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Csonka’s ROH: State of The Art Dallas 2018 Review

June 17, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Punishment Martinez ROH
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Csonka’s ROH: State of The Art Dallas 2018 Review  

Csonka’s ROH State of The Art Dallas 2018 Review

– Tenille Dashwood defeated Thunder Rosa @ 8:00 via pin [**½]
– The Young Bucks defeated The Boys @ 9:51 via pin [***]
ROH Six-Man Title Match: Champions The Kingdom vs. Atlantis, Stuka Jr., & Guerrero Maya Jr. @ 10:38 via pin [***]
– Marty Scurll defeated Jay Lethal & Flip Gordon @ 16:30 via submission [***½]
– Hurricane Helms & Delirious defeated Daniels & Kaz @ 13:15 via pin []
ROH Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Briscoes defeated The Killer Elite Squad @ 15:40 via pin [***]
– Cody defeated Shane Taylor @ 9:25 via pin [***]
Proving Ground Six-Man Mayhem ROH TV Title Match: Punishment Martinez won @ 16:30 via pin [***]
ROH TV Title Match: Punishment Martinez defeated TV Champion Silas Young @ 4:40 via pin [**]

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Tenille Dashwood vs. Thunder Rosa: Rosa made her ROH debut the night before in San Antonio. Rosa attacks at before the bell and Dashwood is down. The ref backs her off and Dashwood is ready to go. Rosa takes her down and beats on Dashwood, and Dashwood fires back and slams Rosa’s face to the mat. The Russian leg sweep follows for 2. Dashwood hits a neck breaker in the ropes and they brawl to the floor. Dashwood follows with chops and back in they go. Dashwood lays in more chops but Rosa stuns her of the ropes. Rosa now follows with chops and rolls her back in and then bends her around the post. Rosa takes control back in and chokes out Dashwood in the ropes and connects with charging knee strikes for 2. Rosa follows with a suplex for 2. She then grounds the action, and then follows with a bow and arrow variation into a slam for 2. Rosa lays the boots to Dashwood, but Dashwood cuts her off and takes her to the buckles. The tarantula follows by Dashwood. The butterfly suplex follows, and the taste of Tenillle gets 2. Rosa cuts her off with a backstabber for 2. She heads up top and misses the double stomp and Dashwood counters out of the bow and arrow into a cradle for 2. The spotlight kick finishes it. Tenille Dashwood defeated Thunder Rosa @ 8:00 via pin [**½] This was a solid opener, with Dashwood picking up another win as she works towards a possible title shot.

The Young Bucks vs. The Boys: Nick and a Boy to begin. The Boy overpowers him in a test of strength and Nick was faking and connects with a back elbow. Nick then drops him with a superkick and the Buck run wild with double teams. Matt tags in and the Bucks keep control, beating on the Boy until the other Boy tags in and hits a high cross for 1. Nick back in as Matt cuts things off, all four in and the Boys pose. The Boys clear the ring and follow with stereo topes. They post Matt and Nick then runs up the post and moonsaults onto the Boys. Back in and the Bucks work double teams and the Boys make the switch. Matt celebrates, and the fresh Boy cradles him for 2. Matt cuts him off and hits a shoulder tackle. The sitout powerbomb follows for 2. Nick back in and hits a knee strike and tags Matt back in. The Bucks continue to control with ease, Matt takes him up top and the Boy fights him off and follows with a RANA. Nick tries to do a switch, but it allows Matt to attack. The Boy makes a comeback with a RANA to both and tags in the fresh Boy. He hits a missile dropkick and then a head scissors. The Boy runs Matt into Nick and the Boys pick up a near fall. The Boys head up top and jump into superkicks. Matt snags up both Boys and the Bucks finish things with a double indie taker for the win. The Young Bucks defeated The Boys @ 9:51 via pin [***] This was a good and fun little match, with the Bucks giving the Boys just enough before putting them away.

– Cody arrives. Offers hugs to the Bucks, puts them over, and comments about All In, and gets “Book Flip” chants, and Cody says he will book him, and then says he was kidding. Cody talks about running for the Senate in 2020 in Texas (a gag from Being The Elite). Brandi & Burnard are with him. Today he wants to talk about safety. He teases Burnard talking, and then says Brandi will talk about it. She says that Cody is canceling his match with Shane Taylor in the interest of Cody’s campaign. Taylor arrives and isn’t impressed with Cody trying to hustle him. He refuses to agree with it and says he has hurt more people outside of the ring and buried more than he can forget. He tried to be the hardest worker, but now he’s the guy gangsters won’t talk about. Brandi mocks him and then says they are glad they moved away. Taylor tells Cody not to allow his woman to fight his battles. Coy says the match is back on and attacks. Cody accidentally takes out Burnard and Taylor tosses Cody.

ROH Six-Man Title Match: Champions The Kingdom (Taven, Vinny, & O’Ryan) vs. Atlantis, Stuka Jr., & Guerrero Maya Jr: The champions attack before the bell and isolate Stuka. Taven works him over with chops; Stuka picks up the pace and takes Taven to the floor. Atlantis tags in with Vinny and they trade chops and rights. Atlantis hits a running cross body, heads up top and hits a high cross and arm drags. He takes Vinny to the floor and O’Ryan is in and so is Maya. They work some back and forth, and Maya hits arm drags and a back breaker to O’Ryan, Vinny, and then Taven. The luchas work a triple submission spot, and then get roll ups for 2. Triple dropkicks follow. The champions trip them up and take the fight to the floor and back in and Taven dumps Maya. They repeatedly slam him to the barricades, and then work him over back in the ring. Triple teams follow and Taven looks for a suplex, but Maya cuts him off but O’Ryan tags in and cuts him off. The enziguri follows for 2. O’Ryan cuts off the tag and Vinny tags in for some double teams. The champions continue to work quick tags and Taven hits a frog splash for 2 as Stuka makes the save. The action spills to the floor and Stuka hits a stage dive and Atlantis works over Vinny. Back in and Maya hits atop rope arm drag on Vinny. Atlantis monkey flips Stuka into him and Maya hits a lucha shoulder breaker on O’Ryan and Stuka follows with the top rope splash for 2. Maya hits a high cross, but Taven cuts him off and rock star supernova finishes him. Champions The Kingdom vs. Atlantis, Stuka Jr., & Guerrero Maya Jr. @ 10:38 via pin [***] This was a good and fun match, with The Kingdom picking up another win and staying on their roll ahead of BITW.

Marty Scurll vs. Jay Lethal vs. Flip Gordon: Marty tells Gordon he’s going to school Jay and to back off and watch. Lock up to begin and they work into some back and forth as Gordon watches on. Marty tells Gordon to work over Jay, but Marty and Gordon now do some one on one. Marty takes control, but Gordon picks up the pace, hits a shoulder tackle and hits a head scissors. He mocks Marty and Marty attacks Jay and all three brawl. Gordon fires back and hits a moonsault press onto both. He follows with dropkicks and clotheslines; the standing moonsault gets 2. The springboard spear gets 2 on Marty. Jay lights him up with strikes and Gordon cuts him off but Marty attacks and works a Gory special and lion tamer combo platter. Jay knocks Gordon to the floor and Marty rolls him up for 2. Marty then counters into a chicken wing but Jay makes the ropes. Marty continues to attack the arm, but Jay cuts him off with a dropkick. Jay runs Gordon into Marty and stacks then up and hits a dropkick. Marty is trapped and Jay lays in rights, and dropkicks Marty to the floor and then dropkicks Gordon to the floor. Jay hits a suicide dive to Gordon and one for Marty. He pulls Gordon back in and Gordon hits a superkick but Jay counters the star spangled stunner into a rolling torture rack for 2 as Marty makes the save. Jay lays in jabs to both, but Marty & Gordon cut him off and work him over. Marty hits just kidding, it breaks down into a striking party and Marty hits a great lariat on Jay and all three are down. Jay to his feet, Marty cuts of the injection but Jay hits the lethal combination. Gordon does the deal with a falcon arrow and then dumps Marty, Samoan pop and a running shooting star and moonsault gets 2 until Marty gets the chicken wing, but Jay gets the figure four and Gordon is trapped in the double submission. Marty breaks, does the finger break on Jay and hits the black plague on Gordon for 2. Jay tries to fire back with chops, and then hits a cutter on Gordon. Jay up top, Gordon hits kinder surprise and Mary attacks, and hits a super black plague; the chicken wing finishes Gordon. Marty Scurll defeated Jay Lethal & Flip Gordon @ 16:30 via submission [***½] This was a very good and fun match, with all three getting a chance to shine, and Marty picking up the win to get some momentum heading into BITW when he challenges for the title.

– Bully arrives to attack and talk shit to Gordon. He says he’s going to shoot on Gordon at BITW and out wrestle and outshine him.

– SoCal Uncensored cuts their usual anti-whatever town they’re in promo.

Hurricane Helms & Delirious vs. Daniels & Kaz: Delirious & Daniels begin and do nothing so Helms tags in. They work into some back and forth, Helms poses and scares Daniels. Helms takes control, Kaz cuts him off and that allows Daniels to take control. Helms then posts Daniels and attacks Kaz. He runs Kaz into Daniels, and hits clotheslines. Delirious tags in and works over Kaz, slamming him to the buckles. Kaz pokes the eyes and slams Delirious to the buckles, but Delirious likes it. Delirious hits a running cross body and then slams Daniels. Kaz finally cuts him off and hits a neck breaker for 1. The Addiction now works double teams and isolates Delirious. They now go under the ring and a mini-Delirious appears. What in the ever loving fuck? He hits arm drags and a backdrop on Kaz. Chops for Daniels and then hits a head scissors. He and Helms hit a doomsday device. The mini bails and the real one appears. Delirious works over Kaz, but gets dumped and Daniels slams him to the barricade. Back in and The Addiction takes control back, working double teams, and the cover gets 2. They continue with quick tags, isolating Delirious. Daniels grounds the action and Delirious tries to fight back and hits a clothesline. Helms gets the tag and runs wild. He gets cut off by double teams and an unprettier by Kaz for 2. Helms fires up but delirious makes the save. The chokeslam to Daniels finishes it. Hurricane Helms & Delirious defeated Daniels & Kaz @ 13:15 via pin [*½] This was not good and went too long. Judging by his performances, don’t expect much from Helms in ROH, he’s here to be a “special attraction” and play the hits.

ROH Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Briscoes vs. The Killer Elite Squad (Smith & Archer): Mark and Archer to begin. Jay in and attacks, Smith joins in and they all brawl and quickly sill to the floor. Jay hits a suicide dive and Smith works over Mark. The champions dump Smith and Jay and Mark follow with topes. They brawl at ringside, with the champions in control. They roll Archer back in and Mark works him over. The champions work quick tags, isolating Archer until he cuts off Mark with a pounce and they work back to the floor. KES takes control, slamming the champions to the barricades. Smith tags in and hits a suplex for 2. He now grounds the action and cradles Mark for 2. Archer choke shim out a Smith takes the ref. Archer follows with a clothesline and hits a running splash for 2. Smith tags in and continues control, stopping the tag and continuing to beat down Mark. Smith lays in chops and hits a powerslam for 2. Archer tags back in and KES continues with double teams, and pick up another near fall. He dumps Mark but Mark battles back with an apron blockbuster. Smith cuts him off, back in and Mark hits a PELE and tags in Jay. He and Smith trade strikes and jay then hits the dropkick but Archer tags himself in and KES takes control, but Jay fights off the killer bomb and dumps Smith. He follows and they battle on the floor. Mark then hits a high cross to the floor. Jay hits the DVD on archer and Mark hits froggy bow for 2. Archer fights off Jay driller, but Jay hits a lariat and Smith in to make the save with a German. Smith then Germans Mark, and lariats Jay. The buckle bomb follows, and Archer hits a chokeslam for 2. The killer bomb connects on Jay and then to Mark for 2 and NO reaction. Mark takes out Smith, Archer misses the moonsault and Mark tags back in and heads up top but Smith cuts him off. Jay takes out Smith and Archer up with Mark and Jay is in, they hit the doomsday device and that only gets 2. Smith back in and hits him with a German, and the shitty roll up finishes KES. Champions The Briscoes defeated The Killer Elite Squad @ 15:40 via pin [***] This was good and worked in the style it should have been, but there was a depressing lack of heat for it, especially considering they kicked out of all of their major shit.

– The Briscoes cut a post match promo, putting over their greatness and running down the fans supporting Bullet Club. They plan to kill Bullet Club & The Bucks at BITW. The Bucks arrive and attack with chair shots and superkicks, and stand tall.

– Shitty J-Rocc in on commentary again.

Cody vs. Shane Taylor: Brandi & Burnard are out with Cody. Taylor attacks with knee strikes at the bell and hits sky high for a near fall. Cody powders and grabs a mic and talks shit to Cody. He then hits a running lariat. Taylor follows with rights, knee strikes and an apron leg drop. Back in and Cody fires up with strikes, but Taylor mows him down. Taylor continues to lay in strikes to Cody and follows with another lariat. Taylor is just mauling Cody here. Brandi distracts Taylor, allowing Cody to fight back. he takes out the knee and follows with jabs. Taylor cuts him off again and hits a cannonball for 2. Taylor chokes out Cody in the ropes and follows with a slam. Taylor climbs the ropes and misses the Vader splash. This allows Cody to fire up and lay in strikes. The missile dropkick finally takes Taylor down. Taylor to he floor and Cody hits the step up dive and finally has momentum for the first time. Back in and Cody takes out the knee, but Taylor hits a dropkick, but misses the cannonball. Cody locks on a figure four, but Taylor makes the ropes. Brandi chokes out Taylor in the ropes and Cody hits the ref with the disaster kick. Taylor hits the Samoan driver, but no ref. Burnard is in, Cody hits the disaster kick and Burnard accidentally kicks Cody, Taylor hits a corner splash, but Cody rolls him up for the win. Cody defeated Shane Taylor @ 9:25 via pin [***] This was good, Taylor took most of the match, looked like a beast and Cody was really giving as he sold like a champ for the big man. The finish worked because Cody’s a heel and had to overcome the monster by cheating.

– Post match, Taylor beats down Burnard and kills him with a second rope splash.

Proving Ground Six-Man Mayhem ROH TV Title Match: Champion Silas Young vs. Cheeseburger vs. Punishment Martinez vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Adam Page: If any of the challengers gets the pin, they get an immediate TV title shot. If Young pins any challenger, they cannot challenge for the TV Title for up to a year while Young is still champion. This is one on one with tag rules, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Young and Burger to begin. Young rolls him up for 2 right away. Burger gets a roll up for 2. The arm drag follows and Sky is in as this is lucha rules. Young back in and Sky takes him out and Burger cuts him off and Gresham tags himself in and hits a RANA on Sky. Young tosses Gresham and Page dumps him and wants Martinez. The others rush in and break it up and we get floor brawling. Martinez cuts off a Burger dive and Young is in and dumps Martinez. Gresham flies in with a high cross for 2. Young takes out Sky and works back and forth with Gresham until Young cuts him off. Young grounds the action, Gresham escapes and immediately gets cut off. Young works him over with strikes and knocks Burger to the floor. Gresham cuts him off and Sky tags in and Gresham tags in Page. Page runs wild and dumps Sky and knocks Martinez to the floor. Young then cuts him off and Page then hits the shooting star press to the floor. Back in and hits the dropsault and Page covers Young for 2. Page then hits the buckshot lariat for a near fall. Sky crotches Page and looks for a superplex. Young joins in and Gresham is also back and he tries a tower of doom, and Burger ties to help but Martinez tosses out the little fellas and clears out the rest. He hits the superplex and Young covers Page for 2 and then Martinez for 2. Young and Gresham do the stupid standing switch sot and Gresham then hits a DDT. Burger hits the shotei on Gresham and hits a dive to the floor. Sky hits a dive and wipes out the pile. Page hits the moonsault onto the pile. He then pits Martinez through a table at ringside. Back in and Young rolls up page for 2. Page hits a package tombstone for a good near fall. It breaks down now into the signature move buffet, Gresham gets a near fall and then gets cut off. Burger back in and Young blocks the shotei but Burger gets it on the rebound for 2. page then hits rite of passage on Burger, but Martinez takes him out and chokeslams Burger for the win. Punishment Martinez won @ 16:30 via pin [***] This was a good and chaotic match with Martinez picking up the huge win and immediate title shot. It also advanced Page vs. Martinez as Martinez essentially stole the win from him.

ROH TV Title Match: Champion Silas Young vs. Punishment Martinez: Here we go. Young talks shit and attacks. Martinez then attacks and lays in strikes as Young dares him to keep throwing. Young hits a suplex and neck breaker for 2. Young pulls him up, hits the Finlay roll and Martinez cuts him off with a tombstone for 2. Young fights back, but Martinez cuts him off and takes him up top. Young fights, and hits a sunset bomb with the feet on the ropes for 2. Martinez then levels him with a lariat, but Young hits the Finlay roll and misses the moonsault. Young hits knee strikes and Martinez counters misery with a head kick. The corner curb stomp and chokeslam follows for the win. Punishment Martinez defeated TV Champion Silas Young @ 4:40 via pin [**] This is the first time in ROH history someone has successfully won an instant reward for the title, and with that win, the scene changes for BITW, as Martinez is set to face Page, which may be for the title, or could become a triple threat. Young cheated to win the TV title his first time, and Martinez was the victim of that, so this is sweet revenge for him. It was ok, a bit sloppy, but the move to Martinez is a welcomed one and could add a lot to his feud with Page.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Average
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State of The Art Dallas 2018 was an overall pretty good show, it didn’t have anything great, but did some solid build for BITW, some fun interactions, and a new TV champion in Punishment Martinez…