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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 10.19.19

October 19, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WOW - Women of Wrestling
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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 10.19.19  

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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 10.19.19

– Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal defeated The Fabulous Lana Star & The Lioness @ 6:40 via pin [**½]
– Fury defeated Princess Aussie @ 8:50 via pin [**¾]
Tag Team Series Match: Adrenaline & Fire defeated The Temptress & The Dagger @ 9:40 via pin [***¼]
– The Beast defeated Krampus @ 2:40 via pin [NR]

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– we open with highlights from the last few weeks, including a backstage brawl with Jungle Grrrl and the Beast.

– Lana Star cuts s promo about making Amber a star, but Amber failed her so she recast her with the Lioness. Lana puts her over as wrestling’s Beyonce. Lana says that their last match doesn’t count because she never wanted tagged on. Jessie & Amber arrive and Jessie tells Lana to shut up, mocking her cheap plastic surgery and that they can rearrange her face for free.

The Fabulous Lana Star & The Lioness vs. Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal: Jessie and Amber won the first meeting, which was part of the tag team series after Lana has previously turned on Amber and picked the Lioness as her replacement. Amber and Lioness begin, working into counters and Jessie tags in and starts working the arm. She grounds her, but Lioness battles back with a head scissors. Amber tags back in and follows with kicks. Lana refuses to tag in, and Lioness cradles Amber for 2. Jessie gets in a cheap shot and Amber chokes her out. Jessie tags back in, focusing on the arm and follows with a clothesline. Back to he arm, but Lioness cradles her for 2. Jessie follows with strikes, Amber tags in and grounds things and follows with kicks. She keeps it grounded, works a modified cattle mutilation and transitions to an arm bar. Lioness makes the ropes and Amber follows with kicks. Lana shirt arms Lioness, Jessie tags in and follows with a bow and arrow. Lioness escapes, Lana won’t tag in as Lioness & Jessie work into a double down. Lioness hits a spin kick, and Lana tags in and covers for 2. Amber tags in and lays in ground and pound. Jessie takes out Lioness and Amber hits the x-factor for the win. Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal defeated The Fabulous Lana Star & The Lioness @ 6:40 via pin [**½] This was a solid match with a good story to it, and they avoided the 50/50 booking and just had the faces win again.

– We get a Princess Aussie video package.

Psycho Sister Fury vs. Princess Aussie: Razor & Mezmeriah are at ringside. They lock up and Fury shakes her off but Aussie follows with arm drags and grounds the action. Fury fights back to her feet, slams Aussie down and lays the boots to her. The seconds attack as Fury follows with chops. Aussie fires back, they trade and Fury hits a back fist and knee strike for 2. Fury chokes her out, slams her to the buckles, but Aussie counters back with kicks and a basement dropkick for 2. She heads up top, razor grabs her and Mezmeriah takes the ref, and Fury hits the powerslam for 2. Fury follows with an STF, Aussie fights and escapes. She follows with strikes, but Fury fires back and they work into a double down. They fight to their feet, Aussie follows with kicks, strikes and the running forearm. The clothesline follows and then a sliding clothesline gets 2. Aussie heads up top, and hits a tornado DDT for 2. Fury cuts her off with the complete shot for 2. Aussie now counters into a reverse DDT for 2. razor attacks, Fury takes the ref but Aussie fights back but walks into the flight of Fury for the pin. Fury defeated Princess Aussie @ 8:50 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good and featured a nice babyface performance from Princess Aussie, but had too many shenanigans.

– Post match, the Psycho Sisters attack until Holidead & Siren (who kidnapped Aussie previously) arrive. They run the Sisters off and allow Aussie to leave.

– We get a video package showing the friendship between Adrenaline & Fire, and how they became a tag team. It’s really cute considering they are a real life couple.

Adrenaline & Fire vs. The Temptress & The Dagger: Temptress and Fire begin, Nope, Dagger tags in and Fire attacks and runs wild on Temptress. The dropkick follows for 2. Adrenaline tags in and double teams follow. They run wild and Adrenaline covers for 2. Temptress fights back but Adrenaline hits ahead scissors. Adrenaline is finally cut off and Temptress covers for 2. Dagger lays the boots to her and follows with the slam for 2. Adrenaline counters back, but Dagger cuts her off and works her over in the corner. The elbow drop follows for 2. Temptress tags back in and they double team suplex Adrenaline for 2. Temptress follows with a backbreaker, and covers for 2. She follows with strikes, but Adrenaline gets the crucifix for 2. Temptress cuts her off with a clothesline, ground and pound and chokes out in the ropes. Dagger joins in for double teams, hits an enziguri and follows with a camel clutch. The catapult follows and Temptress follows by laying the boots to Adrenaline. She tags in and grounds things. Adrenaline powers out and follows with a stunner. Tag to Fire and runs wild off the hot tag, hits superkick and covers for 2. Adrenaline up top and the high cross follows but Temptress makes the save. It breaks down and Adrenaline cradles Dagger for 2. The assisted sliced bread finishes Dagger. Adrenaline & Fire defeated The Temptress & The Dagger @ 9:40 via pin [***¼] This was a good match, with a good heat segment from the heels, a great babyface comeback and Adrenaline & Fire giving this show some much needed energy as a tremendously fun babyface tag team.

– Adrenaline & Fire get a post match promo, and are thrilled with their win. Adrenaline says they will go all the way to the championships.

– We get a WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard video package. Will she face The Beast tonight, or did Sophia Lopez get her out of it?

The Beast vs. Krampus: Yup, Tessa got out of it. They lock up, working to the rope and Beast hits the spear. She follows with strikes, kicks and tosses Krampus around. Krampus fires back, but Beast fires up and they trade shoulder tackles. Beast takes her down, but Krampus fires back and hits head butts. She chokes her out and hits the corner splash. Krampus hits another and Beast spears her for the win. The Beast defeated Krampus @ 2:40 via pin [NR] This was a short and solid powerhouse match, with the Beast showing that she’s ready for a title shot by going through a road block, and the post match angle playing well.

– The Beast calls out Tessa, Tessa arrives and Jungle Grrl attacks Beast with chair shots to close the show.

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– End scene.

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Week six (season two) of WOW - Women Of Wrestling was a solid show, with some good angles and better wrestling than usual.