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April 2, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka

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This will be my regular view style, with star ratings and extra thoughts in the final report.

– The show is starting at 5:08 PM ET.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Leva Bates vs. Cheerleader Melissa: Bates is dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts this evening. The bell rang and Leva ranted about Melissa not having heart and stuff, stop stalling please. Melissa thankfully stopped this. Leva made her comeback and did her painfully slow roll through into the spear. Melissa took control, slow pacing here and it hasn’t really developed a flow. Melissa worked he kondo clutch and pulled the hair during that. Bates survived and countered an air raid crash and they traded chops. Leva then worked kicks, slowly, and got a near fall. Melissa fought back with strikes in the corner, missed the corner clothesline and ate a dropkick. Leva took control back and went up top and hit a double stomp for a near fall. Leva badly misses a double stomp, it did not look good, and the kudo driver by Melissa connects and that is that.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Cherry Bomb vs. Candice LaRae: Bomb attacked right away, but then ate forearms for her troubles and then LaRae scored with a dive. Much better pacing here as opposed to the first match. Bomb then cut off LaRae as she was on top and hit a superkick, and she then took the heat. Bomb controlled, LaRae got a hope spot with a roll up, but Bomb kept control. LaRae finally fired up and slammed Bomb to the corners, she tried a lucha arm drag but Bomb stropped that, sending LaRae to the floor. Back in and clotheslines by LaRae connected, a roll through kick followed for a near fall. Bomb kept countering the private parts plex, which was a theme through out. LaRae finally hit it and it got a near fall. They fought to the corner and up top, Bomb escaped and hit the Death Valley driver but LaRae turned it into a cradle and picked up the win.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Nicole Savoy vs. LuFisto: Savoy did not want to show any respect, so they started to slap and beat the hell out of each other. Really good fire from both as they went for broke, and this broke into a fight and they got the crowd going. Savoy worked kicks and then went to her submission game, working the arm bar. She then choked out LuFisto and then wrapped the arm around the post and then got a hanging arm bar. This was great killer instinct by Savoy early on in the match. LuFisto was able to make a comeback with kicks and then a series of different suplexes, which led to Savoy scoring with another arm bar. LuFisto escaped and maintained her control, both have shown really good aggression, and this feels completely different from the previous matches. Savoy then hit rolling butterfly suplexes, and then got a rolling cross arm breaker. LuFisto stacked her and escaped, and hit a Jay driller, but Savoy kicked out! Sweet baby Jesus. Savoy escaped the burning hammer; LuFisto then posted herself and Savoy locked in the sambo lock and LuFisto tapped!

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Kimber Lee vs. Jessicka Havok: Lee tried to use her speed early, hit and run, but Havok’s size was constantly an issue. Lee managed to send Havok to the floor, landed a kick but then got caught and slammed to the apron. Havok worked her over on the floor for a bit, but then missed a leg drop back in the ring. Lee landed some kicks, but Havok locked in the stretch muffler only for Lee to make the ropes. Havok then missed a corner charge, and Lee scored with a variation on the tarantula in the ropes. This is dragging, not bad, but flat. Lee tried to work an arm bar, but Havok powered out and slammed Lee down. Havok took control again, Havok hit some running boots and this simply exists for me. Lee fired up again, she’s been really good here, but it constantly feels as if she’s working around Havok with good work and selling. Havok hit a powerbomb and stretch muffler, Cherry Bomb arrived for the distraction and Lee got the roll up for the win.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Heidi Lovelace vs. Veda Scott : Scott took control almost right away, grounding Lovelace. They did a nice series of near falls, and then Lovelace rolled into a rings of Saturn variation. Scott got the ropes, and then stun gunned Lovelace to maintain control. Scott slapped her around and mocked her a lot, which fired up Lovelace and she got a hope spot and near fall, but Scott cut her off again. Lovelace finally got a proper comeback with running kicks in the corner, and then the STO for a near fall. They worked to the floor; Scott tried to go Hakushi on the railing, but got pulled off and ate a kick to the chest. The crowd likes is into this, which is great, but it feels as if it is missing something. Scott scored with a bulldog off the ropes, and that got a near fall. They went back and forth with strikes and then Scott folded Lovelace in half with a backdrop suplex, which got a near fall. Lovelace countered another suplex, hit an enziguri and went up top but Scott cut her off. Lovelace fought her off and hit a sweet senton off the top to pick up the win.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Nicole Mathews: They talked up Dobson’s crazy side early, and while Mathews tried to counter that with clean wrestling, Dobson held her own and actually took control. They had some good back and forth until Mathews laid her out with a lariat. Mathews didn’t control long as Dobson fired up and got a near fall with a high cross. Dobson connected with a cartwheel into knees to the head for a near fall after that. They both countered each other a few times, Fisherman’s buster by Dobson, but Mathews fought back with the Vancouver Maneuver for the win.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Candice LaRae vs. Cheerleader Melissa: Melissa going all Randy Savage with the different outfits. LaRae hit a dive right away and then worked over Melissa, who still had her little ring robe on. This pissed off Melissa, as they brawled back and forth on the floor. Melissa repeatedly swung LaRae into the barricades and then stomped on her as we start to get some buffering issues. In between buffering, Melissa worked the kondo clutch and flipped the middle finger to the crowd. LaRae countered an air raid crash when I finally got to see things, and followed with a flatliner off the ropes. LaRae then got the Garnago escape. Fuck this, it keeps buffering. LaRae won. I’m pissed because the snippets I saw made it look REALLY good.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Nicole Savoy vs. Kimber Lee : The ref tossed Cherry Bomb before the bell. The beginning was fun, as they repeatedly went for lockups and both would grab the hair, playing off of the heel vs. heel dynamic. Then they tried to do counters and holds, and it got really rough and sloppy. They traded chops and then traded suplexes. It then broke down to them trading leg kicks, and then Savoy hitting a head kick for a near fall. Savoy then locked on an arm bar for a flat and anticlimactic finish.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament Match – Nicole Mathews vs. Heidi Lovelace: They did grappling early on, which was rather evenly done until Lovelace scored with an arm bar. We again went to the floor, I feel we’ve seen too much action on the floor tonight, and Mathews took control and laid into Lovelace to take the heat. Lovelace got some hope spots, and Mathews did a great job of keeping the crowd against her and Lovelace was a great sympathetic babyface. Mathews worked a surfboard, and she looked like a completely evil bitch (this is a compliment, great heel work from her) as she slowly pulled Lovelace backwards, bending her in half the wrong way. Lovelace finally started to fight back again, hitting a backdrop suplex for the double down. The crowd loves Lovelace, who made her comeback with kicks and knee strikes and finally had Mathews rocking. Mathews cut her off with the sack of shit slam, but then Lovelace hit a head kick for a near fall. Mathews then hit a rolling elbow and bridging German for a great near fall. Lovelace countered the Vancouver Maneuver into an inverted drop DDT for a near fall. Mathews then hit the lariat and brain buster, and Lovelace SOMEHOW kicked out. Lovelace is super babyface right now. Lovelace caught Mathews with the STO and then hit the big senton bomb, and picked up the win!

– Lenny Leonard is here to speak with MMA fighter turned wrestler Shayna Baszler. It was a poor segment, with Leonard and Baszler getting interrupted and heckled. Baszler is also not a good talker, at all. Oh, she’s coming to SHIMMER.

Heart of SHIMMER Tournament FINALS Elimination Match – Candice LaRae vs. Nicole Savoy vs. Heidi Lovelace: I am VERY cool with this as the finals. Savoy eliminated LaRae in the first round of last year’s tournament, so there is a nice story weaved into this. Lovelace got dumped early, so Savoy worked submissions on LaRae. Savoy then hit a dive onto Lovelace, and then LaRae hit a dive onto both of them. LaRae and Lovelace work in the ring, they traded kicks and then LaRae sent Lovelace to the floor. Savoy back in, LaRae lights her up with chops and then hits a dive onto Lovelace. Savoy then blocked the rolling kick and scored a lock and LaRae had to tap at about 5-minutes in. The crowd did not like that. Lovelace charged back in, but Savoy hit the rolling butterfly suplexes. She then hit a bridging dragon suplex for a near fall. A tiger suplex with the bridge got the same. They went back and forth, Savoy hit a series of kicks but Lovelace kept fighting. She went up top, Lovelace hit the senton, which won her two matches, but it was only a near fall as Savoy survived! Savoy got the savo lock, and Lovelace managed to make the ropes. They went back and forth with strikes. Savoy hit the butterfly suplex into the arm bar and Lovelace tapped!

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