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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 3.01.16

March 1, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 3.01.16  

TNA Impact Review 3.01.16

– Kurt Angle defeated Bobby Roode @ 8:40 via submission [***¼]
NO DQ MATCH: Abyss defeated Jimmy Havoc @ 6:00 via pin [*]
King of the Mountain Title Match: Champion Eric Young defeated Big Damo @ 3:40 via pin [**¼]
– Mike Bennett defeated Drew Galloway @ 7:40 via pin [**¾]

– We see highlights from last week’s show, where Spud turned on EC3.

– Spud arrives with team Hardy, and is sporting a leather jacket and black pants. Matt tells him he is his #1 guy.

Kurt Angle vs. Bobby Roode: Unless there is shenanigans, this is two weeks in a row that we’re starting off with a match and I love it. Angle’s farewell tour has been fun, with two great outings against Drew Galloway. He and Roode have good chemistry, so this could be another good entry into the series. We had a nice back and forth beginning, with Roode looking extra motivated and bumping with more energy than usual for Angle early. Angle got some shine with the arm drags; Roode battled back and hit several suplexes but couldn’t keep Angle grounded. They did a double down spot at about three-minutes in, which led to Angle hitting German suplexes. Angle connected with five German suplexes, but Roode would counter the Angle slam, we got several reversals and Angle got an early ankle lock. Roode escaped, and then Angle got too uppity and posted himself, leading to a crossface by Roode. They have a nice pace going here, and the crossface makes great sense after the post spot. This of course sets for an Angle reversal into the ankle lock and then back into the crossface for Roode. In away it feels like we’ve seen it all before, but Angle’s final matches should feel like a “best of” at times. It also plays off of Galloway’s victory, where he used a move similar to the crossface. Angle again countered, hit the Angle slam and that got a good near fall. Angle dropped the straps, but Roode was able to hit the Roode bomb for another near fall. Roode would try again, but Angle was able to snag the ankle lock and then grapevined the leg and Roode had to tap. That was a good match and a very good way to kick off the show. They worked a good pace, they did a lot of what I expected, and Angle winning here is perfectly fine since he lost to Galloway (tapped clean) and Roode is more focused on a tag team run with Storm. The only complaint is that I kept waiting for it to get into a higher gear, and it never did. Still, this was a fun and I enjoyed it.

– After the break, Roode and Angle were still in the ring. Roode said that there was no shame in losing to the best of all-time and then thanks Angle for what he did for the company, and for him personally. James Storm then made his way out as we got thank you Angle chants. Storm said that on behalf of two TNA originals, they wanted to thank a TNA legend. Storm said that they spent a lot of time on the road and people will say that the knowledge of Angle is worth millions. But to Storm, the friendship has been priceless and they hugged. Storm then broke out the beers, which Angle refused. Storm then produces MILK for Angle! Ok that was tremendous. The crowd chanted for Angle to chug and he did a little milk bash. Angle says he has one more match, next week against Lashley. He wants to see Beer Money vs. the Wolves, which bring out the Wolves. Richards put over Angle as the one guy that inspired him to be the best. He then said if Angle and the fans want Beer Money vs. The Wolves, they agree to it. Edwards then told Beer money to keep their Feast or Fired case, because they will win next week and prove that they are he greatest team in TNA history. Storm said that they aren’t here to proved that they are the best; they are here to reinforce it. Next week, shine them up, because you’ll be looking at the new tag team champions. That was another good segment, used to pay respect to Angle and also promote two matches for next week’s show.

Time For Team Big Money Matt To Talk: Matt, Reby and Tyrus made their way out to the ring. Matt explained that he neat EC3 once again last week, and that it is becoming boring to him; Matt is done with EC3. EC3 got his rematch, and he is no longer the top contender, and he won’t face him again. Matt explained that he’s been two steps ahead of EC3, and has to thank another man who took his money and joined a winning team and family, Rockstar Spud. Spud arrived in his all black “I AM A HEEL NOW” gear. Which while it sounds like I am joking about it, I appreciate the change to reflect last week’s actions. Spud mocked the fans, and noted that one year ago EC3 beat him bloody and shaved his head. He explained that he felt disrespected because the crowd now cheers for EC3, and none of them were there for him. Spud then claimed that they were all jealous of him because he became a star and a national hero. He did the right thing last week, he got revenge and took the title out of EC3’s hands. Spud dedicates himself to the Matt Hardy brand, to Reby and to Maxell, because Matt is the greatest champion in TNA history and the man that TNA deserves and needs. Spud was pretty great here, it got close to being over the top, but he locked into that “I believe what I did was right and here is why” thing that a good heel needs. EC3 arrived, and attacked Tyrus with a chair. He got to beat on Matt; Spud attacked and then ran for his life because EC3 looked like he was going to absolutely kill him. EC3 then challenges Spud to “a fight.” Not a match, no referee, and he will kick his ass. I really wish that they had separated the two lengthy in ring talking segments; this was good but at the same time fell a bit flat because we just came off of a talking segment. It needed something to break it up. The first two segments flowed so well together, made sense and worked towards next week. This segment was needed to play off of last week’s show, but we needed a match in there to break things up.

– Gail Kim will talk to Maria tonight, because she is pissed about last week.

– We get video for The Decay.

– Matt and his team meet with Dixie Carter backstage and he yells at her for not firing EC3. Dixie was upset with Spud’s actions and also wants EC3 fired. She won’t sanction the fight between EC3 and Spud, and says it will happen as an unsanctioned bout.

NO DQ MATCH: Abyss w/Crazzy Steve and Rosemary vs. Jimmy Havoc: Havoc charged the ring and ran wild on Abyss, and sent him to the floor. He tried a dive and Abyss just tossed a trashcan into his face. Steve and Rosemary set up a table, Havoc fought back and then tried to creep on Rosemary, which allowed Abyss to attack again. Of this is no DQ and there is such an issue here, why isn’t Steve in there with Abyss and helping to play off of the rules and the team dynamic? Havoc used a cheese grater on Abyss’ balls, a little “fromunda” cheese there. We got trashcan shots from Havoc; Rosemary and Steve then distracted him. Abyss tossed a chair at him, and he fell off the ropes and through a table. We got Janice, the stupidest weapon in all of wrestling, and Abyss missed as always. Havoc tried to fight back and dropkicked Havoc through a table. We then got a barbed wire board, Havoc got Janice but failed to use it. Abyss hit the black hole slam onto the board and that was that. This was a typical garbage brawl, the same type of match Abyss always has and it just lacks as the years go on because it is always the same old shit. Also, this was one of those times where interference would have made sense to protect Havoc; instead he just came off as a random opponent and not much else. The Decay posed over his carcass post match.

– EC3 is interviewed backstage and says that Spud was a genius as he waited one whole year for revenge. But he’s just a cow headed to slaughter, and tonight, it will not be a merciful one. Tonight he takes every last breath from Spud.

Gail Kim Talks: Kim says she is here to talk about Maria, who has really been bothering her. Kim explains that the knockouts have always been about excellence in wrestling and she did not get into this business to be famous, she just loves wrestling. Maria had her chance to show her actions last week, and she showed her true colors. Kim then called her out. The crowd was into Kim, who while she isn’t a great promo, was full of energy here. Maria came out and asked if they wanted to see her fight, and she then said no. She refused to get into the ring and wanted to talk. She couldn’t cross the line last week, because she’d be just like Kim, and they are nothing alike. Kim called Maria a crazy bitch, as Maria points out that Kim married a celebrity chef and had her wedding televised. Well, she got her there. Maria claimed she was more famous, being in Playboy and on the Apprentice. Kim then charged to attack but Jade made her appearance and attacked Kim. They brawled on the stage and then Jade knocked out Kim with the title belt. Jade said if Kim wanted a fight, she got one. Jade wants what is hers, and held the title high. Kim had good emotion early on and the crowd liked it, but once Maria came out I lost all interest. Her cadence is good and fits the gimmick, but I don’t care about her at all. I liked the Jade attack, and she and Kim should have a good match. After a strong start, I feel the last two segments have been rather weak overall.

– Eric Young and Bram were out and it’s time for more talking. Bram ran down the crowd for being weak and not being able to fight. He and Young are real men. Young says that he is the King of wrestling, at God. He says there is no one here that can beat him and here comes Big Damo. Damo said if Young is looking for a challenge, and here he is. He asks what Young will do about it, and he slaps Damo.

King of the Mountain Title Match: Champion Eric Young w/Bram vs. Big Damo: Damo sends Young to the floor with a running dropkick and then took control with strikes. Damo had control and hit the back splash and then stood on Young for a cover. Young cut off Damo with a neck breaker and talked trash before slapping Damo more. Damo fired up and worked over Young again. The powerbomb and elbow drop connected for a near fall. Young eye raked Damo, but then Damo wiped him out with a running cross body block for 2. Bram distracted Damo, allowing Young to counter a back splash. Young hit a piledriver and retained. That was a fun little sprint there, with Damo getting a lot before losing. I’ve seen some Damo matches from last year, and the guy is a lot of fun. I’d be all for TNA using him more.

– Galloway cut a promo, promising to hurt Bennett tonight and to make his tap out.

Mike Bennett w/Maria vs. Drew Galloway: Galloway was fired up and attacked right away. Maria tried to distract him, but failed. They brawled to the floor, where he fans helped hold Bennett as Galloway worked him over. They brawled back and forth on the floor, Galloway sent Bennett to the post but as Galloway tried to keep control Bennett tripped him up and slammed him to the apron. Back in the ring as Bennett worked over Galloway, hitting corner splashes and a running knee strike, which got a near fall. Bennett kept control with a running boot as Maria yelled instructions. Bennett slapped Galloway a bit, which just fired him up. Galloway then ran wild on the comeback and worked over Bennett with chops and a lariat off the top. They traded forearm strikes, but Bennett scored with a cutter for a near fall. This started well, but they’ve done a good job of building and escalating the action. Galloway scored with the air raid crash, and then Galloway hit the claymore and then took way too long to cover, and instead locked in the Iron Maiden. Maria pulled Bennett’s foot to the ropes for a break. Maria then distracted Galloway and Bennett scored the win with a rollup and the tights. The finish felt a bit flat, but the match was pretty good. The story is that Galloway had it won, but because he was too concerned with revenge and hurting Bennett, he got outsmarted and Bennett stole the win.

– Matt meets with Spud and makes sure he is ready for his big fight.

– Grado cut a promo about living the dream until Feast or Fired. He knew something was up and he has evidence, and will prove next week why he was screwed.

– We get highlights from last year’s Angle vs. Lashley title match.

– Next week is Angle vs. Lashley in Angle’s final TNA match, Young defends the KOTM title, and the Wolves defend against Beer money.

Ethan vs. Spud – Unsanctioned Brawl: As Spud makes his way to the ring, Tyrus attacks EC3. EC3 fought back and Matt Hardy arrived and attacked. EC3 locked then into a trailer and then made his way to the ring. After a commercial break the brawl was joined in progress with EC3 kicking the shit out of Spud on the ramp and ringside area. EC3 controlled until they decided to go into the ring, where Spud caught a cheap shot and got control of things. I never understood the need to go to the ring in an unsanctioned fight, especially once you’re in control and kicking the shit out of another man. Don’t mess with success. Anyway, they went back to the floor where Spud raked the eyes on EC3 and got a chair. He initially failed to use it, but finally connected. But once again, EC3 easily made the comeback and then got a table to please the fans. Josh needs to stop calling EC3 an “ass kicking machine,” because he feels like Michael Cole running something good into the ground. EC3 press slammed Spud on the floor and set up a table as Spud tried to crawl away. He managed a low blow, and then decided that he had the advantage and slapped around EC3 and then worked jabs as he gained confidence. It was false confidence, as EC3 powerbombed him through the table. And then, EC3 locked in a cobra clutch with a body scissors as referees came to save Spud’s life. EC3 stood tall. This was an overall good segment, EC3 dominated and Spud only got the advantage through shitty heel means, and could never keep it long. EC3 got revenge for last week, which he needed to get, and did so in a dominant fashion. Also, I liked that he got to look SMART as he was able to counteract the trap of the heels, faces look all too stupid in today’s wrestling, so this was a refreshing change.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was an overall good show this week, with some solid to good wrestling, angle advancement and matches announced for next week. Some of the show’s formatting leaves a lot of be desired, especially since they tape so far ahead, but overall I enjoyed this week’s effort.