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Csonka’s ROH Free Enterprise 2020 Review

February 9, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Free Enterprise 2020 Review  

Csonka’s ROH Free Enterprise 2020 Review

– Mark Haskins defeated Alex Shelley @ 12:05 via submission [***½]
– VINCENT & Bateman defeated Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle @ 12:25 via pin [**¾]
– Flip Gordon defeated Slex @ 10:30 via pin [***]
– Alex Zayne defeated Andrew Everett @ 9:10 via pin [***¼]
– The Briscoes defeated Mexiblood @ 17:50 via pin [****¼]
Battle Royal For an ROH Title Shot: Flip Gordon won @ 17:45 [**]
– Session Moth Martina defeated Sumie Sakai @ 11:00 via pin [DUD]
Proving Ground Match: Jeff Cobb& Dan Maff defeated Champions Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 13:10 via pin [***½]
– Brody King defeated Rey Horus @ 6:30 via pin [***]
– Marty Scurll & PCO defeated Nick Aldis & Rush @ 14:50 via pin [***¼]

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– We get a welcome message from Joe Koff, thanking the fans, promising a big upgrade (the back catalogue) to Honor Club, and a great 2020.

– Marty then welcomes us to the show via video.

– Ian & Caprice run down the card.

Mark Haskins vs. Alex Shelley: They shake hands, because they are good lads. They lockup, immediately working into counter exchanges and end in a standoff. Lockup again and Mark grounds things. Shelley counters out and works into a slick cradle for 2. he follows into a stretch neck breaker and cradle for 2. Mark follows with mid kicks, Shelley fires back and Mark follows with an enziguri, PK and the suicide dive. He follows with another and rolls Shelley back in. He grounds things, Shelley fires back and Mark cuts him off, attacking the arm. The arm bar follows, Shelley fights it and makes the ropes. The abdominal stretch follow, Shelley counters and cradles him but Mark counters into a crossface. Shelley fights and transitions to a rings of Haskins, but Shelley makes the ropes. Mark follows with kicks, Shelley dares him to throw more and so he does. Shelley cuts him off, follows with strikes and they trade until they work into a double down. back to the feet and they trade chops until Mark attacks the arm, hits the jab and Shelley counters into a suplex. He follows with kicks, a flatliner to the buckles and mark goes back to the arm and cradles him for 2. The PK and shoulder soldier roll follows for 2. Mark heads up top, and the double stomp misses, sliced bread by Shelley and transitions to the border city stretch but Mark cradles him for 2.Mark counters sliced bread into the sharpshooter and Shelley taps. Mark Haskins defeated Alex Shelley @ 12:05 via submission [***½] This was a very good, technical wrestling battle to kick off the show with the right man winning as Haskins has a title match coming up.

VINCENT & Bateman vs. Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle: Chuckles & Vita are at ringside. Castle and VINCENT begin, until Bateman tags in. They lockup, and Castle cradles him for 2. Hendry in and grounds things, maintaining control. Back to the feet and Bateman follows with kicks, Hendry hits the shoulder tackle and knee strike for 2. Castle back in and double teams follow as Castle covers for 2. Castle follows with strikes, suplexes and grounds things. VINCENT distracts Castle, Bateman takes over but Hendry tags in and dumps Bateman. VINCENT & Bateman attack, VINCENT does a wacky dance and thy isolate Hendry, working quick tags. VINCENT delivers elbow drops for 2.Hendry fires back, VINCENT cuts him off and follows with uppercuts. VINCENT slams him to the buckles, and covers for 2. He lays the boots to Hendry, works him over in the corner and double teams follow on Hendry. The side effect follows and that gets 2. Hendry battles back with cradles for near falls, but VINCENT locks on a guillotine. Hendry powers up and transitions into a suplex. Castle tags in, deliver strikes and chops. The clothesline follows as he runs wild with suplexes to both. The German to VINCENT follows and he takes out Bateman. The draping knee strike is cut off by VINCENT, he talks shit to Castle and Castle fires back and Hendry tags in. He slams both at the same time and the code breaker follows. Castle is pulled to the floor, sliced bread by VINCENT and that’s all. VINCENT & Bateman defeated Joe Hendry & Dalton Castle @ 12:25 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good and gave us the expected winners, but never really got out of first gear

– Quinn McKay arrives and thanks us for watching the show. Best in the World takes place June 19th in this same building.

Slex vs. Flip Gordon: They lockup and Slex grounds things right away, Flip fights to his feet and hits a shoulder tackle. They work into counters and rend in a standoff. Lockup and Slex delivers chops, a dropsault and Flip fires back, Slex counters Flip five and follows with a backbreaker. The suicide dive connects and he then suplexes Flip to the apron. Back in and Slex covers for 2. Flip fires back, but Slex mows him down with the back elbow for 2. The delayed suplex follows Slex covers for 2. He delivers chops, Flip answers back but Slex counters into a sitout powerbomb for 2. He ground s things, Flip fights to his feet, fires back and Slex hits an enziguri and wheelbarrow German and they then work into a double down. back up, Flip fires back and hits an enziguri, and the hook kick. Flip then does the deal with the falcon arrow for 2. Slex counters the springboard spear, and the lariat gets 2. Slex follows with kicks and three seconds around the world for 2. Slex looks to finish things, but Flip cradles him for 2. Flip hits the superkick, uppercut and kinder surprise. He follows with the moonsault to the floor. back in and the springboard spear gets 2. Flip 5 follows and the curb stomp finishes Slex. Flip Gordon defeated Slex @ 10:30 via pin [***] This was a good match and debut for Slex, but I don’t think he should have lost his debut. Having Taylor lay him out after a Slex win works just as well if not better.

– Post match, the Soldiers of Savagery arrive and Shane Taylor attacks and lays out Slex with the package piledriver. Taylor cuts a promo and says they should be talking about him and his demands have finally been met, he’s back in ROH.

Alex Zayne vs. Andrew Everett: they lockup and work into counters until Everett follows with strikes. They both counter RANAs and Zayne follows with a flurry of kicks. he follows with strikes, dropkick by Everett and he follows with chops. Everett follows with the springboard missile dropkick and tornillo to the floor. Zayne battles back and wipes him out with a dive. Back in and the running shooting star press gets 2. They work into counters, chops by Zayne and Everett counters and the lionsault gets 2. Everett drops the strap and pulls it back up, the chokeslam is countered and the face buster follows. The rolling leg drop gets 2. Zayne charges, ht an enziguri and heads up top, but Everett counters into a PELE. The springboard tornillo follows for 2. Everett follows with strikes, heads up top and Zayne cuts him off, follows him up and Everett counters into a poison RANA, Zayne lands on his feet and Everett then hits it proper for 2. Everett back up top and the shooting star press misses. Zayne up top and shooting star knee drop connects and the Zayne driver finishes it. Alex Zayne defeated Andrew Everett @ 9:10 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun showcase match for both guys as Zayne goes 2-0 in ROH.

The Briscoes vs. Mexiblood (Flamita & Bandido): Mark and Flamita begin, locking up and working to the ropes. Mark then grounds things, but Flamita counters back, they pick up the pace and work into a standoff. Jay & Bandido tag in, Jay talks shit and they trade shoulder tackles. Bandido attacks with kicks, RANA by Jay and Bandido follows with a superkick. The Briscoes attack and work double teams on Bandido, Flamita in and gets cutoff as Bandido runs wild with kicks. Head scissor by Flamita, hits another, and they double tem Mark. Flamita follows with the beautiful moonsault to the floor, Bandido follows with the springboard shooting star pres to the pile. Back in and double teams to Mark follow, Jay in and Mexiblood continue to work double teams and cover for 2. Bandido hits the delayed suplex and covers for 2 until Jay makes the save. Bandido dumps Jay. But he rushes back in as the Briscoes work double teams and take control. To the floor and they continue to control, Bandido gets posted and slammed to the barricades. It’s all Briscoes right now, Mark follows with air chicken to the floor, wiping out both opponents. Mark sets for another and connects, the crowd loves this. He slams Flamita and the Cactus elbow connects. Back in and Jay follows with the running back elbow for 2 on Bandido. Mark in, and follows with chops. They work quick tags, double teams and Bandido makes his own comeback. Flamita back in and they work double teams, huge dive by Flamita and Bandido hits X knee on Jay for 2. he tags in Flamita and he heads up top as the 450 connects for 2 as mark makes the save. It breaks down, iconoclasm by Mark and he brawls with Flamita. Mark delivers chops, they trade and Flamita follows with a flurry of kicks but runs into an overhead toss and redneck boogie connects for 2. They dump Bandido, Flamita fights back and hits superkicks, the 619 and then the missile dropkick to both. Mexiblood take control, running wild on the Briscoes and the assisted Flamita splash gets 2. Jay is dumped and Flamita’s moonsault eats knees and Jay dumps him. Mark hits the blockbuster to the floor, and back in, the neck breaker and froggy bow follows and Bandido makes the save. They all trade strikes and Mexiblood hit stereo Spanish flies for 2! Bandido is cut off and Mark suplexes him to the apron. Doomsday finishes Flamita. The Briscoes defeated Mexiblood @ 17:50 via pin [****¼] This was an absolutely great, balls to the wall, sprint style tag match that played to the strengths of all four men. They delivered insane action at times, had the crowd locked in and invested especially down the stretch and the Briscoes continue to prove why they are the greatest, most under valued tag team in all of wrestling as they deliver an absolute banger with Mexiblood, who have been awesome in ROH so far.

Battle Royal For an ROH Title Shot: This is basically everyone not on the card, including Delirious &he Blue Meanie, unfortunately now bWo music. Gangrel is also in this. Maria Manic, dressed like a Dudley, is also in the match. Someone dressed as Dragon Lee attacks King (Lee is in Japan). They all brawl at the bell, Gangrel is gone. LSG is gone. Isom & Crowbar are gone. Cheeseburger eliminates Draper. The Bouncers run wild and dance with Meanie. Brian Johnson dumps Meanie. The Bouncers kick his ass and PJ Black makes the save. Johnson then tosses his partner, Black. Manic groin claws Johnson and tosses him. Titus has a pose down with Manic, and she dumps him. The Bouncers are dumped by Manic. Danhausen is in love with her, he wants a hug gets it and Silas attacks Manic. They trade chops, Silas cuts her off and tries to dump her and Bully Ray arrives and pulls Manic to the floor for the elimination. He follows with chair shots and powerbombs her through a table at ringside. Danhausen and Delirious come face to face and Danhausen apparently understands him. Danhausen offers him his jar of teeth, Delirious takes them and Danhausen dumps him. Silas attacks, but Danhausen hits a German and then gets tossed. Silas cuts off Burger and tries to dump him, Woods joins in and tosses Burger. Williams, “Dragon Lee,” Silas, & Woods are left. They brawl, Williams cuts of Silas, Woods attacks and gets leveled with a lariat. Silas makes the save and it breaks down as “Dragon Lee” hangs out in a corner. Woods & Silas double team Williams and toss him. Lee fires p and they beat him down. Double teams follow and Woods accidentally dumps Silas. Woods is gone, King is back and Lee unmasks as Flip Gordon and he wins! Flip Gordon won @ 17:45 [**] This was a perfectly ok battle royal with cool Flip Gordon angle.

Session Moth Martina vs. Sumie Sakai: Love & Leon are on commentary. Sakai tries to attack, Martina cuts her off and dances, They trade shoulder tackles and Sakai slams her down. Martina fires back, hits strikes and follows with a broncobuster. The northern lights follows for 2. Sakai powders, Martina runs and blows herself up Sakai pulls her to the floor and traps her in the apron to spank her. The dropkick follows and Sakai lays the boots to her. She rakes the eyes, hits across body and fisherman’s neck breaker for 2. Sakai chokes her out, follows with double knees and follows with the crab. Martina fights, but Sakai cuts her off. The Saito suplex follows and Sakai heads up top. The missile dropkick gets 2. Martina fires back, they trade and Martina whiffs on an enziguri. Martina drinks a beer, fires up and follows with clotheslines and covers for 2. The twister suplex follows for 2. Sakai battles back, and the German follows for 2. Martina counters into a knee strike, kick and covers for 2. Martina drinks more beer, REF BUMP and Sakai has a chair, they fight over it and Sakai nails her. The DDT on the hair follows and Sakai gets the ref back in. Martina head butts Sakai and hits the Yager bomb for the win. Session Moth Martina defeated Sumie Sakai @ 11:00 via pin [DUD] This was fucking trash and it went way too long. Women of Honor everyone.

Proving Ground Match: Champions Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham vs. Jeff Cobb & Dan Maff: If Cobb & Maff win or take the champions to a time limit draw, they earn a tag title shot. Cobb and Gresham begin, with Gresham using his peed to avoid Cobb. Cobb is not amused and tosses Gresham around. Jay tags in and he wants Maff. Maff tags in and no sells jay’s chops. He fires back, Jay slaps him and Maff slaps him back. Jay fires up but gets pounced! Jay powders, Gresham tags in and tries to use his speed, fails at a shoulder tackle and jay joins in, but Maff suplexes them both. Cobb in and he works over Jay, follows with the dropkick and covers for 2. The standing moonsault follows for 2. Cobb delivers strikes, chops, and pummels Jay in the corner. Gresham tries to make the save, and the champions take over, dumping Maff and attacking Cobb’s knee. Jay grounds the action, Gresham lay the boots to him but Cobb fights them off, tags in Maff but the ref didn’t see it. Cobb suplexes Gresham and tags in Maff. Maff runs wild, follows with chops and a senton until Gresham makes the save. The big boys follow with double teams, as the assisted senton by Maff gets 2. Jay fires back, hits an enziguri, Gresham attacks Cobb’s knee and Maff makes the save. They dump Maff, follow with dives but Maff shakes them off as Jay figure fours Cobb, Maff climbs in with Gresham on his back but Gresham choke shim out until Maff fights to his feet and DVDS Gresham onto Jay. Cobb follows with chops, Gresham takes out his knee, and the Cornett cutter is countered, spear by Maff and Jay fights them off, Maff counters lethal injection, but Gresham cuts him off and hits s dive. Maff counters lethal injection into the burning hammer for the win. Jeff Cobb& Dan Maff defeated Champions Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham @ 13:10 via pin [***½] This was a really good and fun tag, setting up the big lads for a tag title shot down the line.

Brody King vs. Rey Horus: Horus uses his speed to avoid King at the start. King then looks to overpower him, Horus hits a RANA but King levels him with a clothesline. King follows with strikes, chops and tosses Horus across the ring. King hits the slam, and running splash for 2. To the floor and King continues his assault on Horus. He delivers chops and back in, Horus dropkicks King to the floor, and follows with the slingshot RANA. He then hits an over the post tope, Horus delivers chops, and back in. Horus heads up top. He leaps over King, and King cuts him off with a clothesline. The piledriver gets 2. King lays the boots to him, but Horus fires back with kicks and the tornado DDT for 2. The leg drop then gets 2. Horus follow with strikes, lariat by King and the ganso bomb finishes it. Brody King defeated Rey Horus @ 6:30 via pin [***] This was a good but short match that made the most of the time given to them

Marty Scurll & PCO vs. Nick Aldis & Rush: Rush jumps PCO before the bell and we’re underway. Rush runs wild, follows with a basement dropkick but PCO fires up and tags in Marty. They double team Rush as Marty covers for 2. Rush head butts Marty, Aldis tags in and they work into counters until Marty hit arm drags. He grounds things, PCO in and double teams follow. Marty hits the apron superkick, PCO up top and MISES the apron senton, crashing and burning. Aldis ain’t taking that shit. Rush attacks PCO on the floor, slams him to the barricade, a table and Aldis joins in. Back in the ring and Aldis lays the boots to PCO. PCO fires back, but they work him over in the corner. Rush maintains control, Aldis tags in and hits a slam and elbow drop for 2. Aldis follow with strikes, Rush works the hanging arm bar and they continue to isolate PCO until PCO hits desperation clotheslines. Tag to Marty, he runs wild and works over Aldis. The chicken wing is cut off by Aldis, he follows with the suplex and covers for 2. Aldis maintains control, Rush joins in and the suplex follows for 1. Marty fights back and cuts him off with the tornado DDT. PCO tags in and Aldis joins him. They brawl, lariat by PCO and one for Rush. PCO follows with backdrops, a spear on Rush and Marty joins in and slaps PCO around. He then backdrops him onto the pile on the floor. Aldis tombstone smarty back in, head up top and PCO cuts him off. Marty then follow with the superplex. The Quebec cannonball follows for 2 as Rush makes the save. He dumps Marty, PCO fights them both off until they take out his knee. Aldis up top and PCO pulls Rush into Aldis’ elbow drop. Rush & Aldis argue, Rush walks off and Aldis gets his title, Marty stops him by snapping his fingers and PCO chokeslams Aldis. The PCO-sault finishes it. Marty Scurll & PCO defeated Nick Aldis & Rush @ 14:50 via pin [***¼] This was a good main event that played off of the natural pairings well and also set up PCO vs. Aldis at Supercard of Honor

– Post match, Marty agrees to the NWA title match, but if Marty loses, he will pay Aldis $500,000. Aldis’ opponent for Supercard of Honor is PCO.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Despite the Women of Honor match completely shitting the bed here, ROH Free Enterprise 2020 was a good show that featured a lot of good wrestling, a great Briscoes vs. Mexiblood match and continued Aldis vs. Scurll, set up Aldis vs. PCO and also set Flip Gordon as a title challenger.