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Csonka’s ROH Supercard of Honor Review

April 8, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Supercard of Honor Review  

Csonka’s ROH Supercard of Honor Review

Women of Honor Championship Tournament Semifinal: Kelly Klein defeated Mayu Iwatani @ 9:00 via referee stoppage [**¾]
Women of Honor Championship Tournament Semifinal: Sumie Sakai defeated Tenille Dashwood @ 8:04 via pin [***]
– Chuckie T defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 8:38 via pin [***]
– Punishment Martinez defeated Tomohiro Ishii @ 8:35 via pin [***½]
– Kota Ibushi defeated Adam Page @ 14:40 via pin [****]
Women of Honor Championship Tournament Finals: Sumie Sakai defeated Kelly Klein @ 7:42 via pin [**]
Six-Man Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Champions So Cal Uncensored defeated Flip Gordon & The Young Bucks @ 23:25 [****½]
Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Briscoes defeated Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi @ 19:45 via pin [***]
TV Title Last Man Standing Match: Silas Young defeated Champion Kenny King @ 15:52 [**]
– Cody defeated Kenny Omega @ 36:22 via pin [***]
ROH World Title Match: Champion Dalton Castle defeated Marty Scurll @ 31:51 via pin [*]

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Women of Honor Championship Tournament Semifinal: Mayu Iwatani vs. Kelly Klein: They had a pretty good back and forth match, Iwatani is really great, but lost to the ROH mainstay as expected. Hopefully with ROH and STARDOM working together, we get to see more Iwatani in ROH. On a side note, I highly question flying in Iwatani just to lose in a Facebook match. Kelly Klein defeated Mayu Iwatani @ 9:00 via referee stoppage [**¾]

Women of Honor Championship Tournament Semifinal: Tenille Dashwood vs. Sumie Sakai: I really liked the frantic opening here, with both busting ass and trying to steal the quick win. Dashwood even busted out a top rope high cross to the floor; she’s motivated as all hell so far, looking to prove a point. Sakai worked her submission game to ground Dashwood, Dashwood fought back, Sakai put together a long run of offense until Dashwood cut her off with a sitout powerbomb. Sakai made a comeback, including hitting her finish. But when she went up top, Dashwood hit a super German for a great near fall. Sakai blocked the spotlight kick and cradled Dashwood for the win. They had a good back and forth match with some great near falls, but I really question not having Dashwood make the finals. They are going for the veteran miracle run for Sakai instead. Sumie Sakai defeated Tenille Dashwood @ 8:04 via pin [***]

– They do the Kelly Klein vs. Sumie Sakai photo op. Klein cheap shots Sakai and lays her out.

– We have close to 6,000 in attendance.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Chuckie T: Trent is out with Chuckie. Chuckie grounds things with a half crab, Gresham easily escapes and hits an arm drag. He follows with a headlock takeover, but Chuckie cuts him off with a back breaker. Chuckie follows with chops and another back breaker, covering for 2. Chuckie lays in strikes and then kicks. Gresham avoids a charge, but Chuckie slams him and misses the moonsault. Gresham hits a RANA and takes Chuckie to the floor. He then overshoots a suicide dive and hits the barricade. Trent distracts Gresham allowing Chuckie to attack. Back in and he covers for 2. Gresham counters the awful waffle and attacks the knee of Chuckie. Gresham follows with strikes, and gets an ankle lock. Gresham is so smooth. Chuckie battles back, doing the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. He follows with rights, Gresham answers back and they trade. Gresham again attacks the knee, but Chuckie hits soul food. Gresham counters back with a tornado DDT but Chuckie rolls him up for the win. Chuckie T defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 8:38 via pin [***] This was a good back and forth opening match, they worked well together, kept the crowd and it was a ton of fun.

Tomohiro Ishii vs. Punishment Martinez: Ishii gets s huge reaction. Ishii attacks with strikes right away, they trade and work shoulder tackles. Martinez hits a superman punch and drops Ishii. He follows with knee strikes, corner elbows follow and then clotheslines and rights by Martinez. He does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. Ishii fires up and looks for a suplex, but Martinez fights it off. Ishii lays in chops to the throat and hits the suplex. Martinez cuts him off, dumps Ishii and follows with the big tope to the floor. He follows with a step up dive and rolls Ishii back in. Martinez up top and the spin kick connects for 2. Martinez follows with strikes, but Ishii fires back and they work up top. Martinez hits a super RANA for 2. Martinez lights Ishii up with strikes and kicks, but Ishii hits a German to cut him off. He takes Martinez up top, and hits the delayed superplex for a great near fall. Ishii now looks for a lariat, but Martinez cuts him off. Ishii hits the lariat on the rebound, covering for 2. Martinez fights of the brainbuster, and hits a lariat for 2. They trade strike sand kicks, and Martinez finishes it with the south of heaven chokeslam. Punishment Martinez defeated Tomohiro Ishii @ 8:35 via pin [***½] This was a very good, and hard-hitting hoss style sprint, with Martinez picking up the huge win, which was great to see.

Kota Ibushi vs. Adam Page: No handshake; they lockup and work to the ropes. Page attacks with the boot and shoulder block. They pick up the pace and work into a stalemate. Ibushi now lays in kicks, but Page cuts him off with a neck breaker in the ropes. Mounted rights follow from Page. Page starts to target the neck of Ibushi, but Ibushi hits a dropkick to cut him off. Ibushi lights him up with strikes and kicks; the standing moonsault gets 2. Ibushi follows with a RANA and Page rolls to the floor. Page cuts off the golden triangle and then slams Ibushi to the barricade. Ibushi then about KILLS Page with a German off of the barricade. Ibushi now hits the golden triangle moonsault to the floor. The crowd loves Ibushi. Back in and Ibushi covers for 2. They work into counters and Page hits a Gotch style tombstone for a great near fall. He looks for rite of passage, Ibushi counters out and hits a PELE. They work to the apron. Page hits a backdrop and sends Ibushi to the floor. Page up top and hits the moonsault to the floor. Back in and the buckshot lariat connects for 2. This crowd is awesome here. Page looks for rite of passage, countered, and they work into pin attempts. Ibushi hits a German, which gets 2. They trade strikes from their knees, and then to their feet. They light each other up, challenging each other to throw, page finally drops him with a rolling elbow. Ibushi fires back with a head kick, Ibushi hits the powerbomb but Page kicks out! The straightjacket German and knee strike finally finishes Page. Kota Ibushi defeated Adam Page @ 14:40 via pin [****] This was a great back and forth match, and a really high level performance by Page, who came off on Ibushi’s level. The work was simply great and the crowd added a ton to the match as they were into everything.

Women of Honor Championship Tournament Finals: Kelly Klein vs. Sumie Sakai: Sakai rushes the ring and attacks, looking for revenge. Klein cuts her off with a German. Sakai with a roll up for 2. Klein stun guns her off the ropes, and they brawl to the floor. Klein maintains control, slamming Sakai to he barricade. Back in and Klein maintains control, takes Sakai to the ropes and Sakai fights her off and powerbombs her to he mat. Klein catches the cross body and hits a sack of shit slam. Sakai battles back with the fisherman’s neck breaker, but Klein cuts her off again with a German. Some of the ROH women surround the ring to root them on. Klein and Sakai trade strikes, Sakai fires up and then runs into a big boot. Klein covers for 2. The northern lights follows for 2. Klein lays in strikes, but Sakai hits a fisherman’s buster. She heads up top, and the moonsault grazes Klein. The DDT follows for the win. Sumie Sakai defeated Kelly Klein @ 7:42 via pin [**] This was ok, bit fell apart at the end as it appeared the moonsault was to be the finish. Klein wasn’t sure what to do, but Sakai largely saved it, but looked confused, as if she wasn’t supposed to win. They also lost the crowd big time.

Six-Man Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Champions So Cal Uncensored vs. Flip Gordon & The Young Bucks: They all brawl to begin, with Flip and Daniels being sent to the floor. Nick hits a dive and then Skydives but lands on the ladder. He recovers, and now Flip climbs the ladder but Daniels cuts him off. Bodies fly to the floor, Daniels climbs but Matt is back and they brawl on the ladder. They fall to the mat, and Sly fights off Nick and climbs but Flip cuts him off and then brawls with Kaz. Matt and Daniels climb again. Matt knocked to the mat and Flip and Kaz climb, and Kaz huts a cutter off of the ladder. We get a multi-man suplex spot, the Bucks run wild and lay Daniels on a ladder. They toss Flip onto him but Kaz takes out the Bucks with a ladder shot. Kaz does the Terry Funk spot with the ladder, Flip avoids him and then he and the Bucks superkick Kaz. They lay Sky on the ladder and Nick hits the assisted swanton. The crowd loves this. Matt climbs, but Daniels cuts him off, and attacks his injured back. The champions isolate Flip, put the ladder on him and Daniels climbs. Matt cuts him off, but the champions attack and shoot him into a ladder. Kaz now dumps him on another ladder. Flip makes his comeback with a blockbuster, but Sky and Kaz cut him off. Flip monkey flips Kaz into a ladder and follow with a tope. The Bucks now double team Sky, and take out Daniels. Nick smashes Kaz’s hands in the ladder, and then the Bucks double team Sky and Daniels. Nick hits a cutter on Daniels onto the ladder. Nick climbs, Sky stops him and he then attacks the back of Matt, but Matt cuts him off and gets the sharpshooter. Nick joins in for cease and desist in the ladder. Daniels cuts off Flip and attacks the Bucks with ladder shots. Nick cuts him off with a superkick, but Kaz tosses a ladder at him. Kaz tosses Flip, but accidentally takes out Daniels. Flip then about dies with a dive off of the post. Nick then hops from one ladder, to another, to another and then dives to the floor. The Bucks climb, but The Kingdom arrives. They were supposedly banned from the show. GOOD WORK BULLY RAY. They hit rock star supernova on Flip as the crowd deflates. They then attack the champions and Taven wipes out Daniels with a tope. TK climbs the ladder but everyone attacks, toppling him out and to the floor. The Bucks now hit superkicks, but Kaz & Sky hit cutters. Daniels climbs as they set up more ladders, everyone climbs and they battle for the belts. Flip hits kinder surprise, he almost gets the belt, but gets sent off, taking a sick bump to the mat. The Bucks battle with Kaz and Daniels, and the Bucks take them to the mat with a spear and x-factor. Flip is alive and slides in a new ladder. He fights off Kaz, but as he climbs, Kaz hits a code breaker. Nick takes him out with a superkick and then dives onto the Kingdom. Sky hits an apron cutter on Matt. Flip then hits a blockbuster to the pile on the floor. We get tables now, Nick & Flip hit top rope 450s onto Kingdom members through the tables. Daniels back in and climbs, but matt is back and they brawl on the ladder. He whips Daniels with his weight belt. Matt knocks Daniels to the mat, but Daniels topples over the ladder, sending Matt flying off onto a table, where another Kingdom member was. Daniels climbs and the champions retain. Champions So Cal Uncensored defeated Flip Gordon & The Young Bucks @ 23:25 [****½] This was an excellent ladder match, with great teases, great big bumps and just great work from the two teams. It really felt as if they were on thier way to another absolutely classic ladder match, but the stuff with the Kingdom hurt that. The only real good thing about their interaction is that they got put through table, and they could have done the belt-stealing angle without it. Still, this was beautiful insanity, with the Bucks, Daniels, and Kaz continuing their long history of working extremely well together. Those four guys know themselves so very well, and the interactions between the four come off as almost effortless. Sky and Flip also played their roles very well, and this was the chaotic spectacle that you likely expected from this match; it flat out delivered.

– Taven attacks post match and the Kingdom steal the tiles.

Tag Team Title Match: Champions The Briscoes vs. Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi: Lethal and Jay to begin. They lock up, working some basic back and forth. Jay hits a shoulder block and follows with a RANA. Mark tags in and so does Tanahashi. Mark hits a shoulder tackle. He then spits at Tanahashi, but Tanahashi hits a dragon screw and tags in Lethal. He lays the boots to Mark, taking control and tagging Tanahashi back in. He hits a slam and senton for 2. Lethal back in and lays in jabs, chops follow and then a dropkick gets 2. The cartwheel into the dropkick follows, and Jay makes the save. The Briscoes cut him off and send their opponents to he floor. The Cactus elbow by Mark on Lethal follows. They double team Lethal, and back in, Mark covers for 2. They trade chops now, but the champions work quick tags and double teams, isolating Lethal. Lethal slowly fights back, lays in chops and Tanahashi takes out Mark and pulls Jay to the floor and Lethal hits a suicide dive. Tanahashi in and works over Jay, hits the slam and elbow drop. The senton follows for 2. Tanahashi rakes the back of Jay and tags in Lethal. He lays in uppercuts, and follows with a dropkick and covers for 2. Tanahashi back in and they battle for a suplex and they trade strikes. Mark cuts off Tanahashi allowing jay to hit a clothesline. Mark tags back in and they double team Tanahashi. Mark works a camel clutch, and then hits a suplex. Lethal makes the save. Jay tags in, as they continue to work over Tanahashi. More double teams follow as they knock Lethal to he floor. Tanahashi tries to fire up, but Mark lays in rights. Tanahashi cuts him off and lays in strikes. Sling blade follows and we get a double down. Wholesale changes to Jay & lethal, they go crazy fists, and jay counters the lethal injection and hits a dropkick. But Lethal hits the lethal combination. Lethal follows with a figure four, but Lay rolls him up for 2. Lethal hits a cutter for 2.The figure four follows. Tanahashi takes out Mark and heads up top and the high fly flow is cut off by mark. Mark hits froggy bow to save Jay. He tags in and hits an XPLODER and fisherman buster, but Tanahashi makes the save. Sling blade by Tanahashi, twist and shout follows. He hits a plancha on Jay and Lethal hits lethal injection for a great near fall, the crowd bit hard there. Mark and Tanahashi brawl, and then Lethal is slammed into Tanahashi and Jay hits a German on Lethal. The doomsday device finishes Lethal. Champions The Briscoes defeated Jay Lethal & Hiroshi Tanahashi @ 19:45 via pin [***] While there was little doubt that the Briscoes would retain, they did a hell of a job making the crowd believe in a tile change. This was a good match, with some great drama in the closing stretch, and the Briscoes winning because they were simply the superior team.

– Austin Aries arrives and says he’s here because he wants the TV Title. He wants a match with who ever wins tonight. He’s joining commentary.

TV Title Last Man Standing Match: Champion Kenny King vs. Silas Young: They brawl right away, with King taking early control. Young bounces back and turns him inside out with a lariat. Young looks for a high cross, caught and King hits a back breaker. He now locks on a crab, and then a last chancery, which upsets Aries. Young then dumps King to the floor and through a table. Young follows and repeatedly slams King to the barricades. Young continues to attack, and rolls King back in. Young up top, King follows and cuts him off with an enziguri. King now looks for a superplex, but instead hits a slam onto the buckles and Young spills to the floor. King follows him out and continues to control. back in and King hits a spinebuster, they work to the apron and Young hits misery! Young now brings in trashcans and chairs, while talking shit to King and the crowd. King battles back, but Young hits him with trashcan lid shots. Young wedges a chair in the corner, and then continues his attack. King dropkicks a chair into his face and hits royal flush onto a trashcan. The ref counts, but Young makes it to his feet. They work to the floor, and King gets a table. He sets it up, and lays Young on it. King heads up top, but the Bruiser arrives. King fights him off, and then suplexes Young onto a ladder he set up at ringside. Young back on the table, King heads up top and HITS A SHOOTING STAR PRESS ON YOUNG THROUGH THE TABLE! My word. Bruiser ties King’s feet up and that leads to a shitty finish and Young winning. Silas Young defeated Champion Kenny King @ 15:52 [**] This was ok, both guys worked really hard, but it was lethargic, and the interference & shit finish was embarrassing.

– Young & Bruiser attack post match, but Aries makes the save.

Cheeseburger & Bully Ray vs. The Dawgs: You have to be fucking kidding me with this bullshit. They brawl at the bell. The Dawgs destroy Isom and Bully Ray finally arrives, nice of you to be here, considering you fucked up earlier tonight. Bully cuts a promo, deciding to do his job for once. Bully says if Burger can’t find a partner, the match is cancelled. Burger wants Bully as his partner. Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist. Bully & Cheeseburger run wild. Cheeseburger hits a shotei on Ferrara, and they then do the wazzup. Bully then turns on Cheeseburger and chokeslams him. Bully then runs down Cheeseburger for putting him on the spot. He says Cheeseburger is what is wrong with wrestling, Cheeseburger and all of his kind. He runs down Ospreay, Gordon, and Ricochet. Joe Koff arrives and Bully runs him down for hiring people like Cheeseburger. Bully says Koff won’t do anything. Gordon arrives, and Bully threatens to piledrive Cheeseburger. This is going on forever. Bully puts on his hall of fame ring and looks so happy with himself. He powerbombs Cheeseburger and leaves.Bully’s never turned down a Cheeseburger in his life. Fuck of Bully, if I don’t see you again, it’ll be fine. This was an extremely horrible segment that wasn’t needed on a show going this long. It was also stupid after all of the focus on his big babyface farewell tour that took up a shit ton of TV time.

Cody vs. Kenny Omega: Cody is flanked by Brandi, the police, and Bernard the Business Bear. Omega got a huge reaction and the crowd is on his side. Here we go as the fans chant, “fuck you Cody.” They haven’t done anything and the crowd is into this big time. Cody attacks, Omega kicks him to the floor and looks for rise of the terminator, but the bear trips him up. Omega then takes out the bear and that allows Cody to attack. The ref tosses the bear and back in, and Cody takes control. He works over Omega in the corner, teases shattered dreams and flips off the crowd. Cody then hits a snap slam for 2. Omega looks for a RANA, but Cody powerbombs him and locks on the American deathlock. Omega makes the ropes and Brandi slaps him. Cody starts working the knee of Omega, Brandi tosses him knux, the ref takes it and Cody kicks Omega in the balls. Omega to the floor and Brandi lays the boots to him. Cody follows and slams Omega to the apron and barricade. The slam follows and then Cody stalls, arguing with fans. Someone throws a beer at him and he rolls Omega back in and covers for 2. Omega starts to fire up and puts offense together, the Finlay roll and moonsault follows, but the moonsault eats knees. Omega counters back with a RANA, and Omega now hits rise of the terminator. Back in and Omega hits v trigger, they work into an odd counter exchange (sloppy) an Omega hits the snapdragon. He hits another, Cody battles back and hits the disaster kick, covering for 2. Omega counters out of cross Rhodes, and hits V trigger. The one winged angle is countered, and Cody locks on a figure four. Omega fights, trying to escape, but he can’t. Omega tries to roll and turn it, but Cody maintains control. They trade strikes in this overly long figure four spot, and Omega finally turns it and Cody makes the ropes. Cody now hits a dragon screw, and then gets a table. Cody tries cross Rhodes from the apron. Omega fights it off, lays in rights and looks for a snapdragon, and hits it on the apron. The crowd reaction has really diminished here. They come back in spurts, but they are starting to lose them. Cody fights him of and hits a cut buster suplex onto a table turned on its side. That’ll break some ribs. Cody gets another table, rolls Omega back in and hits a springboard dropkick. The Alabama slam follows for 2. Cody repositions the table on the floor, Omega starts to fire back and they trade strikes. Cody takes the eyes, and he hits a snapdragon. Omega hits a desperation V trigger, and follows with a reverse RANA. Brandi to the apron, distracting Omega, but Omega fights back and as Cody moves. V TRIGGERS HER OFF THE APRON through the table. Best bump Brandi’s ever taken. Cody hits cross Rhodes, but Omega kicks out. Flip I sot to help Brandi to the back (following up on a Being the Elite angle). Cody sets Omega up top, follows and they trade strikes. Cody hits the superplex. Cody hips Omega with he weight belt, and then misses a top rope moonsault. Omega hits V trigger, another, and a third is cut off as Cody uses the ref for a distraction. Omega hits a running V trigger for 2. Another V trigger, and then the one winged angel is countered by a vertebreaker by Cody. Cody looks for cross Rhodes, Omega counters out and now we get a ref bump. UUUUUUUUUUGH. They work into s double down. The Young Bucks arrive, and superkick Omega as Cody moved. They fucked up and know it. Cody hits cross Rhodes and wins. Cody defeated Kenny Omega @ 36:22 via pin [***] They had an overall good match, but for me, it really felt short of expectations considering the great angle and work they did to sell the match. The work was good, and there were some good storyline elements (like the angle with the Bucks); in many ways I think it was the right match for this stage of the feud, because they are far from the blow off. But this was too much ballyhoo Cody, complete with stalling and a ref bump, instead of proving a point Cody, which he has been for most of 2018. It went too long, and they lost the crowd big time in the middle. It was far from bad, but I expected more to be honest with you.

– Post match, the Bucks check on Omega as Cody leaves.

World Title Match: Champion Dalton Castle vs. Marty Scurll: They lock up, working to he ropes and then they break. They play to the crowd, Castle digs in his tights and pulls out a middle finger for Marty. Marty tries the finger break spot, but Castle fights him off. Marty gets the umbrella, and the ref makes him put it down. Castle grounds the action and lays in strikes. Marty powders for a bit, comes back in and Castle starts suplexing him around. Mart cuts him off, attacks the arm and to the floor they go and Marty sends Castle to the post. They brawl on the floor, Marty chases off the boys and back in they go. Marty starts picking apart Castle, attacking the arm and finally taking control. Marty is picking him apart here, with really nice work on the arm. The crowd has really died as people have been leaving since Cody vs. Kenny finished. Marty starts to lay in strikes, but Castle slowly fires back. Castle hits a running knee strike, and Saito suplex. He follows with more suplexes. Marty cuts him off, attacking the arm and then dumps Castle to the floor. Marty follows, but Castle hits a desperation German on the floor for the double down. Back in and Mary hits an enziguri but Castle cuts him of with a charging knee, sending Marty back to the floor. Castle follows, but Marty shoves him to the barricade and hits a tornado DDT. Back in and Castle cuts off the DDT, but Marty counters bangarang into a cradle for 2. Castle hits a knee strike, and then repeated knee strikes follow. The crowd slowly gets back into it, they work up top and Marty hits the superplex. The apron superkick follows and we get some floor brawling, with Marty backdropping Castle onto the entrance steps. Back in the ring and Marty works the arm. Marty hits the ghostbuster for 2. And we go back to the floor for more walk and brawl, the crowd is gone again. Nick Aldis (sitting at ringside) hands Marty something, it’s clippers as Mary undoes the buckle pads. Castle fights back and hits a clothesline. Castle lays the boots to Marty, and hits a dead lift German for 2. They work up top, Marty hits a low blow and superkick. Another superkick follows for a good near fall. Marty to the floor, looks under the ring for something, taking forever. He can’t find it. Castle finally follows him out and attacks. Castle rolls back in and Marty I back looking and gets the powder. Castle kicks it into his eyes and Marty is blinded and breaks the refs fingers. Castle hits bangarang but the ref can’t count due to his fingers. Marty with umbrella shots and then takes out the boys. The brainbuster follows. There is no ref. We get a new one and he counts 2 after Marty had a cover for 10. Castle cuts off the chicken wing, and lays in strikes, The Saito suplex follows but Marty gets the chicken wing. Castle escapes, but Marty locks it in again, and then breaks the fingers. The crowd is finally back. Marty lays in viscous stomps to the head of Castle, but fights back, eats superkicks, and hits bangarang and wins. Champion Dalton Castle defeated Marty Scurll @ 31:51 via pin [*] There are time in wrestling where you absolutely need to call an audible and change things up from your initial plan, and this match was a prime example of that. You just ran a 30-minte match that was draining on the crowd, and this was a prefect place to change plans and to do something fun, energetic and condensed. But ROH double downed and went 30-minute again, with a crowd that was drained as we started closing in on 4.5 hours. There were portions of this I loved, both guys working with some great aggression was what I loved. But it just kept going, the crowd largest didn’t care, and then we got a bunch of overbooking bullshit, which may have played well if we hadn’t already seen it with the Kingdom, with the Bruiser, and with Cody previously. It’s diminishing returns, and the longer this went on, and the less the crowd cared, the harder it was to become invested in any way. The guys worked hard, but there are times that even the best actors can’t save a poor script. This was, unfortunately, bad.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Average
The 411
On paper, ROH Supercard of Honor looked like a can’t miss event and one of the best card of Mania week. The show started off well enough and was strong through the ladder match. And then they took an unneeded intermission, and the show’s pacing went to hell and the quality took a downturn. The tag title match was good, the TV title match was killed by interference and a horrible finish, due to that interference. Cody vs. Kenny was good but felt like it was missing something, especially considering the build. Things then went off the rails during the main event, it went way too long contained way too much bullshit and was everything ROH claims that they aren’t. At the end of the day, this was an average show at best.