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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 5.11.20

May 11, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Becky Lynch Raw
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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 5.11.20  

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Csonka’s WWE Raw Review 5.11.20

No DQ Match: Lashley defeated Humberto Carrillo @ 8:45 via submission [**½]
– Angel Garza defeated Tozawa @ 2:45 via pin [NR]
– Drew McIntyre defeated Andrade @ 8:10 via pin [***]
Non-Title Match: The IIconics defeated Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross @ 5:35 via pin []
– R-Truth, Ricochet, & Cedric Alexander defeated MVP, Shane Thorne, & Brendan Vink @ 4:35 via pin []
– Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy @ 11:00 via DQ [**½]
– Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya @ 3:45 via pin [*]

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– We open with highlights from last night’s MITB PPV.

– Rey & Black actually aren’t dead.

Becky Lynch’s Big Announcement: Becky arrives with the MITB case and says she has joy and sadness, and has something to do here tonight. She asked WWE to raise the stakes of the MITB match for her, and then talks about her WWE run, all she accomplished and the support of the fans over the years. So she has to tell the fans she has to go away for a while. Asuka arrives and Becky says she beat her when no one else could and is glad she won the MITB match, be cause it wasn’t a win to win the title shot, so Becky unlocks the case and the championship is in it. Asuka won the title last night because Becky can’t fight anymore. Asuka celebrates, dancing around the building and Becky congratulates her, tells her to be a warrior, because Becky has to go and be a mother. Asuka hugs and congratulates her. Congrats to Becky, I’m very happy for her.

– Commentary recaps what just happened and Becky is interviews and is congratulated by Rey Nattie, the Profits, Bianca, & others.

Lashley vs. Humberto Carrillo: This is no DQ as Lashley controls early on, mauling Humberto,. Lashley gets dumped, but cuts off the dive and as he gets a chair, Humberto dropkicks it into his face. Post break and Lashley is back in control, working over Humberto until he fires back and hits the disaster kick. To the floor as Lashley catches him and posts him. Lashley grabs the chair, misses, hitting the post and Humberto follows with chair shots. Back in and Lashley cuts him off with the full nelson, and Humberto taps. Lashley defeated Humberto Carrillo @ 8:45 via submission [**½] A perfectly solid match that never teased getting out of first gear.

– The Street profits & Viking Raiders have continued their feud on the basketball court. They play later tonight.

– Asuka is interviewed and is very happy to be the champion. Kairi joins her to celebrate and they dance off.

– They recap the Edge vs. Orton feud.

– Commentary talks about Apollo Crew’ rise and injury against Andrade. Los Ingobernables e Orlando argue backstage and Garza is in action next.

Angel Garza vs. Tozawa: Vega & her lads are at ringside. JIP as Tozawa runs wild until Garza cuts him off and delivers knee strikes. He follows with chops and more knee strikes, until Tozawa hits a RANA. Garza cuts him off into the tree of WHOA and follows with the PK for 2. Garza grounds things, but Tozawa makes the ropes. Garza talks shit to Theory as the wing clipper finishes it. Angel Garza defeated Tozawa @ 2:45 via pin [NR] This was short with Tozawa doing another Raw job while competing in the NXT Cruiserweight tournament. Lame.

– They argue and Drew arrives, laying out Theory with the claymore as his pals laugh so Drew hits Garza with one. He and Andrade argue.

Drew McIntyre vs. Andrade: They lockup with Drew controlling early on with his power game. Andrade fires back, gets cut off and they trade chops until Drew hits the corner kick. Andrade powders, Drew follows and lays in big chops and then an apron backbreaker. Andrade hides under the ring attacks and starts attacking the arm of Drew. These are the times where Andrade having an established secondary submission finish involving the arm would greatly add to his matches, Andrade grounds things, working the arm until Drew hits an overhead toss. He hits another and the big boot connects. The top rope clothesline follows but Andrade fires back until Drew hits the sitout powerbomb for 2. The claymore is countered as Andrade bails, stuns Drew off the ropes and posts the bad arm. The double knees connect and gets 1. Drew counters the hammerlock DDT, delivers chops, back elbow by Andrade and Drew hits the head butt. The inverted Alabama slam connects and the claymore finishes it. Drew McIntyre defeated Andrade @ 8:10 via pin [***] The match was good but again pigeonholes Andrade & the US Championship as second class citizens.

– Drew is here because anything can happen and loves throwing a claymore party. At MITB, his match with Seth was a hell of a fight and Seth brought it. Line them up and he will knock them down. He then talks about the brand to brand invitation and a certain Smackdown star will come here to challenge him, and that man is someone everyone hates. Next week he faces King Corbin. Well that fucking sucks. Drew promises to claymore his ass back to Smackdown. So, the networks wanted this new wild card shit and their answer is more Corbin?

– Nikki & Alexa are here tonight.

MVP & Lashley meet backstage as MVP praises him and teases the BDC reunion. He says Lashley should be fighting for the championship, not trapped in the same spot he’s always been in. MVP then talks shit to Lana and she yells.

A Moment of Bliss: Nikki & Alexa are here, They talk about Becky’s big announcement and wish all the mother’s a happy mother’s day. The IIconics are back, and say they have been forgotten. Alexa welcomes them back as Nikki mocks them. the IIconics say they won’t be upstaged by Becky’s announcement and want a title shot tonight. The champions refuse, but the IIconics still want a match.

Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics: Bliss & Royce begin, Kay joins in for double teams and pick up a near fall until Bliss hits a dropkick. The champions cut off Royce and Nikki covers for 2. Bliss back in and slaps Royce, Nikki is cut off by Kay and Royce covers for 2. The IIconics follow with quick tags, but Nikki cradles Royce for 2. The sunset flip gets 2. Royce cuts her off and Kay joins in for double teams and the cover gets 2. Kay grounds things, follows with knee strikes and Nikki fires back on Royce, but is cut off by double teams and Royce covers for 2. Royce & Nikki work into a double own, Bliss & Kay tag in, Bliss controls an hits the double knee moonsault until Royce breaks it up. Nikki is dumped as Kay cheap shots Bliss an they hit a shitty double team finish for the win. The IIconics defeated Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross @ 5:35 via pin [*½] The IIconics have been one for seven months and to their credit they are already back to their previous bad form… The good news is… I got nothing.

– Rey talks about surviving death at MITH and congratulates Otis on winning. He teams with Black tonight as Seth arrives and stares him down. Rey congratulates him on becoming a father. Seth looks like he’s coming off of a 5 day bender tonight.

R-Truth, Ricochet, & Cedric Alexander vs. MVP, Shane Thorne, & Brendan Vink: Throne &Truth begin as Truth tricks Thorne into doing a split so that Cedric can attack, Ricochet in and he takes control, working quick tags and double teams with Cedric. Vink cuts off Cedric and grounds things while Truth lays Pretty Ricky on the apron. Thorne tags in and keeps Cedric grounded. Vink back in, Cedric fires back but gets cut off. Cedric manages to fire back and that leads to Truth and MVP tagging n, Truth controlling and it breaking down. Truth hits the lie detector and wins. R-Truth, Ricochet, & Cedric Alexander defeated MVP, Shane Thorne, & Brendan Vink @ 4:35 via pin [*½] This did nothing for me, the wrestling was flat and not good and the comedy didn’t land.

– Lashley arrives so that he and MVP can kick the shit out of Truth, teasing their alliance even more. The only good thing to come from this match.

– Jinder Mahal is interviewed. He’s happy that Drew is champion, and says he should be respected as a former champion. Jinder will redeem himself and this time his journey to the top will be a hero’s journey.

– AJ Styles takes a seat so that he can check out the Undertaker documentary.

– Shayna comments on Becky’s news, and asks how stupid you have o be to get knocked up while she was the champion. She mocks Becky and Seth as the father.

– They hype the Undertaker documentary and Styles gets pissed.

– We come back to footage of Vince hugging Becky.

Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy: Seth still looks as if he’s coming off of a 5-day bender here. Murphy and Black begin with Murphy grounding things. Seth is stoic, won’t tag in and Black battles back on Murphy. Rey joins in for double teams, Black follows with kicks and covers for 2. Murphy battles back and gets dumped by Black and Black follows with a flurry of strikes and kick. He grounds things, but Murphy keep fighting until Black cuts him off. To the floor and Black is distracted by stoic Seth as Murphy posts him. Post break and Murphy is in control until Black cuts him off with a kick. Rey tags in and he picks up the pace, runs wild and dumps Murphy. Back in and Rey heads up top, but Murphy counters the high cross but Rey hits a bulldog for 2. Rey attacks Seth and the 619 is cutoff as Seth attacks and… that’s a DQ? Rey Mysterio & Aleister Black defeated Seth Rollins & Murphy @ 11:00 via DQ [**½] The match was solid, the post match angle interesting but the finish sucked.

– Seth snaps post match, attacking and trying to rip out Rey’s eye. Insert Terry Funk audio, MY EEEEEEYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE! Poor Rey has had one hell of a 24-hours. Fatherhood is hitting Seth hard.

– Rey is being treated backstage, Seth arrives and Black is pissed. He attacks Murphy and Seth powders as they are separated.

– The Street profits & Viking Raiders have continued their feud on the basketball court. We get footage as the Raiders don’t understand the game, and the game is next. They do “comedy,” the Profits dominate and the Raiders look like fools, losing 74-2,but they think they won. That was certainly a thing that happened. Vince: “Suck it, NBA, we win!”

– Entering hour 32 of Raw, Nattie wants to show Shayna some manners, while Shayna claims the Hart dynasty dies with he since she’ll never have kids.

– Following the basketball game, the Vikings claim they let the profits win and then Ivar hits a half court shot and a bunch of 3s before hitting a dunk. Oh those wacky Vikings.

Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya: they lockup and Natalya takes early control. Shayna grounds her and then follows with tackles. She grounds things and v fires back and works into counters until Shayna stops that. She follows with leg kicks, Natalya fires back and Shayna lights her up with strikes. She follows with suplexes, but Natalya cradles her for 2. Shayna counters the sharpshooter, and hits a knee strike or the win. Shayna Baszler defeated Natalya @ 3:45 via pin [*] Natalya bores me so much, and commentary needs to fuck off with the “Natalya is a corner stone of the women’s division” bullshit.

– King Corbin talks about the attempted double homicide at MITB, and says next week, he will prove that he made Drew when they were on Raw and will prove why he’s the king next week.

NEXT WEEK: Drew vs. Corbin, plus Bliss & Cross defend against the IIconics.

Edge & Randy Continues…: Edge arrives and says he’s been gone for six weeks, where he beat Randy at Mania. He made the miraculous comeback and is back to retire on his terms, so what’s next? Mania wasn’t the end, and he isn’t here to hunt Randy. he got his pound of flesh and his closure, he and his family have moved on. Randy arrives and says congratulations. Edge was the better man and won. He leaves and laughs. He returns and says he tried to be the bigger man, but he can’t do it. he can’t lie to himself, the better man won at Mania, but the better wrestler didn’t. Edge made his comeback, he hid in the Rumble, they had a fight at Mania, but he didn’t beat him in a wrestling match. It didn’t take Randy 9-years to come back and Edge hasn’t had a real match since 2011, some would argue randy hasn’t either. He knows that Edge doubts himself and says he can’t match Randy’s natural abilities. Randy wants a match, if Edge has the guts, Randy wants him at Backlash in a straight up wrestling match. Edge doesn’t respond…

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 114. On the show, 411’s Larry Csonka & Kevin Pantoja look at current state of NXT & review WWE MITB 2020; Jerome Cusson joins to talk Dark Side of The Ring: Cocaine and Cowboy Boots: The Herb Abrams Story. The show is approximately 149-minutes long.

* Intro
* Looking at The State of NXT w/Kevin Pantoja: 2:00
* WWE MITB 2020 Review w/Kevin Pantoja: 46:05
* Dark Side of The Ring: Cocaine and Cowboy Boots: The Herb Abrams Story w/ Jerome Cusson: 1:41:20

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– End Scene.

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The final score: review Bad
The 411
This week’s episode of WWE Raw was another marathon episode that felt about 33-hours long. It was a bad show, with the only interesting things being Becky’s announcement, Drew vs. Andrade, and psycho Seth. The rest was a mix of bad, just there, or stuff I couldn’t find a fuck to give even if I had a pocket full of them. The IIconics are still horrible, I have no desire to see Edge vs. Orton following their Mania match and this show aged me…