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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 04.09.18

April 9, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 04.09.18  

Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 04.09.18

– Nia Jax & Ember Moon defeated Alexa Bliss & Mickie James @ 3:00 via pin [NR]
– No Way Jose defeated John Skylar @ 0:23 via pin [NR]
Tag Title Eliminator: The Revival defeated The Good Brothers @ 3:35 via pin [**¾]
– Mandy Rose defeated Sasha Banks @ 6:55 via pin []
Tag Title Eliminator: The Authors of Pain defeated Slater & Rhyno @ 0:49 via pin [NR]
Tag Title Eliminator: Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt defeated Titus Worldwide @ 5:15 via pin [**]
For a Raw Contract: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens went to a no contest @ 10:15 [***]
– Jeff Hardy, Seth Rollins, & Finn Balor defeated Miz, Dallas, & Axel @ 13:56 via pin [***¼]

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The Superstar Shakeup Returns Next Week.

Stephanie & Her Broken Arm Arrive: The crowd quickly mocks her for tapping out last night, leading to her running down the crowd for having no sympathy. She says that she knows that everyone was surprised by her great performance, and appreciates their accolades. She’s a beautifully delusional bitch here. She then brings out Rousey. Stephanie plays it up that she’s been humbled, and that she wants to work with Rousey going forward. This leads to bullshit & shit the fuck up chants. They shake hands a hug, but IT’S A TRAP as Rousey attacks the injured arm again with another arm bar. The crowd is amazing here, they wanted to see Rousey break a bitch. This was a great little segment to open the show, Steph played delusional bitch well, and then tried to kiss ass and get Rousey on her side, but got broken again to you deserve it chants.

– Nia got a really great reaction, hopefully it’s something she can maintain past this week. Bliss & James arrive, claiming that Nia is the real bully here, because she throws her weight around. Bliss says she lost last night because she was upset about Nia attacking Mickie James. Bliss claims Nia has no friends and no partner tonight. Nia then introduces her partner for tonight… Ember Moon

Nia Jax & Ember Moon vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James: Nia attacks at the bell, tossing James around. James cuts her off, but Nia quickly fires back and tags in Moon. Moon tags in and runs wild on James and then Bliss. Moon heads up top and hits the eclipse, pinning Bliss. Nia Jax & Ember Moon defeated Alexa Bliss & Mickie James @ 3:01 via pin [NR] The match was really too short to rate, but the work was fine. The big story is Moon’s debut and the fact that she pinned Bliss clean as a sheet on night one.

– Braun & Nicolas relinquish the tag titles due to scheduling conflicts a Nicolas is still in fourth grade. But they promise when he finishes school that he’ll return for the belts and someone will get these hands. So it was cute and all, but the tag title change went completely fuck all.

No Way Jose vs. John Skylar: Jose runs wild, hits the pop up punch, and wins. No Way Jose defeated John Skylar @ 0:23 via pin [NR] Jose is a great opening act guy that if he plays his cards right will have a long career in WWE, working a safe, crowd pleasing style. Also if he takes off, he’s a guy that can be easily propped up for a secondary title shot from time to time, due to his popularity.

– The Bar meets with Angle and wants their titles back. Angle says they get a title shot at the Greatest Royal Rumble event, against teams to be determined tonight; the first eliminator is up next.

The Good Brothers vs. The Revival: JIP with Gallows running wild until he gets his knee clipped. That allows the Revival to take the heat, isolating Gallows. Gallows manages to cut them off and Anderson gets the hot tag and runs wild, even hitting a plancha. The spinebuster follows for 2. The Revival takes out Gallows, and shatter machine finishes Anderson. The Revival defeated The Good Brothers @ 3:35 via pin [**¾] This was a pretty good, fun, and action-filled match, and they made the most of the time given.

Seth Rollins Talks: Rollins talks about his ups and downs and thanks the fans for their support. He says Seth “Freakin” Rollins is back. He’s proud that every member of the Shield is a grand slam champion. Finn Balor arrives now, and congratulates Rollins. He admits that Rollins was the better man last night, but that he didn’t lose. He wants to be the first challenger to Rollins. Rollins agrees, but Miz arrives. He’s not pleased and says Rollins doesn’t deserve it. Miz says he deserves it for making the tile relevant again. Miz claims to be a changed man now that he’s a father. He does everything for his daughter, and she cried when Rollins stole his title. And that made Maryse cry, and Miz cried. Rollins says he’s proud of Miz for admitting that, because everyone cries when Miz wrestles. Miz says he’s owed a rematch. Rollins says they can do it right now. Miz refuses and says he isn’t ready and will do it when he’s ready, at Backlash. Miz proposes a handicap match for later tonight and Balor & Rollins agree, but Jeff Hardy returns! This was a good segment to play off of last night’s great match, to set up a tag match for later on tonight and also giving us a big return..

 photo TAG TEAM MATCH_zpsr2smx8gu.jpg

– Set for the 27th in Saudi Arabia.

Sasha Banks vs. Mandy Rose: Bayley arrives. She, Paige, & Deville are at ringside. Banks runs wild as the crowd sings for Bayley. Rose cuts her off and slams her to the corner. Post break, and Rose has the heat, working an abdominal stretch. Banks escapes and fires up, hitting clotheslines and a dropkick. The meteora follows for 2. Rose to the floor, Banks follows and attacks. Rose shoves Bayley, who accidentally hits Banks. Back in and Rose hits a running knee strike for the win. Mandy Rose defeated Sasha Banks @ 6:55 via pin [*½] This was a really rough and disjointed match that lost the crowd; Bayley vs. Sasha continues to carry on.

– Paige announces she’s done as an in ring performer due to her neck injury. She thanks all of the women stars and says she’s proud to be part of the division. She thanks her family and thanks Daniel Bryan for coming back, which gives her hope. She also thanks Edge for showing her that there is life after wrestling, because she will have to go and do something else. She wanted to retire where she made her main roster debut. She’s moved to tears by the support of the fans. After the news being out for so long, this came out of nowhere, but I think came at the right place as she said. Also, the crowd was really supportive of her and made it an emotional, but nice way for her to step away.

– And now for happier times…

– Elias is here. He knows that WWE stands for walk with Elias; the crowd loves him. He quickly heels on them, calling them scumbags, and they chant, “we are scumbags.” Elias is so good. LASHLEYarrives and walking Armageddon is back in WWE. Lashley kicks his ass, hitting a delayed suplex and stands tall.

– Kurt Angle meets with Kevin & Sami. Angle isn’t cool with them looking for a job considering they attacked Shane and Bryan. Angle says he hears that TNA is hiring. Angle says he has a spot and they can wrestle each other tonight.

The Authors of Pain vs. Slater & Rhyno: It’s clobbering time as the AOP run wild and the last chapter finishes it. The Authors of Pain defeated Slater & Rhyno @ 0:49 via pin [NR] Destruction.

– Post match, the AOP seemingly split from Paul Ellering. Why?

 photo vince-mcmahon_zpsbs2salhw.jpg

– It feels like an odd move, but maybe Ellering just doesn’t want to work the main roster schedule.

Roman Reigns Talks: Reigns gets his usual warm reaction from the loving crowd. He admits he got his ass kicked last night, but he’s here tonight and Brock isn’t. Reigns says everything felt off and Vince couldn’t even look him in the eyes. He pits over Brock as a businessman, teasing he’s going to UFC only to re-sign. He found out about his rematch on the Internet. He promises to beat Brock and win the title. Samoa Joe arrives. Joe runs down Reigns for thinking there’s a conspiracy. Joe claims Brock exposed him, Reigns ran his mouth, and despite all the talk, Reigns failed. Reigns lied to himself, because every time he faced Brock, he gets jacked up and broken while Brock gets richer. But Reigns always has excuses, and Brock will do the same in their rematch, and Joe will be waiting at Backlash to put him to sleep. Joe was great here, and it’s great to see him back and setting up a match for Backlash as well.

Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt vs. Titus Worldwide: The winners face the Revival next week. Matt and Wyatt work over Titus, and Apollo tags in. matt and Wyatt clap for Apollo and then Wyatt takes over. The woken warriors dominate until Apollo hits a desperation enziguri. Wyatt quickly cuts him off and hits a uranage. Sister Abigail into the twist of fate ends it. Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt defeated Titus Worldwide @ 5:15 via pin [**] It was ok for what it was, and the right team won.

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens: Destined to do this forever. They brawl right away, Kevin gets dumped and Sami follows with a tope. Back in and Kevin cuts him off and teases the apron bomb, but Sami posts him. Kevin then crotches Sami, leading to a near fall. Post break, and they work into counters, and Sami hits the blue thunder bomb for 2. To the floor and Kevin cuts off the suicide dive DDT, and back in hits the cannonball and frog splash for 2. Sami fires up and hits a helluva kick. Kevin fights off a German and hits the pop up powerbomb, but Kevin rolls to the floor. He drags himself back in and heads up top and eats a helluva kick. Sami follow shim up but Kevin hits the twisting fisherman’s buster for a double down, and no one beats the count and that’s that. No one gets a contract. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens went to a no contest @ 10:15 [***] This was a god back and forth match, with a finish I think many predicted.

– Jeff Hardy, Seth Rollins, & Finn Balor walks and Matt meets with Jeff. Wyatt arrives and hugs brother Nero. Seth Rollins & Finn Balor have no clue what to make of this. That was a really fun little segment.

Jeff Hardy, Seth Rollins, & Finn Balor vs. Miz, Dallas, & Axel: Axel and Rollins begin with Rollins talking too much; he fights Axel and Dallas off and Jeff gets the hot tag and runs wild. He looks pretty good after the time off as he also had some bad knee issues going back to his Impact run. Post break, and Dallas has Axel grounded, but he escapes and tags in Balor. Balor takes control, but Miz distracts him allowing Dallas to fight back. Miz tags in and takes control. Axel tags back in and grounds Balor. He follows with a dropkick, and Dallas tags in and continues the heat. Balor hits a jawbreaker, and they work into a double down. Miz in and Balor fights him off with a dropkick. Jeff tags in and he’s a house of fire, running wild on Axel. Whisper in the wind follows. Rollins gets the tag, flies in and hits the blockbuster. He follows with a suicide dive and dumps Miz. He hits another dive. Back in and Rollins misses a charge, but Rollins hits the superplex, and does the deal with a falcon arrow. It breaks down and Balor hits a tope. The curb stomp finishes Miz. Jeff Hardy, Seth Rollins, & Finn Balor defeated Miz, Dallas, & Axel @ 13:56 via pin [***]

– Post match, the faces hit a finisher parade on Axel & Dallas.

– End scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
While there wasn’t a lot of what I’d call high-quality wrestling on the show, I found tonight’s episode of WWE Raw to be a tremendously fun show with debuts and returns, as well as build for next week’s show, Backlash, and the Greatest Royal Rumble event. With the shakeup next week, we can’t really evaluate the new talent and returns, but I thought that they came off well and I had a blast. Hopefully, tomorrow’s Smackdown can follow up on the fun, with possible debuts of Almas & Sanity, which have been rumored.

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