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Csonka’s ROH Global Wars 2018: Buffalo Review

November 9, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH Global Wars 2018 Buffalo
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Csonka’s ROH Global Wars 2018: Buffalo Review  

Csonka’s ROH Global Wars 2018 Buffalo Review

– Dalton Castle defeated TK O’Ryan @ 7:55 via pin [**¼]
– Kenny King defeated Cheeseburger @ 7:05 via pin [**¾ ]
– Kelly Klein defeated Madison Rayne @ 8:05 via pin [**]
– KUSHIDA defeated Jonathan Gresham,. Flip Gordon, & BUSHI @ 9:45 via pin [***¾]
Non-Title Match: TV Champion Jeff Cobb defeated EVIL @ 11:55 via pin [***½]
– Juice Robinson defeated Silas Young @ 13:10 via DQ [**¾]
– The Young Bucks defeated Naito & SANADA @ 15:40 via pin [****]
Proving Ground Match: Champion Jay Lethal vs. Chris Sabin went to a time limit draw [***]
– Best Friends defeated The Briscoes and Cody & Hangman Page @ 18:55 via pin [***¼]

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– Kaz & Daniels kick off the show. Sky isn’t here tonight; he’s attending a wedding the bridesmaid’s don’t know what they are in for. He sent a text for the crowd, “this is the worst town I’ve ever been in.” Daniels then puts over Buffalo as a bad town with badass wrestling fans. He discusses the Thousand Oaks shooting & fires, saying that ROH, their SoCal sons, and everyone here love them. They shout out an SCU in tribute.

Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia vs. The Boys: No handshake as the Kingdom attacks. They beat down the boys and Taven whips one with his belt and then the other. They dump them to the floor and the Kingdom continues their beat down of the boys. They pull up the mats and Marseglia hits a suplex. Marseglia tosses them in the ring and Taven tosses one into a chair in the corner. They lay chairs on the mat, Marseglia rolls another boy in the ring and Taven calls out Castle and says it will continue until Castle comes out. The other boy is rolled in as Taven looks for a conchairto. Castle arrives and calls Taven a son of a bitch. Taven says Castle disrespected him and the world title, and he needs to defend “his tile” against Castle at Final battle. TK arrives and attacks Castle and slams him into the wall and Marseglia joins in. They drag Castle to the ring and toss him in for Taven to beat him down. Security arrives and tries to make the save. The Kingdom celebrates. This was all angle to set up Taven vs. Castle at Final Battle and place castle as an underdog for the next match.

Dalton Castle vs. TK O’Ryan: TK beats on Castle, dumps him to the floor and slams him to the apron repeatedly. Castle fires up and whips TK to the barricade. TK cuts him off, and back in, maintains control. He chokes out Castle with a shirt, and f0ollws with elbows. The clothesline follows for 2. Castle fires back and hits a suplex. TK counters back with rights and covers for 2. Castle looks for bangarang, but his back gives out. Castle hits a desperation DDT, lays in chops, and rights. The Saito suplex follows and then a knee strike. The bulldog gets 2. TK fires back with elbows, rakes the eyes, and heads up top. Castle cuts him off and hits the running knee strike. Bangarang finishes it. Dalton Castle defeated TK O’Ryan @ 7:55 via pin [**¼] This was ok and played into the angle well, but TK really missed a chance to come across as a ruthless asshole here. Castle’s selling was really good here.

– Post match, Castle discusses his broken back and says these bandages hold him together. He says Taven is a fake, but the fire in Castle is real. If this is what Taven wants, he’ll give it to Taven 10 times over at Final Battle.

Kenny King vs. Cheeseburger: King is pissed that he got Cheeseburger and tells him to leave before something bad happens. Cheeseburger refuses and King attacks. He beats Cheeseburger down, but Cheeseburger fires back and hits running kicks. He dropkicks King to the floor and follows with a plancha. Cheeseburger follows with chops, but King cuts him off with a big right and slams him to the barricade. King follows with chops; rolls him back in and the leg drop gets 2. King grounds things, but Cheeseburger fights back and gets a cradle for 2. King stops that with a clothesline and grounds things, locking in the last chancery. Cheeseburger bites his way out, fights off the suplex and dumps King. King back in and Cheeseburger hits a flying knee strike and lay is in chops. The springboard high cross gets 2. King cuts off a monkey flip into a running suplex for 2. Cheeseburger then counters the royal flush into a cradle for 2. The superkick follows, but King catches the high cross and hits royal flush for the win. Kenny King defeated Cheeseburger @ 7:05 via pin [**¾] This was the classic overconfident heel vs. the resilient babyface looking to steal a win. It was pretty good and fun.

Madison Rayne vs. Kelly Klein: They lock up, Klein looks to work the arm but Rayne cradles her for 2. Rayne counters and works a body scissors. Klein escapes, Rayne avoids the charge and then gets knocked to the floor. Sumie Sakai is out to watch the match. Klein knocks Rayne back to the floor again. Back in and Rayne ground things and covers for 2. Rayne manages a sunset flip for 2. Klein hits the fall away slam and follows with strikes. The big boot follows for 2. Rayne fights back to her feet, Klein hits knee strikes and hits a corner splash. More knees follow, and she covers for 2. Klein works a choke, but Rayne escapes and they work up top. Klein slips out, but Rayne hits an enziguri. She follows with strikes, fires up, and hits a sliding clothesline for 2. Rayne follows with a high cross for 2. Klein then gets a bridging cradle for the win. Kelly Klein defeated Madison Rayne @ 8:05 via pin [**] This was only ok, there was absolutely no drama, no emotion and no ups and downs. It was a straight line of stuff, with Klein looking extra robotic tonight and the crowd not caring.

KUSHIDA vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Flip Gordon vs. BUSHI: They brawl and work into some fun exchanges early on. BUSHI gets dumped and KUSHIDA and Gresham work into some fun back and forth as Gresham hits a RANA, but he’s met with a missile dropkick from Flip. Gresham counters the PELE, but Flip hits the springboard spear. BUSHI cuts him off and dumps Gresham. KUSHIDA back in and BUSHI hits the missile dropkick. The STF follows until Gresham makes the save. BUSHI hits an enziguri on KUSHIDA, knocks Flip to the floor, and dumps Gresham. KUSHIDA back in and BUSHI lays the boots to him and chokes him out. BUSHI grounds things, KUSHIDA fires back and BUSHI gets the shirt choke until they work into a double down. KUSHIDA now take control with hip tosses for all. The cartwheel dropkick follows on BUSHI, but Flip cuts him off with a PELE and moonsault press. The tope follows onto the others. Back in, Flip up top and the 450 misses, he rolls through and all four are back in. It breaks down and Gresham goes for repeated covers, but only gets 2. BUSHI cuts him off, heads up top and Flip cuts him off with kinder surprise, KUSHIDA attacks him and Gresham joins in and BUSHI is back and we get a tower of doom, Flip hits the 450 but meets knees. KUSHIDA cuts off BUSHI, code breaker by BUSHI, reverse RANA by Gresham, MIST by BUSHI and he cradles KUSHIDA for 2. The MX misses, hover board lock by KUSHIDA, and back to the future finishes it. KUSHIDA defeated Jonathan Gresham, Flip Gordon, & BUSHI @ 9:45 via pin [***¾] This was so very good, easily the best thing on the show so far with effortless transitions and work and a tremendous sense of urgency. It was a total blast to watch.

Non-Title Match: TV Champion Jeff Cobb vs. EVIL: HOSS TIME. They work to the ground right away, and then to the ropes. EVIL attacks with kicks, works a side headlock, but Cobb escapes and they trade shoulder tackles. Cobb then cuts him off with a dropkick and EVIL powders. Cobb follows and follows with strikes. Back in and EVIL takes Cobb back to the floor. He follows and whips Cobb to e barricade. Back in and EVIL controls, raking the eyes. Cobb fires back with chops, EVIL fires back and Cobb is not impressed. EVIL rakes the eyes, takes him down and the senton gets 2. EVIL grounds things, but Cobb powers out and follows with clotheslines and chops. The Angle slam gets 2. EVIL blocks the standing moonsault with knees, hits a clothesline and fisherman’s buster for 2. EVIL heads up top and Cobb cuts him off, follows him up and hits the delayed superplex and that gets 2. EVIL fights off the powerslam, and hits darkness falls for 2. He looks for everything is evil, but Cobb counters and hits the swinging Saito suplex. They trade clotheslines, EVIL drops and Cobb hits a clothesline and standing moonsault for 2. EVIL uses the ref as a distraction and then uses him to hit a magic killer for 2. Everything is evil is countered and Cobb hits tour of the islands for the win. TV Champion Jeff Cobb defeated EVIL @ 11:55 via pin [***½] This was a very good hoss battle that kept getting better as it went along and the crowd became even more invested as they hit the home stretch. Cobb remains undefeated in ROH.

Juice Robinson vs. Silas Young: Juice hits an arm drag and makes Young shake his hand. Young powders. Back in and Young throws his shirt at Juice and Juice tosses it to the crowd. They lock up, shoulder tackle by Juice and he misses a cross body and rolls to the floor. Juice rushes back in and then misses a plancha. Young whips him to the barricade and then again. Back in and Young slingshots into a double stomp. He follows with kicks and covers for 1. Young maintains control, hits a suplex, and covers again for 2. Young lays the boots to him, Juice fires back but runs into a dropkick for 2. Young grounds things, Juice fights to his feet and Young hits a suplex for 2. Juice now firs back with body shots, but Young dumps him to the floor. Young then knocks him from the apron and into the barricade. Juice fights back in and hits the spinebuster. Juice follows with jabs, a clothesline and heads up top. The high cross connects and that gets 2. Young counters out of the powerbomb, it was rough, and Juice hits a sidekick. Young cuts off the cannonball and hits the back breaker and lariat for 2. They work into counters, and Young counters pulp friction and hits the knee strike, misery is countered and the Finlay roll follows but Juice blocks the moonsault with knees. The cannonball follows, and Juice hits the powerbomb and that gets 2. Young rolls to the floor, Juice follows and rolls him back in. Young back to the apron, stuns Juice off the ropes and back in, Young counters pulp friction with the tights for 2. KO shot by Juice, and another. Bully arrives and low blows Juice for the DQ. FUCK YOU. Juice Robinson defeated Silas Young @ 13:10 via DQ [**¾] This was working its way to a good match despite a few communication issues, and ended on a flat note with the DQ finish.

– Flip arrives and attacks Bully. The superkick follows and he gets a chair. Bully begs off and Young low blows Flip. Bully gets a kendo stick and Joe Koff arrives and tells Bully to stop. He’s so pissed at Bully he says. Koff calls him despicable and says he hates Bully and the fans hate Bully. If he uses the kendo again, he’s fired.

The Young Bucks vs. Naito & SANADA: Matt and Naito start us off. Naito spits at Matt and Matt spits back. Thy trade strikes, Naito rakes the eyes and hits an atomic drop and RANA before traquilo time. Naito mocks Matt’s muscle pose and Nick tags in. SANADA in as well. Nick hits a shoulder tackle; they work into counters and a stand off. SANADA wants a handshake and then attacks. Nick fires back with a dropkick, and the Bucks follow with double teams and dump Naito. They run wild on SANADA and take control. Matt follows with rights, Naito cuts off Matt, allowing SANADA to take over. LIJ work double teams, and dumps Matt. They all brawl on the floor now, SANADA and Matt back in and Naito then tags in. The corner dropkick combo follows, and Naito poses. The neck breaker follows for 2. SANADA tags back in and they work double teams. Matt’s now trapped in the paradise lock, Nick tries it on SANADA but doesn’t know how to do it. SANADA cuts him off and Nick takes a trip to paradise city. SANADA dropkicks them in their asses to break the hold and covers for 2. Naito back in and he maintains the heat on Matt. Matt slowly fights them off, hits a dropkick and SANADA cuts off the tag, pulling Nick to the floor. Matt fights back with a double clothesline and IT’S HOT TAG NICK TIME as he runs wild on both. Enziguri to Naito, backstabber on SANADA and Matt tags back in and the Bucks get sharpshooters. LIJ fights, and makes the ropes. Naito blocks the superkick and hits a tornado DDT. SANADA tags in and hits dropkicks, clears out Nick and Matt counters skull end, but SANADA locks on the sharpshooter until Matt makes the ropes. SANADA hits the draping neck breaker; misses the moonsault and it breaks down and LIJ cuts off the Meltzer driver and hit an indie taker on Matt for 2. They double team Matt, tiger suplex by SANADA for 2 as Nick makes the save. He clears out Naito and hits an x-factor. Spear by Matt on SANADA gets 2. SANADA springboards into superkicks, and they dial u uncle Dave and the Meltzer driver gets 2 as Naito makes the save. Naito cuts off more bang for your buck, SANADA gets skull end but Matt escapes and cradles him for the win. The Young Bucks defeated Naito & SANADA @ 15:40 via pin [****]Yeah baby, LIJ were here to work tonight and the Bucks were in show stealing mode. This was a great match, with fluid and effortless tag team work and a really tremendous closing stretch to top it off. Best thing on the show so far.

Non-Title Proving Ground Match: Champion Jay Lethal vs. Chris Sabin: If Sabin wins or makes the time limit (15-minutes), he gets a title shot in the future. They lock up, work into some counters, and Sabin grounds things with some slick grappling. They separate, lock back up and trade arm drags. We get a test of strength, Sabin grounds things but Jay pops back up and they start going for all of the same moves and end in a stand off. Jay now hits the cartwheel into the dropkick, covering for 2. The back breaker follows from Jay, and the elbow drop gets 2. Jay lays in vicious chops, and the powerslam follows and Sabin powders. Jay to the floor, Sabin follows, but Jay hits the dropkick. Sabin pulls him to the floor, back in and Sabin attacks the knees of Jay. Jay powders and Sabin hits the apron PK. Sabin rolls him back in and covers for 2. Sabin starts working abdominal stretch variations, and the cradle gets 2. They fight over a suplex, and Jay finally hits it and looks for the injection, but Sabin cuts it off and transitions into a wacky half crab variation, but Jay makes the ropes. Jay to the floor, and back in, he dumps Sabin and follows with a suicide dive and both men are down. Jay rolls back in and Sabin follows. Sabin blocks the figure four with a cradle for 2. Jay hits the lethal combo and that gets 2. Sabin then takes Jay’s head off with a running kick, heads up top and flies in with a tornado DDT for a great near fall. Jay counters cradle shock into a cradle for 2. Sabin lays in chops, Jay fires back and they trade. Enziguri by Sabin and Jay hits a cutter, heads up top and hits the elbow drop and that gets 2. The figure four follows as we have under a minute left. Sabin fights, Jay cranks back on the hold, and the time expires. Champion Jay Lethal vs. Chris Sabin went to a time limit draw [***] This was good stuff, with Lethal playing the Flair like champion, making his challenger look great, while Sabin continues to deliver as a single.

– They agree to go 10-more minutes and Lethal put the title on the line, but Kenny King arrives and attacks and lays out Lethal.

– Chris Sabin, Marty Scurll, and Flip Gordon all hold future title shots.

The Briscoes vs. Trent & Chuckie T vs. Cody & Hangman Page: Brandi is out with Cody. Trent and Cody look to start us off in a preview for Sunday, but Jay ruins it and tags himself in. They lock up, Jay hits shoulder tackles, and a back elbow. They lock up, Cody hits the dropdown uppercut and Mark tags in and runs into a dropkick. Page tags in, and they double team Mark and the cover gets 2. Cody tags back in, Chuckie tags himself in and it breaks down a bit as Trent and Page join in. The Best Friends take control, hit corner clotheslines and the Briscoes attack, cutting off the hug. They clear the ring and isolate Chuckie, working double teams. The Briscoes work quick tags and double teams, Chuckie hits a desperation flatliner and Trent tags in with the high cross. He lays in chops on Mark, follows with elbows and then a nasty looking half and half suplex. Trent and Chuckie take out the Briscoes with planchas and Page takes out Mark and Cody stops him from hugging with the best Friends, they all hug. Trent then cradles Cody for 2. Brandi flashes her bra at Trent, distracting him and Cody takes over. Jay attacks Cody, tagging in and he wants to see the boobies. The ref tosses Brandi to the back to the displeasure of the crowd AND the Briscoes. The Briscoes work over Trent, hit redneck boogie and that gets 2. Mark works over Trent on the floor, and Jay joins in and they then roll him back in. Mark follows with a suplex and that gets 2. More double teams follow, Chuckie fires back and hits a huge lariat on Jay. Mark takes out Chuckie, Tent cuts him off with the tornado DDT and Trent tags in Cody. The snap slam gets 2 on Jay. The disaster kick follows but Jay fights of cross Rhodes, he gets dumped, and Page hits the apron shooting star to the floor. Mark cuts off Cody, heads up top and looks for froggy bow, but Chuckie crotches him. Cody fights off the Jay driller, hits cross Rhodes, and Mark breaks that up with froggy bow. Page and Chuckie tag in for a tease of tomorrow’s match. Soul food by Chuckie, and sliced bread gets 2. Page fights off the piledriver, hits a lariat and powerbomb for 2. Page takes him up top, but Trent hits the run up German and Chuckie follows with the double stomp, piledriver by Chuckie and Cody makes the save. Cody and Trent tags in and they trade strikes and chops. Enziguri by Trent, but Cody hits a superkick and Trent counters Din’s fire and we get a ref bump. Belt shot by Mark, Trent takes him out and Jay then hits him with a chair shot. Jay looks for Jay driller onto a chair, but Daniels & Kaz make the save and strong zero finishes Mark. Best Friends defeated The Briscoes and Cody & Hangman Page @ 18:55 via pin [***¼] This was an overall good tag main event, that maybe went a bit too long and the mid-match shenanigans and ending didn’t add much to the match quality in my opinion. But the match helped add to the build for Sunday’s Cody vs. Trent & Page vs. Chuckie matches, while the SCU run in also advanced the feud between them and the build to Final Battle.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
While not as good an in-ring show as night two in Lowell, night three in Buffalo ended up being a good show that had some good wrestling as well as added build to Sunday’s show in Toronto along with some angles that helped with the build to Final Battle. The Young Bucks vs. Naito & SANADA and the Juniors four-way are the must-see matches, while Cobb vs. EVIL is also quality stuff.