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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 11.02.19

November 2, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Tessa Blanchard WOW Champion
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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 11.02.19  

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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 11.02.19

– Sassy Massy defeated Khloe Hurtz @ 4:50 via pin []
– Chantilly Chella defeated The Temptress @ 7:02 via pin [**½]
Tag Team Series Match: Fire & Adrenaline defeated Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal @ 8:15 via pin [***]
WOW Title Match: Champion Tessa Blanchard defeated Faith the Lioness @ 7:15 via pin [***]

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– We open with highlights from last week.

– The Beast sneaks up on Lana Star and threatens to rip her face off for costing her last week’s #1 contender’s match.

Jungle Grrrl is out for promo time. Grrrl cuts of McLane and says a win is a win and wants Tessa tonight. Tessa arrives and says that she already beat Grrrl, ending her “18-year undefeated streak.” She’ love to kick her ass again tonight, but she already has a match tonight. Grrrl will get the shot… another time.

Khloe Hurtz vs. Sassy Massy: Hurtz is Katie Forbes. Hurtz attacks right away and Massy fires back and hits a dropkick. The clothesline follows, and then the corner splash gets 2. Hurtz distracts the ref as Hurtz’s ring rats trip up Massy so she can attack. She slowly lays the boots to Massy, chokes her out and works her over in the corner. Massy cradles her for 2, Hurtz hits an axe kick and grounds things. She follows with strikes, Massy fires back and hits a cross body and clothesline for 2. Hurtz counters back into a squatting Samoan drop. Massy counters back with the complete shot and that gets 2. They trade strikes, Massy hits another complete shot for the win. Sassy Massy defeated Khloe Hurtz @ 4:50 via pin [*½] Not good, Hurtz was paying tribute to Mandy Leon and wrestling under water and in slow motion the entire time.

The Temptress vs. Chantilly Chella: Dagger is at ringside. They lock up and Temptress grounds things but Chella counters out but Temptress cuts her off with strikes. Chella counters back with a RNANA and arm drags. Temptress cuts her off with a slam and covers for 2. She lays the boots to Chella, chokes her out but Chella cradles her for 2. Temptress hits a clothesline, and a back breaker for 2. Temptress grounds her again, and follows with a suplex. Chella fights to her feet, hits a jawbreaker and follows with kicks and a leg sweep The running meteora follows for 2. Chella follows with a running knee strike an d missile dropkick for 2. The cutter connects and Dagger pulls Temptress to the floor. Chella follows them out and eats a big boot. Back in and Chelly fights her off and hits the hook kick for the win. Chantilly Chella defeated The Temptress @ 7:02 via pin [**½] This was a solid match with another babyface victory.

– Jessie & Amber are upset, cutting a promo about having their boots stolen by the Dixie Darlings.

Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal vs. Fire & Adrenaline: Amber and Fire begin. Amber attacks with strikes, chokes her out and Fire comes back with a sunset flip for 2. Amber cuts her off, follows with strikes but Fire hits a dropkick for 2. Adrenaline tags in and the high cross follows for 2. Adrenaline hits a head scissors, and then cradles Jessie for 2. She gets another for 2. The backslide gets 2. Adrenaline follows with strikes, Fire joins in for double teams and dropkicks follow for 2. Jessie & Amber cut them off, dumping Fire and working over Adrenaline and covering for 2. Amber lays the boots to her. Follows with a slam but Adrenaline cradles her for 2. Amber follows with a clothesline , grounded strikes and tags in Jessie. She starts working the arm, hits the clothesline and goes back to the arm as she grounds Adrenaline. Adrenaline counters back with a RANA, but Amber tags in and cuts her off. Adrenaline fires back, and hits the tornado DDT. Tag to Fire and she runs wild with strikes, a superkick and covers for 2. She dumps Jessie, who hurts her ankle due to not having boots. Fire ankle locks Amber and she taps. Fire & Adrenaline defeated Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal @ 8:15 via pin [***] While it would have made more sense to tap Jessie following the worked injury, they had a good match and we’re 3 for 3 on babyface wins tonight.

– Post match, Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal meet with the Dixie Darlings and they brawl as Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal get their boots back.

Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Faith the Lioness: Lana Star is at ringside. They lock up and work into a stalemate. Tessa takes her down, but Lioness counters and they separate. Lioness takes her back down, but Tessa escapes. Lioness follows with a clothesline, hits the lucha arm drag and Tessa powders. Tessa cuts off the suicide dive, and back in follows with strikes. The dropkick and superkick follows. Tessa hits a clothesline, and then grounds things. Lioness fights to her feet, hits a spin kick and follows with clotheslines, strikes and a corner dropkick for 2.Tessa counters a slam, but Lioness hits an enziguri and suicide dive. Back in and Lioness covers for 2. Tessa fires back, and follows with the draping code breaker for 2. Lioness cuts her off with a head kick for 2. Tessa rakes the eyes and hits the buzzsaw DDT for the win. Champion Tessa Blanchard defeated Faith the Lioness @ 7:15 via pin [***] Faith the Lioness still has a lot of work to do, but showed good potential here. Tessa was really good here not only controlling the match but also selling Faith’s work and that she was a threat through not only physical selling but some great facial expressions. The match was good as Tessa continues to come off as the biggest star in the company.

– Post match, Jungle Grrrl attacks Tessa and they brawl to close the show.

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Week eight (season two) of WOW - Women Of Wrestling was an overall solid show, with two good matches. Tessa shines as the biggest star in the company, while Fire & Adrenaline have become the stars of the tag team division.