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Csonka’s Impact One Night Only Victory Road Review 4.14.17

April 14, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact One Night Only Victory Road Review 4.14.17  

Csonka’s Impact One Night Only Victory Road Review 4.14.17

– Angelina Love defeated Kayci Quinn @ 10:38 via pin [*]
– Leva Bates defeated Allie @ 12:12 via pin [½*]
– Diamante defeated Amanda Carolina Rodriguez @ 10:24 via pin [**]
– Rosemary defeated MJ Jenkins @ 8:05 via pin [DUD]
– Alicia Edwards defeated Sienna @ 10:33 via pin [**]
– Santana Garrett defeated Brandi Rhodes @ 11:35 via pin [**½]
– ODB defeated Rebel @ 9:15 via pin [DUD]
– Laurel Van Ness defeated Rachel Ellering @ 10:45 via pin [***¼]
– Leva Bates, Alisha Edwards, Santana Garrett, and ODB defeated Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, Angelina Love, and Diamante @ 11:08 via pin [**¾]

– Before the show started, Laurel Van Ness ran down Rachel Ellering as she cut a promo backstage. Van Ness promised to make Ellering her victim and then attacked her. Not very sporting.

– We will have eight singles matches, prospects vs. Impact talent with the winners advancing to a four on four elimination tag team match. Gail Kim is introduced and comes to the ring. She is co-hosting with Borash. Kim is happy to be here and is excited to watch the potential Knockouts. They bring out the prospects; Kayci Quinn, Leva Bates, Amanda Carolina Rodriguez, MJ Jenkins, Santana Garrett, Alisha Edwards, Rebel and Rachel Ellering. Rebel & Santana Garrett are labeled wild cards. They all cut short promos, they are excited to be here and prove themselves. Borash reveals the match ups.

– Borash teases that Laurel Van Ness vs. Rachel Ellering may not happen due to the pre-show attack.

– They killed 25-minutes with the introduction segment.

– Love cuts a promo, runs down Eddie Edwards, and notes that she helped train her opponent, Kayci Quinn.

Angelina Love w/Davey Richards vs. Kayci Quinn: Love stalls to make out with Davey a bit, allowing Quinn to roll her up for 2. Quinn goes for a series of near falls, but Love cuts her off with kicks and slams her to the mat and chokes her out. Quinn misses a kick by a mile and Love sells it, Quinn then follows with a basement dropkick. Love cuts her off, makes out with Davey and then repeatedly slams Quinn’s head off the mat, covering for 2. Love follows with chops, and then missed a corner charge, Quinn looks to attack and Love rolls to the floor. Love tries to bait Quinn to the floor, she falls for it and we get our first floor brawl of the evening. Davey distracts Quinn, allowing Love to attack. Back in the ring they go and they trade strikes center ring. Love celebrates and lays the boots to her, and then hits a side slam for 2. Love slows it down, working a chinlock. Quinn slowly elbows out, but runs into a kick and then a neck breaker for 2. Love then hits a curb stomp, makes out with Davey again, and then slaps around Quinn. They trade strikes, Love covers for 2 as both looked a bit confused. Love hits a snap suplex for 2. Love back to the chinlock, rakes away at the eyes, and Quinn looks to escape again. Off the ropes, they stand there and stare at each other, looking lost. Quinn then hits a neck breaker for a double down. Quinn then lands forearms, a clothesline follows and another; the cover gets 2. Quinn then hits a neck breaker for two after a sloppy counter spot. Quinn hits another neck breaker, and that gets 2. Davey tries to distract the ref allowing Love to hit a clothesline and cover for the win. Angelina Love defeated Kayci Quinn @ 10:38 via pin [*] Bad match to start things off, it was slow, plodding, repetitive and sloppy; it felt more like a character exercise for Love, and Quinn did not look ready for primetime.

– Allie cuts a pre-match promo, she’s very excited and thinks Leva is really cool; she feels tonight is a big opportunity for her.

Leva Bates vs. Allie: they start out playing monkey in the middle, tossing Bates’ bear around and playing keep away from the ref. This lasted for 2:00 and then they shook hands and hugged, and they hugged the ref; they started wrestling at 2:35. They locked up, did some standing switches and Bates hit a basement dropkick. Bates did a slick counter, and Allie played “silly non-wrestler” and acted impressed. Allie then hit some arm drags; Mathews and Borash comely ignore the ladies as Mathews talks about working with Jim Ross and also discuss coloring Easter eggs. They do some counters, Allie hits arm drags again, but Bates counters into a crossface. Allie counters and rolls into a pining combo, and Bates fires back with a forearm strike. Bates then laid in some chops, Allie misses a charge and Bates then rolls into a spear for 2. Bates then worked a chinlock and then back into the crossface. Allie fights for and makes the ropes. Allie manages to hit a jawbreaker but Bates hits a superkick for 2. Bates back to the crossface again, Allie rolls out and goes for a pin, but Bates escapes. Allie then locks in a cattle mutilation, but Bates escapes. Allie hits some clotheslines and follows with a suplex. They again play with the bear, Bates hits a stunner but Allie traps her in the corner and hits a dropkick, sending Bates to the floor. Allie follows, rolls her back in and Sienna arrives, attacks Allie allowing Bates to pick up the win. Leva Bates defeated Allie @ 12:12 via pin [½*] Most of the time on these shows, wins and losses do not matter, and occasionally an outside talent needs to win; but after all of the effort building Allie, to have her lose and locked out of the main event, seems like very poor planning, even if it made sense. This was also not good, they joked around for too long, commentary largely ignored them and by the end of the match, the crowd stopped caring about Allie and were cheering for Bates. This felt like a huge failure on every level. I do not understand how they mess up Allie, who had been one of the most over characters that they had.

Diamante w/LAX (Konnan and Homicide) vs. Amanda Carolina Rodriguez: They talked trash to begin, Rodriguez made fun of Diamante for being short and they locked up and Rodriguez overpowered Diamante early. They then went to the mat for some grappling, Diamante then targeted the arm, leading to sole solid counter work. They battled to the corner, traded arm drags as we get some actual wrestling, and wrestling that is looking good; what a delightful change. Diamante fires up with strikes, but Rodriguez counters the boots and slams her to the mat, leading to a cover for 2. Rodriguez then locks in the full nelson with the legs (the old iron maiden), but Diamante counters, and works a single leg crab. Rodriguez makes the ropes. She takes Diamante down, lays the boots to her and follows with a suplex, rolls into a second and into a third and then the cover for 2. Rodriguez then lays in some poor looking forearm strikes, but gets distracted by LAX. This allows Diamante to attack, but Rodriguez cuts her off by pulling the hair. Rodriguez then tosses Diamante across the ring by the hair, LAX distracts Rodriguez again, and Diamante lays in strikes, and they did a double down spot. They fought to their feet, they traded forearm strikes and then did another double down spot, but Rodriguez rolled over and got a cover for 2. Diamante then hit the code red for the win. Diamante defeated Amanda Carolina Rodriguez @ 10:24 via pin [**] This was solid overall, but got a bit repetitive and sloppy the longer it went on; it would have been better with about two-minutes cut off and less distraction crap; we’re three for three as far as distractions/interference goes tonight.

– Crazzy Steve cuts a promo, basically telling Jenkins that Rosemary will kill her tonight. Steve says Jenkins can fight and fail, or join Decay. Jenkins declines to acquiesce to their request.

Rosemary w/Crazzy Steve vs. MJ Jenkins: Rosemary attacks before the bell, but Jenkins hits a series of arm drags and grounds Rosemary for a bit. Rosemary quickly fights to her feet, lays in forearm strikes, Jenkins attempted a back handspring elbow, time stood still as she looked like she got stuck in the middle of the move, and then she sort of fell into Rosemary. Steve then distracted Jenkins (4 for 4) allowing Rosemary to attack, and beat her down on the floor. Back in the ring, Rosemary worked some ground and pound. Jenkins tried to fire up, but Rosemary cut her off until she missed a corner charge. Jenkins looked to attack, but Rosemary locked in the tarantula. Jenkins hit a springboard high cross for 2, but Steve then got involved AGAIN. Who in the fuck are the producers for these matches? They did a double down spot, traded strikes but Jenkins missed a high kick. Rosemary sent her to the apron and Jenkins slipped on a springboard attempt, so she just did the spot over again. Rosemary to the floor, and Jenkins hit a springboard attack to wipe her out. Back in and Jenkins up top, and they blow a blockbuster spot, it looked ugly. Rosemary faked an injury, Steve got involved AGAIN and misted her, Rosemary won with a roll up. Rosemary defeated MJ Jenkins @ 8:05 via pin [DUD] This was extremely bad, to much interference and Jenkins was sloppy and dangerous to the point where she could have not only hurt herself but she could have hurt Rosemary; also, we’re 4 for 4 as far as distractions/interference goes tonight.

Alicia Edwards vs. Sienna: After a handshake, they brawled in the corner and then Alicia hit a Thesz press and looked for a bulldog but was slammed to the corner. Alicia hit a drop toehold, and then a cross body in the ropes. Alicia tried to use her speed, but Sienna dumped her to the floor; rough landing for Alicia. Sienna followed to the floor, beat down Alicia and slammed her to the steps. Back in and Sienna lays the boots to Alicia in the corner. Sienna talks some trash and then chokes out Alicia in the ropes. She then worked a variation on the Japanese strangle hold, keeping Alicia grounded. Alicia fires up and slaps Sienna, but that only pisses off Sienna, who beats the hell out of Alicia and then tosses her across the ring. Sienna runs into a forearm strike, Alicia follows with more forearms and then hits clotheslines and a running bulldog for 2. Sienna looks for AK 47, but Alicia counters with the fameasser for 2. Sienna then drops Alicia with the big boot, and here comes Allie for another distraction; Alicia then hits a backslide for the win. Alicia Edwards defeated Sienna @ 10:33 via pin [**] This was a solid bully vs. underdog match, unfortunately the Allie revenge distraction meant nothing because we’re 5 for 5 as far as distractions/interference goes tonight. Amazingly lazy booking here tonight.

Santana Garrett vs. Brandi Rhodes: They work a solid, back and forth beginning. Borash and Mathews decide to talk about Cody instead of calling the match. Garrett keeps things simple, working the arm and doing basic exchanges. They work into a series of counters and near falls, Brandi works a body scissors and rolls into a pinning combo and gets 2. they do a test of strength, Garrett bridged out and then reverses the hold, and head butts Brandi in the gut and follows with a northern lights for 2. Brandi then lands knee strikes and covers for 2. She then lays the boots to Garrett, who then fires back with rights. Brandi works a full nelson, but Garrett counters out and hits an arm drag, grounding Brandi. She then attacks the arm with knee drops, and then works a front choke. Brandi fights back, they trade forearm strikes, and then do a double down spot. Garrett lands elbows, and then a knee strike in the ropes; the Russian leg sweep follows for 2. Garrett hits the back handspring elbow, hits the big boot and covers for 2. Garrett works a version of the octopus hold, Brandi escapes and lands chops. The clothesline follows; she goes to the second rope and hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Brandi to the ropes again, eats a kick and a RANA. Garrett hits the standing moonsault for the win. Santana Garrett defeated Brandi Rhodes @ 11:35 via pin [**½] While an overall average match, it was easily the best effort Brandi has had in Impact Wrestling. She’s still slow and awkward at times, but Garret led a smart match, and it was actually the best thing on the show so far.

ODB vs. Rebel: They messed around, Earl Hebner danced and then they bumped breasts. ODB rode Rebel like a horse and spanked her. ODB wanted Earl to ride her, allowing Rebel to attack. She then rolled around with Earl on the mat, and then ODB and Earl rolled around for no real reason. Earl blew kisses to her and did a Fargo strut. To the floor and Rebel slammed ODB to the steps. Rebel danced, and laid in chops to ODB. Back in and ODB beat on Rebel, but Rebel cut her off with a flying forearm. She laid the boots to ODB in the corner, and then rode ODB in the ropes. Slam by Rebel, but missed the split leg drop, ODB hit clotheslines and scored a near fall. ODB hit the corner splash, the broncobuster and then covered for 2. ODB hit the sack of shit slam, but missed… something off of the ropes. Rebel then hits a Thesz press off the ropes. She argues with Earl, ODB hits the TKO as she argues and win. ODB defeated Rebel @ 9:15 via pin [DUD] On a night where Mathews waxed poetic about Impact featuring the women “long before there was a revolution,” this came off as completely embarrassing bullshit.

Laurel Van Ness vs. Rachel Ellering: Van Ness attacked Ellering before the show, putting Ellering in the underdog role here. Van Ness cut a promo, saying that Ellering slipped and fell backstage, so she can’t wrestle tonight. She then demanded the ref call her the winner of the match and count out Ellering; Ellering of course came out for the match, with her shoulder wrapped up. Van Ness talked trash, and mocked Ellering for being injured. Van Ness attacked the arm right away. Ellering kept fighting back, but Van Ness kept control of the arm. Ellering then went for a series of pinning combos and then followed with a big right, countered the unprettier and leveled Van Ness with a shoulder block. The running senton followed for 2. Van Ness them hit a code breaker to cut Ellering off. Van Ness repeatedly slammed Ellering to the buckles, and went back to work on the arm. Ellering kept fighting, but Van Ness hit a running clothesline for the near fall. Ellering hit a desperation roll up, but Van Ness kicked out and went back to the arm. Van Ness talked trash, and then they did a double down spot. Ellering tried to fire up, hit knee strikes and then a rolling elbow. Chops followed, the enziguri followed for a good near fall. Van Ness begged for her daddy, Ellering tried or a cradle shock, Van Ness escaped but Ellering then hit the spinebuster for 2. Ellering up top, cut off and Van Ness hit knee strikes in the ropes and then a draping DDT for a near fall. Ellering avoided the double stomp; hit the leg drop off the ropes for a near fall. Van Ness tried to roll to the floor, Ellering hit a TKO and that got a near fall again. Van Ness then attacked the arm, slammed Ellering to the mat and hit the double stomp for the win. Laurel Van Ness defeated Rachel Ellering @ 10:45 via pin [***¼] If they can (doubtful due to the WWE Women’s classic) Impact needs to try and sign Ellering. They told a good story, with the pre-show attack, and Ellering playing the underdog and winning over the crowd. She showed a lot here, and made the most of the story to get herself over with the crowd. Good match, Van Ness was a great bitchy heel, Ellering a great babyface; this was the best on the show so far.

Leva Bates, Alisha Edwards, Santana Garrett, and ODB vs. Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, Angelina Love, and Diamante: Bates tried to play with her bear again, but Van Ness attacked and worked her over in the corner. Bates fought back, hit a neck breaker and Diamante tagged in, she worked back and forth with Garrett, really fun stuff as they picked up the pace and worked into a stand off. ODB and Rosemary then tagged in, but Steve pulls ODB to the floor and gets tossed to the back. After yelling at each other, ODB and Rosemary brawled; Rosemary tagged out to Love. She and Alicia brawled, renewing their rivalry; Alicia took control slapping the shit out of Love. Love eventually cut her off, slamming her to the buckles and then laying in chops. Alicia fired back with a boot and clothesline, Bates tagged back in and she and Alicia double teamed Love, leading to a near fall. Love then pulled the hair of Bates, bit her and tagged Van Ness back in. Van Ness beat on Bates with her bear and tossed it out of the ring. Rosemary in and laid into Bates with ground and pound, Van Ness back in and slapped Bates around, but Bates hit a lung blower and then tagged in ODB. ODB ran wild, taking out all of the heels and then stacking them in the corner and hit the running corner splash. The broncobuster followed, but Van Ness attacked her from behind and beat her down. ODB cut her off with the sack of shit slam, Alicia tagged in and hit the fameasser but Van Ness kicked out. Love in and attacked Alicia, it broke down as everyone brawled, leaving Alicia and Love in the ring. ODB in and hits Love with the TKO, Diamante hits sliced bread on ODB, Bates takes her out with the back stabber, red wedding on Bates by Rosemary, and then Van Ness hits the unprettier on Garrett. Alicia hits a flatliner on Van Ness and picks up the win. Leva Bates, Alisha Edwards, Santana Garrett, and ODB defeated Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, Angelina Love, and Diamante @ 11:08 via pin [**¾] Pretty good main event, it had a good energy and a good ending leading to the angle where Alicia gets her contract.

– Post match, Eddie Edwards arrived and puts over his wife, noting that he’s very proud of her. Eddie says she busted her ass, and says that she impressed someone important. Karen Jarrett arrives, and she is very impressed; she has a contract for Alicia.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Bad
The 411
I really appreciate the fact that the company puts on women only PPVs in an effort to highlight the Knockouts. Unfortunately, a mix of poor & lazy booking, compared with some performers that were not ready for prime time, led to this being a bad show. A lot of it lays in the hands of the producers/agents (it often does on these shows), who booked a lazy show with too many distractions, comedy that missed the mark and then there was a commentary team that largely ignored the action at times. While not great, Laurel Van Ness vs. Rachel Ellering was the best thing on the show and worth a watch.