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Csonka’s Impact Slammiversary 2018 Review

July 22, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Austin Aries Impact Wrestling
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Csonka’s Impact Slammiversary 2018 Review  

Csonka’s Impact Slammiversary 2018 Review

– Johnny Impact defeated Ishimori, Fenix, & Petey Williams @ 12:30 via pin [****]
– Tessa Blanchard defeated Allie @ 10:58 via pin [***]
House of Hardcore Match: Eddie Edwards defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 11:10 via pin [**¾]
Impact X Division Championship Match: Cage defeated Champion Matt Sydal @ 10:05 via pin [***¼]
Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Champion Su Yung defeated Madison Rayne @ 6:55 via submission [**]
5150 Street Fight Tag Title Match: LAX defeated The OGz @ 13:40 via pin [****¼]
Luchas de Apuestas (Mask vs. Hair) Match: Pentagon defeated Sami Callihan @ 18:10 via pin [****]
Impact World Championship Match: Champion Austin Aries vs. Moose @ 16:00 via pin [****]

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– The setup and venue looks really nice.

Johnny Impact vs. Ishimori vs. Fenix vs. Petey Williams: Petey is replacing the injured (concussion) Rich Swann here. They all brawl to begin, Ishimori gets dumped and then flies back in with a RANA. Petey cuts him off and Impact then takes him out with a dropkick. Impact & Ishimori lock up, they work into some back and forth and Impact misses the standing shooting star press, and then Ishimori misses the standing moonsault. Impact now hits the running knee strike and Fenix is back and does some random flippity doos, so Impact attacks. Fenix initially slips but hits a RANA of the ropes on Impact. Petey is back, they work into some counters and Petey then hits ahead scissors. The dropkick follows and then a Russian leg sweep gets 2. He takes Fenix into the tree of WHOA and does the Oh Canada nut stomp. Fenix to the floor, Ishimori back in and he picks up the pace and hits the seated senton, but Fenix flies in for the save. Petey pulls Fenix to he floor and Impact returns to cut him off. Petey hits a RANA to he floor while Fenix hits a tope. Ishimori is back up and the golden triangle wipes out the pile. Petey sends Ishimori to the barricade, and back in hits a code breaker on Fenix. Impact and Petey battle up top and Ishimori is over for a tower of doom. Fenix now hits a missile dropkick, but Ishimori cuts him off. Petey cuts him off, destroyer countered, but Petey gets a sharp shooter. Impact breaks it up, hits moonlight drive and covers for 2 as Fenix breaks it up. Fenix now hits 619 and a cutter on Impact for 2. Ishimori now hits John Woooooo and double knees on Fenix. Petey makes the save. It breaks down into a superkick party and everyone is down. Impact then covers Petey for 2. They dump Fenix, and Ishimori up top and hits 450 on Impact, Petey hits the destroyer, Fenix hits the double stomp and gets a near fall. Impact now hits starship pain and that’s that. Johnny Impact defeated Ishimori, Fenix, & Petey Williams @ 12:30 via pin [****] This was a great balls to the wall opener, all action with a really hot crowd to kick off the show the right way, just allowing the guys to go out and do their thing. It felt like an old school X-Division opener, and was exactly what it needed to be, a ton of fun; Fenix especially shined here.

– They are using some odd camera choices tonight,

Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie: They stall, talking trash for a bit and Allie now hits arm drags, and Tessa looks frustrated. Tessa trips Allie up but misses a running elbow, to the floor and she follows with rights on Allie. She then misses an apron leg drop, allowing Allie to head up top and hit a high cross to the floor. Allie is fired up but Tessa hot shots her to the barricade. Allie beats the count and Tessa lays in rights. Tessa then hits the dropkick in the ropes and covers for 2. Allie fights back and suplexes Tessa to the buckles. Tessa cuts her off and grounds her with a leg lock. Allie escapes, and Allie takes Tessa to the floor, sloppily. Allie follows, but Tessa cuts her off and Allie hits a DVD on the floor. They tease the double countout, but they make it back in. They trade rights; Allie hits a running forearm and another. The corner dropkick and backstabber connects, and Allie covers for 2. Tessa cuts her off, they trade strikes, and Allie pulls Tessa up top. They trade strikes, and Tessa hits a rough looking RANA, bad landing for Allie, and Tessa covers for 2. Tessa back up top and MISSES a senton. Allie hits a code breaker, but Tessa rolls to the floor. Back in and Allie covers for 2. Allie hits the superkick and that gets 2. Tessa counters the DVD and hits the hammerlock DDT for the win. Tessa Blanchard defeated Allie @ 10:58 via pin [***] Once Tessa officially signed, the result was never in doubt. But they worked really hard, and did everything in their power to make you think Allie could overcome. It had a couple of rough spots, but they successfully worked through them and showed great aggression and was really physical; good match overall, and Allie lost nothing by losing here.

House of Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. Eddie Edwards: Edwards wants to kill Dreamer so they wok a crisp and aggressive lock up. Thankfully they quickly work to the floor and Dreamer attacks Edwards with beers and gets some hardcore plunder. Edwards cuts him off and Dreamer cuts off the suicide dive with a trashcan. Dreamer hits a neck breaker in the ropes. Back to the floor and Edwards posts Dreamer. Edwards gets a staple gun, but Dreamer fights him off and he gets the staple gun. Dreamer now counters a sunset flip with the staple gun. Edwards is busted open and Dreamer gets a replica ECW title from the crowd and attacks Edwards with it. Edwards fights off the staple gun again and slams Dreamer to the apron and follows with a suicide dive. Edwards tries to crotch Dreamer on the barricade, but Dreamer slips off. Back in and Edwards slides in chairs, and now attacks with a kendo stick. Dreamer fights back, lays in kendo shots, and levels Edwards. Dreamer sets up chairs, lays Edwards on them, heads up top and Edwards cuts him off with the kendo stick. Edwards now follows him up top and Dreamer low blows him and hits the Spicolli driver through the chairs for 2. Dreamer sets up a table, looks to light it on fire, but Edwards low blows him and hits future shock. Edwards hits a chair assisted Boston knee party for the win. Eddie Edwards defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 11:10 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good, but cliché gimmick match, with a hot crowd that made it tolerable. It really lacked a good fire and intensity overall, but at least the right man won. Not bad for Tommy Dreamer in 2018, as I have seen a lot of bad Dreamer matches in 2018.

– Post match, Edwards looks to makeup with Dreamer, but Dreamer refuses. Alisha arrives and tells Eddie to shake Tommy’s hand. He does, and Dreamer hands him the kendo stick and leaves. They tried to play it off as Dreamer passing the torch to Edwards.

Impact X Division Championship Match: Champion Matt Sydal vs. Brian Cage: Sydal talks about his third eye, and then tries to stall a bit. Cage overpowers him right away, and follows with a slam and standing moonsault for 2. Sydal powders, and hides under the ring and then sneak attacks Cage, attacking the legs. Sydal follows with chops and a backdrop, and then follows with more kicks. Cage quickly dumps him to the floor, follows and tosses Sydal to the barricade. The apron slam follows, and then back in, Cage heads up top but Sydal cuts him off with kicks. Cage to the floor, and Sydal hits meteora. Back in and Sydal keeps Cage grounded, and then works a version of the tarantula. Back in and Cage fights back, lays in kicks and an overhead toss gets 2. Sydal counters F5, Cage looks for a RANA, but Sydal hits a powerbomb counter and that gets 2. Sydal lays in more kicks, but Cage hits a pump handle slam, and that gets 2. Cage looks for a powerbomb, Sydal counters out and lays in head kicks, and hits a swinging slam for 2. Sydal now heads up top, the shooting star press misses, he lands on his feet and Cage KILLS him with a lariat for 2. Sydal counters drill claw into a RANA and cradle for a good near fall. Sydal back up top and Cage catches him but Sydal counters drill claw into a cradle for 2. Sydal now up top again and the shooting star press is countered by a boot (it didn’t look good as Sydal clipped the ropes) and Cage hits drill claw for the win. Cage defeated Champion Matt Sydal @ 10:05 via pin [***¼] Overall this was a good match as they played the size and style difference very well. They worked a lot of great counters to their signature moves, and while it felt as if Sydal was a lock to lose, they did enough to make you think that he was about to sneak out with a win, and the crowd stayed with them. The finish hurt it a bit, but it was still good stuff overall.

Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Champion Su Yung vs. Madison Rayne: The undead brides bring out Yung in a coffin. Rayne attacks during the entrance and they brawl. Rayne tosses her into the ring and hits a high cross. Rayne lays in rights and chops, and the northern lights suplex gets 2. Rayne fights off some of the brides, Yung attacks, but Rayne dumps her to the floor. Rayne follows with a RANA, and takes out another bride. Rayne then trips Yung off of the apron, rolls her back in and Rayne covers for 2. Yung finally cuts off Rayne, and hits a draping neck breaker. Yung now hangs Rayne in the tree of WHOA and lays in kicks on her. The dropkick follows and Yung covers for 2. Another bride grabs Rayne, but Yung mists hr by accident. Rayne fires up with chops and forearm strikes, the sliding clothesline connects for 2. Rayne now hits the cutter and covers for 2. Rayne connects with a Rayne drop and again covers for 2. Rayne looks for cross Rhodes, but Yung gets the mandible claw and Rayne fades and is out. Champion Su Yung defeated Madison Rayne @ 6:55 via submission [**] This was ok, Rayne had good fire, but the result was never in doubt. Rayne’s job here was to be the veteran name to put over the new champion, and in that regard, she did well.

– Post match, Rayne is put in the coffin. With her ROH Women’s title loss and tonight’s loss, she’s been rumored for the Mae Young Classic.

– LAX cuts a promo about tonight’s match.

5150 Street Fight Tag Title Match: LAX (Santana & Ortiz w/Konnan) vs. The OGz (Homicide & Hernandez w/King): There is plunder all around ringside for this match. This is now for the tag titles. LAX arrives from the crowd, drinking tequila, wearing face paint, and rushes the ring and we have the big brawl to begin. LAX clears the ring and follows with dives, taking out the OGz. They bring in tables, set them up in the corners, but Homicide and Hernandez fight back with weapons. We now get repeated trashcan lid shots to all, Homicide uses a chain to choke out Ortiz and the OGz clear the ring. Hernandez hits the supermex dive and everyone brawls at ringside. Back in and King tosses Homicide some Drain-o in an ode to Cide’s ROH days. The brawling continues as Cide retreats up the ramp. He and Hernandez isolate Santana. He tries to fight them off, Ortiz joins in and they bust open Hernandez, but Hernandez tosses Santana back into the ring. The OGz look for doomsday, Ortiz makes the save and Hernandez catches Santana and hits a powerbomb for 2. LAX posts Cide, and now they get a ladder. They lay Hernandez on the ladder and Santana hits a senton atomico and lionsault onto Hernandez. Cide & Hernandez look exhausted. They isolate Cide and connect with the street sweeper, but Hernandez pulls out the ref. He cuts off Ortiz and tosses him into he crowd. Back in and Santana fights by himself, Hernandez dumps him and Cide hits a suicide dive through a table. Ortiz now hits the Blu-ray on Cide through a table. Hernandez makes the save, and he hits border toss through a table in the corner. Santana in with a superkick and cannonball. Cide and Santana come face to face and they trade strikes. Santana counters the cutter, hits a superkick, and Konnan distracts Cide, Cide spits at him and Konnan tosses Santana a bag of tacks. Slam onto the tack, Santana up top and the frog splash connects for the win. LAX defeated The OGz @ 13:40 via pin [****¼] When it comes to garbagy gimmick matches, I find them to be either very cliché/bland (Dreamer vs. Edwards) or really intense and fun. This was intense, fun, had a REALLY hot crowd and really delivered; I thought that it was absolutely great. Homicide & Hernandez looked tired halfway through, but they really picked it up and I thought that everyone worked hard and honestly, over-delivered here. This was the best Impact Wrestling match of 2018 so far.

– Post break, King & The OGz attack and layout Konnan & LAX, and then tag the titles with spray paint; this feud must continue.

Luchas de Apuestas (Mask vs. Hair) Match: Pentagon vs. Sami Callihan: They REALLY should have had a buffer between the 5150 and this match, due to them being so similar. They talk shit and then immediately go into rapid-fire offense. Sami unzips his vest and dares Pentagon to chop him so Pentagon lights him up. Sami quickly zips it back up and Pentagon follows him to the floor and attacks. Sami fights back, and they both miss strikes and hit the post. They trade chops at ringside, and work to the apron. They trade strikes and Pentagon hits an enziguri. Sami cuts off a suicide dive with a chair shot. Sami tosses a bunch of hardcore toys in the ring. He now gets spikes and rips at Pentagon’s mask and partially rips it open. He now attacks with the spikes and digs into his skull with them. Pentagon is bleeding and Sami follows with strikes. He ties Pentagon to the ropes by his mask and gets the bat. Pentagon cuts him off with kicks, escapes and hits a backstabber. Pentagon gets the spikes and spikes Sami with them. Sami is now busted open. Pentagon gets the bat and uses it to drive the spike into Sami’s head. They both have spikes now, and dig into each other several times. These are some sick fuckers here. The crowd absolutely loves it. They now sit in chairs and trade strikes. Sami attacks with chair shots, Pentagon fires back and they work into a double down and Sami is a crimson mask. Pentagon hits the backstabber and covers for 2. Pentagon looks to break the arm, Sami fights, and kicks his way out. Sami tries to fire up, piles up chairs, but Pentagon fights back and takes out oVe with chair shots, Sami tosses powder in Pentagon’s face, and he accidentally takes out the ref. Pentagon breaks his arm and we now have no ref. Pentagon hits the penta driver, but no ref. Sami rakes the eyes, and hits the cactus driver onto the chair, a new ref is out and that gets 2. Sami sets up chairs, they climb on the chairs and Pentagon hits fear factor and that only gets 2. Superkicks by Pentagon, Sami spits at him and eats another superkick. Pentagon breaks the arm and hits fear factor and finally puts Sami away. Pentagon defeated Sami Callihan @ 18:10 via pin [****] This was another great match, that I feel would have been even better with out the oVe ruin in and ref bump. They didn’t need it at all, especially with the heat and story they had built.

– Post match, oVe attacks and beats down Pentagon. He fights them off, and Fenix & security arrive for the haircut. Sami cries as his hair is cut.

– Bound for Glory takes place October 14th in the Melrose Ballroom in New York.

– Curtis Granderson of the Toronto Blu Jays arrives, as the special belt holder.

Impact World Championship Match: Champion Austin Aries vs. Moose: And now these poor fuckers have to follow all of that plunder and fun, hopefully the crowd isn’t burnt out. Good luck fellas. Aries looks to attack with leg kicks, looks for a headlock, but Moose overpowers him. They pick up the pace and Aries poses on the buckles. Moose now works a side headlock, Aries counters out and hits arm drags. The basement dropkick follows, but Moose kips up. Aries slaps him and Moose tosses him to the buckles and lays in chops. Moose lays in chops and Aries powders and Flair flops on the floor. Moose now slams him to the barricade, and now charges and Aries low bridges him and Moose crashes into the crowd. Aries looks for a countout, but then flies to the floor with a double sledge and lays in kicks as well. Back in and Aries lays in kicks, Moose fires up and absorbs Aries’ strikes. Aries lays in rapid-fire strikes, walks through them and Aries gets an eye poke, but Moose hits a head butt and drops Aries. Moose lays in some Kojima like chops and hits the corner dropkick. The hesitation dropkick follows for 2. Aries fires back, and hits a RANA. Moose powers up and hits snake eyes and go to hell for 2. Aries counters game changer, and hits a crucifix driver and Moose rolls to the floor. Moose then cuts off the suicide dive with a huge right. They work to the apron, but Aries slingshots back in, and then gets decapitated with a lariat. Aries cuts of the spear with last chancery, Moose fights, looks for the ropes and makes it. Back to the apron and Aries looks for a DVD, Moose fights him off, and they trade strikes and elbows. Moose hits a head butt but Aries hits the apron DVD and Moose rolls to the floor. Aries again looks for a countout, but then hits the suicide dive. Moose manages to fight back and slings Aries into the barricades. Moose breaks the count, and then hits the running bicycle kick. Back in and Moose goes for the spear, Aries uses the ref as a shield and low blows Moose. But Moose fights back and hits the brainbuster. The spear turns Aries inside out and Aries gets the ropes. They work to the ramp, Moose picks up Aries, but Aries rakes the eyes but Moose press slams him into the crowd. Moose brings Aries back in and Aries stuns him off the ropes. Moose fires up and looks for a rope, Aries moves and Moose eats ramp. Aries hits the rolling elbow and charges off the ramp and hits the knees and brainbuster on the floor! Moose beats the count, Aries hits a PK and then grabs the belt. Granderson takes it back and Moose rolls up Aries for 2. PK by Aries again, hits the brainbuster and that gets the win. Wow. Champion Austin Aries vs. Moose @ 16:00 via pin [****] I am by no means complaining about the result, but am pleasantly shocked that Aries retained here, as it felt like it was set to be Moose’s moment with the way they built it up. Aries was great here, calling and leading a great PPV main event, and this was easily the best Moose singles match I have ever seen. They had a lot to overcome, but delivered a great main event to close the show.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
I know that it’s still “a thing” for some to make fun of TNA, but those people need to get over it. TNA is dead, and Impact Wrestling has been putting on good and consistent TV for a long while now. And that led to Impact Slammiversary 2018, which was a rather great show with a lot of great wrestling to love, and a PPV show that felt, for the first time in a long time, they really gave the talent a chance to go out, do their thing and succeed. This was a tremendously enjoyable show, with nothing at all BAD, and the roster stepping up big time and simply delivering. It's amazing that when you allow the talent to really do their thing and have a hot crowd that good things happen. More of this please Impact Wrestling.