a-while backbreaker for the two count. Claudio slams Phoenix and lands a leg drop for another two. Claudio stretches Phoenix and Phoenix gets the ropes to break the hold. Claudio chops Phoenix down in the corner and pins him for another two. Claudio brings Phoenix to the middle and stretches him one more time. Phoenix works his way up and delivers some hard kicks to Claudio’s chest. Phoenix hits the ropes and Claudio mows him down with a big time clothesline. Claudio reapplies his stretch and again Shadow gets up. Shado hits the ropes and Claudio comes at him. Phoenix low bridges the ropes sending Claudio out. Phoenix dropkicks Claudio in the back then headstands out of the ring apron into a headscissors takedown! Phoenix tosses Claudio back in and heads to the top rope. Pheonix lands a big high crossbody for the two count. Pheonix ducks both the clothesline and the Sweet Schwinn Music. A sunset flip and a schoolboy only get the two count. Phoenix kicks Claudio then swings out of the corner with a headscissors in a real impressive move. Pheonix plants Claudio with a springboard swinging DDT for the two count and the fans are enjoying this. Phoenix hops off the top. Claudio catches him and takes his face off with the Sweet Schwinn Music for three. My oh my; THAT was a hell of an opening match. Jeez, the fans were going nuts, the two wrestlers busted their asses, and everything looked really cool and crisp. Shadow Phoenix needs to return because he impressed the hell out of me this weekend. Awesome job from Claudio and Shadow Phoenix. ***1/2

Four Team Elimination Match
Cheech Hernandez & KC “Cloudy” Day vs. 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews) vs. The Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Player Dos) vs. The UnStable (STIGMA & Colin Delaney)

Shane and Cloudy start off if this tag team frenzy. Shane powers Cloudy to his corner to break. Shane puts on a side headlock and gets pushed to the ropes. Shane mows him down with a shoulder tackle. In the corner Shane takes down Cloudy with a butterfly suplex. Cloudy goes into the corner, hops over Shane, and gets an O’Conner Roll for two. Cloudy comes off the ropes with a hurricanrana which sends Shane to the floor. Cheech and Player Dos come in as the legal men. Back and forth action between these two that’s too much to type. It does end with a stand still, and Colin tags himself in by slapping Cheech’s back. Jagged is tagged in by Dos. Jagged side steps a dropkick attempt. These two Rudos slow things down moving in super slow motion. Colin speeds up in a headscissors which takes Jagged down. They both attempt to nip up but fail until they use the ropes to assist them. STIGMA and Player Uno get the tags as the two largest men in the match exchange shoulder blocks. STIGMA slaps Uno right in the face and then chops him on the ropes. Uno grabs the ropes to stop his momentum and slaps STIGMA who then rolls to the floor. Cheech comes in and the Super Smash Bros. double team the surfer. Dos chops Cheech, and Cheech responds with a Lou Thesz press. Cheech applies a hands-free Scorpion Death Lock. The other six participants come in and one member of each team is locked into a submission! They all get broken up and Cheech and Cloudy send STIGMA to the floor with a tandem armdrag. 2.0. hit a Samoan Drop/neckbreaker combo on Cloudy then take down Uno in the ring. Dos gets tossed into the ring and 2.0 double team him down as well. They are really on fire right now. Jagged dives outside onto a pile of guys. Cheech comes off the ropes onto Shane Matthews in the ring. Shane catches him in a Canadian Crab, but Cheech turns it into a Prawn Hold for the pin! 2.0. is eliminated, and they are pissed. Damn it, I love 2.0!

Colin and Uno stand in the ring as the legal men. Uno is tripped by STIGMA and Colin lands his falling lariat to Uno’s chest. Uno gets bullied by the UnStable preventing him from making the tag to Dos. Uno ducks a clothesline attempt and The Super Smash Bros. strike. The Smash Bros. hit some awesome double team stuff, including a frog splash from Dos onto Colin while Uno cannonball sentons STIGMA in the corner. The frog splash scores Dos the pinfall, eliminating The UnStable from this match.

Cheech and Cloudy come in and are sent to the floor. Uno dives through the middle rope with a tope con heilo. Dos comes off the ropes and Colin Delaney interrupts him with the Attitude Adjuster! Colin and STIGMA then decide to leave the ringside area. Cloudy and Cheech quickly pounce on Dos in the corner. Cloudy lands a suplex and Cheech comes in with a slingshot senton for two. The surfers use some tandem offense to gain the advantage on Player Dos who refuses to give up. Dos catches Cheech with a reverse DDT. He almost is by Uno before Cloudy cuts him off with an elbow drop. Cheech and Cloudy hit a double back breaker and double side Russian leg sweep on Dos and Uno interrupts the count. Dos ducks a clothesline from Cloudy and hits a corkscrew dive onto Cheech who is on the floor. Uno comes in and hits a cabradora on Cloudy and sends him into the corner. Uno lands his patented knee breaker on Cloudy’s head. The Smash Bros. hit an Alabama Slam/Lung Blower combo and Cheech breaks up the pin attempt. Cheech ducks a clothesline from Uno but eats a boot and an arm-capture stunner. Cheech eats a superkick from Dos with a jackknife roll up. Cloudy breaks up that pin as well. Cloudy takes Dos over with a backwards Frankensteiner for two! Uno is in the ropes and he takes the Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech. They send Dos to the floor, then hit the Tidal Wave on Uno for the three count for the win! Cheech and Cloudy come out of this awesome match with two points under their belt. Great, great stuff all around from all four teams. This was just as good as the opener, and I am in awe at how great these two opening matches were. Did everyone bring their working boots tonight? ***1/2

Create-A-Wrestler vs. Ultramantis Black

Mantis and CAW reverse a series of arm wringers. CAW brings Mantis down and locks his legs together. CAW rolls him over for a pin and Mantis’ legs were tied up in his pants. CAW comes off the ropes with a shoulder block, a second, and goes for a third but is tripped up by a drop toe hold. Mantis leapfrogs CAW. CAW comes back with a few armdrag variations and knocks Mantis out to the floor with a Russian lariat. Shades of Moscow anyone? Mantis and Crossbones discuss matters on the outside. CAW chases Mantis around the ring and both men get back inside. CAW spears Mantis down for the two count. Mantis headbutts CAW as they get back to their feet. Mongolian chops from Mantis in the corner. CAW picks up Mantis for a huge spinebuster for a two count. CAW is thrown to the ropes where Crossbones holds down the top rope and sends CAW to the floor. Mantis comes off the ring apron with a senton to the floor. Mantis pins CAW in the ring for a two. Mantis sets up CAW for the Praying Mantis Bomb and CAW fights out of it and sits down dropping Mantis onto his head! CAW gets a two count with quite the devastating maneuver. CAW powerbombs Mantis and folds him over for a pin, Crossbones distracts the referee allowing time to elapse, and Mantis kicks out at two. CAW goes for his He’s Toast driver and Crossbones hops on the apron. Mantis schoolboys CAW for the three and this one is over. Very short, but a pretty good match. The commentary was worthwhile though, as we learned that the CHIKARA Special and its trade led to Chris Hero’s contract being in the hands of Dr. Cube. **

Incoherence (Delirious, Hallowicked, & Frightmare) vs. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee, Eddie Kingston, & Grizzly Redwood)

Delirious and Grizzly start off. Delirious goes nuts at the belt and chases the now-sholess Grizzly Redwood around the ring (Grizzly’s boots got stolen at a Ring of Honor show the previous Friday night by Ernie Osiris). Grizzly puts on a side headlock and Delirious turns it into one of his own. Each men then take turns exchanging arm locks. Delirious puts Grizzly in a headscissors on the mat. Delirious and Grizzly go back and forth some more ending with Grizzly back in the side headlock. Delirious chases Grizzly around the ring till they come back in where Delirious knocks Grizzly down with a leg lariat. Frightmare tags in and continues to work the arm. Grizzly escapes and tags in Kingston. They lock up and Eddie throws Frightmare down with ease. Frightmare takes Eddie over with a headscissors take down, then comes off Eddie’s shoulders with an arm drag snapmare. Hallowicked and Brodie come in chopping the bajeesus out of one another. Wicked takes Brodie to the corner. Brodie explodes out with a big lariat. Brodie brings the mask out of his back pocket and holds it while he dishes out punishment. Hallowicked gets trapped in the Roughnecks corner and is taken out by Brodie and Grizzly. Frightmare tags in and takes down Grizzly with a flurry of offense. Brodie runs in and goes for the boot which he ducks. However, Grizzly comes in with a boot of his own to Frightmare. Now it’s Frightmare’s turn to feel the brunt of the pain from The Roughnecks. They cut of Hallowicked and Delirious, and simply put, they bully Frightmare to death. Frightmare is able to escape the grasp of Brodie with a headscissors into a DDT. Delirious is tagged in and he puts the boots to Grizzly. Delirious puts Grizzly up top. He takes Brodie down in the corner and throws Grizzly in with him. Brodie and Grizzly take the Panic Attack. Eddie comes in to attack Delirious, but Delirious cuts him off and hits Kingston with the Here It Is driver. Hallowicked comes out Brodie with a big boot. Brodie ducks and comes up with a STEP UP FRANKENSTEINER! HOLY SHIT. That was awesome. The fans and announcers are equally impressed. Brodie then eats the Big Boot and Frightmare sends him to the floor with a headscissors take down. Grizzly follows up with a Senton to the floor. Delirious gets sent to the floor by Grizzly, and Wicked boots Grizzly to the floor. Kingston comes in and he and Wicked exchange real hard shots. Wicked ducks the backfist and lifts up Eddie for the Go Too Sleep Hollow. Eddie slams Wicked then cracks him in the jaw with the Sliding D. Delirious breaks up the pin and sends Eddie to the corner. He follows with the Neverending clotheslines as the fans chant along. Eddie gets tossed into Wicked who lifts him up. He hits the Go Too Sleepy Hollow, Delirious hits the Shadows Over Hell, and Frightmare hits the moonsault into the double knees! Brodie bullies Frightmare in the corner but Delirious and Wicked save him. They attack Brodie in the corner and pop up Frightmare in a hurricanrana to Brodie. Frightmare wraps Brodie’s legs to pin him for the three count! Holy crap, that was an awesome match. This feud should decisively be over and I am fairly certain it is. What a fantastic effort by effort, with lots of fast-paced exciting action going on. Everyone put their best foot forward and it showed. ***3/4

After the match as Delirious is heading to the back, Ultramantis Black and Crossbones come out and drape the Eye of Tyr in his face! The Order has kidnapped Delirious! Is this their third new member (Flash forward…yes, yes it is.)

Wha? A word from Claudio? Now?

A major announcement

Oh my goodness! CHIKARA and Dragon Gate USA are working together?! Who knew! Well, you all did, but this was the video they showed to make the announcement about it. And it’s great. This is going to be fun.

Shark Girl vs. Sara Del Ray

Sara powers Shark Girl into the corner. Sara and Shark Girl lock hands on the apron and Shark Girl bites Sara’s hand. Sara has Bryce kiss it to make it feel better, which works apparently. Sara takes control on the arm and Shark Girl cartwheels into the reversal. Shark Girl bites the hand again multiple times and Bryce doesn’t see it happen. Sara yells at Bryce, and of course Shark Girl comes from behind and bites Sara in the bottom. Sara yells at Brce once again, turns it around, and Bryce gets bit in the bottom now. Sara bits Shark Girl’s bottom and now we have a train of bottom biting. A “match of the year!” chant follows which is quite funny. Sara runs at Shark Girl and boots her down. Sara beats on Shark Girl with some boots to the back. Sara suplexes Shark Girl for two. Shark Girl puts a halt to a whip by sitting down. Shark Girl monkey flips Sara by her leg. Sara knocks her down with a clothesline for two. Sara continues to maul Shark Girl, even standing on her pigtails while pulling on her arms. Sara is offended by the boos she is receiving. Shark Girl maneuvers her way out of it and small packages Sara for two. Shark Girl comes off the ropes with a headscissors into an arm drag take down. Sara puts Shakr Girl in a Gory Special position, and Shark Girl sunset flips her for two. Shark Girl hits a chop to Sara’s head then punches in the corner. Sara comes out with the Royal Butterfly and that’s all it takes to get the three. Fine for a comedy match in the middle of the card, but really it seemed awfully inconsequential on the show as a whole. *3/4

The Future Is Now (Equinox, Lince Dorado, & Helios) vs. The Osirian Portal (Amasis, Ophidian, & Escorpion Egipcio)

The Future Is Now head to the ring when The Osirian Portal runs out and attacks them from behind. It’s an all out brawl between all six participants on the outside! Madness, insanity, all thanks to those rapscallions in the Osirian Portal! All three members bring Equinox in the ring and beat him down on one side of the ring. Escorpion pops up Equinox who is able to dropkick Amasis and Ophidian down. Equinox fights back against all three members of the Portal and stands toe to toe with Escorpion. Equinox hits a few dropkicks to take him down and fails, but then uses a monkey flip to successfully take him down. Equinox heads up top and comes off with a hurricanrana to Escorpion. He follows up with a tope through the middle and top rope. Lince and Amasis come in as the legal man and Lince uses some Lucha to gain the advantage. Lince uses Amasis to knock Ophidian who is on the apron. Lince hits a double 619 on both men then hits a springboard whoopee cushion on Amasis. Helios comes in with a standing moonsault for the two as Ophidian breaks it up. Helios fights back against Ophidian spinning him out onto Amasis on the mat. Helios gets a two count on Ophidian. Helios puts Ophidian in the corner and whips him to the other. Helios gets sent to the apron. He goes up top but gets tripped and crotched by Ophidian. Helios has tights like Zack Ryder (Woo Woo Woo!) with half of his legs completely covered and the other one semi-showing. Anyways, The Portal decides to isolate him in their corner. Maybe cuz his tights are stupid. Lince is able to get the tag and comes off with a moonsault onto the standing Ophidian. Amasis ducks a clothesline and STO’s Lince down for a two count. Lince however gets isolated in the corner of the Portal. Amasis takes too much time to hit a move (thanks to some showmanship) and Lince almost makes the tag. Escorpion halts a double team to tag himself in which allows Lince to fight out of The Portal’s grasp. Escorpion boots Amasis by accident and Equinox comes in. Equinox grabs the stinger on Escorpion’s mask and throws him down, ripping off the stinger as well. Ophidian comes in and sends Equinox out tagging in Helios. Helios sends Ophidian down with a dropkick and spinning heel kick. Off the ropes Helios lands a spinning headscissors. Helios lands the Tiger Walk and rolls back into the arms of Amasis. Helios throws Amasis onto Ophidian in the corner. Helios then hits a cannonball senton on both men in the corner. Helios holds his own against both Ophidian and Amssis sending them both out to the floor. Lince and Helios hit tandem dives onto both of them on the floor. Equinox comes in to set up for a dive of his own. He hits the ropes and gets caught in the stomach with a knee from Escorpion. Escorpion lands a Northern Lights suplex for the two count. Lince tries a moonsault but Escorpion catches him and looks for a TKO. Lince counters and tears on Escorpion’s mask. Lince dropkicks Escorpion down and follows with a Lynxsault. Amasis and Ophidian break up the pin attempt. They then chop and kick Lince down to the mat. They put Lince on Escorpion’s shoulders for a powerbomb and Amasis and Ophidian come off with tandem dropkicks to Lince on his shoulders. Escorpion bites Helios in the corner. All of the Portal splash Helios in the corner one at a time. They try again and Helios escapes. Escorpion accidentally spears Ophidian, and Amasis chastises him for what he’s done. Amasis and Ophidian leave Escorpion alone in the ring, saying they’re done with him. Escorpion eats double superkicks from Lince and Equinox. Helios then hits the 630 splash which is enough to defeat The Portal. This was better than their match at King of Trios, but not by a whole heck of a lot. Escorpion is now done with CHIKARA and thank goodness for that. Now The Future Is Now can continue climbing the CHIKARA ladder. **3/4

Glacier vs. Vin Gerard

STIGMA and Colin accompany Vin to the ring. Vin does a lot of stalling with the UnStable hopping on the apron every so often in an attempt to get the advantage. Glacier grabs a headlock and wrenches on it. Vin tosses Glacier to the ropes and Glacier hangs on. He drops down back into a headlock on Vin. Vin gets his feet on the middle rope, and Glacier drops Vin face first to the match. Vin retreats to the floor when he turns around and sees Glacier lifting his boot up. The UnStable teases leaving, but Glacier picks up by Vin by hair to the apron. Glacier looks to bring in Vin with a suplex, but Colin trips him ala Bobby Heenan. Glacier tosses Vin off the ropes and readys for a double chop. Vin sees it coming and again retreats to the floor. Glacier is distracted by STIGMA and Vin comes in to sneak attack Glacier. Vin pushes Glacier to the floor who gets double teamed by Colin and STIGMA. Glacier gets rolled back in and Vin pins for two. Vin chokes Glacier in the corner. Vin lets go and while distracting the referee, STIGMA and Colin stretch him out on the ropes. Vin hits his patented knee in the corner on Glacier. Glacier goes outside and hits STIGMA and Colin’s heads together. Vin comes out and hits a side Russian Leg Sweep on Glacier into the guardrail. Back in the ring, Vin kicks Glacier in the head and then slaps him in the face. Glacier fights back from his knees back to this feet with thrusts and chops. Glacier hits a scoop slam then some right hands. Vin ducks a thrust and hops on Glacier’s back for a sleeper hold. Glacier arm drops three times…but then he grabs the referee’s leg to stop him from calling for the bell? Uh, no, doesn’t work that way. Yet the match continues. Glacier hits some strikes on Vin till Vin rakes the eyes and again puts on the sleeper. Glacier backs Vin into the corner and the referee takes a bump in the corner where Vin is pushed. Vin is tossed some knucks from Colin Delaney. Glacier hits a weak Cryonic Kick and Vin falls. Glacier notices no referee is found and crawls to the floor. Glacier throws the referee back in the ring. Glacier makes the pin and Vin kicks out at two. STIGMA and Colin hop on the apron. Glacier hits a Cryonic Kick on STIGMA and the referee is distracted by him. Vin nails Glacier twice with the knucks and scores the pinfall victory. This match was…okay, it was not good. The crowd didn’t like it at all, it was slow, and the story they told wasn’t too effective. Glacier, I hate to say it, but his novelty in CHIKARA has worn off. It’s fine and dandy for him to come back every year for whatever CHIKARA’s big tournament is, but that’s really all. *1/2

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, and The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus, Gran Akuma, & Chuck Taylor) and Buck Hawke

Buck and Soldier Ant start for their respective teams. Soldier wastes no time taking down Buck then bringing him up in a saluting pose. Soldier arm drags Buck down then brings him up again in the saluting pose. Buck gets angry and tells Soldier to cut it out. Buck is thrown to the mat and forced to do the army crawl to the apron. Buck salutes to show he’s sorry, and Soldier uses Buck’s own arm to knock him off the apron. Soldier follows and Chuck hops down to get in his face. Icarus and Akuma try some double teams on Quack, but he thwarts them and with Jigsaw takes them out. Akuma and Jigsaw end up the two legal men with Jigsaw taking down Akuma with some nice Lucha offense. Jig dives onto Akuma on the outside. Soldier takes Buck down with some saluting headbutts and an elbow. He and Fire Ant hit a senton/saluting headbutt double team. Fire Ant lands some chops on Buck then takes him over with a fireman’s carry. Fire Ant rolls him through an armdrag for a two count. Buck fights back and Fire Ant comes out of the corner with a headscissors takedown. F.I.S.T. distract The Colony allowing Buck to come in. The Colony thwarts Buck and take him down to the outside. Chuck Taylor and Mike Quackenbush end up in the ring together. Quack uses a springboard armdrag to take out Chuck, and Chuck comes back with a beautiful dropkick. Quack comes back with a cannonball to Chuck which sends him to the floor. All three members of F.I.S.T come in and hit a fallaway kick, boot, and lungblower to Quack in sequence. Buck attacks Quack gets taken to the Rudos corner The Rudos all take turns to attack Quack. Buck runs at Quack in the corner, but Quack moves and slides out allowing Soldier Ant to come in. F.I.S.T pounces on Soldier Ant, making the easy transition from Quackenbush to him. Buck Hawke again allows Soldier Ant to roll out so Jigsaw can come in. Again though, F.I.S.T. immediately pounces on the opposition wasting no time isolating whichever opponent is in the ring. F.I.S.T. is showing why they’re truly the most dangerous trio in the company. All four Rudos hit a quadruple dropkick, and Jigsaw rolls out right after bringing in Fire Ant who looks to Icarus on the apron. Big mistake, as Buck mows him down with a clothesline. Making it four out of four, Fire Ant finally gets beaten down by the Rudo corner. Fire Ant gets popped up by Chuck onto Icarus by accident, and Fire Ant takes down Icarus with a fireman’s carry onto Chuck! Fire Ant crawls over and tags in Quack. Quack comes and decimates Buck with chops and a clothesline into a bulldog. Quack hits a sole butt. Quack blocks one from Akuma. Jig and Quack hit stereo snap suplexes on Akuma and Hawke, then stereo superkicks onto Icarus and Chuck. The Colony hits tandem double stomps onto Akuma and Buck, then tandem dropkicks in the corner to Icarus and Chuck. The Colony, Icarus, and Chuck go to the floor to fight. Buck and Akuma follow, so Quack dives onto all of them. Buck gets brought back in by Quack, where Quack and Jigsaw double team Buck Hawke. A Doomsday Device almost gets the win, but Buck gets the ropes with his fingertips. Icarus takes out Quack with the Blu-Ray DVD into the corner. Jigsaw gets tied up in the corner, and eats Chuck’s boots and two Enzugiri’s from Akuma and Icarus. Buck follows up with a lung blower, and Jigsaw kicks out at two. All the men in the match take turns coming in and out hitting moves much to the fans delight. Chuck ends it with a jumping boot to Jigsaw for the two count. Chuck turns Jigsaw over into the single leg crab which is what he used to win King of Trios. Quack comes in and palm strikes Chuck. Buck from behind attacks Quack. Buck gets sent to the corner and lifts him up. Fire Ant smacks him with a jump up Antzugiri. Buck eats a series of moves and Chuck breaks up the pin. Jig tries for the Jig N’ Tonic but Chuck turns it into the Sole Food. Icarus hits Jigsaw with the Shiranui for two. The Colony brawls with Icarus and Taylor, and take both F.I.S.T. members to the floor. Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, and Mike Quackenbush all dive outside onto Chuck and Icarus. Akuma and Jigsaw are left in the ring. Akuma hits some hard kicks to Jig’s chest. Jig fights back up and some reversals end with a package DDT to Akuma for two. Jigsaw picks up Akuma for the Jig N’ Tonic. Akuma escapes and ends up dropping Jigsaw face first on the mat for the two count. Akuma sets up Jigsaw on his shoulders. Jigsaw fights out and lands two superkicks. On attempt number three, Akuma ducks and places Jigsaw on his shoulders. Akuma lands the Rubix Cuube for the win! Another great tag team contest on the show, with F.I.S.T. again proving their dominance in CHIKARA. It built well to next month’s Masks vs. Hair contest while still showing that the Tecnico team was strong. ***3/4

The 411: Buy, buy, buy. The first half of this show was awesome. It slowed down a bit with the trios and Glacier match, but the last match most assuredly made up for it. So many matches blew me away and met or exceeded my expectations. Do not hesitate and make sure to pick up this DVD. It’s one of the best CHIKARA has done this year thus far
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend

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