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Csonka’s EVOLVE 124 Review

March 16, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Velveteen Dream EVOLVE Image Credit: WWE
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Csonka’s EVOLVE 124 Review  

Csonka’s EVOLVE 124 Review

– Priscilla Kelly defeated Brandi Lauren @ 2:55 via pin [NR]
– Darby Allin defeated Anthony Henry @ 8:30 via DQ [***]
– Harlem Bravado defeated John Silver @ 8:35 via pin [***¼]
– Adrian Jaode defeated Wheeler Yuta @ 4:02 via submission [**]
– Curt Stallion defeated Leon Ruff @ 13:00 via pin [***¾]
– Adrian Alanis defeated Liam Grey, Mike Orlando, and Anthony Green @ 5:15 via pin [***]
– Josh Briggs defeated AR Fox @ 16:55 via pin [****]
WWN Title Match: Champion JD Drake defeated Austin Theory @ 16:50 via pin [***½]
– Velveteen Dream & The Street Profits defeated Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston, & Joe Gacy @ 13:25 via pin [***½]

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Priscilla Kelly vs. Brandi Lauren: They lock up and Kelly takes Lauren down, and the roll up follows for 2. Arm drags follow, and then the running kick gets 2. Lauren sends her to the apron and stuns her off the ropes. Lauren grounds the action and hits the Hennig neck snap for 2. The spinebuster follows and that gets 2. Kelly avoids the spin kick and the roll up finishes it. Priscilla Kelly defeated Brandi Lauren @ 2:55 via pin [NR] Short but fine for what it was.

– Post match, Lauren attacks and Darby Allin runs her off, only for Anthony Henry to (painted up like Allin) attack.

Darby Allin vs. Anthony Henry: Henry runs wild, taking Allin to the floor and slamming Allin to the apron. Henry follows with kicks, and then knee strikes. The cravat plex follows and the powerslam gets 2. Allin battles back, heads up top but Henry crotches him. The brainbuster follows for 2. Henry then lays in kicks, and follows with a slam. He heads up top, misses the double stomp but hits a German and powerbomb for 2. Henry back up top and the coffin drop eats knees. The code red by Allin gets 2. The arm bar follows, but Henry makes the ropes. Henry fights and makes the ropes again. Suicide dive by Allin, another, and the third s cut off by a chair shot for the DQ. Darby Allin defeated Anthony Henry @ 8:30 via DQ [***] This was a good match with a hot crowd and good heat on Henry as the feud continues.

– Henry beats down Allin post match, but Kelly makes the save and covers him up. JD Drake is out and Kelly slaps Henry. Henry attacks Allin again and locks on a dragon sleeper.

Harlem Bravado vs. John Silver: They lock up, Bravado looks to work the arm but Silver counters. Bravado grounds things, Silver fights to his feet, but Bravado follows with kicks and a monkey flip. Bravado talks shit, Silver takes him down and slaps him around. He follows with uppercuts and Bravado is down. Silver goes John Woooooooo but Bravado cuts him off with a DDT for 2. Bravado follows with strikes, chops, and a neck breaker for 2. He grounds things, Silver escapes and follows with strikes and chops. He stuns Bravado off the ropes and the sitout powerbomb gets 2. Silver lays in kicks, but Bravado cuts him off with the big boot. Uppercuts follow and then the tower of London connects for 2. Silver hits a big lariat and three seconds around the world for a good near fall. The choke follows, but Bravado makes the ropes. Silver backs off and sets, misses the PK but connects with a German and super kick. Bravado cuts that off, and hits straight cash homie for the win. Harlem Bravado defeated John Silver @ 8:35 via pin [***¼] This was a good and competitive match, with Silver looking great.

Adrian Jaode vs. Wheeler Yuta: Jaode looks to ground things, but Yuta stops that. Jaode attacks the arm and tosses Yuta down. He rolls into an arm bar, but Yuta makes the ropes. Yuta follows with chops, Jaode no sells him and takes him down and follows with ground and pound. He attacks the arm, lays in kicks but Yuta kicks him away and follows with strikes. Jaode plants him with a German, hits the head kick and a spin kick. The leg lock follows and Yuta taps. Adrian Jaode defeated Wheeler Yuta @ 4:02 via submission [**] This was ok for what was basically an extended squash.

Curt Stallion vs. Leon Ruff: They shake hands and here we go. Ruff hits a Finlay roll and standing moonsault for 2. The dropkick takes Stallion to the floor. Ruff follows with a run up senton to the floor. Back in and Ruff hits clotheslines, and then a cannonball for 2. Stallion takes him to the ropes, they work into counters until Stallion hits a German. He follows with kicks and knees, but Ruff hits a PELE. They trade chops, back elbow by Stallion and the double stomp follows for 2. Stallion misses the running boot, and Ruff hits the neck breaker for 2. Ruff then follows with a leg drop and another neck breaker gets 2. Stallion cuts him off with an abdominal stretch, transitions to the octopus hold, but Ruff makes the ropes. German by Stallion, they trade strikes and Stallion hits the superkick and both men are down. They fight to their feet and Ruff pick up the pace and runs wild with kicks and a knee strike for 2. Stallion fights back with corner knee strikes, follows with a dropkick and the DDT connects for 2. Stallion lays in chops, hits the German, and then face washes. Ruff hits the powerbomb and he connects with a German and that gets 2. They trade clotheslines, but Stallion hits the neck breaker across the knee for 2. Stallion takes him up top, follows and Ruff counters the German, lands on his feet and lays in kicks and the crucifix bomb for 2. Stallion follows with strikes, and the kamikaze head butt finishes it. Curt Stallion defeated Leon Ruff @ 13:00 via pin [***¾] This was a very good match with an invested crowd that was hit from start to finish.

Adrian Alanis vs. Liam Grey vs. Mike Orlando vs. Anthony Green: They all brawl to begin with Alanis and Grey running wild. Alanis accidentally takes out Grey as things break down with Orlando taking control. He hits a double spear, but Alanis cuts him off with a lariat. Grey flies in with a high cross and Green follows with one and a suicide dive. Alanis then tosses Grey over the top and onto the pile. Orlando takes out Green, and follows with a dive. He isolates Grey but Grey cuts him off with a DDT. Superkick by Green, and the pump handle driver gets 2. Green up top, misses the 450, and Alanis dumps him. Alanis hits the pop up gut buster for 2 on Grey. The DDT finishes it. Adrian Alanis defeated Liam Grey, Mike Orlando, and Anthony Green @ 5:15 via pin [***] This was a good and tremendously fun sprint with everyone getting to shine.

AR Fox vs. Josh Briggs: Briggs looks to attack at the bell, Fox avoids until Briggs levels him. Fox hits the dropkick, hits an enziguri and then a springboard dropkick follows. Fox hits the suicide dive, almost going into the crowd. He hits another and they spill over the barricade. Fox follows with kicks as they brawl on the floor. Fox counters the apron chokeslam and hits the kick flip moonsault. Briggs then crotches him on the barricade, but Fox fights back and stuns him off the barricades repeatedly. Briggs puts a stop to that, slamming Fox to the apron. Back in and Briggs covers for 2. The side slam follows for 2. Briggs misses the running kick, but hits the second and tosses Fox across the ring. He follows with chops, dropping Fox. Fox fires up and hits a flurry of strikes and then ground and pound. Briggs cuts off the cutter, but Fox hits a superkick and cutter. The springboard cutter follows for 2. Fox heads up top, but Briggs cuts him off and slips for a moment. Fox slips out and superkicks the knees and follows with an enziguri. The swanton follows for 2. Fox back up top, rolls through on the 450 but Briggs hits the knee strike for 2. Briggs is pissed, lays in rights to Fox and takes him to the apron. Fox fights off the chokeslam and Briggs posts himself. Fox then kicks his head into the post, and Fox got busted open somewhere in there. They clean him up and he says he’s fine. Fox then heads up top and hits the swanton as Briggs comes in the ring, covering for 2. Fox heads to the crowd, and dives out of the crowd and hits the apron leg drop. Fox then hits the coast-to-coast dropkick, and hits the lo mein rain to the floor. AR Fox is fucking awesome and insane. The 450 follows but Briggs summons fighting spirit, kicking out at 1. Lo mein pain is countered and Briggs hits the super M5 off the ropes for the win. Josh Briggs defeated AR Fox @ 16:55 via pin [****] This was an absolutely great match, with Fox emptying his arsenal against the bigger opponent until he was finally countered and Briggs picked up the huge win.

– They put up the X for Briggs, who never got up after scoring the pin. Medics are now in the ring, it sounds like a leg injury from what I can tell. Some live say he broke his leg.

WWN Title Match: Champion JD Drake vs. Austin Theory: Theory’s EVOLVE title is not on the line. Theory powders and stalls right away. Theory back in, takes Drake to the floor and they brawl. Drake lays in chops, Theory rolls back in and Drake follows with a running senton. Drake follows with more chops, but Theory cuts off the suicide dive and posts Drake. Back in and Theory lays the boots to him, and then follows with strikes. Drake fires up but Theory cuts him of and chokes him out in the ropes. Theory then kicks Drake to the floor. He follows and slams him to the apron and then the barricade. Back in and Theory uses the ropes, covering for 2. Theory lays in strikes, but Drake cuts him off with chops. Drake keeps throwing chops, and the Michinoku driver follows. The Vader bomb follows for 2. Drake lays in more chops, just fucking up Theory’s day. Theory begs off, but eats more chops. Drake hits an overhead toss, but misses the leg lariat; blockbuster by Theory gets 2. He works over Drake in the corner, hits the slingshot stomp but Drake fires back with an XPLODER and leg lariat for 2. Drake goes back to the chops, but Theory fires back with strikes. Theory follows with the rolling thunder dropkick but then runs into a lariat. They trade strikes, Drake lays in chops, takes Theory up top but Theory slips out and hits three seconds round the world for a good near fall. Superkicks by Theory, and the DVD gets 2; Theory is pissed. He looks to finish things, but Drake cuts off ataxia with the stunner and cannonball. The moonsault connects and Drake wins. Champion JD Drake defeated Austin Theory @ 16:50 via pin [***½] This was very good, with Drake playing the role of fighting champion well and Theory being a great cocky asshole.

– Post match, Theory says he only gave 50%, which is why he lost. He only gives 100% when he defends his title. He claims he has no competition, and via video, Kyle O’Reilly cuts a promo about wanting the EVOLVE Title in NYC.

Velveteen Dream & The Street Profits vs. Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston, & Joe Gacy: Strickland and Dream to begin; Dream is insanely over. They lock up, Dream works the arm but Strickland takes him down. Dream escapes, and Strickland backs off. They lock up, off the ropes and Dream follows with rights and a double axe handle off the ropes. Strickland avoids the charge, Dream posts himself and Strickland attacks the arm and the Unwanted work quick tags, isolating Dream. Gacy continues to attack the arm, Strickland tags back in and grounds Dream, attacking the arm. Dream fights back with an enziguri and Dawkins tags in as does Kingston. Dawkins runs wild until Strickland cuts him off, attacking the knee. Gacy tags in and he works over Dawkins in the corner. He grounds things, Kingston tags in and he grounds things, working an arm bar. Strickland back in and they continue to isolate Dawkins. Kingston back in and Dawkins fires back, hits a reverse XPLODER and Strickland is in and he’s dumped with a suplex. Wholesale changes to Gacy & Ford, Ford runs wild with clotheslines and the belly to back suplex and standing moonsault gets 2. He heads up top, Strickland cuts him off and follows him up. Gacy takes out Dream and we get a tower of doom spot. Dawkins spears Kingston, it breaks down into the big move buffet and Gacy hits the lethal injection for 2. Ford fights off Strickland, and kills him with a huge lariat. It breaks down again and Dream hits a superkick for 2. The Profits and Dream look for doomsday, Kingston makes the save. Colby Corino crotches Dream and Strickland locks on the arm bar. Ford makes the save, and Dream hits the rolling DVD and elbow drop and Strickland I done. Velveteen Dream & The Street Profits defeated Shane Strickland, Eddie Kingston, & Joe Gacy @ 13:25 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, with a hot crowd, everyone getting to shine, and also playing their roles very well.

– Post match, the Unwanted attack and lay out Ford. They get a chair and Strickland uses it on the arm and hits the double stomp. That felt like a write-off angle for the Profits.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
EVOLVE 124 was a good and strong show, with a lot of good o great wrestling and a motivated roster delivering ahead of WrestleMania week.