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Cody Rhodes Takes The Blame For Go Big Show Ending After Second Season

September 19, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
WWE Smackdown Cody Rhodes Image Credit: WWE

In a recent conversation on The Dale Jr. Download, Cody Rhodes shared some details about his work on Go Big Show (per Fightful). Rhodes explained that while he enjoyed his time as one of the show’s judges, he absolutely is willing to shoulder the blame for the show’s cancellation after his departure. You can find a highlight from Rhodes and listen to the full interview below.

On his experience as part of the production: “Go Big Show. At the time, we had started AEW, WarnerMedia, they were just looking for crossover. That was my role at AEW. I was the face of the brand. I was not the champion, but I was going to be ‘we know him a little from WWE, casual fans, he’s in a suit, he looks the part.’ I was going to be the face for these crossovers. That’s all they wanted out of it. It was doing really well ratings, can we bring some of those people over? I’m of the thought, I want as many people watching our show as possible. That means sending me to Macon, Georgia in the pandemic for a month where we were totally bubbled up. Yes, send me. I will watch some crazy acts with no audience. One of the most fun experiences I’ve ever been a part of. I feel terrible because when I left the show, they didn’t do the show again. They were ready to do the show again. If Snoop, Rosario, or Jennifer Nettles ever beat me up in a back alley somewhere, I understand. I might have screwed up season three.”

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