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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 7.21.16

July 21, 2016 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Bobby Lashley Impact Lashley’s Image Credit: Impact Wrestling
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 7.21.16  

TNA Impact Review 7.21.16

Bound for Glory Playoff Match:: Mike Bennett defeated Jeff Hardy @ 2:10 via pin [NR]
Bound for Glory Playoff Match:: Matt Hardy defeated James Storm @ 9:29 via pin [**¾]
Bound for Glory Playoff Match:: EC3 defeated Eli Drake @ 7:55 via pin [***]
Bound for Glory Playoff Match:: Drew Galloway defeated Bram @ 6:58 via pin [**½]
Title vs. Title Six Sides of Steel Match: World Champion Lashley defeated X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards @ 19:25 via pin and now holds BOTH titles [****]

– We go to the Hardy compound, where Broken Matt torments Brother Nero about the motorbike jump that broke his leg. Matt taunts him to try and make the jump, “get on that cycle with wheels” demanded Matt. Brother Nero got on the bike, but they cut away.

Lashley Talks: Lashley says no matter what, he beats up people on a regular basis and that is why he is the champion. He should also be the X-Division champion right now, but that will happen later tonight. He hates when people come into his company and stick their nose in his business, and he has to address Moose. He doesn’t put on a helmet and pads and pretend to be an athlete; he climbs in a cage or a ring and destroys men. Mike Bennett arrived, and said he’ll do what ever he wants because he brought Moose to TNA. Bennett plans to run through the BFG Tournament, and win the title; he then introduced Moose. Lashley wants Moose to come to the ring to get his ass beating, so Moose slowly made his way to the ring. Bu before he got there, Eddie Edwards attacks. It broke down with all four brawling at ringside, Edwards hit a dive; referees and agents pulled them apart. Dixie appeared on the screen and told Lashley and Edwards to focus on their match tonight because there must be a winner. If Bennett or Moose get involved, Bennett will be fired on the spot.

The Bound for Glory playoff match featuring Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Bennett is next. Matt arrived and cut off Jeff’s music, saying that he doesn’t deserve it. But he will allow Jeff to wrestle, and shows footage of the video we saw earlier in the show. We see Jeff slipping off of the bike to the pleasure of Matt, who said he new Jeff couldn’t do it. Matt and Vanguard 1 have composed new music for Jeff, which mocks Jeff for being obsolete. It sounded as if it was being played through a 32-year-old transistor radio, and that’s a compliment. Overall this was a strong way to kick off the show, hyping the BFG playoff matches and the main event while playing off of last week’s show closing angle.

Bound for Glory Playoff Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Mike Bennett: Moose has been banned from ringside, but Reby and Matt are with Jeff. Bennett attacks right away, with Jeff selling the injuries from his latest escapades on a cycle with wheels. Bennett worked the arm a bit, and then hit a cutter for the win. The whole story was that Jeff was beaten down to the point where he had no chance, leading to Matt berating him and also allowing Bennett to pick up an easy and cheap victory.

– Matt promised to show he is the real Hardy, and planned to delete his opponent.

Bound for Glory Playoff Match: Matt Hardy w/Reby vs. James Storm: Matt attacked early but Storm took control and worked him over before taking the action to the floor. Storm rode the boozer cruiser and ran it right into the testicles of Matt, which sent us to a commercial break. After the break, Matt was in control, biting the face of Storm and then hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. The side effect on the apron followed, Matt set up the steps but Storm escaped only to have Matt bite his hands repeatedly. Storm fired up after that, back in the ring and Storm hit the lung blower. Reby then hit him in the ankle with a hammer, and Matt hit the twist of fate for the win. This was pretty good overall, it felt a bit gutted by the commercial, but they worked a nice basic match built around Matt’s insanity.

– Eddie Edwards cut a promo about the main event tonight, and he promised that he will become the new champion.

– We get a video package on EC3.

– Bennett ranted to Moose backstage about Dixie Carter. Moose wanted to make an Impact, and if Lashley wants a fight he will get one

EC3 Talks: EC3 sat on the ring steps and explained that he was here to be the best. To be the best, you have to be the world champion. He put over the BFG playoffs, and said he’s been champion two times, and this time he will win the tournament and will win the title at Bound for Glory. Drew Galloway arrived and said that they both want to know who is better. Galloway put over EC3’s accomplishments and sad he became a star, but TNA was his last chance. TNA came to Galloway, and he has main evented every PPV. EC3 put over Galloway, and then said that the winners wrote history, and he won last week’s fight. Galloway says he remembers things differently, and says that they are on course to fight in the finals of the BFG playoffs. They looked to fight, and Eli Drake arrived. Drake says he is here to talk about him, and called EC3 and Galloway dummies. Drake was here to beat EC3 in their BFG playoff match.

Bound for Glory Playoff Match: EC3 vs. Eli Drake: They worked a basic back and forth, with EC3 controlling. Drake slowly started to make a comeback, but missed an elbow drop; EC3 then mocked Drake and hit an elbow drop. They worked to the corner, where Drake scored with a cheap shot and neck breaker. Drake worked a solid heat, but it lacked a bit as he needs to be more aggressive and or dick like when on the attack. EC3 started a comeback, they went back and forth and Drake tried for a cover with the feet on the ropes, but got caught. EC3 then hit the TKO for a near fall. Drake managed to counter the one percenter into a wheelbarrow slam, which got a near fall. EC3 fought back, went up top and Drake tried to run up but was shoved off. High cross by EC3, but Drake rolled through for 2. EC3 then countered blunt force trauma and scored the win. I wasn’t thrilled at first with the match, because I do not like the idea of the KOTM champion losing in round one But they gave Drake a lot and overall he has one of his better outing here, so they thankfully booked it in a way where her didn’t lose much, especially considering who his opponent was.

– Matt yelled at Jeff backstage, and then stopped to talk with Vanguard 1. Vanguard 1 revealed to matt that he will face EC3 next week. Vanguard 1 started to show him his keys to victory and forced the cameraman to cut the tape. I am all for Matt using Vanguard 1 during his matches as a distraction tactic.

– We get a video package for Tyrus, THE FIXER.

– Lashley cut a promo backstage, he gives no fucks and told Moose if he wanted some to come and get it.

Maria Talks to The Knockouts: Allie, Jade, Marti, Sienna, Kim and Rayne were all in the ring. Allie introduced Maria for her state of the knockouts address. Maria is set to allow an airing of the grievances, and picks Allie first. Allie called Maria an inspiration and someone they all should aspire to be. She asked how they could be more like her, and Maria told them to follow their dreams and follow in her vision. Jade asked why she hasn’t received her one on one title shot, and then called Marti a bitch. Kim then got on the mic and said no one would get a fair shake with Maria in charge. Kim ran down Maria for faking her hand injury, leading to Sienna defending Maria. Maria says that Kim always wants the attention, and tells her she is out of the picture. Kim says she respects everyone minus Maria and her friends. Maria then said that Kim can have a title shot if she beats all of the other women, if she loses, she never gets a shot again. Also, if someone takes out Kim, they will be rewarded. Jade refused to be part of this and then brawled with Marti. Madison Rayne then attacked Kim from behind and hit cross Rhodes on her. She said it was not personal, but time for everyone to look out for themselves. Well, that wasn’t good. It felt flat, forced and like the same old shit as Kim and Maria are in the longest build ever for a match no one wants to see. Everything was going along really well until that segment.

– Rosemary met with Bram backstage. She says she is changing, and wants to help Bram win. Bram wants to be the champion and she offers her help. They then make out a bit, because Bram is into the freaky chicks.

Bound for Glory Playoff Match: Drew Galloway vs. Bram: They did some basic back and forth, and then got a bit pissed and started to brawl. Galloway got the advantage, sending Bram to the floor and then following him out. Bram tried to make a comeback but got slammed to the steps. Back in the ring, they battled up top, and then both crotched themselves. This of course led to a double down, they then traded head butts from their knees and then rights as they got to their feet. They went back and forth, Galloway then hit an overhead belly to belly. The claymore was countered into a powerbomb, which got two for Bram. Bram fought off the future shock, they battled in the corner and Galloway hit the future shock out of the corner and picked up the win. The match was solid overall, Bram’s matches tend to lack intensity to me; he makes mean faces, he brawls on the floor, and it pretty much ends there. Galloway was fine, but he needs to be more “Galloway in Evolve” or like he was recently vs. Lashley, because when he works that style he thrives. No surprises in the tournament so far.

Title vs. Title Six Sides of Steel Match: World Champion Lashley vs. X-Division Champion Eddie Edwards: Edward attacked Lashley as he entered the cage, hit a dive and they brawled at ringside. Edwards was all fired up, but Lashley had enough of that shit, took control and tossed him back in the ring for the official start. Following the beat down, Lashley easily controlled the early portion, using his size and power to his advantage. Edwards tried to fight back and hit a RANA, but was caught and slammed to the cage and we went to the commercial break. Post break, Lashley was still in control, hitting a powerslam for a near fall. Eddie hasn’t gotten shit in here, a few hope spots, but they are telling the story of the bigger man/MMA fighter dominating here. Lashley keeps cutting off Edwards with ease, almost mocking Edwards as he’s knock him down with a strike and then pose. Why? Because Lashley gives NO fucks. Edwards fought out of a torture rack, and at close to 12-minutes in, finally put a bit of offense together before running into a spinebuster. Lashley then missed the spear, crashing into the cage and this was Edwards’ chance. Edwards started to attack with dropkicks, but Lashley then decapitated him with a clothesline. Edwards escaped the release German and sent Lashley to the cage repeatedly. Edwards climbed the cage, but Lashley ran up and they fought, leading to a SUPER RANA by Edwards! Edwards hit the running knee strike, and scored a good near fall. Lashley fought back, Edwards countered the spear, but Lashley press slammed him into the cage and knocked the door open. Lashley charged and speared Edwards, who fell to the floor. Lashley tossed the carcass of Edwards back into the ring, and then grabbed the world title and brought it into the ring with him. Edwards kneed the title into his face, which got another good near fall. Edwards again went up top, but Lashley changed the cage to stop him and then followed him up and hit a superplex. Lashley then destroyed him with a spear, backed off and then hit another spear and we have a new champion of the universe. Excellent work from both, Lashley is on a roll as the dominant world champion, and while he controlled most of this, Edwards played his role well and got enough at the end to come away looking fine. Especially since Lashley had to use multiple spears to defeat him.

– Post match, Lashley attacked again and EC3 made the save and he brawled with Lashley. Matt Hardy, Galloway, Moose and Bennett all hit the ring for the big show closing brawl.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was an overall strong show, with the focus on setting Lashley as the dominant force in the company. They also have the Bound for Glory Playoffs underway, as well as the continuation of the Hardy angle. The only weak thing on the show was the knockouts segment, so if you’re short on time, you can certainly skip that.