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Csonka’s ROH Final Battle 2018 Review

December 15, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Bald Jay Lethal ROH
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Csonka’s ROH Final Battle 2018 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Final Battle 2018 Review

– Kenny King defeated Eli Isom @ 9:10 via pin [**¾]
ROH TV Title Match: ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Adam Page @ 13:30 via pin [****¼]
Women of Honor Title Elimination Match: Kelly Klein defeated Champion Sumie Sakai, Madison Rayne, & Karen Q @ 13:40 via pin [**¾]
– Zack Sabre Jr defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 12:00 via pin [****]
For Matt Taven’s “Real World Championship: Champion Matt Taven vs. Dalton Castle @ 15:50 via pin [**¾]
Marty Scurll’s ROH Title Shot on The Line: Marty Scurll defeated Christopher Daniels @ 17:45 via submission [***¾]
I QUIT MATCH: Flip Gordon defeated Bully Ray @ 14:40 [***]
: Champion Jay Lethal defeated Cody @ 23:45 via submission [***]
ROH Tag Title LADDER WAR: The Briscoes defeated Champions SCU & The Young Bucks @ 22:35 [****½]

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– Ian and Colt are on commentary.

– King runs down Isom for being in the ring with him. King says Isom is an ad for the ROH dojo, which sucks now.

Eli Isom vs. Kenny King: King attacks right away and dumps Isom. King follows with a dive. King slams him to the barricade, but Isom fires back. King lays in rights, rolls him back in and covers for 1. King misses a charge and Isom hits a knee strike and dropkick. King powders and Isom wipes him out with a tope. Back in and Isom grounds things. He follows with rights, King sweeps the leg and follows with a knee strike for 2. King grounds things, and then hits a stunner for 2. Isom counters the royal flush, follows with strikes and an enziguri. The belly to belly connects, and hits a short powerbomb for 2. King fights off the suplex, but Isom hits a belly to back suplex, looks to springboard in and King shoves the ref into the ropes and hits a chin checker and blockbuster for 2. King talks shit, lays in chops, and takes Isom up top. He follows, Isom fights him off but king hits an enziguri and Isom counters royal flush into a cradle for 2. Gory bomb by Isom and the cradle gets 2. King cuts him off with a Michinoku driver and picks up the win. Kenny King defeated Eli Isom @ 9:10 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good opener, Isolm looked good overall, but it was a little clunky at times.

ROH TV Title Match: ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb vs. Adam Page: Page attacks at the bell and lays in strikes and kicks. Cobb fires back, but Page dumps him and Cobb catches the shooting star to the floor and hits an overhead belly to belly. Cobb follows with chops, rolls Page back in and follows with a running uppercut. Cobb continues with strikes, but Page takes out the knee and hits the lionsault for 2. Page follows with chops and hits a senton atomico. Page heads up top, Cobb cuts him off and follows him up. Page fights, but Cobb hits a dropkick. Cobb follows him back up top and hits the delayed superplex for 2. The standing moonsault follows and then misses the standing shooting star press. Page fires up and hits the corner dropkick, takes Cobb up top and follows him up. They battle for position, Cobb knocks him off, hits a high cross but Page rolls through and hits the fall away slam. Page dumps Cobb, and follows with a suicide dive. Page now heads up top and the moonsault connects. Back in and Page hits the running shooting star for 2, and hits another and that gets 2. They trade strikes, Cobb follows with a sitout tombstone for a great near fall! This crowd is insane for these guys. Page tries to fire back, Cobb lights him up with elbows, but Page counters a German, hits a superkick and strikes but Cobb hits a head butt. Page now turns him inside out with the buckshot lariat. Cobb counters rite of passage and hits an F5 for a good near fall. Cobb looks for tour of the islands, but Page counters into a crucifix for 2. Page looks for buckshot again, but Cobb hits tour of the islands and another! Page is done. ROH TV Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Adam Page @ 13:30 via pin [****¼] This was an absolutely great match, with a hot crowd that was into everything, and a great mix of hossy goodness and a sprint. Page has gotten so good this year, while Cobb has taken his opportunity and really ran with it, coming across like a true big time star for ROH. This was a match where everything just clicked and worked effortlessly, and they delivered big time.

Women of Honor Title Elimination Match: Champion Sumie Sakai vs. Madison Rayne vs. Karen Q vs. Kelly Klein: Thy all brawl at the bell, Rayne runs Karen into Klein and Sakai then suplexes Karen. Sakai hits a dropkick to Klein on the floor as Rayne hits a high cross on Karen. She and Sakai lock up back in the ring, Sakai lays in Mongolian chops, but Rayne hits a high cross for 2. Sakai locks on a choke, Karen breaks that up and locks on a crab. Klein back in, she dumps Sakai, and then she and Karen work over Rayne with double teams. Karen now allows Klein to work over Rayne, and then attacks as they look to one up each other. Karen of course accidentally kicks Klein, Rayne fires back and hits a crucifix bomb for 2. Rayne and Sakai work up top, Karen joins them, and Klein is in for the tower of doom. Sakai hung on and hits the missile dropkick for 2. Klein dumps Sakai, but Karen catches her with a full nelson slam. Klein now hits K-power and eliminates Karen @ 6:55. Rayne back in and hits a tornado DDT for 2. Sakai back in, attacking Rayne, and then runs into a cutter for 2. The Rayne drop connects and that gets 2 again. Sakai hits smash mouth, but Klein steals the pin and Rayne is gone at 9:00. Down to Klein and Sakai, they trade strikes, take down into an arm bar by Sakai. Klein fights, and powers up and hits a short powerbomb, Sakai maintains the hold, but Klein makes the ropes. Klein fights off smash mouth, but Sakai hits it the second time and Klein barely kicks out. Klein counters the RANA, hits a powerbomb and that gets 2. Klein hits K-power and Sakai kicks out. Klein takes her up top, hits super K-power and finally wins. Kelly Klein defeated Champion Sumie Sakai, Madison Rayne, & Karen Q @ 13:40 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, they worked hard, but it felt a bit flat and sloppy at times.

Zack Sabre Jr vs. Jonathan Gresham: Sabre is in full dick mode tonight. They work into some fast paced grappling, they push and shove with Sabre grounding things. Gresham starts working counters, taking control for a bit but Sabre works into slick escapes and they standoff. The exchanges here are lighting fast and so clean, with Sabre working a head scissors. Slick escape by Gresham, they start slapping each other, and Gresham counters into a cover for 2. Sabre lays in stiff uppercuts, but Gresham hits a dropkick and then starts attacking the knee. Gresham traps the left arm, working for covers, but Sabre with slick escapes and locks on the cobra twist and then grounds Gresham, maintaining control until Gresham makes the ropes. Sabre starts laying in leg kicks, uppercuts, and Gresham fires back with chops. Sabre grounds him, attacking the arm, but Gresham fires up and hits an enziguri and German for 2. Gresham follows with a rolling half crab, but Sabre transitions to a triangle. Gresham counters out, looks for the octopus hold, and transitions into an ankle lock. Sabre escapes and hits a PK for 2. Gresham counters another PK, they trade, moonsault press by Gresham and Sabre catches Gresham with the European clutch for the win. Zack Sabre Jr defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 12:00 via pin [****] This was an absolutely beautiful display of technical wrestling, just great stuff, and I want a rematch as soon as possible. The work was silky smooth, they kept the crowd, and I loved this.

Champion Matt Taven vs. Dalton Castle: Castle’s back and leg are still heavily wrapped. The Boys and TK are at ringside. They brawl right away, Castle follows with rights and a slam. Taven kicks Castle to the floor, but the Boys catch him and back in and Castle lays in ground and pound. Castle follows with chops, knee strikes, and TK pulls Taven away and Castle crashes to the floor. Taven hits a suicide dive and follows with a tope that Castle sidesteps and Taven eats the barricade. Castle follows with an apron knee strike, but Taven attacks the back and flings Castle into the steps on the entrance. Back in and Taven focuses on the back as he takes the heat. Castle fights back, tries to ground things, and follows with a throw. Taven fires back with a flurry of kicks and the DDT connects for 2. Castle counters the climax and he follows with a DDT. Taven takes the ref, cheap shot by TK, but the Boys attack him with suicide dives. Vinny arrives and attacks the Boys on the floor and drags them under the ring. Belt shot by Taven and that gets 2. Castle fights back, but Taven hits just the tip. Taven to the ropes, knee strike by Castle and on the floor Castle hits a RANA and hits bangarang on Taven into the post. Back in and Castle hits the powerbomb but TK throws a boy in to break up the count. The ref kicks TK to the back, Taven and Castle brawl, bangarang by Castle but Taven gets the ropes. Knee strikes by Castle, bangarang countered and Taven hits just the tip and the climax and that gets the win. Champion Matt Taven vs. Dalton Castle @ 15:50 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, but I felt it went way too long and had too many bells and whistles that really added nothing to the match.

Marty Scurll’s ROH Title Shot on The Line: Marty Scurll vs. Christopher Daniels: They push and shove and then lock up. They work into some back and forth, and Marty works into escapes and takes Daniels down. Daniels fights to his feet, but Marty lays in back elbows and chops. Daniels now fires back, hits a back breaker, and covers for 2. Daniels hits a slam and slingshot elbow for 2. Marty fires back, dumps him, but Daniels trips him up on the apron and follows with the Arabian press. Back in, Daniels up top and Marty hides behind the ref and he follows with a superplex. Marty hits the apron superkick, and then sets him in a chair and superkicks him again. Backing and Marty is focusing in on the neck as commentary does a good job of discussing Daniels’ past neck issues. Marty follows with a missile dropkick to the back as Daniels does a great job of selling the neck. Marty follows with a cravat, Daniels escapes but Marty dumps him with a half and half suplex. He looks to fire up but Daniels hits a desperation blue thunder bomb. Daniels fires up with strikes, hits an STO and that gets 2. Daniels hits a slam and lionsault for 2. They trade chops, strikes, and Marty hits the fake out kick and follows with a rolling elbow. They work into a series of counters, and Marty hits the Scurll driver and that gets 2. counters the chicken wing and rolls into a cradle for 2. Daniels now busts out the burning hammer for a good near fall. Marty fights off angel’s wing and hits the tombstone for 2. Marty breaks the fingers, looks for the chicken wing, but breaks the fingers again. Daniels tries angel’s wings, but couldn’t clasp his hands. He keeps trying, adjusts, and finally hits it for a good near fall. The BME eats knees, lariat by Marty and then superkicks. He stomps on Daniels’ neck and hits graduation but Daniels kicks out. Marty again stomps on Daniels’ neck, locks on the chicken wing, drops to the mat and Daniels fights but finally has to tap. Marty Scurll defeated Christopher Daniels @ 17:45 via submission [***¾] This was very good stuff with a great story of Marty being the smarter man, coming in with a plan, and Daniels giving his all before going out on his shield.

– We get Thank You Daniels chants post match and then bully Ray arrives and low blows him.

I QUIT MATCH: Bully Ray vs. Flip Gordon: Gordon arrives in the balcony in tactical gear and carrying the American Flag. Gordon flies into the ring and runs wild on Bully. He then works over Bully with chair shots, with some RVD callbacks, and control until Bully rakes the eyes and lays in trashcan shots on Gordon. Bully pulls out a table, lays in chops and Gordon fires back with a superkick. Gordon gets a table, slides it in and sets it up but Bully dumps Gordon and lays out Gordon with his chain. Bully runs down Cary Silken and Bobby Cruise, Bully shoves down Cruise and the ref get taken out by Bully. Bully threatens Silken with a kendo and Daniels is back and takes the bullet for Silken (that’ll get him back in maybe). Gordon is busted open as Bully hits a backdrop on the floor. Bully now grabs Gordon’s girlfriend from the front row, and teases powerbombing her through the table and demands Gordon quit. Silken hits Bully with the kendo, Gordon’s chick low blows Bully and Gordon has the flag on a kendo and flies in attacking Bully. He chokes out Bully with it, but Silas Young arrives and makes the save and hits misery. Silas now looks to set the table on fire, but Cheeseburger makes the save until he eats misery. Cabana now hits the ring, takes out Young and Bully with chair shots. Cabana gets low blowed and dumped. Young looks to light the table, LIGHTS OUT, and The Sandman is here. He takes out Young, drinks a beer, and Gordon superkicks Bully. The star spangled stunner follows and Gordon now attacks with repeated kendo strikes on Bully, and Bully finally quits. Flip Gordon defeated Bully Ray @ 14:40 [***] Overall this was good, as everyone involved was involved in the feud at some point, and it worked in an old ECW style booking sort of way. It certainly ran the risk of complete overbooking, but it worked really well with the live crowd. Flip finally overcomes, so good stuff.

– Caprice Coleman is replacing cabana on commentary.

ROH Title Match: ROH World Champion Jay Lethal vs. Cody: Brandi is out with Cody. Cody takes the mic, heels on the crowd, and Lethal tells him this is his company, and that he will retain and Cody will be gone. They work a fast paced opening stretch, ending in a standoff. They look to pick up the pace and Cody collapses, grabbing at his injured knee. Lethal grounds things, but it’s a trap as Cody fires up, attacks and takes a few laps. Lethal follows and attacks, lays in chops, and hits a slam. Back in and Lethal hits chops, a suplex, and then uppercuts. The Lethal combo follows and that gets 2. Lethal maintains control until he runs into a snap slam. Cody starts working the arm and grounds the action. Cody follows with rights and chops, and follows with a dump suplex. Lethal avoids the disaster kick and chop blocks Cody. Lethal stomps away on the knee, slams it off the apron, and then off of the post. Lethal then dropkicks the knee into the post, Lethal continues to torture the knee of Cody, maintaining great focus. Brandi takes the ref as Lethal gets a roll up for like 7. They tease a ref bump, spear by Brandi on Lethal and cross Rhodes gets 2. Cody slowly mounts a comeback, but Lethal cuts him off as he goes back after the knee. Lethal teases shattered dreams, but the ref stops him, Brandi back in and spears Cody by accident. Lethal refuses to allow the ref to DQ Cody. Cody shoves Brandi in the way and she eats Lethal injection. Cross Rhodes on Lethal gets 2. Cody now locks on a figure four and… the bell rings. It was Page that did it. More shenanigans. Lethal hits cross Rhodes, and covers for 2. Lethal up top, but the elbow drop eats knees. jabs by Cody but Lethal dumps him. Lethal hits a suicide dive. He hits another and then the third. Lethal hits a fourth and fifth. He hits a sixth. Cody back in and mists Lethal, and hits Din’s fire for 2. They trade strikes, ref bump and Lethal hits Cody in the knee with the championship. He tells Cody fuck you, hits superkicks, Lethal injection and more superkicks. The figure four follows and Cody has to tap. Champion Jay Lethal defeated Cody @ 23:45 via submission [***] This was really good early on as Cody was really locked in on the old school heel stuff, while Lethal’s babyface. And then the deeper we went the more shenanigans there were as Cody brought the circus to town. The callbacks to the first match were well done, and the possible Lethal heel turn is interesting. It came off as poor planning coming off of the IQUIT match, which had a ton of shenanigans, they should have set them further apart on the card.

– Post match, Marty Scurll arrives to face off with Lethal. NWA Champion Nick Aldis arrives and claps for Lethal.

ROH Tag Title LADDER WAR: ROH Tag Team Champions SCU vs. The Briscoes vs. The Young Bucks: The Briscoes toss a bunch of chairs in the ring, and we finally get to action with wild brawling and everyone running wild on the floor. Mark brings out a table, Matt cuts him off, and back in and Jay cuts him off and then double stomps Sky through the table on the floor. Mark starts attacking with chair shots, Kaz is busted open and they beat him down with trashcan shots as the Briscoes are dominating. Mark starts doing the Terry Funk spinning ladder spot, but the Bucks cut him off with superkicks. Jay sets a ladder in the corner, but Matt powerbombs him into it. The Bucks now work over SCU, running through double teams, and hitting suicide dives on the Briscoes. They get a ladder, SCU fights them off work double teams on Matt. They keep the Briscoes on the floor, Kaz is a bloody mess. The Bucks stop SCU from climbing, Nick climbs, Sky cuts that off and Matt spears Kaz. Nick and Sky climb, Matt superkicks Sky, and Kaz hits a code breaker to stop Nick from climbing. Kaz climbs but the Briscoes cut him off with chair shots and suplexes Nick into a ladder in the corner. Kaz is tossed into a ladder and grabs at his knee right away. Sky cuts off Mark and the Bucks knock him to the floor, Sky busts out a tope and Nick hits a corkscrew dive to wipe out the pile. Jay dumps Matt over the top and through a table. Jay has been busted open now, he grabs a staple gun and Kaz low blows him and SCU pout Mark through a table on the floor with an awesome slingshot cutter. Matt gets a sledgehammer, Jay a dares him to attack, but Matt opts to toss it away and hit superkicks and a spear. Sky hits a RANA and sends Nick onto a bridged ladder. Matt catapults the ladder into Sky’s face. Matt climbs but a bloody Jay cuts him off with chair shots and hits a back breaker into the chair. SCU takes out Nick on the floor, Mark is busted open now and slams Sky and climbs the ladder and Sky follows him up. Matt spears Sky off the ladder. Mark then intercepts the Meltzer driver with a flying cutter. Mark gets fresh ladders, and the Briscoes make a ladder bridge and also set up a table. Kaz escapes redneck boogie, lays in chair shots on Jay and hits a Styles clash onto a chair. Kaz climbs, he and Mark brawl, and mark gets sent onto the ladder bridge. Nick is back, looks to grab the titles, but Jay topples over the ladder and Nick flies to the floor and dies going through tables. Mark knocks Kaz off the ladder and through a table and the Briscoes get the titles and are now 10-time tag team champions. The Briscoes defeated Champions SCU & The Young Bucks @ 22:35 [****½] While I don’t think that it was the best ladder war of all time, this was an absolutely excellent match and ROH made the right call in closing the show with it. This match was everything you want out of ladder war, an invested crowd, crazy spots fun callbacks, blood, and everyone working their asses off to make the vision of the team come to life. If this is how the Bucks go out they should be proud of themselves as they put in max effort as always, and never dogged it. If Sky & Kaz happen to be done, they should also be extremely proud of their efforts and Kaz should get a fucking bonus for the bumps and the buckets he bled. This was excellent stuff and a hell of a way to close the show.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
ROH Final Battle 2018 was a good and strong show, with a lot of variety and three must-see matches. The Elite (Cody, Bucks, Page) all lost in their last stand, and now we get to see where ROH goes without them. The show was a lot of fun with everyone working hard, but there were no surprises or hints at what’s to come, leaving fans more questions than answers about ROH in 2019.